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on Tue Apr 03, 2018 3:09 am
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/the-evelopes-t1513.html#p22146958

Show: CD RP (TBC) [1/7/2015]

OOC: Please check out results first b4 reading.

Backstage of the current Chaos arena, things are currently getting put away as the show has already concluded for the night. While most Superstars and Divas have either left for the night or were interacting with the remaining fans, two Divas were making their way backstage to a room. The first to arrive was one Hollie Winder. She double checks the card she had to confirm that this was the place. So she goes in, only to find a circular table set up there surrounded by a few chairs. There was a note card standing up due to a triangle fold. Hollie reads it as it read: Have a seat.

So Hollie sits down and waits. It was probably about a minute later before the door opens. Hollie looks over to it but is slightly confused when she sees that it's Psychotica, or Gina the Synner who walks in.

-Hollie Winder-
"Ok spill. Why did you ask me here?"

Gina didn't answer verbally at first as she held up her own card.

"I didn't."

Which only increased the Hollie's confusion. Psychotica only noticed the sign as she too had a seat in one of the chairs.

-Hollie Winder-
"If you didn't call me here, then who'd want us both here?"

"That would be me."

Hollie and Gina both were slightly startled when they looked over to the darker area of the room. Stepping out of it was Roller Brawl as she walks over to the table. Of course, she doesn't sit down as she leans on it slightly looking at the other two girls.

-Roller Brawl-
"I bet you're both wondering why I called you here tonight?"

Gina gave a nod but Hollie preferred a more verbal response.

-Hollie Winder-

-Roller Brawl-
"Well it's simple really. See, the truth is. Each of us have failed at a high stakes matches before. Despite that each of us have great potential. And Yes Hollie I know you've been doing awesome recently which only adds to my decision. See, apart we can be forces to be recorded with. But together, just think of what we can accomplish. Which is why I'm extending an invitation to the two of you to join me and become the Galactic Ghouls. We'll be better than the Shield, more terrifying than the Wyatt Family. And better band than 3MB."

Roller Brawl gives a wink at that. It was more a joke obviously but they got the picture. Roller Brawl then extends her hand out across the table.

-Roller Brawl-
"So, Hollie, Psychotica. Do you want to be a ghoul?"

Hollie thinks about it for a moment before giving a small shrug.

{Hollie Winder}
I'm not sure about being called a Ghoul but if you want to team up and have someone to watch your back, I'm here for you. Let's do this.

Hollie reaches out and shakes Roller Brawls hand. She then glances over to Psychotica..

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