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Sonic Vs Khaos

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:36 am
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Show: Showdown [1/21/2012]

*The scene opens to a locker room. The door is then opened as Sonic the hedgehog and his friend Miles "Tails" Prower comes into the room.*

Sonic: *Takes a big whiff* Smell that Tails?

Tails: *sniffs then pinches his nose* Yeah, it looks like the cleaners didn't do a good job.

Sonic: No not that...

Tails: So you're saying this room allways smells like this?

Sonic: *Shakes head* I was going to say it smells like change is in the air.

Tails: Smells to me like used socks.

Sonic: *sighs* Ok fine it stinks in here, but what do you expect we did after all just come back.

Tails: Right, *starts looking around the room.*

Sonic: *heads to a chair and has a seat.* Well it's good to be back. I can't wait to get started again.

Tails: Hopefully, you'll do better this time. *still looking around.*

Sonic: Hey I thought I did pretty well last time.

Tails: *still looking around.* Well do you remember how you were doing last time?

Sonic: Well no but...

Tails: Aha!!

Sonic: *turns to him abruptly* What?!?

Tails: *Holds up a gym bag while pinching his nose.* Well I've found the source of the stinch.

Sonic: Oh, *settles back in his chair.* well get rid of it.

Tails: I will. *Heads out the door.*

*A couple of minutes goes by as Sonic waited for his friend to return. Ofcourse, after the first minute he decieded to get up and start doing some basic excerses. He was in the middle of doing some push ups when the door opened.*

Sonic: Well did you get rid of it?

Kelly: Get rid of what?

Sonic: *Gets up and looks at her.* Oh, thought you were Tails.

*Kelly was standing by the door way with a cameraman.*

Kelly: I see, say while your not doing anything how about an interview?

Sonic: *shruggs* sure. Almost forget it's questions first, then say hello later.

Kelly: *ignoring SOnic's comment she turns to the camera.* This is Kelly and I'm here with Sonic the Hedgehog who has just come back from...

Kelly: *Whispers Sonic* where was it you got back from?

Sonic: I had some things to take care of.

Kelly: right. *Turns back to the camera* Got back from taking care of some things. *She addresses Sonic* It's good to have you back Sonic. But this is the second time you've left and come back... You sure your not going to be making a habbit out of it?

Sonic: Not to worry I'll be hanging around alot longer this time.

OOC: hopefully smile.gif

Kelly: Well with this being your first day back on the job how do you feel?

Sonic: Pretty good actually, Nice to be back.

Kelly: Speaking of back, you've allready got your first match, it's against another guy still new to the scene, Khaos.

Sonic: Yeah I know. And you know, Khaos is probally out there thinking that, hey this guy's...

Kelly: *interupting.* Hedgehog.

Sonic: Huh?

Kelly: Hedgehog.

SOnic: oh, Well this Hedgehog's been away for a while that he's probally going to have ring rust, or whatever that phrase is. But what do you think I've been doing all this time I was gone? Sitting around twittling my thumbs? No, I'm a very active guy...

Kelly: *interupting again* Hedgehog.

Sonic: Whatever, I'm fit and ready to go just about anytime. So if you think that you'll have an advantage over me just because I've been away for awhile then your wrong.

Kelly: Sounds promising.

Sonic: It's more than a promise, it's a garuntee. And I don't want to hear anything about my pass losses Khaos, True I did loose my spot in the Money in the Bank match at last year's wresltMania... but that was only because I had something way more important to do than a shot at the top title in eWe. If all you care about is winning title after title than you'll find out that eventually, you'll mislead thinking will lead you to your downfall. Just remember, it's not about winning or loosing, but how you play the game that matters.

Kelly: Nice speach, well thanks for your time Sonic. *She signals for the cameraman to cut then they leave.*

Tails: *Enters right after they left* You're not going after a title?

Sonic: I didn't say that.

Tails: Oh so winning titles are just not why you came here.

Sonic: I didn't say that either.

Tails: Sure sounded that way to me.

Sonic: *slightly irritated* I only said that there were more important things than just winning title matches.

Tails: Well, what you gonna do if your up against someone that is fired up and all that stuff? I mean to Khaos you could just be one more wrung on the ladder of his success.

Sonic: Tails, Tails Tails, That's the problem with some of these wreslters. They set their targets on a title then they charge and think that who ever is in there way will just be plowed over by them. Well they'll have another thing coming when they come up against me. My focus is the up comming match and nothing else. Actually, thinking about it, is exciting me. *Starts doing excerses again.*

Tails: Well, have fun, I'm going out for a while.

Sonic: Later.

Tails: *Leaves the room.*

Sonic: *continues to excersise thinking of his up coming match. He then finishes and heads out going for a run.*
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Re: Sonic Vs Khaos

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:36 am
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