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Yellow Phantom in Ladies Choice Qualifier (Open invite Battle Royal) Empty Yellow Phantom in Ladies Choice Qualifier (Open invite Battle Royal)

on Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:51 pm
Yellow Phantom in Ladies Choice Qualifier (Open invite Battle Royal) LastStand2016-LC

RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/lady-39-s-choice-qualifier-t2131.html

Show: Last Stand 2016 [4/17/2016]


In an unknown location is a white room. Everything from the ceiling, to the walls, to the floor was painted in white. In the middle of this room is 5 chairs, each as you guessed it, was white. Above these chairs, was the only thing not fully white, was a ceiling mounted projector. Currently, it was not in use. The only other thing in the room were 5 individuals currently sitting unconscious on these chairs. Three guys and two girls, each of them wearing a different solid color shirt with black pants. From left to right was an asian female wearing a pink shirt, a caucasian guy wearing glasses and a blue shirt, a caucasian guy wearing a red shirt, A black guy wearing a black shirt, and a slightly pale girl wearing a yellow shirt. Not only where these five individuals sitting unconscious to the chairs. But they each had their legs strapped to the bottoms of the chairs and cuffs that locked their arms to the chair's arm rests, but with a little bit of moving room.

As they sat, the door in the room opened as in walked a young man in his early thirties, walked into the room. He wore a finely tailored suit with short brown hair. Upon his chin sat a scruff of beard but rather light. As the man walked in, the five other individuals began to stir. The man held in his hand a few different folders as he glanced down at them before looking towards the individuals. As they each woke up, immediately they began to struggle in their chains, all but the blue shirted one as he calmly sat there taking a calculated look around the place to get a better understanding of the predicament they were in. Finally, the suited man made his presence known by clearing his throat, causing the group to look his way.

Joseph Stein: "My name is Joseph Stein."

Black: "I don't care who you are. Releash me before I bust out of here myself and rip your throat out."

Stein kept his calm demeanor about him as he addressed the group again.

Joseph Stein: "You all need to listen up. Because, what I have to say is rather important."

Black narrowed his eyes but decided to remain silent for now.

Yellow: "Well, spill already. Why'd you bring us here? And who exactly are you?"

Joseph Stein: "Again, I told you my name and why you are here is simple. You're here to be apart of an experiment. My Employer has deemed each of you with a special quality. One that he would much like to utilize in creating an efficient team."

Yellow: "A Team.. Like H*ll."

Pink: "Let's just hear him out ok? It could be fun after all."

Black: "Speak for yourself."

The man in the black shirt looks to Stein with a cold stare.

Black: "Keep going Stein, what's this team for?"

Joseph Stein: "Well, you'll be entering into an organization that has competitors fight against each other for glory, honor, and the protege of a championship belt."

Blue: "Championship belt? That narrows things down quite a bit. But tell me, which company are you referring too?"

To that, Stein reaches into his inner coat pocket and pulls out a small white remote. He aims it above their heads at the projector as he presses a button causing the projector to turn on displaying the Extreme Wrestling Entertainment logo on it. Two of the individuals seemed shocked, while the one in Blue was more intrigued.

Joseph Stein: "Have any of you heard of Extreme Wrestling Entertainment, or EWE as people like to call it."

Pink: "Oh I have. Isn't it that Wrestling company owned by Michael and Kristy Jensen?"

Joseph Stein: "Correct."

Yellow: "Why the h*ll would someone want us in a wrestling company?"

Black: "And resort to this sh*t as well."

The one in the black shirt was obviously referring to being kidnapped and tied to a chair.

Joseph Stein: "My Employer has his reasons. But before you go on refusing, let me show you my employers Contingency plan."

Stein said seeing how Black was about to open his mouth. So Stein walked over as he passed out a folder to each of them, laying it on their laps. Each one in turn opened the folders resulting in both shock and anger from most of them.

Yellow: "Mother F***er"

Black: "What the h*ll!"

Stein walks over to where the projector displayed the EWE logo onto the wall as he waits a moment for each of them to realize just what the contingency plan was.

Joseph Stein: "As you can see, my employer has a contingency plan for each of you. Failure to comply or break any of the rules will results in them being executed."

