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Kristy in 7 Diva Challenge Empty Kristy in 7 Diva Challenge

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:20 am
Kristy in 7 Diva Challenge ExtremeOverLoad2010-WomensContendership

RP Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=692

Show: Extreme Overload [6/27/2010]

Results Link: http://eweppv.webs.com/ExtremeOverLoad2010/

RolePlay Limit: 2
Maximum RolePlay Length: 3,000 Words
1st Must be posted 24 hours outside of deadline, otherwise you can just do one

Pacific: Sunday(27th) 10 pm
Mountain: Sunday(27th) 11 pm
Central: Sunday(27th)/Monday(28th) Midnight
Eastern: Monday(28th) 1 am
UK: Monday(28th) 6 am

Britney "Sugar" West vs Adriana Giovanni vs Amy James vs Kristy Tiger vs Morgan Alvertez vs Stephanie McMahon vs Alicia Q
A: Normal Wrestling Attire
B: School Girl
C: Cheerleader

(The scene opens to Blitz, Holding a paper bag and two drinks, walking up to Kristy's hotel room.  He Knocks on the door. After a minute or so a voice was heard)

Kristy: Who is it?

Blitz: Blitz. Open up I brought you breakfast.

Kristy: Ok, just a second.

(Blitz started tapping his foot as he waited for Kristy.  In about a few second Kristy opened the door and Blitz walked in.)

Blitz: Well, I've got some biscuits and gravy, As well as some coffee.

Kristy: Ok Thanks.

(Blitz and Kristy walked over to a couch and sat down,  Blitz placed the bag and the coffees down onto the coffee table in front of them.  Blitz took out a strophome cotianer and sat it in front of Kristy.  He then took another one out and sat it in front of him.)

Blitz: In the bag are some sugar packets and creamer stuff, since I didn't know how you liked your coffee.

Kristy: Well, I'm not exactly sure myself.  But I'm going to drink it black.

Blitz: Ok then.

(Blitz took out about 20 sugar packets and started opening them and pouring them into his coffee.)

Blitz: So what happened to you last heatwave?

Kristy: Yeah, sorry about that.  I didn't even know I was booked.  I was walking around when heatwave was going on.

Blitz: Ah well, it happens.  Your opponent didn't show either.

Kristy: Well, I guess I lucked out.

Blitz: I guess so.

(Blitz put the last sugar packet in and stirred his coffee with his finger.  He then put the lid back on.)

Blitz: You plan on showing for Extreme overload right?

Kristy: absolutely.  If I win this match I'll be able to face... who has the Women's championship belt?

Blitz: Not sure. Honestly, I haven't been checking on many things on the site.  Just Who I'm up against.

Kristy: oh.

(Kristy opened her biscuits and gravy and began eating with a plastic spork from out of the bag. Blitz opened his too.)

Blitz: But its safe to say that no one your up against is the Women's champion.

(Kristy sat up finishing her bit.)

Kristy: That's true.  So you hear much about the girls I'm up against?

Blitz: Of the ones in your match, I've only heard of Britney West and Alicia Q.

Kristy: They any good?

Blitz: I think one of them was up against who ever has the Women's belt, but other than that... I'm not sure.

Kristy: Well, then I'm going to have to train for anything.

Blitz: Hey, you got this.

Kristy: Thanks.

(The two continue eating their food. The scene then fades.)

(The scene opens to Blitz and Kristy walking down the street.)

Kristy: So I've been told that the fans are going to be voting on this match?

Blitz: Yeah, for what your going to be wearing.

Kristy: (Sighs)

Blitz: Hey it's not that bad, actually.  The chooses are, normal attire, school girl, or cheerleader.

Kristy: Oh that's ok then.

Blitz: What'd you think they were going to do?  Bikinis or something?

Kristy: I'm just don't want to be some eye candy for anyone.  I'm here to win matches and make it to eWe Champion.

Blitz: Good.  Keep that up and you'll be there in no time.

Kristy: Thanks.

(Just then up ahead two cars crashed into one another.)

Blitz: Hey did you see that?

Kristy: Come on, we should help

Blitz: Right.

(The two of them ran to the scene of the crash, It looked as if one of the cars his the passenger side of the other car head on.  One person was in the crushed car and one in the other. Kristy and Blitz made it to the crash site. went up to the guy in the crushed car.)

Kristy: (talking to blitz) I'll check this one, you check the other one.

Blitz: ok

(Blitz went over to the other guy.)

Kristy: (bending over to see in the window) Sir, Are you all right?

Guy: I..I Can't move my legs.

Kristy: Don't worry sir. (Kristy pulls out a cell phone) I'm calling 911 right now, You'll be fine.

(The guy nodded and leaned his head back against his seat.)

Kristy: Hello, Yes I'd like to report a car crash on (gives the name of the street).

911 operator: Ok, well send someone over right away.

Kristy: Ok, thank you.

