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on Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:51 am
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Hello Spring Kitties, How are you doing tonight!?! What’s that? A Spring Kitty? Well, I finally decided on a name for my fans Smile. It’s a long story but I was talking with my new friend Annabelle and she called Mizore’s Snow Bunnies that as she didn’t remember what they were called. Figured it fits me since well, My name does mean Spring in some languages and I do like cats. Smile. And it’s similar to Snow Bunnies. So yeah. But That’s enough of me rambling on. Let’s get to Slam 5. Oh, wait, I do want to say that yeah, I wasn’t at Slam until just before my match. Yeah I know, I was still working on getting better… but hey, let’s get started.

Prime Data CardAd

So we open and Jonathan and Justin start their opening banters to hype up the show. But this time we’re not starting off with a match but a special segment. Which is why the ring was all set up specially.

Prime Data GoodeTimes

I still remember back in the first slam when Goode Times was on, my sister was so annoyed by what was said that she got her match started early. But I’ll be honest, I thought this would happen every show and when it didn’t I just thought it was that one time thing for Slam 1. But guess we’ll see what’s happening.

So, Eli comes out in a suit and has a theme for his show too? Can’t say I’d call it the greatest Wrestling talk show Then again I don’t think I know of any others. Eli also dances to the song, reminds me of Auburn actually and wait is that Justin clapping along? He didn’t for Auburn’s entrance, how rude.

Oh, he mentioned the Highlight Reel, I forgot that was a thing in that other fed.. was it in EWE? Not sure. But Eli sure is full of himself, though I noticed the audience isn’t booing him this time. He does get interrupted by an entrance song, Disturbia by Rihanna! It’s Alessandro!! I won’t attempt to spell his last name without looking it up. But ok, ugh, it’s another person I’m not to familiar with. Yeah I know of him… and he was in Mom and Dad’s group the Industry (however short is was) but I don’t know enough about him. Maybe I should start marathoning the old EWE shows?

Alexandro heads to the ring as the fans chant out ghost. I was as confused as Jonathan until Justin said what it was. Then it reminded me of an old promo I remember seeing of his some time in EWE… he played Russian roulette with all 6 slots filled… So shouldn’t he be a ghost from then? I dunno.

Bronx Valescence is the other guest and again, I barely know who this guy is. I seen a few of his tweets, pretty sure they were reTweeted, but I don’t remember.

Well the interview was pretty interesting. Seeing these two giving us their reasons for being here with Eli asking the questions. He might make a good interviewer Razz. Of course, he got pretty close a few times getting leveled by Alessandro, but he didn’t. Instead the segment ends with Alessandro and Bronx shaking hands. And now I’m starting to look forward to that match.

Next up we have CCC giving us the information of what’s happening with the Women’s Championship. Of course, I already knew all of this since I’m doing this post the SBD Card being made public. However, it was nice to see Abby there, I haven’t seen her in some time and sadly while she did debut in LAW on my last show, I was practically asleep the whole show…. But I am sad I’ll be missing QOR though. But that’s then.

So, Ceno has borrowed some in ring time from the scheduled match, has he put it. He was out here to show off his proof for him getting screwed on Slam 2… but really, I don’t get it? Shouldn’t he of not showed this off at Slam 3 if he really wanted something to be done about it? Not saying I don’t agree with him after just what I saw on Slam 2, but at this point he’s just bringing up things that most people seemed to have moved on from. Though, he probably should of just shoed it to Jack and CCC themselves, Imo.

Prime Data EliJohnny

So we now get to one of 3 matches on the card. Eli Goode vs Johnny Jobber. The match itself starts off with Johnny trying to gain early momentum but the more experience Eli denies him. Johnny even attempts a small package but that didn’t go well for him as Eli gets out very fast and seemed annoyed. Though, why’s this Jobber giving Eli more a challenge when Mike was well… disappointing. :/. But Eli did hit him with a nasty hard clothesline and Johnny’s not looking to good.

Seems everyone was shocked when Johnny hits a hip toss. I can’t really blame them, most of their family that share that name don’t use transitional wrestling moves. But Eli got back control of the match after that. He was going to go for his Goode Bye but instead decides to go for a brand new move he calls the Goode Deal and this gets him the 3 count!

Well we get a visit from Thunder Dragon. And I wasn’t sure what to expect, well, half thought he was joining HSW, but I didn’t expect him being boo’d out of the ring. Shame seems no one’s heard of him, as the crowds seemed to think. Not that I could really say much, I’ve heard of him but that’s about it.

