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The Video (SE Kidnapped)

on Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:36 pm
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RP Link:

Show: CD RP [3/29/2015]

(Note this RP was also in the "Mizore Vs Cameron RP")

While the show had reached its 2nd to last match, Mizore had managed to get away from Android Eighteen as she was heading down the halls. It was a good chance for her to talk to Stealth Elf since Roller Brawl, who had been keeping her from doing so, was in her match. So Mizore finally reaches the locker room as she knocks on the door.

"Maya, It's me, Mizore. Can I come in?"

No response from inside and Mizore could just imagine that Stealth Elf could just be ignoring her.

"Please, Maya, let me..."

She trailed off as she happened to open the door. She expected it to be locked. So she glanced inside to see that, the room was empty. Mizore, slightly, wondering if Stealth Elf was really in there as she slipped inside and looked around.

"Maya? Are you in here?"

Still no response. So Mizore walked a little further inside as she looked around, till she noticed there was a camera connected to the TV as it was showing nothing but static. Curious, Mizore walked over wondering why Stealth Elf would be recording a promo then. But she paused when she noticed a note close by the camera. Mizore walked over and it read, "Mizore, Play me." So Mizore checked the camera and hit the play back button as the video began to display on the screen.

-Video Begin-

Stealth Elf was seen as she was standing right there in the room. She looked like she was crying as her mask was off and her eyes were teared up.

-Stealth Elf-
"I... I'm such a fool. Thinking that this would ever go well. I...I'm a terrible wrestle and all around worthless. See, I thought I could be someone. But I'm not. Tonight showed me that."

Stealth Elf frowned as she picked up something that was out of the shot it was her Shining Star championship.

-Stealth Elf-
"I don't deserve this. I... I just got lucky. I have no real skill. Just look at all the people I've gone up against. I only won when they were having off days, or they just weren't too good themselves. I have no business being here especially when I can't even defeat anyone of merit! Syd Vicious, failed. Your mom, failed. Trish Stratus... don't make me laugh, I only beat her because she was having an off day. The other time you were the one that allowed us to win. I was just there... like always...."

Stealth Elf dropped the title as she sighed.

-Stealth Elf-
"... And I was a fool to think that you'd ever feel the same way about me, that I do about you. I told you then... that I had gone over this entire thing seeing if what you said was really true. Was it just some mistaken crush because I was confusing our feelings of friendship? I went over it and I decided that it wasn't. And it wasn't just some quick decision I did lot of soul searching. But, I'm still a fool.... You can't be into girls... I know. I saw that incident with the fans. That's what you want. You want a guy... someone to sweep you off your feet. Some big strong brace guy... everything that I'm not. I'm a freak, I'm weak, I'm just plain pathetic..."

You could see the tears come up in her eyes as she continued talking.

-Stealth Elf-
"I... I'm sorry. I know you just want us to be friends. But we've past the point of no return... I can't go back to that, knowing every day that you said no... with you being ever so close, yet, I can never be with you... It'll be the worse torture. Worse than anything your mom as ever done to me... So I’m sorry. But that's it. I just can't do it..."

The tears were now fully streaming down her face as she lowered her head and began to sob some. She caught sight of her other title and sobbed a bit more before holding it so the camera would see it.

-Stealth Elf-
"About this... Go ahead and give it to Hollie... I still remember that day you said you'd of wished it was Hollie who you'd won this with. And honestly... I'm through. I... I can't do this any longer."

As Stealth Elf spoke, there seemed to be another person in the room. But the camera angle wasn't able to fully pick whoever this guy was. Yet Stealth Elf didn't seem to notice him as he got behind her. Towering over her.

-Stealth Elf-
"So this is my resi-HMMPH!"

Suddenly, the guy grabs her placing a cloth to her nose and mouth. Stealth Elf struggles but she soon slowly stops as whoever drags her out of the camera's view. All the time you couldn't fully see how tall he was, his shape, nor his face. The video went on recording just the empty room before it finally ended.

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