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Raven Vs Calista Leon

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:23 pm
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RP Link:

Show: Ladies Night [4/16/2014]

Scene 1

"How could you fail, TWICE!"

Things begin as we find Raven in the office of one Grace Moretti. Currently it was just the two of them. Currently, Grace was pretty infuriated about how Raven had failed to win both the matches she had taken part in.

"First you failed to put Mizore and that green thing in their place," Grace continued on, "Then you go and lose to Trish Stratus. Why did you even let her take it from you in the first place?!"

Raven had already said her piece on it but decided it best not to speak up at the moment. Not that she wasn't infuriated about losing too. But she hid it pretty well on her facial expression. Just another trait of her line of work.

"I'm actually beginning to think twice about hiring you," Grace said.

"I've given you countless success and followed your orders without question," Raven responded.

"Countless success?" Grace said, "That Elf thing is still here. When you fought her back at War Games you were supposed to break her. Not to mention as your recent trail of so called success."

"Not like you gave me any orders about the title," Raven interjected.

"It should of been obvious!" Grace replied, "Why would I go through the trouble of setting you up to get the title in the first place, if you were just going to give it away to Trish because you didn't want to be in the spot light? That's the dumbest excuse I've ever heard."

That was the exact reason for what Raven did. But she stood there, she shouldn't be talking back to her employer anyways. Grace was still fuming though as she glanced towards a sheet of paper. She examined it before giving a nod.

"I'm giving you one last chance," Grace said, "Next Ladies Night, you'll be facing for the Televixen Championship. and this time, Don't blow it!"

Raven gave a nod. She understood the situation clearly.

"Now go train or something," Grace said, "I've got other business to attend to."

Raven gave another nod as she headed out of Grace's office.

Raven had made her way back to her hotel room. There she entered the room where she saw Sparrow up watching TV. Raven glanced towards the TV to see Sparrow was watching some episode of My Little Pony. Raven didn't get how an episode was on this late but she just looked to the other person in the room. Wearing all black and a mask over his face. No it wasn't ArchAngel, but Raven's master, Noir. Noir looked towards Raven as she looked at him. He gave a nod before he left the room.

Raven then gave a slight sigh. Why did he let Sparrow stay up this late? So Raven walked over to where the remote laid beside Sparrow and picked it up. She pointed it towards the TV and hit the power button.

"Aww," Sparrow said sadly she then looked to Raven, "It was just getting to the good part."

"Then you've seen it before," Raven said as Sparrow gave a slight nod. Though she still wanted to watch it, "It's bed time anyways. You shouldn't of even been up this late."

"But Aunty Ray Ray..." Sparrow said, "I up this late when you takes me to the show."

Raven sighed. Guess that's why Noir let her stay up. She also would of pointed out Sparrow's bad grammar in that sentence but she was to tired. She saw Sparrow was already in her PJs so she went and pulled the covers back.

"It's time for you to go to bed," Raven replied. Sparrow saw she wasn't going to get to go back to watching TV so she gave in and crawled to the top of the bed and settled in. Making sure she had her two My little pony dolls with her. Raven pulled the covers over Sparrow and turned to walk to the bathroom.

"Aunty Ray Ray?" Came Sparrow's voice again. Raven turned around a little annoyed though.

"What?" she asked as she masked the annoyance a bit.

"Can Is have a kiss good-nights?" Sparrow asked.

"If it gets you to bed faster," Raven replied.

"It will, I promise," Sparrow said back. So Raven sighed once more as she went over and kissed Sparrow on the forehead.

"There, Good night now," Raven said.

"Pinky Pie and Butter Cup too?" Sparrow asked referring to her My little pony dolls. Raven gave Sparrow a raised eye brow.

"It'll help them sleep too," Sparrow replied. Raven just rolled her eyes slightly.

"Fine," Raven said as she gave both Sparrow's dolls a kiss on the forehead.

"There," She said, "Now go to bed."

Sparrow nodded as she closed her eyes and snuggled up to her dolls. Raven watched her for a moment before she headed for the shower again. She had just opened the door when she heard the final words of the little girl.

"I wuv you Aunty Ray Ray."

The smallest trace of a smile could be seen on Raven's lips as she then entered the bathroom.

Scene 2

The Camera opens to the inside of a very expensive looking house. Could even be a mansion, if you took note of the rather large foyer and winding staircase that lead to the upper levels. The camera panned around this place before it began to move, heading to one of the arch ways that lead out of this room. As the camera continued, you could see other fancy things, like paintings, vase's, and even brief glimpses out the large windows to the pool area out back. Yes this was indeed a rich man's home.

As the camera continued it made a turn as it entered a room. This particular room was a lounge of some sorts as the place had many comfortable looking seats. It also included a fire place though if you looked above it, you'd see a very large and impressive picture. Center of it was one Calista Leon, wearing one of her fancy outfits but with the Televixen championship across her waist. Interesting how the the championship didn't class with the outfit but brought it out. But with that painting, it makes you wonder if this mansion belonged to Calista Leon.

"Not a bad place here," Came a voice off camera, "Wouldn't you say?"

The camera turned to see Raven sitting in one of the comfortable looking chairs. She had her legs crossed and was dressed in her full black outfit. Like usual her long bangs fell in front of her face and she made no effort to remove them.