(Kristy put her phone back in her pocket and turned back to the guy in the car)

Kristy: Everything is going to be all right.  The police are on their way.

Guy: (nods) Thank you.

Kristy: Don't mention it.

(Kristy straightened back up and turned to see Blitz walking up to her. The two took a few steps back from the car.)

Kristy: Is the other guy all right?

Blitz: Yeah, he's fine.  He says that he suddenly lost control of his car.

Kristy: Ok...

(Suddenly Kristy noticed something underneath the car.  a fire had started.)

Kristy: There's a fire! we have to get the guy out now.

(Kristy and blitz walked back to the car.)

Kristy: Sir, there's no need to panic, but a fire as started underneath you car,  we have to get you out now.

(Blitz tried to open the door but it was stuck.)

Blitz: Sir can you unlock the door?

Guy: It is unlocked.

(Blitz turned to Kristy.)

Blitz: No what?

Kristy: Sir, can you get up, SO maybe we can get you out the window?

guy: I can't, my foot is stuck, and beside that I wouldn't fit thought the window.

Kristy: (Turning to Blitz) We don't have much time.

Blitz: Maybe we can pulled the door off.

Kristy: It's worth a try.

(Both Kristy and Blitz grabbed the door. and started pulling. The door didn't budge.)

Blitz: It's not working.  I'll go see if I can get some help.

(Blitz started off and Kristy continued to tug.  Suddenly, a clicking sound was heard and the door suddenly came off it's hinges.  The way Kristy was pulling made the door fly up into the air. and land a few feet behind her.  Kristy stopped in wonder for a minute then remembering the man, quickly tried to get him out. Blitz was turned around and was watching.  Kristy couldn't get the man's foot out without hurting it.  So she tugged on the seat and it broke off with ease.  Kristy then carried the man in the chair away from the car.  Just as she did the car exploded.  After the explosion was done Kristy placed the man and his chair down.)

Blitz: What was that?

Kristy: (Looking confused) I...I don't know?

(They both looked to the guy Kristy just saved.  He had a shocked look on his face.)

Blitz: I think we'd better go.

Kristy: Why?

Blitz: Trust me.

(Kristy and Blitz then left and the scene fades.)

(The next scene opens with Kristy and Blitz at Kristy's hotel room.)

Kristy: So why did we just leave?

Blitz: Well, you don't want the kind of publicity that having special abilities can give you.

Kristy: Oh I see.  I wonder how I got them.

Blitz: Well, Jenson industries did experiment on you.  Maybe that's how you got them. I have a friend that maybe able to help us find out.

Kristy: I don't want to be experimented on.

Blitz: He'll just run a few test. Nothing to worry about.

Kristy: No.  We keep this between me and you, got it?

Blitz: All right then.  But what I was wondering is how you at first couldn't pull off the door, then suddenly you could.

Kristy: I'm not sure? maybe adrenalin or something.

Blitz: Well, let's hope that it doesn't kick in during your match.   You could really hurt them.

Kristy: Well... I wonder if I'm still that strong.

(Kristy walked over to her couch, just bent over and attempted to pick it up. The front end lifted up with some difficulties.)

Kristy: Well, I guess It went away.

(She sat the couch back down.)

Blitz: Hmmm... Try harder.

Kristy: Huh?

Blitz: Press yourself.

Kristy: Well, Ok.

(Kristy bent over and tried again to pick up the couch.  She pulled up hard.  Suddenly, a clicking sound was heard and Kristy picked up the other end of the couch.  A bit to hard, as the couch flip in the air and landed.)

Kristy: Oops.

Blitz: Try to normally pick it up now.

(Kristy went over and picked up the couch with ease.)

Kristy: Wow.

(Kristy moved the couch back in it's place and sat it down.)

Blitz: So it seems that if you strain yourself, it will trigger something, then you can use your super strength freely.

Kristy: But how long does it last?

Blitz: I don't know.  but let's test it latter.

Kristy: ok.  I just need to learn to control my strength.

Blitz: Yep.

(Kristy took out her cell phone and checked the time.)

Kristy: Well, I've got to get going.  I have an interview with Trixy coming up.

Blitz: Ok See yah.

(Blitz and Kristy walk out the door and the scene fades.)

(The scene opens up to Kristy walking down the hall to where ever Extreme overload is being held at. As she does Jensen comes walking this way.)

Jensen: Ah Kristy, I see you got away from those thugs.

Kristy: (Stopping) What are you talking about?  They were your thugs.

Jensen: My Thugs?  You must be mistaken, Kristy.  You see, I was leading you into my office when those thugs came out of the room.  They tackled all three of us.  I was knocked out so I don't really remember what happened after that.  When I came to both you and Blitz were gone.

Kristy: That's not what Blitz told me.

Jensen: Well Blitz hasn't really liked me anyways.  Did he not tell you about the time he'd stolen a package from me?

