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Yellow Phantom in Lady's Choice Match Empty Yellow Phantom in Lady's Choice Match

on Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:54 pm
Yellow Phantom in Lady's Choice Match WM12-LC

RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/lady-39-s-choice-t2184.html#p22154203

Show: WrestleMania 12 [5/29/2016]


"We all have a reason for being here..."

Years ago, there was an elementary school. This elementary school was simple, nothing to special about it, but it was at this time that a particular class was out in the playground having recess. The many girls and boys were out and about playing their games, rather it be tag, Four square, or just swinging on one of the swings. It was at one of the swingsets that a small girl with raven black hair and pale skin swung on one of the swings. She went hire and higher as she continued to just have fun. However, something caught her attention as a group of kids were surrounding a small blonde girl, she was a year younger than the rest yet was being cornered to the school house's wall.

Bully Kid 1 "Come on kid fork it over."

Bully Kid 2 "Yeah Fork it over."

Two kids seemed to be the center of attention as one of them pushed the blonde girl who coward a little in fear as she tried to back away. Yet the others weren't going to have it.

Bully Kid 1 "Give us your lunch money, kid. Come on."

The kid gives the blonde one another push causing her to fall to the ground. She was crying yet only huddled to herself. The other kid laughed.

Bully Kid 2 "Look we have a little cry baby."

The other bully smirked as he nodded his head several times.

Bully Kid 1 "And you know what we do to cry babies?"

This got a OOH from the other kids as she watched. The bullies shared a grin to each other as the skinner of the two hoisted the blonde girl up hooking her arms and pulling them back to keep her in place. The other kid smirked as he looked to his fist.

Bully Kid 1 "This is Mr. Britches. He's good at yanking of your britches till they hurt, but what he's also good at is giving bellies a good slugging."

The blonde began to cry even more even tearing up as the other kids watched. Some in awe, others in horror. But no one got in the way of these two when they were about to beat on someone, no one... until now. As the bully reached his hand back to deliver the first blow, his hand was suddenly grabbed by two others. The blonde flinched terribly for a blow that never came as everyone looked in awe and shock at seeing the pale girl by the swings having grabbed ahold of the bully's hand.

Pale Girl "That's Enough, right there."

The Bully pulls his fist free as he stares at the girl. He was clearly angry at being interrupted.

Bully Kid 1 "Stay out of this freak!"

Bully Kid 2 "Yeah this doesn't concern you."

But the pale girl shakes her head as she steps closer.

Pale Girl "You mess with my sister, you mess with me."

Whispers and mumblings began to amidst the group of kids who were witnessing this. Of Course, they knew that was the blonde's sister, and they've heard stories about her. The bully however, shakes his own head and smiles cockilly.

Bully Kid 1 "Obviously, you don't know how things work around here being so new. So this once, I'll let you leave without a beating."

Bully Kid 2 "You tell him!"

The pale girl only stares him down causing the bully to shrug.

Bully Kid 1 "Very well, you asked for it."

With that he pulled back his fist and let fly a punch at the girl, yet what happened next caused everyone's jaws to drop as the pale girl dodges to the side of the punch. Before the bully could retract his punch the girl grabs his wrist and with a quick adjustment swung around and wrenched it behind his back pulling at it hard. The boy yelled in pain which caused the girl to wrench harder. This wasn't what was supposed to happen, the boy thought as he got more angry and tried to reach back to grab her. This only causes her to shove him forward. The unexpectedness caused him to take more than a few steps to regain his balance. After he did he gave way to anger as he charged at the pale girl, but was met with a sharp kick to his head, knocking him out cold as he fell to the ground. This got a ooh from the spectators, though one smart one decided to go and fetch a teacher. The girl stood there a moment looking at the bully on the ground before she looked at the other one who still had ahold of her sister.

Pale Girl "You want to be next?"

This caused the boy to quickly let go of the girl. A wet spot began to appear in his pants as he quickly ran off. The other kids laughed and actually cheered. The pale girl didn't pay them any attention as she walked over to the blonde girl.

Pale Girl "You ok?"

The blonde nodded as she was hold herself. The pale girl gave her a hug as her sister leaned into her embrace. She felt safe there and the pale girl continued to hold her, she'd keep her safe, no matter what....

"No matter what..."

Yellow Phantom was pulled out of her memory as her phone began to go off, signalling a text message. She sighed slightly to herself as she checked her phone:

Text Message -Come to the White Room, you'll need to suit up.-

Yellow sits the phone down as she looked back to the picture in her other hand. It was of a blonde girl one year younger than she was. She gives it one last look before she places it back down onto the open folder that was sitting on her bed. Inside there were other pictures and a few documents but Yellow closed it as she headed out of her room, after all she didn't want the others to know what the contingency plan was for her was.