Next we move backstage to Jack and Amber talking. I felt a little strange as if I was ease dropping on a conversation not meant for me.. but soon James Ceno comes in and gets into a bit of a argument with Jack. I have to agree with Jack a bit as I think Ceno waited to long to present his evidence.. and well, Ceno didn’t take this all well as he knocks Jack’s cup from his hand which leads to him decking him. Amber looked to take Ceno down but was stopped by security. After all that was taken care of then Leon Cashmere shows up and… tag partner? What’s he on about?

Ok, as I said, I knew about that seeing how I seen the SBD card and yeah Amber and Leon are teaming up… that’s a bit intimidating.

Well, with only 3 matches this show is more segments than actual matches. But probably because that final match was so long.

Either way we move on to see Ceno now interrupting CCC’s chat with Abby. He wants her to do something about Amber and well, CCC also confirms that Amber has joined HSW and tells Ceno not to worry about it for now. Ceno then talks about his evidence which seems CCC has the same opinion as me about how he should of shown the evidence much sooner. It will be something if Ceno does get that rematch… I can tell Ceno is out for revenge.

Prime Data MizoreFray

Now we’re to the 2nd match of the show. And Mizore’s entrance is just as awesome as ever. Even Fray has a bit of something as she has those pyro’s. Should I really be thinking of something more for my entrance? Well, I am looking forward to seeing this match. I had been told what Fray said about me and… well, I’m doing better now so if Fray wants to come at me I say Bring it. But first Mizore gets her. Smile

The match starts out with some intimidation but Mizore’s having none of it. But Fray slaps her and turns it into a slap fest. Really? Either way, soon Mizore shows the great wrestler she is and returns this to being a a match with a spinning Neckbreaker. She then takes control of the match and soon gets Mizore in that Snowbound, but Fray gets to the ropes…. But it’s ok as Mizore sets up for the Breaking the ice but… Oh no a counter and a near pin Fall.

Fray takes control after that for awhile before Mizore breaks free of her submission attempt. They battled back and forth until Mizore takes back control. Finally she nails her Colder Shoulder and it’s over!! Wait, what are those two… the Sugay Sisters just attacked Mizore! Ending this match via disqualification. But that’s not all as they kept up their assault.. I.. I’m so sorry Mizore… I should of been there….

Ok…had to take a small pause there but back to the show. And it continues with Kelsi Parr out in the ring. Seems the fans are being better to her than they were Thunder Dragon, then again Kelsi is actually joining… Unless it’s because of Kelsi defeating Thunder in his debut? Nah probably not.

So Kelsi goes on to talk about her debut and, it’s at Summer Break Down? Ok, it’s hard to act surprise since I already seen the card, but still… but she does call her ‘opponent’ an easy victory and Desmond King heads out there. There’s a bit of banter between them as Desmond’s there to sign a match contract for Summer BreakDown. Before that , the two shake hand and… he drops her with the Canadian Import. Geese how many times in the show is someone going to attack someone?

Well, he signs the contract and then leaves. So looks like it’s on… which again I already knew.. what I get for waiting to do this so late.

Speaking of late… there I am, arriving late to the show. Ok, I’ll admit it was intentional, I really didn’t want to be there at the time. Didn’t realize I was on camera though… those camera’s are everywhere after all.

Prime Data 9Way

So here we are, the main event. This one will be a long time with 8 eliminations happening. I was there obviously and well, yeah I headed down after everyone was there with my hoodie. At the time I would of fathered left it on.. I didn’t want all the attention. But now I get to hear Justin’s Commentary and what can I really say about it? Dr. Turner believed fully that having the match would help my recovery. I’m not really sure why it was a big deal… I mean I know it took me awhile to even want to even go to the match, but what were they worried about? Maybe I’d perform a move wrong or something? There were those Refs all over the place… but I guess I don’t really know.

So the match starts off and everyone finds someone to take on. My sister goes straight at Annie which now I know why. Little Yokai goes after both Jobber brothers and Mandie went after Rocco Abrams, possibly to avenge her loss to him. As for me, I was left with Auburn as the two of us locked up in the ring. We fought a bit, trading a few blows as everyone else was busy with their targets. Roller X even got Annie into the crowds as the two of them were fighting out there. My sister sure likes to use that helmet as she hits Annie in the gut to gain control of their little scuffle and sends Annie into a popcorn cart… Seems RX wanted to pin but, no refs… then again was the matcha falls count anywhere? I didn’t think it was. Speaking of pin attempts, I did a quick one on Auburn but it was a quick out pretty fast, but after I got up… here comes Mandie wheeler. This eventually lead to Mandie hitting me with a big boot but after doing some taunting she just jumps out of the ring and attacks Nero Phoenix. Curious as to why that was but at the time it was a nice little reprieve.