Yellow seemed to grow an even more hatred towards Stein as she closed her folder, didn't help Black's mind either. Blue seemed more curious but kept his mouth shut. It was finally the guy in the red shirt who final spoke up.

Red: "So what are these rules?"

Stein nodded to them seeing as each of them were wanting to know what it was as well.

Joseph Stein: "The first rule is simple. No names. Each of you will be keeping your names to yourself. Instead, you will be given code names. As this team is designed to be an Elite Team, you're names will be based on the shirt you are currently wearing. So you, will be Phantom Red, You Phantom Blue, and so on."

The group looked at their shirts as it was Black who spoke up.

Black: "And why am I black?"

The tone was clear that he thought it was a racist color but Stein merely shrugs it off.

Joseph Stein: "Because you just are."

He said matter of factly. No racial slurs intended though. Black didn't seem to like it but shrugged. He liked the color anyways.

Joseph Stein: "The next rule is again easy to follow. Outside of going to the various locations the EWE events will be taking place. You each will be remaining in this house."

Pink: "But it's so small in here..."

Joseph Stein: "No, this is just one of the rooms. My Employer has set aside a rather large place for you to reside, each getting their own bedroom and the like. No contact with the outside world is allowed while you're in here. Any contact will be monitored of course, and if you try and even hint of your living conditions or the deal, the contingency plans will commence."

Yellow: "What about..."

Joseph Stein: "We'll discuss that with you later."

Stein clearly understood what she was going. He then clicked another button on his remote as the image changed on the wall. This time showing off 5 sets each completely covering the wearer with it's design and mask.

Joseph Stein: "While you wrestle, interact on camera or anywhere outside of here, you will be wearing these outfits. Failure to comply will, well you know by now."

They looked at them. Each having their own opinion but none of them voiced it allowed.

Joseph Stein: "When it's time for an event. You will need to be ready to go in your attire and you will be picked up from here and taken by private plane to the event arena. You will each be given a cell phone which you must keep near you at all times. Don't try to call your way out, as it's purposely to getting ahold of you for your matches. When you are called, you will be meeting here to prepare for the match. Any Questions?"

They looked amongst each other, which obviously some had questions but weren't willing to voice them as it didn't entirely retain to what he was telling them about. However it was Pink who spoke up.

Pink: "So do we have a special team name?"

Joseph Stein: "Indeed you do."

He pressed another button on the projector's remote as it changed to display two words, Phantom Elite.

Joseph Stein: "Welcome to the Phantom Elite. Do not fail my employer. As you will not like the consequences."

He turned off the projector as he replaced the remote into his inner coat pocket. Instead, he pulled out a set of keys, tossing them to Phantom Red.

Joseph Stein: "You are the head of the Phantom Elite, go ahead and release yourself. As for you, Yellow."

He looked to Phantom Yellow.

Joseph Stein: "You are to stay here, while the others may head to the rest of the house. You have a match to prepare for."

Phantom Red undoes his cuffs and proceeds to unlock the others. Phantom Black gets his unlocked and stares a death stare at Stein but he walks out the door he came in from. As did all the others when they got free from their restraints, except Yellow who remained behind. Once they all left, Stein looked to Yellow as he pulled out the remote again and turned on the projector. This time showing an image from EWE.com. It depicted the Ladies Choice Briefcase.

Joseph Stein: "How much do you know about EWE?"

Yellow: "Enough... my sister used to watch it all the time, back when it aired on television. But with all the online sh**...

Joseph Stein: "So I take it you know about the Ladies Choice Briefcase?"

Yellow nodded though seemed she didn't fully care about this.

Yellow: "I do. It gives the wielder a shot at the top Diva's brand title at any time, so what? Am I going after it?"

Joseph Stein: "Exactly. My Employer has seen that there doesn't seem to be much going on in the Diva's Division. My Employer believes that there won't be much of a turn out for this match, in fact only one has entered thus far."

With a click of the button the image on the wall changes to that of Harley Quinn. This gets an incredulous look out of Yellow.

Yellow: "You're kidding right? Harley Quinn?"

She thought it was some kind of joke, and she did not like jokes. But Stein just shakes his head.

