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What Really Happened Empty What Really Happened

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:00 am
OOC: May add layout and things later. Also note I WAS going to write up more to it but the part I was going to do may be used in my RP.

Evolution 4 was going on just as we seen Maya in the middle of the ring. Her eyes were burning as she was rubbing at them, trying to clear the obstruction. Her eyes teared up from the obstruction as she desperately tried to clear it. When suddenly, suddenly she was kicked in the side of the head by Elisha's boot. Down she went as she collasped to the canvas.

As things conitnued, Elisha grabbed a weapon from beneath the ring about to use it on Maya when she was saved by Highlander. The camera's remained on Elisha and Highlander as they began to get into a fight, but Maya eventually regained consciousness but soon her hands went back to her eyes yet again. The burning sensation continuing. It didn't help that Maya's shoulder was still in pain as she rolled to the corner of the ring, Annabelle quickly going over to her.

AJ: What's the matter?

She asked quiet a bit panicked as Maya was still trying to releive the burning sensation from her eyes. yet still grunted in pain as her shoulder made things worse.

Maya: He did something to my eyes... They won't stop burning!

Maya said through grunt of pain. Annabelle nods as she quickly places an arm around her.

AJ: Let's get you to the back.

Annabelle helped Maya as they headed to the back. Maya's eyes tearing up as her eyes continued to burn and her shoulder continued to hurt. Soon they reached the trainer's room. They did their best to help her but they did what they could before sending Maya to the near-by hospital.

To be continued.
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