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Ladies Night Exclusive Video Empty Ladies Night Exclusive Video

on Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:08 am
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/exclusive-video-t1276.html#p22119024

Show: CD RP [8/11/2014]

The following video was saved from the previous Ladies Night:

The video shows feed from earlier that day. We see Kristy Jensen getting out of a limo outside of an apartment building. Kristy looked to the cameraman as she addressed him, guess she figured it'd be edited out when they displayed.

Kristy Jensen: "Now remember, I'm letting you come along so I can show everyone what Raven says. Hopefully with the new evidence she'll come clean."

Kristy looked to the cameraman who seemed to shrug off camera. Kristy waited a moment before she gave him a nod as she began to walk to the apartment building. It was pretty simple and the apartments were accessed on the first floor. So that's where Kristy Jensen ended up as she walked to one of them, presumably belonging to Raven. There she saw the door bell and pressed it. The muffled sound of the doorbell going off could be heard. Then a reply could be heard from inside.

Raven: "It's Open."

So Kristy headed in as the cameraman followed. Interesting how despite the apartment wasn't in the best of shape. It was still orderly and cleaned up... best you could anyways. Kristy of course found Raven laying down on the sofa in the living room area. There was a TV in there but it was turned off. As the cameraman got to a better view Raven glanced to it before back to Kristy.

Raven: "If you've come for some made-up storyline for EWE, then you can take your camera and head back through that door."

Kristy shook her head as she kept her focus on Raven.

Kristy Jensen: "No, this is about clearing Stealth Elf's name."

Raven scoffed but there was a bit of soreness to that, but she seemed to be masking it quiet well.

Raven: "I already told you what happened. Stealth Elf got the drop on me, attacked me, and then finished up with her Scarecrow finisher. Even the doctor backs it up."

Kristy Jensen: "I find it funny that someone could get the drop on you."

Kristy had crossed her arms but Raven just replied, her true emotions towards the subject pretty hidden from years of training.

Raven: "It happens. Now is there anything ELSE you want? Before you over stay your welcome."

Kristy Jensen: "Just that I'm beginning to find evidence that Stealth Elf didn't actually do what you claim. In fact, as far as the doctor goes, it's not impossible for someone to be able to duplicate a move. In fact even I could lock you into the Scarecrow right now. True they'd have to find someone close to Stealth Elf's height, but even that's not impossible."

Raven looked to Kristy and just chuckled.

Raven: "I still find you pretty amusing. But I've spent years and years of training, including being able to decipher the differences between fighting styles. Sure you can do the Scarecrow, or even a GTS. But like with most of those moves, like sure Alessandro's Bedtime, sure on the outward appearance you'd see a mimic of the GTS, but I can easily spot the subtle differences between the two, like slight position changes when they put them on their shoulders, or even the contact point of the knee hitting their face. All small differences, but there still there. So yes someone could of hit me with moves including the scarecrow, that are the same moves that Stealth Elf uses, but to get them down pact enough that even I can't tell the difference? Is by near impossible."

Kristy Jensen: "Well it's still your word against hers."

Raven: "If that's what you want to think, despite all the evidence pointing to the fact the elf did it. Then fine by me."

Kristy of course looked like she was about to speak again when Raven glared at her.

Raven: "You're welcome here as just expired. Now get out."

Kristy was about to object but looked to the cameraman and nodded so the two of them headed out as the video ends.
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