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Blaze the Cat Vs Chenoa Champo

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:51 pm
Note: Chenoa Champo barely makes 100 word minimun and hasn't been doing as well. (Mostly losses)

*The scene opens to a locker room on ladies night. There the door opens as Blaze the Cat(An anthropomophic cat wearing her trade mark outfit) and Marine (An athropomophic racoon girl) walk into the room.*

Marine: This place is ripper.

*Marine goes over to the cabnets and begins to browse in them. Blaze only sighes.*

Blaze: Marine, I said you could come along but only if you'll behave yourself.

*Marine was still looking in the cabnet as she was tossing out different items she found in there.*

Marine: No drama, mate.

*Blaze closed the door behind her but all the while looking annoyed by Marine.*

Marine: What's this?

*Marine pulled out a bottle of massage oil and stared at it curuosly.*

Marine: hmmm...

*Blaze saw what she had as Marine held the bottle up to the light. She didn't think Marine would get into to much trouble with oil. So she took a seat and leaned back. Closing her eyes for a nap. Marine however, brought down the massage oil then opened the lid. She leaned forward and gave it a sniff.*

Marine: Strewth, Strawberries.

*Marine brought the bottle up as she took a drink instantly spiting it out. Blaze opened her eyes and glanced at marine.*

Marine: Blimey, what kind of drink is this? Smells nice but tastes bleak. It is still in my mouth. Bleah.

*Marine goes to the sink and takes a drink.*

*Blaze closes her eyes again. Marine then looks at the bottle of massage oil again.*

Marine: Must be one of those adult drinks.

*She picks it up and walks over to Blaze.*

Marine: 'ere you go Blaze.

*Blaze opened her eyes again and she looked as marine was holding out the bottle of Massage oil.*

Blaze: That's oil.

Marine: Oil? You mean the stuff you use to cook food?

*Marine looked around the room.*

Marine: But there's no where to cook the food. Unless...

*Marine walked over to a cabnent and opened the lower drawers.*

Marine: Nothin' 'ere but packages of stuff.

Blaze: Don't make a mess, Marine.

Marine: No Dramma. Lemme see...

*Marine takes out one of the pakages and pulled out one of the wrapped items.*

Marine: Hey they have popsickles.

*Blaze looked to Marine.*

Blaze: Put those away.

Marine: No Drama mate. I'm just gonna 'ave a small snack.

*Marine opened the package to reviel a tampon.*

Marine: Hmmm... maybe you push this thing here.

*She pushed the end and the part came out. Marine looked at it.*

Marine: This isn't Ice Cream.

Blaze: No it's not. So throw it away.

*Marine got up just as there was a knock on the door. Blaze got up and answered the door. There was an interviewer.*

Interviewer: hey, there Blaze. Care for an interview?

Blaze: About what?

Interviewer: You're match tonight.

Blaze: If you must.

*Blaze stepped out into the hall and shut the door behind her. Outside was a cameraman by the interviewer.*

Interviewer: *turns to camera.* All right, I'm here with Blaze the Cat, The newest diva here in eWe. So tell us Blaze, what are the reason's you joined?

*Blaze looked at the interviewer then at the caramera.*

Blaze: Who do I look at?

Interviewer: What do you mean?

Blaze: Do I look at you or the camera?

Interviewer: You're choise I geuss.

Blaze: Fine then.

*Blaze looked towards the interviewer.*

Blaze: As for why I'm here, that's none of you're business.

Interviewer: Ok.... anyways, you're first match here is against Chenoa Champo, what are you're feelings on that?

Blaze: *seriously* What's my feelings got to do with it?

Interviewer: As in what are you're thoughts on the match?

Blaze: I'll win.

Intervierwer: Is that all?

Blaze: Yes, why do you expect more of an answer?

Interviewer: Well, yes. I mean most people would like comment on how they'll win or why they'll win.

Blaze: *seriously* Ok. How I'll win is by pin. Why I'll win, is because I'm simply better.

Interviewer: Well, so far no one has seen you fight and...

Blaze: So. Just because someone hasn't seen someone fight, doesn't mean that they can't fight.

Interviewer: Well, do you make your claims on how badly, Chenoa has been doing lately.

Blaze: No. I base my claims on being a better fighter than her. My Skills are superior Chenoa's are not.

Interviewer: That's sounding a bit cocky coming from a Face.

Blaze: I'm only telling facts.

Interviewer: If you say so.

Blaze: Do you have any thing else to ask?

Interviewer: No not really.

Blaze: All right then.

*Blaze went back inside the locker room. Closing the door behind her. Inside was Marine on the floor with empty tampon things and the tampons around her. Marine was currently busy trying to put one of the tampons back in the tube thingy.*

Marine: Strewth, these things are really hard to put back in.

*Blaze walks over to her.*

Blaze: I told you not to make a mess.

Marine: No drama. I'll just put them all back into these 'ere doo-hickies and all will be as good as new.

Blaze: Just throw them away.

Marine: Why? I can put them back in.

*She struggled with putting the one she had in but still wasn't doing a good of job.*

Blaze: You can't so just throw them away. Their no good anyways.

Marine: *a bit down.* Fine then.

*Marine got up and picked up the mess. She then threw them away. Blaze only sighed as she shook her head.*

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Re: Blaze the Cat Vs Chenoa Champo

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:51 pm
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