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When a Tiger ReMeets a Rouge Empty When a Tiger ReMeets a Rouge

on Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:13 am
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/when-a-tiger-remeets-a-rouge-t1582.html#p22147690

Show: CD RP [4/27/2015]

OOC: eh can't think of a better name.

We begin sometime during Choas before the event had begun. Kristy was on the phone.

Kristy: Yes Roller Brawl's been staying with Maya and she wil be the entire time. Yes I've taken measures here too.

Kristy sighs as she picks up a red ball as she holds it.

Kristy: Yes, I have that too.

As she talks the door opens as one of the security members looks to her.

Security: Rogue, is here like you've asked.

Kristy nods to him before back to the phone.

Kristy: Well, I'll talk to you in a bit. Bye.

Kristy hangs up as she waits for Rouge to enter.

[TBC: by Rouge]

I had been in my locker room, sifting through my thoughts as i tried to relax since i am having trouble sleeping at night. Each nightmare begins differently but it ends the same..... me mimicking my movements in my dream while asleep that causes me to either yell out or fall out of bed. Siren was busy talking to one of her hot shot Doctor friends to try to see if anything could be done about my night terrors. A sharp knock at the door interrupted my flooding thoughts, causing me to wonder who was at the door and hoping it wasn't that person i wasn't ready to see yet.

Finally I Find~Rogue~Where I Lose Control
Yeah? It's open.

An eyebrow raised almost immediately when i saw it was just some burly security guy. I snorted with amused as i examined my nails.

Finally I Find~Rogue~Where I Lose Control
Well sheesh, they didn't have to send the linebacker after me, i haven't even begun to get into trouble.... yet.

Wannabe Linebacker
Mrs. Jensen wants to see you in her office.

I smirked as i slowly walked towards the door, shaking my head as he tried to really turn to the side to let me through.

Finally I Find~Rogue~Where I Lose Control
Now.. you know good and well you are far too big. Move out the way.

He cut his eyes at me as he sidestepped to the left to let me out my locker room as i then followed him down the hallway until we rounded the corner to our destination. I entered her office as curiosity surrounded me with wondering what this meeting would be about. Picking up where we left off? I guess we shall see, I thought as I nodded my head as a greeting.

Finally I Find~Rogue~Where I Lose Control
Well well, Kristy... it's been a long time

Kristy nods to Rouge as she indicates the chairs in front of the desk.

Kristy: Have a seat. We have a few things to discuss.

The more she went without stating what she wanted with me, the higher my curiosity rose with wanting to know what this meeting was about and what she wanted. Was she playing a game? The old me didn't mind them but the new me had better get hip so i could be up for anything.

Finally I Find~Rogue~Where I Lose Control
Mysterious... aren't we?

I smirked as i slowly sat down, leaning back and getting comfortable. Wasn't even back for a week and i got called into the head chica's office...... so she wanted one of two things, either she wanted to know where i have been or she wanted to get right down to business and resume where we left off at.

Finally I Find~Rogue~Where I Lose Control
Business, eh? Well, i seem to have plenty of free time to hear alllll about it. I'm all ears.

Kristy saw her and as she did it brought back a faint memory but she put it off. She had been having that kind of trouble for awhile now, and it got even worse when WrestlMania neared. But she braced her mind as she knew this was something she needed to say, otherwise things might just get worse.

Kristy: Now you're not in trouble or anything. But alot has changed since the last time you've been here. And i need to set a few things straight. See, the person you met 3 years ago, well, It wasn't entirely me. It was a dark time in my life But I'm better now. Well, for the most part. I still struggle with things and I was told of our interaction, which I try not to remember. But I needed to let you know to make sure you don't accidentally trigger further memories and...

She paused taking a deep breath as her doctor had told her that it could help her further deal with her problem.

Kristy: I would like to apologies for assaulting you during that time.

She paused yet again as she waited for her to give a reply before giving the final bit of information.

Now normally? I would have sneered, laughed out loud nastily even at what she just said. Because the Renegade Firebird loved to take advantage of someone's moment of weakness. But... that had been the old me. And i was still trying to FIND that me. The person i was now had been through deception and pure hell these past 3 years. I had suffered with losing my memory so i could relate to her situation at hand. My expression softened as i sat up straight and looked at her with warm eyes.

Finally I Find~Rogue~Where I Lose Control
No it's ok, i mean you were going through a tough time, right? You weren't in your right mind and certain situations can make you do craaaa-zy things. It doesn't make you a bad person, just makes you human.

