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Leo & White Tiger Vs Sons of Liberty Empty Leo & White Tiger Vs Sons of Liberty

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:12 pm
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/2-9-15-sons-of-liberty-vs-white-tiger-leo-t1424.html#p22144607

Show: Chaos [2/9/2015]

DATE: February 9th, 2015
VENUE: Convocation Center - Jonesboro, Arkansas

Rapid gun fire, Explosions, the sounds of buildings crumbling. All that could be heard around Leo as and his team made their way through the run down streets in this third world country. They proceeded with caution before reaching a bend in the road. Leo held up his hand to signal his team to halt. After they did he ever so slowly glanced around the corner to see what was happening. There, a few gun men were stationed. Leo looks back to his team as he points up. Two of them nod as they begin to climb the build, not hard with its design. Leo waited till they got into position. Then he motioned for his team to move. They begin to walk that way when...

Paul Heyman: "We're screwed!"

The voice brought Leo out of his memory as he was sitting in his locker room in the Convocation Center in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Leo glanced over to Paul wondering what he meant exactly.

Paul Heyman: "First management deems it necessary to further hype up those two matches and gives us the short end of the stick by teaming you with White Tiger. Then we have what White Tiger sent. You know what this means don't you? He's not going to be giving this match his best efforts. So in short we are screwed."

Paul Heyman begins to pace back and forth as he seems to be thinking. Leo doesn't seem 100% concerned as he just watched him.

Paul Heyman: "Hmm... Perhaps we can turn this around in our favor. If you lose then we can sell you as an underdog... More of an underdog actually. Which will help nicely when you're facing Cliff Morgan at the Rumble."

Leo gives him a nod but seemed that just didn't fully satisfy Heyman as he went rubbed his chin before continuing his pacing.

Paul Heyman: "We need to make an example of everyone in that match. Especially if Jeff wants to brush off this match."

Then Heyman stops as the figurative lightbulb goes off. A grin spreads on his face as he knew just what to do.

Paul Heyman: "Oh that will work."

Leo glances to him wondering what he was thinking. Paul seemed oh too pleased with what he had in mind as he stood there for a moment, leaving Leo curious as to what it was. Finally, Heyman looked over to him.

Paul Heyman: "White Tiger wants to lose this match for us. Fine, he can lose it all on his own."

Leo wasn't sure exactly what he meant by that.

Leo Kat: "So... You want me to walk away?"

Paul Heyman: "Precisely. We'll just wait for that key moment then we leave White Tiger to fend off two former Tag team Champions."

Leo gave a shrug then nodded. It didn't bother Leo one way or the other. Granted, he'd rather tear the heads off all 3 of them, but emotional injuries had their perks too. So he and Paul began to discuss a few things amongst themselves. Some minutes later Paul Heyman heads out of the locker room with a smug smile on his face.

Helen Martin: "You sure look happy."

Heyman turns to see Helen Martin walking up to him with a cameraman following her. Seems she as doing a few on-camera interviews that night.

Paul Heyman: "Indeed I am. My client and I have something big planned for later tonight."

Helen Martin: "Care to elaborate?"

Paul Heyman just smiles more as he doesn't respond. Helen just shrugs.

Helen Martin: "So, care if I give your client an interview? Or are you still doing all his talking?"

Paul Heyman: "What is wrong with you people? Is it so wrong for a man to elect his manager to do the speaking for him? Does not a man in a trial use his lawyer to do the speaking for him? After all I advocate for my Client, Brock Lesnar, and no one seems to take offense of that. After all Brock is a very busy man and he has me to inform people of how he defeated Undertaker's Undefeated Streak at WrestleMania.

Helen Martin: "Not EWE's WrestleMania. Taker didn't even get one win here."

Paul Heyman: "Not the point, now is it Ms. Martin. The point is that my client has designated me to inform you of his plans and he nor I should be getting criticized for it. Tell you what though, I want you to take a look at something."