Joseph Stein: "Alas that sad affairs of EWE. This is what it's become. A mockery of what the division used to stand for. Now it just has characters like this who've decreased the company. They enter matches like these, and because the others in the Division or either occupied with other matches or simply do not care, the lesser of the barrel try to worm their way into the shot at Ladies Choice so easily. My Employer wants to make sure this does not happen."

Yellow looks at her and nods.

Yellow: "If that's what it takes. Fine, I'll make sure she doesn't win this match. After all really? How was she even let into the company? Dressed like some cosplay sl**. Let me guess, she's wants nothing give Joker a ride on his Harley?"

Joseph Stein: "We have a Joker too, but the two haven't crossed paths yet."

That only increased the surprise.

Yellow: "Seriously? What else has gone on in that company since it switched to some d*** internet network?"

Joseph Stein: "Plenty, but what should concern you are the other possible entrance in the match up. My Employer would like to see you get your hands on the Ladies' Choice match."

Yellow: "Well who else is there?"

Stein clicked another button and the screen changed to a list of possible entrants. Elite Yellow scrolled down the list.

Yellow: "Summer Rae? Last I seen she was in some stable, I forget the name. Is she still relevant?"

Joseph Stein: "She's currently tag teaming with Jessica Fugate."

Yellow: "Seriously? Why would she go with her? Annie was always the better of the two. What even happened to them?"

She said spotting Annie's name on the list as well.

Joseph Stein: "Drafted to different shows then Summer and Jessica became friends."

Yellow: "Ok, what about Angela? Or did she make the jump to full time Men's division?"

Joseph Stein: "I believe she practically is any more."

Yellow: "Well, not that would matter. If she shows up I'll... wait, is that a chicken?"

Elite Yellow had stopped at Chica the Chicken's photo and name underneath. She shakes her head.

Yellow: "I thought that duck was stupid but a chicken? Another stuffed animal?"

Stein shook his head.

Joseph Stein: "No, some woman competes in a Chicken suit."

Yellow: "What, she lose a bet?"

Joseph Stein: "Not that I'm aware."

Yellow: "Riight. Well, she'll get her a** handed to her as well."

She continued to look down the list. Smirking to herself at some and shaking her head at others.

Yellow: " This is really a sore list of losers. Even Layla El's on here.. I thought she left. Or is this just another one of her comebacks to eventually leave again?"

Stein shrugged.

Yellow: "Whatever, they're all not worth my time in the end. But if that's what it takes, I'll toss them over the top rope, pin them to the mat, whatever the match requires until I'm the last one in there. Then I'll get that Ladies' Choice briefcase... Now, about the other matter."

Stein nods knowing what she meant as he began to speak to her about it. But that won't be revealed just yet.

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on Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:51 pm

After being kidnapped and forced to work for an unknown Employer, the Phantom Elite went out to explore the new environment that they would be spending who knew how long in as they awaited for the time they were called upon. The building was rather large with two main floors. While the second floor housed all the bedrooms for the tenants as well as an accompanying bathroom for each of them. The first floor had the other rooms, like the kitchen, dining room, even a parlor. What was even more impressive was a large room set in the far side of the house that had many different kind of training equipment, from punching bags, to ellipticals, even a wrestling ring in the center for practicing their moves. But if all that didn't show just how luxury this place was, it also included a honest-to-goodness library. Filled with different literatures from study books to fiction. This place really did live up to the name it had been dubbed, the Elite Mansion.

At the moment, while most of the other five were settling in to the Elite Mansion, Phantom Yellow was in the white room they had all woke up in as she paced back and forth. The White Room was located towards the back of the Elite Mansion and Yellow has yet to leave it since Joseph Stein had left. Phantom Yellow's mind was on many things as she continued to pace. Including the contingency plan that whoever they were now working for had on her. As he mind raced through, the door began to open as Phantom Pink peaked her head in.

Phantom Pink "Knock Knock."

Yellow looked over at Pink as she entered the room. Pink smiled at her as she closed the door behind her.

Phantom Pink "You've been in here a long time. You ok?"

Phantom Yellow "Am I ok?"

