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Sonic Vs The Joker

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:37 am
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Show: Chaos [5/14/2012]

*The scene opens to an empty locker room. Then the room opened as Sonic and Tails entered the room.*

Tails: Say Sonic, what exactly happened to you?

*Sonic walked over to a counter and placed down a duffle bag.*

Sonic: What do you mean?

*Sonic opened the duffle bag and browsed through it.*

Tails: You know, where you've been all this time. You kinda left abruptly that I barely had time to inform eWe of your leave of absent.

*Sonic pulled out a pair of socks, shoes, and gloves.*

Sonic: Oh yeah, sorry about that. I was kinda sucked into another dimension.

Tails: *Sarcastically* Yeah, right.

*Sonic turned to Tails as he began taking off his gloves.*

Sonic: You don't believe me?

*Tails shrugs.*

Tails: Hey, if you wanted some time off from eWe, you don't have to make up a lame excuse about going to some dimension.

Sonic: I'm not making an excuse.

*Sonic put on the new gloves and proceeded to replace his shoes and socks.*

Tails: uh-huh, Sure.

*Sonic finished replacing them as he put up the older ones that looked dirty and in bad shape.*

Sonic: Well, if you don't believe me, just ask Blaze. She was there after all.

Tails: Riight, and the next thing you're going to tell me is that you saw me there but I was some kind of black smith. Oh and Knuckles and Shadow were knights and you had to stop an evil King Auther but it all turned out to be that you were the King Auther of that dimension.

Sonic: No that's not what happened, this time. But I still don't get why you don't think that one happened either.

Tails: I just think you were trying to get out of a date with Amy.

Sonic: *Sigh* I wasn't about to go on a date with Amy then, she just thought that. Plus it really did happen.

*Tails gave Sonic a 'yeah right' look.*

Sonic: you know what fine, believe what you want. Besides, this time I was some where else.

*Tails continued to give Sonic a 'yeah right' look.*

Sonic: *Sigh* You said I had a match tonight right?

Tails: Yep, against the Joker.

Sonic: Who?

Tails: The Joker, you know, *in a joker voice* Why so serious?!?

Sonic: I don't get it?

Tails: You know, Batman's greatest enemy?

Sonic: Batman? Is he related to Rouge?

Tails: *Face Palm* No. Don't you watch TV?

Sonic: Not really.

Tails: Well, The joker is a master criminal who looks like a clown in a purple suit. He also uses different kinds of gags as weapons.

Sonic: Oh. All right, but how good his he at fighting?

Tails: *Shrugs* Not sure but he is pretty cleaver.

Sonic: All right.

*Sonic heads to the door.*

Sonic: Well, I'm going to see if I can't get an interview.

Tails: I thought you didn't like interviews?

Sonic: I never said that. But I figure that I can go get one first so that they don't randomly show up.

Tails: Ok, later.

*Sonic leaves the room.*


*The scene opens to a backstage hallway. There we see Justin White. Justin was standing in front of a cameraman. Sonic then walks up to him.*

Sonic: Say you an interviewer?

Justin: No, I'm just standing in front of a cameraman for my health.

Sonic: Really? oh ok. Can you point me to a interviewer.

*Justin shook his head.*

Justin: *Sigh* I'm an interviewer.

SOnic: Oh? Ok, say do you mind interviewing me?

*Justin looked sonic up and down.*

Justin: No.

Sonic: Why? Aren't you an interviewer?

Justin: Yes, but I only interview winners

Sonic: Hey, I'm going to win.

Justin: So? You're a furry little creature and you're facing a guy who clearly has issuses, as he dressing up like a clown. So in my oppinion, you're both loosers.

Sonic: I wouldn't be so sure about that. Besides do you know who I am?

*Justin looked at Sonic again.*

Justin: Porky the porkipine?

Sonic: Porky the what?

Justin: Porkipine.

Sonic: No, I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog.

Justin: *mock appologetic* Oh I'm so sorry Mr. Hedgehog, I didn't realize that, I still don't care.

Sonic: What kind of interviewer are you?

Justin: A good one. Now run along little hedgehog, I've got bigger fish to fry.

Sonic: I'm not a fish.

Justin: Whoa, That expression really just blew by you didn't it?

Sonic: No, I'm not a fish. Besides, this is my first match back, plus this Joker's first match. We're going to show the world a heated battle of these rising stars. So I'm not a fish, I'm a parana in this. Small but a force to be recond with.

Justin: Hate to break it to you but a parana is a fish.

SOnic: But it's a killer fish.

Justin: *Face palm.* Whatever.

Sonic: Any ways, see you.

*Sonic then leaves.*

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Re: Sonic Vs The Joker

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:38 am
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