After the show gets a lovely commercial it returns with Auburn and my sister in the ring. They go back and forth a bit before Auburn runs at her but Roller X ducks and one Cactus Clothesline later both of them end up on the floor. Meanwhile Little Yokai was still on the Jobber Brothers, and actually starts to get the better of them. I still remember the night and catching it in the corner of my eye, being impressed. Of course, I saw my opportunity when Little Yokai hoped up on the turnbuckle in the ring and was about to jump off. So I grabbed him and planted him to the mat. I was hoping to capitalize, get the first pitfall of the match but here comes Annie with that hard clothesline of hers… that thing hurt… so much I paused a little bit as I noticed Annie looking away from me, and towards Mandie and Rocco fighting each other. I’ll admit it caught my attention too as I watched them as well… of course I still kept my attention on Annie just incase she tried something. So we watched as Rocco comes in to back up Nero. Rocco beats down Mandie only for Nero to tell him to stop and gets a steel chair… what happened next, I was not expecting as Nero turned the chair on Rocco. o.O You bet I was surprised but before then I remember seeing movement.. it was Little Yokai trying to attack Annie. Didn’t go well for him as she tosses him over her head and he lands on Rocco Abrams and o.O gets the pinfall. Of course, Annie was laughing and I saw that as my chance. I grabbed her and hit her with an inverted DDT. I tried to cover but no good.

The camera’s instead decided to check outside as my sister found Mandie Wheeler just now getting up and one Cursed Skull and 3 count later, and Mandie was eliminated. As for me and Annie we were going back and forth but Annie dumps me out the ring… ugh that’s a little annoying and hurt. But Annie didn’t pursue instead Little Yokai tried his luck at her. No good. Annie doesn’t get to pin yet as she’s amused by my sister! Again they fight back and forth but after a she flapjack’s her off the top rope, she rolls out to the floor. Before Annie can do anything else, Little Yokai is back… gotta give it to him.. .he is persistent. He calls for her to fear him but instead he’s hit with a shoulder block from Mike… *sigh* nope just another trip from the guy. He gets up and Stroke of Midnight! Annie goes for the cover and awhile that time Auburn his a Cliff Dive on Little Yokai and goes for a cover of her own..which is enough to seal the deal for both of them as Mike and Little Yokai were eliminated.

Another lovely commercial but it was ok. Though it’s hard to know when those took place in the match itself… oh ok that’s where it was. Anyways, so me and Auburn were going at it and my sister was yet again going at it with Annie… She really was mad at what she said… I can’t blame her for that. Either way, me and Auburn were fighting back and forth in the ring. She sent me into the ropes but I had it telegraphed as I came back with my Tiger Spirit Kick! While Auburn was down Jay decided to remind everyone he was in the match.. seriously he was laying in a corner for awhile there. But I saw him coming and my Frigid Ice wall was enough to put him away. And then there were four.

So, Auburn was back up and hits a Belly to Belly Suplex on me, My sister heads in just as that happens after she sent Annie into the steps. I watched as my sister took it to Auburn until they began to bounce of the ropes and collided with a double clothes line. But they get back up and trade more shots before Auburn sends my sister out of the ring. But I was ready at that time as I hit her with a spear. Two pin attempts before I finally hit her with the Green No More!! The adrenaline and excitement coursed through me as I was about to make my second elimination of the match… but… then Annie… UGH!! Why did take my eye off her… Why?! I didn’t see the Lunar Eclipse coming and there I was, on my back for the three count…. I couldn’t believe it. And my mind… well I’ll try not to get back to that. I’ve been doing better now but then… yeah.

I left with Dr. Turner and the orderlies as we headed back to my make-shift locker room. There they gave me an evaluation which well I didn’t see the rest of the match. Soon I left. But that was then.

So for the rest of the match I get to see now through the magic of Hulu. So it seemed after I left, my sister went straight at Annie… I’m glad she cares but she’s very aggressive here. Well, she keeps control of that onslaught with Annie getting a few shots in. Wasn’t until Annie tries her dang kick that my sister catches it then execute’s her Spinning X move followed by X-Blade. A two count later and this time She’s feeling it, this time she HITS THE DERBY DASH!! That was incredible.. no wonder it’s inspired my ‘X-Crash’ Wink. Either way she wants to go for the cover but… Auburn!! You couldn’t of just let her have that pin!! I thought you two were friends?! Well, she gets the elimination but perhaps she was thinking she could eliminate both of them there? I guess, but Annie kicks out and we go into another commercial.