Yellow Phantom arrived in the white Room of the Elite Mansion. The place was as barren as ever yet it seemed nice and clean. No cobwebs in corners or smudges on the floor. As Yellow enters fully decked out in her outfit, she noticed Joseph Stein in the room with a tripod and camera set up facing the front wall.

Phantom Yellow "What's all this?"

Yellow asked as Joseph looked over at her. He smiles slightly as he holds up the remote to the projector on the ceiling of the room.

Joseph Stein "I have here, set up for you, a promo. It's not the fanciest but it will do for now."

Yellow Phantom crosses closer to Stein as he clicks the button on the remote causing the projector to turn on and display the WrestleMania Logo on the wall behind him. Yellow looks at it then back to Stien.

Phantom Yellow "WrestleMania? What why wasn't I in a match sooner?"

Stien only shrugs his shoulders as he crosses and stands behind the camera on the tripod. He presses a button turning on the camera as he speaks.

Joseph Stein "My Employer just felt it wise not to. However, I believe that he's starting to see this as a lost cause. The company is dying after all."

Yellow actually laughs slightly at that.

Phantom Yellow "Oh I could of told you that one. So, why doesn't your employer just let us go then? Stop wasting our time."

Stein ignores Yellow as he makes sure the camera's aligned correctly. This only gets Yellow to cross her arms in annoyance. But in the end, she didn't think they'd do that anyways. Finally, Stein finished the adjustment before he directed his arm towards the spot in front of the camera's view.

Joseph Stein "Well, shall we begin?"

Yellow rolls her eyes behind her helmet as she walks over to the spot indicated. However, she steps out of the camera's view so it got a nice look at the WrestleMania logo.

Phantom Yellow "Go ahead, start 'er up."

So Stien hit the record button as the camera began to capture its view on video. The camera looked on at the WrestleMania Logo before Yellow Phantom began to speak.

Phantom Yellow "Look at that people. The final WrestleMania of a dying company."

Yellow then stepped into the shot as she gave a smug wave to the camera before re crossing her arms.

Phantom Yellow "Don't be surprised to hear me say that. The company's on it's last legs. I mean what else would you call it? They give every single Diva in the back a chance to be the first to enter Money-in-the-Bank and what happened? Only a few clowns and myself showed up. I wondered then just as I wonder now. Where'd everyone go? Where were the other opponents who were supposed to be in that match? Nowhere to be seen is what it is. They all jumped ship leaving only a few remnants of what used to be a Diva's Division. As now you have the same people fighting for the Women's championship, the current champ and Newly hall of famer and soon to be former EWE Employee, Abby Addiction. When she leaves who we have left? Well they're all in this match."

Yellow chuckled to herself as she then half shrugged.

Phantom Yellow "Well, unless you count Brooke Adams and one of my partners, Pink Phantom. Oh and let's not forget all the paid by the show divas Management's got tucked away to pretend we have a bigger roster than what we actually do. That's just further showing just how much the company's been on a downward spiral. Even shifting gears so that the only title in our division is the Women's Championship. But enough of this... What say we talk about the others in this match huh? The other wrestlers who are still here and haven't jumped ship. Though if you realized who they are, you'd know just why they haven't yet."

Again Yellow chuckles as the image from the projector changes to that of Michelle McCool. Yellow looks back at it then back to the camera as she raises her hand to point at it.

Phantom Yellow "This right here is the main reason. You see, why haven't these girls moved on? Because they know they can't move on. They know that if they leave EWE the only other place that would take them back, is WWE. It's as Dean Ambrose talked about. No one will hire a wrestler that's been under the employment of that company. Why is anyone's guess but for Michelle McFool here, that means it's back to her old stomping grounds or to be a good wifey-poo for the dead man."

Yellow smirks behind her mask as she lowers her hand from the image of Michelle. But then she raised her hands to her cheeks in a mocked gasp look.

Phantom Yellow "Oh no, I called her McFool, I'm being so unoriginal with that name. Well, honey if the shoe fits."

Yellow lowers her hands as she continues to speak.

Phantom Yellow "You see, how many opportunities have you had to get your hands on the Women's championship? And no I'm not just talking about the actual match against the champion but even the matches to get that shot. Well let's see, you failed last year to win this very same prize to a green skinned whatever. Seriously, McFool how hard is it to take out a kid wearing so much makeup her skin was permanently stuck that way? Sure you could say you bested her in the Miss Rumble when you won the entire thing, well took you long enough. But oh wait, you failed that shot didn't you? You let Amelia sucker you out of the real match you were supposed to have at WrestleMania, and guess what, you failed that match too. And don't give me these fluke sob stories. You're flawless remember? You're supposed to be beyond flukes."