Yellow said aggravated clear in her voice as she grabbed the back of one of the white chairs and attempted to slam it down, but sadly for her it was bolted down to the floor. That only aggravated her more as she picked up the cuffs that were attached to the arm rest and slammed them back down, not as effective but did enough as she glared back to Pink.

Phantom Yellow "Does it look like I'm ok? We're being forced to stay here against our will because he's got something on us... and we have to work for the guy? So no I'm not ok."

Pink was a little taken aback by her outrage but gave a nod as she walked over to the closest chair to her.

Phantom Pink "Yeah I know. Believe me, you're not the only one. But I figured I'd check on you none-the-less."

Yellow rolls her eyes as she sat down on the chair she had tempted to knock over. She buried her face into her hands in frustration before replying to Pink.

Phantom Yellow "Why do you care anyways? You don't even know me."

Phantom Pink "I know...But Stein said we're supposed to be a team. And Team's look out for each other right?"

Pink had sat down in the chair she was next too as she looked to Yellow. Yellow didn't bother answering as she lowered her hands as they dangled over her legs as her elbows rested on her thighs.

Phantom Pink "Besides, you're cute."

That got Yellow's attention as she looked up and turned to Pink.

Phantom Yellow "Cute? What do you mean by that?"

Pink smiled slightly as she took cuff off the chair she was in and twirled it in her finger.

Phantom Pink "I'm just saying. But take it no mind. I'm just saying that we're a team. We should look out for each other. Sure we don't know who we are, but does it really matter?"

Yellow thought this over a moment then gave a shy.

Phantom Yellow "I guess not."

Yellow then stood up as she walked towards the door.

Phantom Yellow "I'd better go check this place out. You coming?"

Pink smiled as she quickly got up.

Phantom Pink "Of Course! I can show you some of the cool places I found."

Yellow rolled her eyes at it but went with her as she looked around the Elite Mansion. Time went on in the Mansion as they all settled in. One day, Phantom Yellow got a call on her phone. After suiting up she was picked up and on her way to St. Louis, Missouri


Last Stand, the final pay-per-view before WrestleMania. The crowds were ecstatic as they filled the Scottrade Center of St. Louis, Missouri. What titles will be changing hands one final time as the champions secure their changes to perform in the grandest stage of them all? All that is on everyone's minds as they prepare for the Last Stand. All but one individual who walks through the back halls of the arena watching through masked eyes. That's right, Phantom Yellow, wearing the outfit she was supposed to wear was at the pay-per-view as she was a little lost. She looked down at the cell phone in a yellow case to consult it once more. The text included a map of the arena as well as where her locker room would be. The note said it was a general diva's locker room, which meant Phantom Yellow will wouldn't be able to remove her suit while in there. That didn't exactly bother her as the suit fit quite comfortably but at the moment she just wanted to find the place.

Kelly "Excuse me..."

Yellow turns around to see backstage interviewer Kelly coming up to her followed suite by a cameraman. Yellow easily could tell who she was from all the episodes of EWE she had watched with her sister, she wasn't sure if her boss was against interviews but at the very least she could ask them where the locker room was.

Kelly "Hey, I'm Kelly. You must be new. Here for the Tag Team Invite? The higher ups did say it was open to anyone even outside the company."

Yellow shakes her head as Kelly gets up to her with the cameraman setting them in perfect aim, still recording as you never knew.

Phantom Yellow "I'm not here for that... Though that would've made more sense..."

Yellow said that last part more to herself as Kelly nods to herself.

Kelly "Oh? So what are you here for?"

Phantom Yellow "The Ladies Choice Qualifier open invitational."

Kelly "That? Interesting. You're the first person who's openly said that you're entering that match. Well, aside from Harley Quinn."

Yellow actually scoffs at the name, Harley Quinn.

Phantom Yellow "Oh I'm doubt you're so surprised. You see, I've done a little research on EWE, especially on the Diva's Division. Sad to say, this division is pathetic. You only have like what? 15 actually active Diva's in the division, and yet a majority of them seem to have disappeared from the face of the Earth. Really, Where's the Fugate Sisters? Where's Summer Rae? They're all missing and what you say is only proof of how sorry of a state the division's in. After all the others? Aside from the others in title matches, We have Baby Doll... Says she's active but from my research she's not even been on a show in how long? What about Michelle McCool's partner, where is she at?"

