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Blaze the Cat Vs Crystal Taylor

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:53 pm
Blaze vs Crystal Taylor

Note: Crystal is good.

*The scene opens to backstage at Ladies Night. Blaze and Marine were walking backstage towards Blaze's locker room.*

: So tell me again why there were only Sheila's wrestling last week.

: This is Ladies' Night.

: So is it Ladies' Night every Saturday? When do guy's get a night?

: *sighs* They have Chaos.

: Chaos?! Strewth mate, that ain't good.

: *Shakes her head.* It's just a name. This show's called Ladies' Night. The guys have a show on Monday called Monday Night Chaos.

: .... Oh No Drama, mate. I knew that all along.

: *Sighs.*

*Just then Kenny Green wood walks up behind them.*

Kenny: Hello there.

: AH!!

*Marine jumps a bit. She then turns around.*

: Blimey, don't you know that it's rude to sneak up on a sheila like that.

*Blaze turns around to see Kenny as well. She also notices the cameraman also by Kenny.*

Kenny: I didn't sneak up on you.

: Yes, you did. A good captain knows these things.

Kenny: *Looks at Blaze.* What's she talking about?

: Never mind that. *Indicates the camera.* You here for a reason?

Kenny: I...

: *Butting in.* Wait you know this bloke, Blaze?

Kenny: Bloke?

: *to marine* He's a eWe interviewer.

: Fair dinkum!? This bloke can view my inners?

*Marine gets behind Blaze so that she blocked Kenny's view of her. Blaze sighs as she shakes her head while Kenny has a amused expression on his face.*

Kenny: Quiet the interesting friend you got there Blaze.

*Blaze isn't at all amused but annoyed.*

Kenny: *towards Marine* But anyways, ummm... what's you're name?

: I ain't tellin' you, you inner viewer.

*Kenny smiled.*

Kenny: I'm not a inner viewer. I'm an interviewer. I interview the Diva's and Superstars of eWe.

: Diva? Superstars? You Troppo mate. I ain't heard of those words.

Kenny: A Diva is a female wrestler here in eWe. While a Superstar is a male wrestler.

: ...Bob's your Uncle. That's what those mean? *Turns to Blaze.* Is that bloke tellin' the truth, mate?

: Yes, so will you get out from behind me?

: No drama, mate. *Steps out from behind Blaze.*

Kenny: Anyways, Blaze, since you're here do you mind an interview.

: *Looks at Marine with a 'you behave; look then back to Kenny.* Fine.

Kenny: All right then. *He turns to the Camera.* This is Kenny GreenWood here with Blaze the Cat...

: Who you talkin' to mate?

: He's talking to the people of eWe.

: *looks around.* But there's only that bloke there with the strange contraption.

: *sigh* Just be quiet.

Kenny: *who was waiting for them to finish.* anyways, Blaze the Cat here has won her debut match against Chenoa Champo. *Turns to Blaze.* Tell us, what are you're thoughts on it?

: As I said, before. I was better than her, thus I won.

: Yeah, Blaze 'ere conked 'er good.

Kenny: I see. Now you're up against Crystal Taylor later tonight. Do you think that you will be able pull off another win?

: *begins to open her mouth when.*

: Of course, she is. My mate 'ere knows a thing or three about fightin'. You must be troppo to think other wise.

Kenny: Thanks, for the in site... ummm... little girl, but...

: Hey, don't you be talkin' down on this 'ere sheila. I'll have you know that I helped save the planet on my very first adventure.

Kenny: *sarcastic* Right.

: See, Blaze. My well knowness of a Captain stretches out this far.

: ...

*Blaze had an annoyed look on her face.*

Kenny: Blaze shall we continue the interview some where else?

: Why? this 'ere place ain't so bad.

: Just continue so we can get this over with.

Kenny: Ok, then. Now, about you're thoughts on Crystal Taylor.

: She'll fall just like Champo.

Kenny: well, Crystal Taylor isn't Chenoa Champo.

: You're point?

Kenny: Well, you just can't expect her to be like you're last opponent. Chenoa had been doing badly, before you fought her. But you've never fought or seen Crystal fight. After all, didn't you say during your last interview that you can't judge a person's fighting skills if you've never seen them.

: True. But I'm not judging her skills. I'm judging mine. I've trained all my life. I've honed my skills and I keep on improving every day. I've beaten Giant Mechanical robots. Huge robotic animals, like a whale and a t-Rex. Each time I've been victorious.

Kenny: I see. Well you sure do have confidence.

: *nods.*

Kenny: Anyways, that's all we have time for. *turns to the camera.* This is Kenny GreenWood. Til next time.

: Now will you tell me where these eWe people are hiding?

: *sigh* He's talking to them though the Camera.

: Camera?

: The thing the other guy is holding.

: Blimey! They're in that thing?

*Marine turns to the Cameraman.*

: I'll rescue you eWe people. *Charges at the Cameraman.* Let them out of there you big bloke.

*The cameraman was a little shocked at Marine Charging at him. He then ran off.*

: Don't think you can escape Captain Marine. I'll get the eWe Peoples out of that camera.

: *sighs.*

Kenny: Is it always this way with her?

: Mostly yes.

*Blaze then gives chase to Marine to get her to stop as the scene fades.*

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Re: Blaze the Cat Vs Crystal Taylor

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:54 pm
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