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Sonic Vs Edge

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:42 am
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RP Link:

Show: Chaos [7/9/2012]

Note: Due to Photobucket's change, I'll have to manually add in Speaking points in the RPs, especially for those that I don't have the RP in my stuff.

*The scene opens to Sonic's locker room on the night of Monday night Chaos. There we see Sonic the Hedgehog as he paces back and forth. Something was on his mind as he also wondered why no one seemed to be coming to interview him. After all he knew that the King of Extreme tournament was the highlight of eWe this week and he was entered. He partially wondered if it had anything to do with his current suspicions. You see he was under the impression that not many people actually like him here in eWe and he believed that this had something to do with him being a hedgehog. He thought on it for awhile. Then decided he'd just shoot a promo using the camera he had gotten from some unknown source some months back. Sonic walked over to his gym back and got out the camera. He then positioned it on a counter he turned it on. Once he did he backed up so that he was in frame.*

user posted image: Greetings eWe. Sonic the Hedgehog here. The first thing I'd like to address is a strange rumor going around. You see, it's come to my attention that people think that I plan on leaving after the King of Extreme tournament. The truth is that I'm not. So sorry all you guys who were about to throw a party, but the blue blur's here to stay.

*Sonic gave a thumbs up as he said the last line. Then he continued.*

user posted image: Which brings me to my next point. It seems to me that there's allot of people who think that I shouldn't be in this company. After all, like my last opponent, Christian Taylor thought I was just some video game character. *Sonic grins.* Well at least he's the so far the only one who realizes that if anything I'd be a Video game character more than a cartoon. I still don't get where people get the idea that I'm a cartoon. *Sonic shrugs.* But I'm not a cartoon or some video game character. I'm made of flesh and blood and you'll soon realize that whenever I get into that ring with you.

*Sonic takes a brief pause.*

user posted image: Now I'll admit that since I got back here I haven't really been doing as well. I mean I've only won one match and lost two, though one was to that guy with the huge ego on himself. I mean seriously who wants to watch a guy shoot a promo while he's only wearing a towel.

*Sonic gave a smile before he continued.*

user posted image: Of course, I find it strange how I've been back a little over a month yet haven't had very many matches. *Sighs* I guess that's just what I get for being on the low card. But I'm ready to change that. Part of the reason why I entered King of Extreme.

user posted image: Now, I know a lot of you guys think that I shouldn't be in this tournament. But, come one, how can I miss an opportunity like this? I mean the best of the best come to this tournament and I get a chance to square off against them. It's done right awesome.

*Sonic grins.*

user posted image: You see, I love to challenge myself. I love to push myself to the next level just to see how far I can get. The reason why I joined eWe in the first place. People think I should leave but I refuse to back down. When I set myself a goal and I go for it full speed.

user posted image: Now this brings me back to the King of Extreme Tournament. Honestly, my main goal is to have fun facing these top competitors. Plus the fact that I'm a low card superstar, means I get to go up against the higher ones even sooner. This of course, brings me to my opponent, Edge.

user posted image: Now, what I've seen on Edge is that he's in the top of his game. After all he's now a #1 contender. Though, I'll admit there is one thing I'm confused about. You see I know there was an Edge here before and you make claims to be that Edge. But are you really? Well, so far your record speaks for itself, after all not many can get to where you are. So your either a good copy of the original or a perhaps you are the same.

*Sonic Shrugs.*

user posted image: But here's what I know about you. Despite your provado and attitude, You really do love this job. After all, if you are the same wrestler as the WWE Edge you had to leave WWE but it seems that the world of wrestling still had it's hold on you, which is why you came here to eWe. So this should be a great match, two competitors who just love this job ready, to push themselves to the next level. Me, I'm pushing myself to take on the tougher side of eWe. You, your pushing yourself to make claims on being the King of Extreme.

user posted image: Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say I didn't come unto this tournament to win. No, I'm not going to try to make claims that I'm King of Extreme and what not. I'd rather have my actions speak for themselves.

user posted image: Now, I know like just about everyone else in this tournament, after you mock me some how about me have my own video game, your going to say that I don't deserve to be in this tournament. Well, like it or not, rather you think I deserve it or not, I'm here and if you want that chance to be called King of Extreme, you have to get through me. And don't think for a second that you're going to be able to mop the floor with me. I'm here to give this match my all. And so far I haven't been able to fully show what I'm capable of.

user posted image: So be prepared Edge. I'm not the super fast ring collector that you guys seem to make me out to be. I'm Sonic the Hedgehog and I'm going to show you what true speed is.

*Sonic goes over and shuts off the camera as the scene fades.*

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Re: Sonic Vs Edge

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:43 am
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