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Leo & Alessandro Vs White Tiger & CM Punk Empty Leo & Alessandro Vs White Tiger & CM Punk

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:10 pm
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/2-2-15-alessandro-leo-vs-white-tiger-punk-t1407.html#p22144281

Show: Chaos [2/2/2015]

Scene 1

Paul Heyman: "Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Paul Heyman."

The boos filled the BMO Harris Bradley Center as Paul Heyman has walked on stage with a microphone. He continued to speak to the masses as he didn't head down to the ring.

Paul Heyman: "I am here on behalf of my client, Leo Kat. He'd be here but he's currently in the back getting prepared for his match later tonight."

The crowds continued to boo as they didn't care too much for what Paul Heyman had to say. Go figure.

Paul Heyman: "Now there are some things that need to be addressed before that match. Not that it will change the outcome of the match but they need to be addressed. Starting with what seems to be a rather confused EWE Undisputed Champion. He seems to think that my client, Leo Kat, does not take into account my advice. Yet it was because of my advice that Leo managed to get the second best time in the beat the clock challenge. The only reason my client is not the current Number 1 Contender to you, White Tiger, is because of the beat down both CM Punk and Corey Graves gave each other. And even with the aloud extra time, Punk only defeated my client’s time by 1 second. If not for the extra time that was given, CM Punk would have failed to beat the clock and in reality he did, but rules are rules."

Heyman's letting the technicality of Punk's win go by him for now. The crowds, of course, use his silence to continue to boo.

Paul Heyman: "Though is this the kinds of Champions you want? One you can't get the facts right about his opponent or simply decides to remain ignorant and tell lies just for the fun of it? Or even Punk? One who only gets that opportunity for facing White Tiger due to a technicality? After all that title shot rightfully belongs to my client. So No you want your EWE Undisputed Champion to have skill and back it up every time he competes. Not to escape with a technicality. My client has the skills, skills that I saw in him. So while White Tiger is dreaming of being a shark and my client being a guppy, he'll be the one in for a surprise."

Paul Heyman smirks and even chuckles a bit. The crowd only boos him.

Paul Heyman: "Another issue I'd like to address. A matter that had to do with the interview with my client. I've heard complaints that Leo was not the one who gave it. But why should he need to utter one word when he's got such a capable mediator such as myself? My client is better off with our agreement, and it's not as if Leo's against the arrangement. Does it really bother you that I'm making sure that the correct words are said and to keep my client from possibly making a fool of himself? Not that Leo would. So I say to you, live with it, for Leo does not need to say a word in his defense as long as I'm his advocate."

Another pause by Heyman as the crowds just began a random White Tiger chant. Why? Who knows this is the EWE were talking about.

Paul Heyman: "Yes, thank you for bringing up my next point. As you all know, my client will be competing tonight in a tag team Contest. White Tiger has already made himself known about his feelings on it. Saying that he's only in it to add some star power. Though I'm sure my client will be happy to cause him to see stars as once again White Tiger fails as we all know he will. White Tiger wants to think he's so far above everyone else here in the EWE. Yet, he will be reminded that he's not. Rather it be at the hands of my client or his partner."

The chant of the crowds change to a 'this is boring chant'. Paul Heyman doesn't seemed disturbed by it as he just continues.

Paul Heyman: "Which brings me to Alessandro. I have advised my client to work with him in order to get the job done here. After all is that not what Tag Team matches are about? But that does not mean that there will be any kind of alliance between the two after this is over. My client is better than Alessandro even if neither know it yet. So Alessandro my advice to you is to listen to me. Even White Tiger knowns of how well I am at advising clients and you'll do good to listen as well. Even if it's just for this match."

Paul Heyman adjusts his stance slightly before continuing on.

Paul Heyman: "Last is my former client, CM Punk. It would seem that we're on opposite sides again. But don't be mistaken my current client the same as Curtis Axel. So while you may have a bone to pick with Leo due to him being a Paul Heyman guy. Just know that he's got a bigger bone to pick with you. It's not every day you get a shot at the greatest title this company has to offer and you stole that away from him. So watch yourself as you fall to my current client."

Paul smiles nicely before saying one last thing to the crowds.

Paul Heyman: "And with that, I bid you all, ado."

Paul Heyman smiles more as he walked back through the curtain. Ending the scene.

Scene 2

The show continued on but for Leo Kat, nothing really changed. Currently he was found in his locker room. He wore some shorts and a no sleeve brown shirt over it. He was currently sitting on a folding chair but his mind was far from the arena.

Lindsey: "The target's on the move. We can't let it stop."

Leo's mind continue to race playing a jumble of different images in his mind from his time away from EWE. So in one instance he was traveling fast to catch up with a car, in the next he was snapping someone's neck in an undisclosed location.

Lindsey: "The data's slightly damaged. Spangled shouldn't have a trouble with it though."

Did Leo want to return here to the EWE? What was his true motives for it? After all, he never cared about it in the past. He first joined the EWE as a way to get closer to who he thought was the kidnapper of a girl named Lisa. Though that didn't turn out very well as not only was he wrong, but he was trapped in the EWE unable to leave. In the end Lisa had betrayed him. Apparently it was always a set up.

Spangled: "Make a right here. The target's at the end of the corridor."

More and more fragments of images flew through Leo's head. It was hard to keep track of them all. Not that he had some memory problem, as he knew exactly how these things went. Just when he was alone with his thoughts, the memories just invaded him, jumping around like crazy.


Lindsey: "Took care of them, eh Leo?"

At one point he did return, trying to do unfinished business as it bothered him that he hadn't done anything in this company. Though he did have someone special, but once again in the end she left him as well.

Spangled: "Another ten paces. Uh oh, you've got incoming at 12 o'clock."

The memories continued on as Leo just sat there. Why did he have so much trouble in his life? People come and he gets attached, only for them to leave him yet again.

Lindsey: "Leo Watch out!"

Leo had decided to never let anyone get close to him again. He would have just stayed away from everyone. Lived on his own away from whoever. Yet he knew he couldn't. He had to have a purpose, otherwise, he would just sink straight into despair till he decided that there was only one course of action, to end it all.

Lindsey: "So what will you be doing once this is all over?"

Leo Kat: "... it'll never be over."

The voice actually came out of Leo's mouth as he remembered the day. It was the same thing he replied then, and how right he was. He didn't deserve happiness, as it would never be for him. After all, it was only an illusion, only staying long enough to fade. This would only be like the rest. Yet, there was one thing he could do. One thing he'll always do.

Leo Kat: "...Fight on."

And that's exactly what he was doing. He didn't care who, or for what. He would just fight. Of course, he needed a bit of help with this, so that is why he's got Paul Heyman on his side. For Paul Heyman cared who Leo fought and all the odds and ends of that part of the business. Leo just didn't care as long as he got in the ring. Sure he'd listen to what Paul had to say, it was really good advice anyways. And at the end of the day he would have his fill. That fill which only lasted him till that urge rose up in him again.

Paul Heyman: "Leo."

Leo hadn't noticed that Paul Heyman had entered the room. He looked towards him wondering what he wanted.

Paul Heyman: "It's time."

Leo nodded as he got up and the duo headed out for Leo's next fight.
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Leo & Alessandro Vs White Tiger & CM Punk Empty Re: Leo & Alessandro Vs White Tiger & CM Punk

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:11 pm
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