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Leo Attacks Empty Leo Attacks

on Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:56 am
ooc: Activating Leo's metalic wristband means the metalic substance is covering Leo, deactivating means the metalic substance uncovers him.)

(The scene opens up to Kristy walking down the street. When out of no where, Leo comes out with his Metalic wristband activated, and attacks Kristy. Kristy manages to shack off Leo. Kristy held out her hands as Leo made another charge, but strangly a strange energy beam comes out of Kristy's hand. The bean hits Leo and he gets knocked off his feet. Kristy then walks up to Leo and deactivates Leo's metalic wristband by taking out the key.)

Leo: (Out of breath) How did you know how to deActivate it.

Kristy: It glowed.

Leo: What are you talking about, it didn't glow.

Kristy: (Mumbles to herself) must be one of my cyborg abilities. ( then out loud) Why are you trying to attack me?

Leo: (Still out of breath) Jensen Shot my girl friend.

Kristy: He'd never do something like that.

Leo: You'd be surprised what Jensen would do.

(Leo started to get up but, Kristy held out her hand, palm facing Leo)

Kristy: don't make me blast you again.

Leo: Do you even know how you did it the first time?

Kristy: What makes you think I didn't.

Leo: The look on your face, when it happened.

Kristy: Don't worry it shouldn't be to hard to figure out, you sure you want to take that chance?

Leo: I guess not. So what are you going to do with me?

Kristy: Nothing. But I should blast you again, seeing as it is your lying about my boyfriend shooting your girlfriend.

Leo: I'm not lying.

Kristy: hmm. you'll say anything now that you're lying on your back with a weapon aimed at you.

Leo: You don't even know me.

Kristy: Your right I don't, but I do know Micheal and I know he'd never do something so horrible as shooting someone, for no reason.

Leo: You don't know Jensen as you think you do.

Kristy: oh, really. Then why don't you prove, that Jensen shot your girlfriend. I bet she didn't even get shot.

Leo: I can show you.

Kristy: fine then.

(Kristy backed up. Keeping her hand aimed at Leo)

Kristy: get up then, come on. Show me your so called, shot girlfriend.

(Leo gets up and walks off screne as Kristy follows. the Scene then cuts to Lisa's hospital room. Lisa was still lying in her bed, still in her coma. The door then opens as Leo and Kristy walks in.)

Leo: See.

(Kristy walks up to Lisa.)

Kristy: umm, well, Just because your girlfriend was shot, that doesn't mean it was Jensen.

Leo: I saw him with my own eyes, but if you don't want to believe it, fine. Live in your own lie.

(Kristy stairs at Leo.)

Kristy: Micheal wouldn't...

Leo: I don't care what you think HE wouldn't do it.

(Kristy kept her stair up for a bit longer, but then left. Leo stands over Lisa's bed.)

Leo: So much for getting revenge. She just doesn't relise how evil Jensen is.

(Leo continues to look at Lisa as the scene fades)

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