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Leo in Extreme Overload Match

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:47 pm
Only posted 1 RP

RP Link:

Show: Extreme Overload 2010 [6/27/2010].

Results Link:

RolePlay Limit: 2
Maximum RolePlay Length: 3,000 Words
1st Must be posted 24 hours outside of deadline, otherwise you can just do one

Pacific: Sunday(27th) 10 pm
Mountain: Sunday(27th) 11 pm
Central: Sunday(27th)/Monday(28th) Midnight
Eastern: Monday(28th) 1 am
UK: Monday(28th) 6 am

A: Leo Kat
B: B-Rasical
C: Christian Taylor (Won the vote)

A: Standard Match
B: Capture The Flag (won the vote)
C: 2 out of 3 Falls

(The scene opens to a dark room. Where we see four guys. One of the guys was a rather large muscular guy and he was holding back the arms of Leo Kat. The third guy was the big show and he was punching Leo in the gut. The fourth was Jensen, standing a little ways off. Big show stopped Punching Leo.)

Jensen: (Leaning in towards Leo) I told you to win that match. I don't take kindly to failers.

(Big show punched Leo again.)

Jensen: Now, your getting a third chance. I've already made the preparations. You will be facing during Extreme Overload. If the fans vote for you. Then you will face Dutch Clark again. If they don't... You will have to beat someone else first.

(The muscular guy let go of Leo and Leo collapsed to the floor.)

Leo: (Weakly) ... And What if I say no?

(Jensen walked over to Leo and Kicked him. He then grabbed Leo by the hair and used it to pull his head back.)

Jensen: You will do it, or you have more to worry about than the police.

(Jensen then punched him in the chest and let go. Leo collapsed to the floor. Jensen walked off a bit and signaled Big show and the other guy to come.)

Jensen: I believe I've gotten my message across.

(The three of them walk off leaving Leo lying on the floor. Leo lied still for a minute then started to stir. He then slowly rose to his feet and walked off. The scene then fades.)

(The scene opens up at the hospital. Where Leo is getting a few Band-Aids put on his cuts and bruises. Spangled and Trixy then walked up as the nurse walked out.)

Trixy: Oh my goodness. What happened?

Leo: Guess.

Spangled: You know you should call the cops.

Leo: I doubt they can get him on this.

(Trixy walked over to Leo and gently placed her hand on one of the bruises on his face.)

Trixy: You sure your Ok.

Leo: I'll be fine. It was only a few bruises.

(Leo go up off the table.)

Leo: Let's go, We can talk more else where.

(The three of them left and the scene fades.)

(The scene opens back up to a park. All three of them we're just casually walking through it.)

Spangled: So he expects you to beat Dutch this time?

Leo: Pretty much.

Trixy: Why don't you just run? I mean Jensen probably won't be able to find you if you do.

Leo: (stop walking) No. Jensen's not going to beat me up and get away with it. I'm going to find a way to get him back but till then, I need to focus on my up coming match.

(spangled and Trixy exchanged glances.)

Trixy: If that's what your going to do...

Leo: It is.

Spangled: Well then, let's not waist any more time.

(Leo and Trixy followed Spangled to a picnic table. Once there Spangled pulled out a laptop from the back pack he had with him. he placed it on the table and sat down. Leo and Trixy waited as Spangled turned it on.)

Trixy: May I ask what you doing?

Spangled: I'm getting some info on Leo's opponents.

Trixy: Oh.

Spangled: Just give me a few seconds.

(Leo and Trixy waited a few seconds. Then...)

Spangled: Let's see. Christian Taylor's not too bad it seems. As for B-Radical...(Spangled typed a bit more.) Well, I'd say he's got a bad reputation on him.

Leo: What's that?

Spangled: Seems he's likely to No Show. But this is a big event so he may show.

Leo: I'll keep that in mind.

Spangled: As for Dutch...

Leo: I know all I need to know on him.

Spangled: You sure. I mean he totally beat you badly.

Leo: I learn from my mistakes. I've been able to study his wrestling habits. If or when I face him. I will be ready.

Spangled: Ok, then. Of course the most I could do is tell you his wrestling records and such. You've been able to experience his fighting style first hand. So you should do fine.

Leo: Right.

Trixy: I wonder what Dutch is doing now?

Spangled: have you not interviewed him yet?

Trixy: No not yet. Besides, Being an interviewer means that I'm not really allowed to pick sides.

Leo: But yet your helping me.

Trixy: Well... I guess it's more like, I'm not allowed to pick sides on camera. Off camera I can choose which ever side I want.

(Leo and Trixy looked at each. Then Spangled interrupted)

Spangled: Please wait till I'm not here to kiss.

(Leo and Trixy quickly looked away at then towards Spangled.)

Trixy: We weren't going to kiss.

Leo: What she said.

Spangled: I don't know, I could see it in your eyes. You had that look.

Trixy: There was no look. Me and Leo are just friends.

Spangled: Really good friends, I see.

Leo: Spangled, stop trying to over analyze things.

Spangled: Oh there wasn't any over analyze. Anyone would have noticed.

Trixy: (Looking at her watch) Is that the time, I'd better be going. (She quickly added.) And Spangled, there's nothing going on between me and Leo.

(Trixy hurried off.)

(Leo sat down at the picnic table. He then crossed his arms and stared at Spangled.)

Spangled: What?

Leo: Nothing.

(Leo then turned and looked else where.)

Spangled: Oh I get it. You wanted to kiss her.

Leo: (grunts) Can we just get back to my match.

Spangled: Ok. Don't worry though. The next time you two almost kiss in front of me, I'll just keep my mouth shut.

(Leo opens his mouth to say something but then decides not too. Spangled goes back to his laptop and continues to type.)

Spangled: Well It seems that there's some voting involved in your match.

Leo: Yeah, I know. They vote on who will challenge Dutch. The other two will then face off to see who will become the television title number one contender.

Spangled: that and the kind of the match.

Leo: What are the options?

Spangled: Let's see. (hits a few keys on the keyboard) It looks like standard match, Capture the flag, and 2 out of 3 falls.

Leo: capture the flag match?

Spangled: Just a second. (he hits a few more keys.) Let's see. capture the flag match is where you have to retrieve your flag from your opponents corner and stick it in the stand at the top of the ramp to win.

Leo: Sounds simple enough.

Spangled: Doubt it's as easy to pull though.

Leo: Well anything else?

Spangled: Not really.

(Leo gets up from the table.)

Leo: Well, I'm going to go hit the gym.

Spangled: All right. See yah.

Leo: see yah.

(Leo walks of and the scene fades.)

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Re: Leo in Extreme Overload Match

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:47 pm
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