"It's not my place, incase you were wondering," Raven said, "Unlike Calista, I don't have some hidden secret wealth that I try to hide and only a few weeks ago decided to show the world. And even if I did own it, I wouldn't hang that monstrosity over my fire place."

The camera looked back towards the large portrait of Calista. Raven got up as she walked into the shot.

"But I guess that's how Calista sees herself," Raven said, "Larger than life, and that she's better than everyone else. Sure she's managed to start winning since she put on show off her riches. But really All I see is just another crazy b****. Not like EWE has had more than it's fare share of them."

Raven gave a shrug. Still looking into that camera.

"It's probably the worse persona I've seen here," Raven continued, "But so far I'd have to say Miss Leon has the worse case of Crazy blues. Well, let's just say, given speech patterns, she's third only to Kaitlynn and Eve Torress. After all how many times do you have to repeat yourself just to get what you're wanting to say across? One hundred times? One thousand times?"

Raven raised a questioning eyebrow towards the camera. Then she just crossed her arms.

"Then you have to tell everybody the exact same things," Raven replied, "Like first you'll say it to the camera, then you're lover boy, then to who ever the f*** calls you on the phone. It's a endless cycle of the same s***."

Raven let's out a humph as she finds Calista so annoying. She just couldn't wait to shut her up.

"So you say you're better than everyone right?" Raven asked, "Well, if you're so better than everyone, why is it you wait so long to upload those little promos of yours? We all know that it wasn't done late, unless you're such an idiot that you forget to check out what your opponent had said previously."

Raven scoffed again as she shifted her weight to the other leg.

"While given your mental state, I'd say that's completely possible," Raven replied, "If not for seeing you logged into your account for hours at a time as you wait to see if you're opponent will show first. You know what we call that? We call that a f***ing coward. You're such a coward and have such doubts that you don't want to post first incase your opponent takes what you said and rip you apart."

Raven chuckled at that. Just how much of a coward she saw in Calista. It made her laugh.

"I bet you even already have that promo of yours done," Raven continued, "Sitting on it like the cowardly b**** you are. It's just so pathetic."

Raven laughed this time when suddenly she just stopped. A cold glare on her face.

"That's the problem now isn't it?" Raven said, "I'm mad as h*ll about what happened at at Last stand. I don't really care what anyone says about my own personal feelings about those d*** belts. I had a job to do and I failed. That's what really ticks me off. So guess what Calista? You are the one who I'm taking out my rage on. So come at me with your insane head for that will not phase me one bit. When I get mad, I get more deadlier and more sharper."

That look continued on Raven's face. It was the face that people wet their pants and had nightmares for weeks.

"So what are you going to say about me hmm?" Raven asked coldly, "Perhaps that you're passion for wanting to keep the title will outdo me and not giving a flying f*** about it? You didn't even want that belt. You said it yourself."

Raven then adjusted her voice in a mock Calista impression.

"The shining Star championship is my belt. I don't even want this belt but I'll keep it anyways," Raven said then scoffed as she paused for a brief moment, her voice returning to it's cold state, "As for any attempts at my not caring for for championship belts. I care allot more about my job, and the standards that I have for any mission I'm on. So when I'm bested by some old piece of blonde garbage, it makes me fail. and I HATE to fail!"

The anger in Raven's voice and features were all to apparent. She was ready to take it out on something. And what better person than her opponent tonight.

"A mistake you'll probably make in your little promos is to point out how I lost the Shining Star Championship," Raven replied, "Not just because of what I already pointed out, but because I lost a championship match and how you'll point out that you're a champion and I'm not. But tell me Calista, how many Shining star championships have you earned?"

That grin traced along Raven's facial features. Not that she cared about the title but that she's done something that her opponent has not.

"Of course, how many times have you even defeated Michelle McCool?" Raven said, "Interesting, how you've struggled and tried your hardest to defeat McCool for your belt. Yet I managed to take her out in record time."

Raven chuckled before she titled her head slightly.

"What was that? It wasn't her first match that night and it was her second in a row?" Raven said then she just grinned, "Timing is everything Calista, something you only know about when you post your coward's promos. At least I'm not afraid at what my opponents have to say about me. I just don't care. Sure, call how I get on camera and say things in response to what they say as, 'caring'. But it's all part of the job to make these things. Plus it helps me get into my opponents heads. You could call me all the things you want. I've heard worse and even then I didn't care."

The camera zoomed out so that it could now see the portrait of Calista again in the background. Raven continued to speak.

"So, Calista," Raven replied, "Bring what ever kind of game you want. Hit me with any thing in your arsenal. You could even attempt your pie time, but just so you know, you try that..."

Raven suddenly turned half way behind her as she had tossed a kunai knife in blinding speed. It found it's mark dead center of Calista's lower area of the portrait.

"You'll find a very sharp sting," Raven said before pausing for a moment to let that sink in before she continued, "Calista, my reputation is at stake here, with both my job with Miss Moretti, and my job as a whole. So listen and listen well. Kiss that title good-bye, for after our match, you'll not be seeing it again."

Raven's glare into the camera was cold as unexpectedly the lights went out. It was off for only a few seconds before they returned. Raven was gone but so was the portrait above the fireplace. In it's place however, was a new portrait. That of Raven and the Televixen championship across her waist. The camera faded on that.

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Re: Raven Vs Calista Leon

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:23 pm
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