Kristy: He would never do something like that.

Jensen: Oh really?  Well, Why don't you just ask him then.

(Kristy looked at Jensen and Jensen just walked on.)

Jensen: Good luck with your match.

(Kristy stood there for a moment.  Thinking that maybe what Jensen said is true. She then remembered that she had an interview with Trixy so she walked on. and the scene fades.)

(The scene opens to an interviewing room.  Trixy is sitting in the chair to the left while Kristy was sitting in the chair to the right.)

Trixy: (to the camera)  hello this is Trixy and I'm here interviewing eWe Diva Kristy Tiger.

(Kristy gives a small shy wave)

Trixy: (turning to Kristy)  So Kristy, When you came in here with Blitz I didn't realize that you would become a diva.

Kristy: I didn't really think I would either.  But after seeing some of the matches, I thought it looked like fun.

Trixy: Well we're glad to have you.  Now back to the interview. What are your thoughts on your up coming match? Do you think you have what it takes?

Kristy: Well, If I didn't think that I even had a chance at winning, I would be here.

Trixy: So you think your going to win?

Kristy: Of course, I maybe new here but that doesn't mean I'm just going to let anyone walk all over me.

Trixy: What do you think about your opponents?  Any comments on them?

Kristy: Well, I really don't know anything about my opponents.  But Blitz did say that either Britney west or Alicia Q had a chance to win the Women's championship belt.

Trixy: It was both of them.

Kristy: Oh.  Well, it looks like I'm going to have my work cut out for me.

Trixy: Now your going in there and your going to be up against six diva's at once.  Any Comments?

Kristy: Wow, Seven at once.  Man, That will give me a good work out.

Trixy: You seem confident.

Kristy: Of course.  I've been practicing some of my moves, and I'd say I've been doing pretty good.

Trixy: But are you sure you can handle six at once?

Kristy: well, lets look at it like this.  There are six divas all in the same ring, all with the same goal, to win.  To do so they must pin all six of the other divas. More than likely all the diva's will be working independently, trying to go for who ever they want.  Some may try to go for the one who looks the weakest.  While some may try to eliminate the strongest first.  Some may even use this to settle an dispute.  I'm going in there with full awareness of all the diva's at once.  But more than likely they will not all gang up on me.  but It doesn't me they won't.  The key is to take on one at a time. Who ever comes to me.  Let them bring the fight to me.  And if I do I'm guaranteed victory.

Trixy: What if one attacks you while your working with another one.

Kristy: tactic can change.  If I must quickly neutralize one of my opponents before I can finish off one, Fine.  Of course if the one I'm fighting at the time goes off to take someone else on.  I'll let her go.  I won't chase after her.

Trixy: I see.  So what do you think about the vote on this match.

Kristy: You mean about how the fans will vote to what we wear?

Trixy: Yeah.

Kristy: Well, That's fine I guess.  It won't really matter to me anyways.

Trixy: If you did vote, which would you choose.

Kristy: Normal Wrestling attire.

Trixy: Why's that?

Kristy: I just think that'd be easier to wrestle in.  After all, that's what it's designed for.

Trixy: Well That's all the question I have for now. It was nice talking with you.

Kristy: Same here.

(The scene cuts to another view of the scene to show that the interview was done.)

Trixy: So I'm guessing Blitz has been helping you out, huh?

Kristy: (Standing up) Well yeah...

Trixy: You don't sound to happy about it.

Kristy: It's not that.  It's just I saw Jensen right before I came in here.

Trixy: I'd stay clear of him if I were you.

Kristy: Why?  Well, he did tell me something.

Trixy: What was it?

Kristy: Well he said that Blitz stole something from him.

(Trixy's facial expression changed to read that she knows it did happen)

Kristy: So it's true?

Trixy: Yes it's true.  I even helped him do it.

Kristy: What? So Blitz does have a vendetta against Jensen.  (Kristy headed for the door.)  (In an upset voice) I thought I could trust him.

(Trixy started to say something but Kristy was all ready out the door.  The scene quickly cuts to Kristy walking briskly out the hall.)

Kristy:(to herself sort of upset.) It all makes since now.  Why Blitz rushed me away from the crash scene, Why He wanted to send me to some friend of his for testing,  Why he lied to me about Jensen being involved in my kidnapping.  He must know about what all powers I have, and he must want them for himself.

(Kristy stopped and sank onto a bench right by her.  Tears were at the corners of her eyes.)

Kristy: (Sobbing) I thought he cared for me.

(The camera was zoomed into to her.  Someone walked up to her.)

Voice: there there,  What's the matter?

(Kristy looked up and saw that it was Jensen.)

Kristy: (Sobering) You were right.  Blitz was only trying to use me for his gain.  He wasn't trying to help me.

Jensen: It's ok. Come into my office we can talk there.

(Kristy got up and followed Jensen into his office.  and the scene fades.)

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