Yellow wasn't very impressed at all of the state of things going on. She had researched these things during her downtime while she waited for the show to begin. Along with practicing for the match, more getting accustomed to the rules, after all, when she fought, there were no rules. It was either her opponent, or her.

Kelly "Well, you sure know alot about the state of affairs being so new. But as you said, it is odd that not many others have publically entered the match. Though, perhaps they're simply keeping it to themselves to add to the mystery."

Yellow shakes her head at that.

Phantom Yellow "The cowards. It doesn't add to any kind of mystery, it only shows that they're not woman enough to come out and say they're entering. It's just a cowardice tactic, which just proves they don't have what it takes to win something like this."

Kelly "Well, that's interesting perspective, coming from someone wearing a mask."

Phantom Yellow "That's completely different. I'm not one of these other wrestlers coming out here to give them an edge by people not knowing it's them. No, none of these girls in the back here know who I am, nor does it make a difference. This face, is all they need to know. Underneath, is no different of a person than what you see here."

Yellow pointed to her mask while she said that before lowering her hand. While she wouldn't of cared if she had to fight with or without the mask. She had nothing to hide, but it wasn't up to her, so wear the mask she would. Granted she'd of wished for a better color. She didn't think yellow was her color. She'd of gladly traded Black for his, but it wasn't possible.

Kelly "I get you. So what do you think about Harley Quinn? As said, she's the only one who's actually announced entering, aside from yourself."

Yellow rolled her eyes invisible behind her mask.

Phantom Yellow "Where do they even find these nuts? From what I've gathered from her chat with a Mark Richardson, she thinks she's the actual Harley Quinn... She know that Joker clown or what? Or is this just some cosplay convention I wasn't aware of?"

Kelly "I wouldn't know, as you said, that was her only other match aside from this one."

Phantom Yellow "Well, miss Quinn's in for a rude awakening. This isn't Comic Con. THis is a match, this is WAR. A war that'll lead one lady with the option to take out the top b***** in this company, strip of her of that gold, and take it for herself. If you look at the you actually have left, I AM the only one who's ready to give some level of competition. The Jessica? Please. Summer Rae? Win was the last time she was relevant? Then again when were any of the other possibilities relevant?"

Kelly "Well..."

Kelly said as she was thinking of a response but Phantom Yellow cuts her off.

Phantom Yellow "Exactly. But tell you something. What are we looking at hmm? There's 6 entries in the Ladies' Choice match. Right now, you can cut about half of the Diva's division I just told you about because, they've practically disappeared. So what's that leave us? Layla el? Well which Layla are we getting? The one who actually mattered in the singles division? Or this new one who's just an extension of Michelle McCool but only in a tag match. Because if that Layla shows up, well if McCool loses her shot tonight, then you'll see her there. Though, she'll be the only competition if she gets in. After all we know Abby's not entering. She doesn't need to. And that's really it."

Kelly "What about Chica or Mizore?"

Phantom Yellow "Don't get me started on the Chicken. Anyone dressing up as an animal deserves to be put down like an animal. And Mizore's got her rematch clause if she loses."

Kelly "That's right Mizore does. But rumor has it, she's ready to move on from Diva's Championship to the Women's. Though, I'm sure it has to do with finally getting the top of the division, only for her to get demoted."

Phantom Yellow "IF Mizore does, we'll just see how well she fairs, or if it'll be another sorry excuse of a match that I saw she put on last week. I hear she's got some new things on her plate so I think we'll be seeing more of the latter."

Kelly "Well, good luck with your match tonight. Hope you do well."

Yellow scoffs.

Phantom Yellow "I'll do more than just do well. I'll crush every single person who enters that ring with me. You can count on that."

Kelly nodded as she smiles and begins to walk off. Yellow watched her go then looked back to her map on her phone.

Phantom Yellow "Should I ask her..."

She thought about it then shook her head.

Phantom Yellow "After that? No. I can find it myself."

So she headed off to find it. Eventually, she found the entrance to the gorilla position and just gave up on finding her locker room as she had a seat near it and waited for her match to begin.

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on Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:52 pm
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