Although, we had already gotten past our odds we had set against each other in 2012, i felt a great amount of appreciation for her still wanting to apologize to me for her off behavior. But seeing as i wasn't really in the position to judge due to me not being myself, i wasn't going to hold what she did back then years ago.

Finally I Find~Rogue~Where I Lose Control
Bygones, Kristy. Like a small pond over a rather tall bridge... Whatever you have in mind, just know the past will not affect it. And hey, if you ever need to talk about your... condition? Just know you have a willing listening ear right here.

I stared right into her hazel eyes in a way to let her know that i was far from kidding and was dead serious. I may be a bit vulnerable and wasn't as cautious as far as not knowing who to and not to trust but just having someone dealing with something similar to what i was going through seemed to cancel out any women's intuition i may feel.

Finally I Find~Rogue~Where I Lose Control
Listen.... before we go any further, there is something i feel i need to maybe tell you. When i resigned with EWE, i know i said i had been in a car accident to explain my 3 year absence, which i had been. But what i didn't tell you was something that i am keeping to myself and do not feel really comfortable with alot of people knowing since i just got it back recently and i am still trying to get my footing as far as who i used to be.... or who i am supposed to be..

I paused as my fleeting thoughts seemed to swirl around in my head like a tornado with me about to drop this bomb on Kristy that i hadn't intended on doing so. I originally only wanted two people to know my secret right now but.... three shouldn't be any trouble...

Finally I Find~Rogue~Where I Lose Control
Kristy, that car accident wasn't the only thing that happened to me. I ended up losing my memory during that and... well... i didn't know who i was for 3 years. And some-...

I cleared my throat not wanting to elaborate on the whole situation since it was still pretty painful to think about.

Finally I Find~Rogue~Where I Lose Control
I got my memory back two days before i rejoined the company. And although i remember everything, things seem to be a bit spotty for me at times since i do not seem like my old self at times. I thought you should know.... before we opened any doors for anything between us.

That was information had surprised at that but she actually nodded as she could understand completely.

Kristy: I can understand you completely. As you see, we have more in common than what you think. Years ago, I was kidnapped and while you wouldn't believve the details, My memories were completely removed. Even my daughter, Maya, has also suffered from Amnesia.

Kristy nods and with how rare Amnesia is it and even more so with them being related like that. And Kristy also just hoped that she wasn't trying to make fun of her or take it the wrong way.

Kristy: I mention this because we have access to the top notch doctor's in the field and we could help you get access to them.

I wasn't the least bit surprised that Kristy would have access to something as top tier as getting access to anything and finding ways to get absolutely whatever you may need with the kind of money she had. Although i remembered my whole life and the 3 years i thought i was someone else, i was missing one important memory from my mind..... how did i get into this car crash and end up in a hospital with amnesia surrounded by strangers who claimed they knew me? The last thing from Retribution i remembered was walking hand in hand with Alessandro as he gave me a "tour" of MSG and our quality time being interrupted by Jack telling him that they had sudden pressing matters to attend to. I remembered heading to my locker room and then..... i was in the hospital being told my name was Rosalina... Now here was Kristy... saying she had access to basically helping me find that missing piece to this puzzle. And i am sure it was going to come with a price...

Finally I Find~Rogue~Where I Lose Control
I remember all..... just not how the accident happened. Hell, i don't even KNOW if it was a car accident. I just want to know what happened, how it happened and if anyone was purposely involved behind it. I don't know if the people i dealt with these three years were behind it or not. I just want the truth....

I paused as i realized that i was about to make a deal of a lifetime. I may not be as sharp as picking up on things automatically like i used to do but i did have good ol common sense telling me that there was a catch. Oh wasn't there always? You think Kristy was just going to aid me into helping me get something i so badly wanted to know? No, of course not. But during these circumstances, i was willing to do anything to find out the truth.... even if it meant digging down real deep inside and unleashing the beast.

Finally I Find~Rogue~Where I Lose Control
Now, Kristy. I may not be as on the up and up as i used to be... as the Rogue you used to know used to be, that is. However, i am not dumb. I know you want something in return and i really don't know what i can offer you except the fact that you must want me to work for you. I don't know if you want me unleash the beast with kicking these divas' asses or maybe even wrestlers even, hell i'll take them ALL on if i have to... but, there is only one person i refuse to put a target on. Now, i don't know what you have in mind or if you are planning for me to be the Tamina to your AJ....

I smirked at that comment, not deciding if i was more serious or joking about that... but my half smile emerging quickly dipped down into a frown when i remembered my deal breaker to whatever she had planned for me.