When we get back, Annie has Auburn in a sleeper hold but Auburn manages to get out of it. She his a few moves before that kick thing before going for a cover. Auburn tries her Land’s End but is countered by Annie. She goes for a cover but Auburn kicks out. So Annie locks in the Cloak of Darkness!! Auburn gets to the rope s and Mike tells her to get out, but no she’s not doing it as there’s no Disqualification! Well, Annie keeps the hold in and Mike (the official) tells her to let go. Annie then asks if she’s tapped or out but Mike only warns her. Finally, Annie spits in his face and well that was a stupid idea. I mean these guys are just doing their jobs, no need to get hostile to them. But this time seems Mike’s getting back at her and tells her that Auburn has passed out. Annie gets up starts to celebrate and nope the ref tells her he lied. You could see the annoyance in her voice as she wants to hurt the ref. But instead pulls Auburn to the center of the ring and, she pulls her into a Cornish pasty!! Oh that’s what she gets!! Annie tries to fight but that’s all she wrote for Annie as I couldn’t help but smile seeing her starting to tap out!

So that’s how it all went down. Auburn celebrated after words.. I half expected Annie to try something.. she is a sore loser after all… But if she did, it was after the show. I gotta say I’m glad that if it wasn’t me or my sister, I’m glad it was her. And oh interesting enough, everyone who made it to the finale, didn’t lose in any of the rounds prior to Summer BreakDown. But speaking of which that is where you’ll see me next. But it’s finally time for some Prime Predictions. Oh and since Frontline 2 will act as the Pre-show for Summer BreakDown, I’ll go ahead and predict the winners for that too!

Prime Data D0ImlfT

Last Time: 2-0

(To easy predictions and my match. So really it wasn’t hard. :/)

Year to date: 13-4

Prime Data JudLuke


Jud Kennelly Vs Luke Force

Winner: Jud Kennelly

Reason: I don’t really know who either of these two are. But Jud did say he thought my sister was hot so… I’m going with that as my tie breaker Razz

Prime Data RavenBlair


James Raven Vs Paul Blair

Winner: James Raven

Reason: I seen one of the meet and greets of Paul’s… I haven’t finished it actually. But I wasn’t as impressed. As for James… well his name sounds cool.

Prime Data SugaysJobbers


The Sugay Sisters Vs The Jobber Squad

Winner: The Jobber Squad

Reason: Wow.. I can’t believe I just did that. But this one is more a hope than a prediction. Though I mean they both did win in round 2 of the tournament, and they’ve won before. Just, after what they did to Mizore, that’s what they get… just incase some how we don’t meet in the gauntlet.

Prime Data RXNero


Roller X Vs Nero Phoenix

Winner: Roller X

Reason: This is what my sister needs. A Win. And She’s more than capable of pulling it off. Yeah I know what Nero did to Rocco and I think he had a match at FL 1… haven’t checked it out yet. But doesn’t matter. My sister will win. Smile

Prime Data SBD2017-KelsiDK1


Kelsi Parr Vs Desmond King

Winner: Kelsi Parr

Reason: I’m rooting for Kelsi!! But Desmond’s not really had a win here yet, right?

Prime Data SBD2017-TagGauntlet2

Tag Team Gauntlet

7 Team Competition

Winner: My Match

Reason: Yeah, this will be something. Oh and I should mention… this is not the first time I’ve had multiple matches in a PPV… then again have I had a PPV where I didn’t have more than 1 match? thinks.

Prime Data SBD2017-VegasRoulette2

HSW Women’s Championship Match

Maya Jensen Vs Annie Fugate Vs Mandie Wheeler Vs Fray Vs Gabrielle Martinez

Winner: My Match

Reason: Another Elimination match. Let’s see how I fair Smile

Prime Data SBD2017-AQBronx1

Champion’s Spotlight

Alessandro Quagliaterre Vs Bronx Valescence

Winner: Alessandro QuagliaTerre

Reason: Going with the one I know vs the one I don’t. And by know I mean know of Razz

Prime Data SBD2017-World4Way

HSW World Championship (Semi-Finals and Finals)

James Ceno, Eli Goode, Mizore, Auburn

Winner: Mizore

Semi-finals Winner: Auburn

Reason: There is NO way I would not be predicting my baby to win this thing. She deserves it and she’ll make her parents proud. Smile. As for Auburn, yes I’m predicting she makes it to the finals. She’s the one I want to be there. She’s awesome and a bit miffed of her stealing Roller X’s pin on Annie, I’m pretty much over it. Either way she’s a great person and I’d love to see her make it to the finals. Smile

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