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Blaze the Cat Vs Melody Knight

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:00 pm

*'New Venture' by Sega, hits over the PA system. Not long we see Blaze the Cat coming out on stage as she makes her way down to the ring. Blaze gets to the ring and enters it. Once she does she pulls out a microphone from her jacket.*

: I've been here for a few weeks now and a few things have come to my attention. Now it seems that eWe management will hire those that are not completely human, like a stuff ducks, Super heroes, and even anthros like myself. Yet, I find it strange that despite this, the other competitors in this company don't seem to treat those of that nature with any kind of respect. We are laughed at, mocked, and even deemed unworthy to be here in the eWe. One of their biggest insults is of course to call us cartoons. Well, me and my friend Sonic more so than the others. Look at me. I am not a cartoon. I'm made up of flesh and blood just like the humans here in this company. I have fur but that doesn't make me a cartoon. There has been a video game that was made about some of the adventures I've shared with Sonic. But just because of this, I am a Cartoon? But tell me something. How could a cartoon win her first match here in eWe? How can a cartoon give a self-proclaimed Sex-Goddess a run for her money? And how could a cartoon beat a former WWE Diva?

*Blaze takes pauses to let her words take effect.*

: Despite these victories, I'm still a cartoon? No. I'm not a cartoon. I'm Blaze the Cat. I'm through with standing by while the others Diva's and Superstars make jokes about me and my friend and the others like myself who wasn't given the time of day due to their appearance. I'll be coming after each one of you then we'll see just how much of a 'cartoon' I am.

*Blaze pauses as she listens to the crowdís reaction.*

: But first, I have another matter to attend to, the Queen of the Ring tournament.

*The crowd cheers at the mention of the tournament.*

: I entered the tournament and like the other Diva's I expect to win. Of course, there's bound to be some in here who believe that I'm nothing but a cartoon. That it will be impossible for me to win. There'll be those high up in the ranks, like Beth Phoenix, who will think that there biggest challenge won't come till further down the tournament. That is where they'll be wrong. I'm not just someone for you to write out. I'm someone that if you don't prepare for, you'll find yourself on your back while the ref says "3".

*Blaze pauses briefly as her emotions calm down.*

: Melody Knight... my first opponent. As of what I've heard you are new to the eWe scene but I warn you now, don't join the band wagon of thinking I'm a joke. For that will be your first mistake. Don't come in this match thinking that I'll be an easy win. That'll be your second mistake. Take this match seriously, or that will be your final mistake.

*Blaze was glaring towards the camera as if to make her point.*

: I've got something to prove in this tournament and I will not let anyone get in my way or becoming the next Queen of the Ring. So Melody, I'll see you later tonight.

*With that 'New Venture' hit over the PA again. Blaze left the ring leave the microphone as she did. She then made her way back up the ramp then backstage.*


*Backstage Blaze made her way to her locker room. Then Justin White came walking up to her while doing a small golfer's clap.*

: Nice speech, princess, very nice speech.

*Blaze looked at him. Slightly annoyed as she picked up Justin's Sarcasim.*

: The problem is your just not good enough to be crowned Queen.

*Blaze raised an eye brow.*

: Oh? And what makes you think that?

: Well its quiet simple. You see you lack a few things.

*Blaze was getting more annoyed.*

: And what would those be?

: Oh nothing too much. Just talent, looks, and power.

: I'm not sure youíre the one to judge those things, since you lack them yourself.

: You must be blind. After all what women wouldn't want to get aboard the White Express?

: I think the question is more what women would.

: You're just jealous.

: Can't say that I am.

: Anyways, I'm just here to tell you that you may as well quit now and leave the Queen of the Ring title to the more qualified Divas.

: Qualified? I don't think so. It takes heart to be a Queen. Some of these Diva's just don't have any, while others are more obsessed with their appearance.

: And you think that you have what it takes to be Queen of the Ring?

: Yes I do. Besides I don't need to explain myself to you. This is nothing more than a beauty pageant to you.

*Justin opens his mouth to say something.*

: You know what? I've got better things to do.

*Blaze then heads off.*

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Re: Blaze the Cat Vs Melody Knight

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:00 pm
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