Finally I Find~Rogue~Where I Lose Control
But as i stated before, i will fight them all..... i will fight on your side to find out what happened to me.... just as long as Alessandro Quagliaterre is NEVER on the opposing side.... those are my terms. Everyone is fair game except for him.

I stared at her solemnly for her to know i was dead serious. Because if the bitch was back as the untamed, unhinged Firebird, i had no qualms about hurting anyone.... as long as it wasn't someone i wanted to be in my life. Someone i wasn't sacrificing going after in any type of match in order to get that long lost memory back. I slowly raised my hand to her, hoping that if she shook, not only was she agreeing to that one clause but that she understood that she had me on her side completely.

Kristy was actually shocked at what Rouge was offering. She honestly had not extended the use of her help to ask for something in return. Though truth be told there was a slight alterier motive After all, Kristy had actually wondered if what happened to Rouge had anythng to do with an unknown man calling himself Nameless. She couldn't be entirely certain but if he was somehow involved she wanted to know.

But then there was the offer. Not that Kristy wanted to abuse her power, she wasn't after all, Stephanie McMahon or Grace Moretti. Though, having another possible ally couldn't hurt, espcially with Android 18 breathing down her neck. So finally, she extended her own hand forward and shook Rouge's hand.

Kristy: Very well, but that wasn't even what I had in mind when I gave my offer. I just wanted to help you out, and if whatever it was that happened to you was caused by a name known as Nameless, then I have to find out. However, with the constant annoyances like Android 18 and such, I could use some help, especially sense I can't wrestle any more. Doctor's orders.

When Kristy said what she had said, i was taken back for a moment. Had i really overreached with thinking she wanted me to use against her enemies since she was unable wrestle? Had i overstretched with providing myself as a weapon against her enemies when she hadn't had that in mind? Or was she playing a game? My Rogue senses were off these days so i couldn't know for sure but i had let her know my terms to what i wouldn't be willing to give up. I smirked at the name she said of the person that apparently seemed to be a thorn in her side.

Finally I Find~Rogue~Where I Lose Control
Android 18? HA, is that a person or an off brand sega? Like i said, whatever you need from me, you've got it. I just want to find out the truth of what happened to me.

I wondered if these doctors were professional in Recovered-Memory Therapy or at least hypnosis, something that would give me the answers that i needed when the time came for me to collect.

Kristy: Do not take Android 18 lightly. She is a legend here in EWE and been around alot longer than you have.

Kristy said with a sterness to her voice. Not that she wanted Rouge to be scared of her, but she needed her to atleast know what she's going up against. Kristy then released the handshake as she sat down pulling a date book and opening it up.

Kristy: as for your treatment, how soon would you like to begin? Can't start tonight due to Chaos, let's see... How about Tomarrow at say, noon?

I was still unfazed as i waved off Kristy's comments about her enemy, feeling very much like myself as the arrogance crept into my voice.

Finally I Find~Rogue~Where I Lose Control
And so was Goliath.... but you know what David did to him, right? And what about Randy Orton becoming the Legend Killer and actually taking out "legends"? Doesn't matter how big or bad someone is, every dog DOES have its day... and one day in the future, Android.. Samsung.. Verizon, i don't care who it is, will learn that the hard way. But that's neither here or there since that won't be any time soon. I want to dip my toe in the water, not jump in headfirst if they are as good as you say they are.

I couldn't mask the sarcasm in my voice, maybe because i was slowly starting to feel like my old self again.... I stood up from my chair as i peered down at Kristy's day planner. Seeing as i was free until after Wrestlemania, i simply shrugged my shoulders.

Finally I Find~Rogue~Where I Lose Control
That works for me. Just give me a ring if something comes up and we have to reschedule. I need to get back to Chameleon, I'm pretty sure she's back from her lil errand and going crazy in our locker room. My god, she can be so dramatic...

I rolled my eyes with a shake of my head as i started to head towards the door, pausing when my hand landed on the doorknob as i stood in place for a moment before slightly looking over my shoulder back at Kristy.

Finally I Find~Rogue~Where I Lose Control
You no longer have anything to worry about. I will deal with Android 18 eventually when i knock off the ring rust and take a few names first. I want to be at my absolute best when i face em. And as far as anyone else you may be concerned about? With me here? You have nothing else to worry about or fear for.

With that being said, i opened the door and stepped out of the office, looking both ways to make sure the coast was clear before closing it. I had given Kristy my word that i had her back and i didn't want anyone to catch her slipping, especially not now. I headed down the hall, now wondering about the other pressing issues i had at hand.

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