Yellow shakes her head knowing how stupid that was.

Phantom Yellow "But you know, there still is a way for you to get hired at another company. Sure as Dean also related to. How they'll accept someone who looks like you, acts like you, all the same sha-bang but with a different name. So there's your ticket. All you gotta do is change your name and tadah, work. You could even call yourself Rachel. Yeah Rachel McAwesome, the Fab one."

Yellow tried to keep a straight face, granted the camera couldn't see it thanks to the mask but finally she bursted out laughing.

Phantom Yellow "Yeah, it's dumb I know. But there's you're way. But again, I couldn't care less about what you do, McFool. All I know is that this ship is sinking and I know that you want to get your hands on the top title of this division. But I will make darn sure that you fail so when the EWE doors close, you're left knowing you should of been at the top.. but weren't."

Finally the projector display shifted to Mickie James. Yellow looked back and wondered for a moment why she was next on the list but shrugged it off.

Phantom Yellow "Seems next we have Mickie James, who is another victim that falls into the same list as McFool. Only difference is, Mickie's gone to the mountaintop, she's.. oh wait a minute, she's failed every time hasn't she? Well, hey she's in the EWE hall of fame, but if they had their way and wanted to keep afloat, they'd probably change it to preserve their appearance. It's ok Mickie, you can change your name too, if that's really what you want to do. We all know that despite her sob story, this will probably be the last we see of Mickie James in EWE. She'll lose here in this match and before that fondle over her lover with Trish Stratus... Though that's another thing in itself. You know why did you go into all that detail about you and Trish Stratus. No one cares, except for those immature guys who like that short of thing. But you know in another lifetime, Trish Status may of been straight, maybe married to some guy name, oh I dunno, Ron Fisico. And maybe have a son named Maximus. But that's all not important. So Mickie do us all a favor, stop sucking lip with Trish and maybe find a donor to give her a real family or something. Because we know that even if you somehow won tonight, you'd fail to become champion. So leave, and don't come back."

Next image on the projector was Sasha Banks but Yellow just waved her hand to brush it off.

Phantom Yellow "Don't bother with her. She had potential when she was with that group, who I forget the name of, guess that shows you just how much of an impact they had. But once she got amnesia, which happens with Divas and Superstars like her, she's sucked and hasn't done anything good yet. Seriously, if she hadn't of faced some throw away talent just to get some more in this card, she'd of not even been in this match."

So the image was changed again, this time to Layla El. Yellow looks at it and shakes her head.

Phantom Yellow "So if McFool was a Big Fool, this is an even bigger fool. Seriously, she's nothing but McFool's shadow and she still thinks she has her best interest at heart? I thought she was wising up there for a bit but no, she let McFool sweet talk her back into being friends. I do hope she's happy when she's ditched at the last minute so she can win the briefcase."

Yellow indicated with her hand for the next image to pop up and this time it was that of Josie Wales. Yellow looks at it then once again turns back to the camera.

Phantom Yellow "Ah, the only other one who can leave this company and get hired elsewhere with little to no problems. Well, at least on her name. But I have to wonder is why is she back here anyways? Doesn't she have some other people to bother with her lame Anime impressions? Ok, fine she beat up Android 18 and her blonde daughter who was never given a name... oh wait, wrong 18."

Yellow shakes her head slightly.

Phantom Yellow "Strange how many references people will find just to poke fun of someone's name and appearance. Which you know, that's what I expect to see from all of you. You'll look at me, call me a joke because I wear a mask. Maybe joke about the similar outfits and color combinations and call us Power Rangers of some sorts. But listen here and listen well. We, the Phantom Elite, are not Power Rangers. We are more ruthless and cunning and we don't strike 50 minute poses each time we land a finishing blow. So mark that when you are in a match with us. Because this company is going down. And we're happy to destroy as many people who are dumb enough to stick around."

Yellow laughs sinisterly as Stein hit stop on the camera. When it was done, Yellow looked up to him.

Phantom Yellow "There you are. Now, can I go now?"

Stein nodded his head as he indicated to the door.

Joseph Stein "You may, but remember to prepare for your match. Because you have to remember, EWE's not done yet and until it is, you're expected to do as told."

Yellow stares at him a moment longer before she headed out of the room. Stein watched her go as he began to turn everything off shaking his head slightly. If only she knew.

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Yellow Phantom in Lady's Choice Match Empty Re: Yellow Phantom in Lady's Choice Match

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