Heyman reaches into his inner jacket pocket as he pulls out his phone. There he does some slides and taps before getting to where he wanted. He then pointed it towards the camera and Helen looked closer. The camera zooms in a bit as we see a Chaos Match-up banner. On it you see Leo Kat with Paul Heyman standing behind it.

Paul Heyman: "Do you see that? Right here above the Leo Kat nameplate?"

Helen Martin: "I do. It's Leo Kat with you standing with him."

Paul Heyman: "Precisely. For when you see Leo Kat in the ring you'll see me right there. And if I'm important enough to be included in the match up banner as being under Leo Kat, then surely I am capable of speaking on his behalf."

Helen Martin: "Sure I guess."

Paul Heyman: "You guess? Was I not perfectly clear in what I said? Or do you just not care?"

Helen Martin: "Probably the second one. So since you want to speak on his behalf, fine. Tell us, last week, you're client's team defeated that of White Tiger and CM Punk. Care to comment?"

Paul Heyman: "You put it like my Client didn't have much part in the victory over those two."

Helen Martin: "Well it was White Tiger's Struck Down move on CM Punk which Alessandro caused, thus getting him the pin fall."

Paul Heyman: "True but do you really think that something as White Tiger's Struck Down finisher would be all it would take to finish off CM Punk? Of course not. It was thanks to my client's help that Punk was wearied down enough for his move to get the job done. And let's not forget White Tiger, who continued the move even though he must have realized his target was switched in time. Though had not been for my client and wearing him down as well, White Tiger would of been keen to adjust his move to miss Punk or cause as little of damage as possible. At least, that's what you'd assume with him being Champion."

Helen Martin: "Was that a mark against White Tiger? You do realize that tonight you'll be teaming up with him to facing on the Sons of Liberty."

Paul Heyman: "I am well aware of the match but let's face it. White Tiger has already shown his true colors for this match. He won't care nor will he be given his 100%. Which leaves my client to pick of the slack so to speak."

Helen Martin: "And do you think Leo has it in him to do so?"

Paul Heyman: "Why would you even ask a question as that? Of course, my client is capable. In fact if it came down to it, Leo could take on both of the Sons of Liberty and defeat them. Leo Kat has already shown that he's more than CM Punk from the Beat the Clock Challenge 2 weeks ago. Leo had the challenge won and the only reason CM Punk won was due to the prematch fight. Which it even took them multiple blows from foreign objects just to get his opponent whethered down enough to get that submission hold to work. Which it ever so conveniently made him tap a single second before my client's time. For all we know CM Punk had made a deal with him to let him win. Who knows with a backstabber like him?"

Helen Martin: "Right. Though in doing so, it has given Leo the chance to face Cliff Morgan for the All-American Championship."

Paul Heyman: "Please, is that really what Mr. Jensen considers a runner up prize for my client? As of right now, the All-American Championship is the lowest of titles in the Men's division of EWE. That being said it will be easy for my client to get a shot against Mr. Morgan. But if those in power wish to see my client defeat their modern-day Indiana Jones instead of competing or the grandest belt this company has to offer, fine. Leo will beat Mr. Morgan at the Rumble and move on to CM Punk the very next opportunity he gets."

Helen Martin: "Or White Tiger?"

Paul Heyman: "No 'or' Ms Martin. White Tiger will do what he does best and lose the Undisputed Championship. It just so happens it will be to someone I despise, but will make it all the more sweeter when a true Paul Heyman Guy takes it away from him."

Helen Martin: "So will we see a small preview of that match and Leo's already booked match at the Rumble?"

Paul Heyman: "Oh it's possible. But then, White Tiger may just learn that when you spend all your time in that jungle of his, he'll be left all alone."

Heyman Smirks at his remark before he walks away from there. Helen just looks back to the camera."

Helen Martin: "Well there you have it folks. Stay tuned for what could be a heated match coming later tonight."

With that the camera freezes on Helen as it fades to black.

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Leo & White Tiger Vs Sons of Liberty Empty Re: Leo & White Tiger Vs Sons of Liberty

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:12 pm
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