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Raven Vs Calista Leon Empty Raven Vs Calista Leon

on Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:38 pm
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/2-2-15-calista-leon-vs-raven-t1406.html#p22144280

Show: Chaos [2/2/2015]

"I wouldn't seem I've been very active as of late."

The camera opens up to the arena, only everything but the ring itself was in complete darkness. The camera slowly circled the ring as the voice continued.

"I attack a few people and Kristy attempts to give me a match, which I ignored. They tried to set me up with another match yet once again I ignored it. Even last week when they tried to once again set me up against Mizore. I ignored it once again. Don't you people get it? I only show when I want. After all you don't choose when the thief comes into your home. No she comes when she knows you least expect it."

The camera stops before looking at one of the ring posts. A dark figure is perched there but doesn't not move.

"I've returned only because my contract with Grace Moretti is not up. And since I was not given any instructions during those last few matches, I deemed them unimportant. After all I've already told you that I couldn't care less about those bits of shiny you like to wear around your waist. They are not functional nor practical as its brightness can easily identify your location to your target."

The camera then looks to another ring post. Sure enough there was a second dark figure there. The Camera looks around and sees there's a dark figure on each of the corner posts.

"The only reason I would want one of those belts is if it's one of my targets. Something that I need in order to continue my contract with Miss Moretti. So when I lost that Shining Star Championship some time back in such an epic showdown, it didn't bother me. For I don't care for it. Even now when it's forced my way again, this time being wrapped around a different person. Sure it's not for the belt itself, but according to the rules of this place, defeating the wearer can bring you that much closer to getting it."

The four dark figures dropped down from the ring posts each taking a step closer to the camera. The dark light now in the ring, you couldn't tell who these four were, or which one was Raven.

"However, Calista must wonder. Will I come to this match? Will it be nothing but yet another canceled match? Do you really know what's going to happen? Of course you don't. You only assume like the rest that I'm just a lazy wrestler. Full of myself as I'm just sticking to my little gimmick. But that couldn't be so far from the truth. I am not a gimmick. I am who I say I am. Does it do any good in telling you? Should a true ninja assassin acknowledge that she is one? Well, can you really say you believe me? No one does. I even believe that Miss Moretti has her doubts of who I am. But though I've lost matches in this company you forget that it's nothing to what I can do out there. In here, you have to live by the rules of this place. You must step out into that light, show everything. Well almost everything."

The slick sound of metal on metal was heard as each of the figures drew a blade taking a stance towards the camera.

"But for Calista, this is just a wrestling promotion. She's letting herself get caught up in all the supposed chaos of this place. She, like the rest, wishes to be the best, and craves that belt as her proof that she is. In fact, she would believe that she is better than I am. After all if you go by those records, she has accomplished 2 achievements here while I've only got one. But that doesn't mean anything. All it says is she care about those delusions of power."

The figures shifted their position thrusting out towards the camera with the swords but off to the side.

"Despite that she isn't even clear about who she's going to be. She flips flops from the girl who's misunderstood, to the insane girl with anger issues. Then she jumps back to an innocent girl again. She thinks she's fooling people, but she's not. She's only a girl playing a part, and she can't even be sure of which part she wants to play. Each seem so good to her with benefits for each. But when Chaos comes, the truth will be revealed. She will try to keep her persona, but she will fail. So remember Calista, when you're fear increases as you're dragged into those shadows."

The figures lowered their swords and with their other hands they removed their masks.... revealing each of them to be Raven. Then they all spoke in unison.

"Nothing, is as it seems."

The Raven's stabbed forwards hitting the camera lens as it staticed to black.

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Raven Vs Calista Leon Empty Re: Raven Vs Calista Leon

on Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:39 pm
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