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Sonic Vs Ted Debiase

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:28 am
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RP Link:

Show: Chaos [4/4/2011]

(The scene opens to a desert Island. There we see Sonic the Hedgehog laying unconscious on the beach with a note in his hands. Also there was a video camera close by him. Sonic stirred then woke up. He quickly looked around realizing that he didn't know where he was. He then noticed the note in his hands. So sonic read it.)

Note: "Since we know you can't be bought, we stranded you on this desert island so you can't compete in the match. We left you this camera so you can put on it your last will and testament. Signed MDMFC"

(Sonic looked at saw the camera. He then picked it up. Sonic then found a nice rock and placed the camera on it. He angled the camera so that it was facing him then he turned it on and hit record.)

Sonic: Hello Everyone on eWe. I'm here on this luxurious and isolated desert island. Why? you ask? Well, it's just a crude attempt to get me to forth it my match against The Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase.

(Sonic looks around.)

Sonic: I'd have to say they did pick a nice place. (turned to the camera and gave a thumbs up) The scenery around here is beautiful. But anyways, I'm sorry to disappoint the MDMFC but I'm going to make it to that match. No desert Island will stop me from doing that. Once I get into that ring, I'm going to show everyone that the blue blur isn't some quitter. I don't stop trying at the first sign of an obstacle. I'm persistent. I won't stop until I get what I'm after. What am I after? Nothing short of the eWe Champion, of course.

(Sonic paused for effect.)

Sonic: Now I know that your probably thinking. How does this match help me get to be eWe Champion when all it is a standard match? I'll tell you. This match will help show Jensen and Law or whoever else may be in charge, that I'm Champ material. I'm going in and defeating the Million Dollar Man and after that I'll just keep building more and more momentum until I reach my goal, eWe Champion. Remember, I'm the fastest thing alive and I don't slow down for nothing.

(Sonic paused again.)

Sonic: This match also gives me a chance to study up on The Million Dollar Man. I know he's one of the newest entries in the Money in the Bank match so this is a great time to find out his strengths and weaknesses. So far I found out that buying me out isn't one of his strengths. (Sonic smiled) I don't know why he thinks he can. I already have all I need and it doesn't require money. The way I see it, if he wants to throw his money around to go join politics because here your money is nothing but green paper to wipe you injuries with.

(Sonic walked to the camera and turned it off.)

Sonic: I guess that's enough for now.

(Sonic picked up the camera. and the scene fades.)

(The scene opens to the halls of eWe as we see Sonic walking. Just then Kelly walks up to him.)

Kelly: Hey, Sonic. Where have you been?

(Sonic turned to Kelly.)

Sonic: On a desert island. Some body thought they could strand me on it so I wouldn't show for my match.

Kelly: How'd you escape?

Sonic: Simple. When you run as fast as I can, running on the water isn't that hard.

Kelly: I see. I only asked because you didn't show for you interview.

Sonic: Wait, don't tell me Trixy tried to get you to do my interview again?

Kelly: She did. She left after she asked me to cover for her.

Sonic: You don't think she's trying to skip out on my interview with her, do you?

Kelly: I don't see why?

Sonic:(Sonic shrugged) All well. Say could you interview me sometime?

Kelly: How about now?

Sonic: Sure.

Kelly: Ok, So this is a match between you and The Million Dollar Man. So what do you think about his catch phrase. "Everyone has a price"?

Sonic: Well, I think he needs to come up with some new material. "Everyone has their price"? That's a good one. I don't really care how much he pays me. When I enter that ring I'm going to show him what a true wrestler is like.

Kelly: Even though you have only won one match since you started.

Sonic: I don't need to have a fantastic record to show that I'm a true wrestler. I go into a fight and give it my all. I don't try to buy my way into the victory. Of course, giving his record I don't see why he's still thinks he can buy people off. Only had two wins recently, that's goes to show that money can't buy you everything.

Kelly: I see. Well what do you have to say about how most people count you out because you're a cartoon character?

Sonic: I guess they'll all feel bad when this "cartoon Character" starts winning matches. You see, I may have a cartoon but that doesn't mean a thing. I've come to have a good time and to win matches. If they think that they can count me out I'll just have to show them that they need to do a recount.

Kelly: Ok. Well thanks for the interview. I'll see yeah later.

Sonic: Bye.

(Kelly walks off.)

Sonic: Get ready Millionaire. For coming this Chaos, I'm going to show you, that when it comes to fighting, I'm a billionaire.

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Re: Sonic Vs Ted Debiase

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:29 am
Results Link: TBA
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