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Blaze the Cat Vs Maryse

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:55 pm
Blaze vs Maryse

Notes: Same person does both opponents.  Maryse as had 2 matches so far.  Won Open invite at WM but loss the title match due to No Show.

*Blaze and Marine are walking down a road heading for a small house.*

: Come, on Blaze.  I can be good.

: You had your chance.  But attacking those cameramen.

: Strewth mate, I thought they had captured little eWe people.

: *Sighs*  Doesn't matter, I've already made my decision.  You're going to stay with the Rabbits until I can send you home.

*Marine frowns as they get up to the house and walk up to the front door.  Blaze knocks on the door.  They wait til the door opens.  Standing there is a young anthropomorphic rabbit wearing an orange dress stood.  Her name was Cream the Rabbit flying beside her was a creature know as a Chao, this particular Chao was named Cheese.*

: Oh, Hello Ms. Blaze. *gives a slight bow.*

OOC: Even though the picture shows both Cheese the Chao and Cream, the person who is talking is only Cream.  That'll be how it is for all my RPs until I change it.

: Is your mom home?

: *nods.*

: I need to speak with her.

*Cream nods again as she gestures for them to follow her.  She leads them to the kitchen, There an older anthropomorphic rabbit was working on preparing a meal.*

: Why hello there Blaze.  What brings you out this way?

: Hello, Vanilla.  I don't mean to impose but could you watch Marine here til I'm able to send her back home.

: Oh?  *Smiles pleasantly*  No problem at all.  But where does she live maybe I can help her get home.

: My world.

: I see, ok, I can watch her.

: Thanks.  *turns to marine*  You behave yourself.

: No drama mate.

: *Nods then turns to Vanilla*  I'll be going now.

: All right.

*Blaze then leaves.*


*The scene opens to eWe Ladies Night as Blaze the Cat is heading to her locker room.  As she got to it Kenny GreenWood comes up to her with a cameraman following suit.*

: You don't need to small talk.  If you're here for an interview go ahead.

: All business with you as usual.

: I just don't see the point of the interviews.  But it's part of the job.

: Right.  *turns to the camera.*  Kenny here with eWe Diva, Blaze the Cat. *Turns back to Blaze.*  Now Blaze last week you loss against Crystal Taylor, what are your comments?

: I was distracted.

: Well, you seemed pretty focused on Crystal after she humiliated you by petting your head.

*Blaze's eyes narrowed.*

: And she'll get what's coming to her, later.  I'm not some ordinary cat.  I'm Blaze the Cat.

: So I take it you're going to be focusing on your next opponent instead?

: *nods*  Correct.

: Anyways, your next opponent is Maryse.  She's recently won a title shot during WrestleMania, though she lost the actual title match.  Plus she's a former WWE Diva.

: And?

: And what?  I mean Blaze if you don't do any homework on your opponents you're going to continue to get a repeat of what happened last time.

: I didn't say I've not done my homework as you say.  I'm saying that her used to being in another federation doesn't really say much.

: In ring experience yes.  But as I've said before, I'm no spring chicken when it comes to fighting.  I can more than handle my own.  But besides, of what I've heard, Maryse is similar to my last opponent.  She's into eWe so she can flaunt her stuff.  She cares more about looking good than about the matches them self.

: Most viewers wouldn't agree with you there.

*Blaze then looked slight angered by the comment.*

: Then they should change their way of looking.  I'm not here to be some kind of swim suit model.  I'm also not here for silly drama that I know girls in this type of shows can get into.  I'm here to compete.

: Well, they might counter that with saying if you don't like it why not join the Chaos division.

: *shakes her head.*  I'm not going too.  If they want to walk around and fight like beauty queens, let them.  I, however, am not.

: I see.  Well, Maryse does have some fighting skills.

: I never said she didn't.  I've studied her just like any other opponent.  I'm just saying I don't like how she along with other Diva's here act like their super models putting on a show.  This isn't a fashion show, it's wrestling.

: All right then.  Anyways, thanks for your comments.  See you later.

*Blaze nodded as Kenny and the cameraman headed off.  Blaze then went to the door to her locker room.  She opened it as she did she heard a thud.  She then saw Marine and Cream on the floor as apparently they had been listening to the interview through the door.*

: Blimey mate, Why'd you do that for?

: What are you two doing here?!

*Cream was looking down a bit. Her Chaos Cheese was also floating close by her.*

: I'm sorry Ms. Blaze.

*But Blaze was more glaring at Marine.*

: Hey, no drama mate, I figure that it'd be ok if I can stay as long as Cream 'ere is with me.  That way you can mess with your matches.

: *Sighs* Fine... But how did you two get here?

: Oh it was a Ripper of an adventure.

*Blaze opens her mouth to speak when suddenly two security guards came to the door.*

Security 1: There they are.

Security 2: We've been chasing these two for some time now.

*Blaze narrowed her eyes at them.  Cream looked sorrowful, but Marine smiled.*

: Don't worry, they're with me.

Security 1: Fine.

*The two security guards headed off.  Blaze turned back to Marine and glared at her.*

: Try that again and I won't help you out, understand?

: No drama, mate.

: Fine.

*She then steps the rest of the way into the room then closes the door.*

end" />" />" />

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Re: Blaze the Cat Vs Maryse

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:55 pm
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