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Leo Vs The Human Tornado Empty Leo Vs The Human Tornado

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:20 pm
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/6-8-15-leo-kat-vs-human-tornado-t1638.html#p22148548

Show: Chaos [6/8/2015]

Sometime after the Rumble in an undisclosed location, there's a group of 5 people standing in a room around a large table. These people varied tremendously from their body structure, hair, looks, all except the fact they all had a similar uniform on. Well, one of them didn't as he wore an orange collared shirt, blue jeans, and a watch. These 5 were talking amongst each other when the door to the room opened and in walked Leo Kat. Leo was wearing his ring attire of black short and a brown sleeveless shirt as he also had a leather jacket on. Though on his wrist was a black metal wristband with a circular grove itched into it. Leo looked among them as it would seem he had come straight from the Rumble Pay-per-view.

Leo Kat: "So, what is it? What's so urgent that you had to see me?"

He was a little annoyed as his tone was clear. The group looked a bit apprehensive now as they looked amongst each other, wondering who should tell him. This only annoyed Leo more as he crossed his arms. Finally, the taller bulky one of the group stepped forward.

Zack: "We've found her."

That's all that was said and it seemed that he thought that was enough. But Leo only rose an eye brow as his patience was growing thinner.

Leo Kat: "And who is her?"

Zack looked to the others as it seemed this wasn't a good situation. Finally, it was the collared shirt guy who was Leo's long best friend, Spangled Banner. Not that Leo would ever admit to that.

Spangled: "It's Lindsey. We found Lindsey."

What they were expecting was something different than how Leo reacted as he just scoffed.

Leo Kat: "Lindsey's dead. I told you that."

This time it was the bald individual who answered though he was fully hairless as he had nice brown eyebrows that he didn't shave off.

Falcon: "We know what you told us. But we found her. She's not dead."

Leo Kat: "Someone's feeding you misinformation. I watched her die in my arms. It's not something you forget."

Leo's tone was lower as the memory surfaced yet again. He knew he wished that she wasn't gone, but it was foolish to think otherwise. But as he thought that he couldn't help wondering something else.

Leo Kat: "Though if you think that you can use this ploy to get me to come back, you're mistaken. I told you I'm done with this."

That's when the only female in the room spoke up as she had short hair military short and what looked to be a bow staff on her back.

Boe: "It's no ploy, Leo."

ShellShocked: "Besides the team's not the same without you."

That voice came from the final person of the group. A midget decked out in a similar uniform as the others but with a few green style markings. Leo just shook his head as he couldn't believe these guys were trying to sell finding Lindsey alive.

Leo Kat: "Stop with this ruse. I'm not returning."

Spangled: "Oh? And what about that itch of yours? Don't deny it Leo, you long for this kind of work."

Leo Kat: "I get my fix from EWE."

This time it was the group's turn to look at Leo as if he were stupid. Boe even laughed.

Boe: "Don't fool yourself Leo. The Extreme Wrestling Entertainment could never be a substitute."

Zack: "Yeah, man. You can't just give up."

Leo just gave an annoyed grunt as he stood there. He didn't have to explain himself to them nor would he. He just turned around to leave. But as he did that, Spangled began to have a seat on the table.

Spangled: "At least you could look at what we've found."

Leo sighed as Spangled tapped on the table as it began to show a display. Turns out it had a built in touchscreen. While it was turning on the others had a seat. Leo also went over but didn't sit down as he looked at the tabletop screen.

Spangled: "We've found Lindsey in a lone island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean."

They brought up a video footage of what looked to be a tall tower on an island, it was looking through a window as you could clearly see Lindsey inside chained to the wall.

Spangled: "We've had a few rescue attempts but each ending in failer. I do have a plan but we need you, Leo."

Leo looked at the screen as it was showing different structures and things mapped out on the island as well. Giving details of each item in turn as not all of it could fit on the screen.

Leo Kat: "And what makes you think that's even Lindsey? You know footage can be altered, not to mention other ways to disguise one's looks. And regardless, is it not a little convenient that you just so happen to need my help in order to pull this off?"

Spangled rolled his eyes at what Leo said as the others were getting a bit annoyed too.

Spangled: "Like we don't have anything better to do than to try and get you back. Seriously, Leo if you want to leave fine. Though, I still think you just need your space after what you thought happened, happened. We've seen stranger things than someone's death being faked."

Leo thought about it as he just looked down at the display on the table screen. The truth was, Spangled was right. Not that he believed Lindsey was alive, no matter how much he wanted it, he only left because he needed space from what happened with Lindsey.

Leo Kat: "And what if it's a trap?"

Spangled: "You honestly think I didn't take that into consideration? You know me, I have a fool proof plan. Trap or not, we just need you for this plan. After that you can go back to EWE or whatever it is you want."

Leo looked again to the map then to the others. Finally he let out a long sigh.

Leo Kat: "Fine."

The others looked pleased about that as Leo had a seat at the table.

Leo Kat: "So tell me, what's this plan of yours?"


Scene 2

The scene opens up as Monday Night Chaos is well underway in the Veltins Arena. The German crowds were all excited to see what was going to happen next. Which they found out very soon as Paul Heyman walked out onto the stage and as usual no entrance theme. Perhaps it was so that the audience wouldn't be already booing by the time he got out. Regardless, as soon as the fans noticed him they began to boo him. Paul only looked around at the people before smirking as he raised his microphone to his lips.

Paul Heyman: "Ladies and Gentlemen of Gelsenkirchen, Germany, My name is Paul Heyman. And I am here to address to you about the King of Xtreme Tournament."

The fans booed though there was a slight pop at the mention of the tournament. Paul waited a moment before he raised his microphone yet again to speak.

Paul Heyman: "So let me introduce to you, the man who will be you're 2015 King of Xtreme Champion, Leo Kat!"

"Never turn back" Hits the PA system as Leo come out from the back. They just boo him too as he was a Heyman guy and that's all they needed to boo him. As Leo walks up to Heyman, Paul smiles as he shakes his hand then looks out towards the audience yet again. Leo just standing there not saying anything.

Paul Heyman: "Now, you are probably wondering why I say Leo will be you're champion and not my other client, Blitz. Well the answer is obvious as Leo here is a true Paul Heyman guy. Leo Kat would also not have lost in Money-in-the-Bank like Blitz did. And I have in my right mind to dump Blitz has my client, yet being the generous man that I am, I will continue to let Blitz stay under my guidance and perhaps one day he will learn to be as great a Paul Heyman Guy as Leo Kat is."

Heyman smiled as he indicated Leo to his left but the fans only continued their boos. They would of said Blitz would be better off without Heyman, had they cared about Blitz. Paul, however, doesn't seem too phased by the boos heading his way as he continued on.

Paul Heyman: "Leo Kat here is loyal, and a great competitor, which is why he should be even your pick to win the 2015 King of Xtreme Tournament. Who else could you really chose? The Human Tornado?"

Heyman shakes his head as if to say he was a joke.

Paul Heyman: "My Client could wrestle circles around him. We all know that the Human Tornado has accomplished next to nothing in the EWE except for maybe annoying the masses with his crude rhyming ability. He really fancies himself a rapper."

Paul looked to Leo as he chuckled but Leo just stood there not entirely finding it amusing.

Paul Heyman: "So while Mr. "H'Tizzle" has been working to try and drop a fat beat. My client has been focusing on giving the likes of you, the EWE nation, and the honor of seeing him accomplish some amazing feats. Like winning the Beat the Clock Challenge when Monday Night Chaos returned from its hiatus."

There was some more boo's at the misinformation and Heyman actually seemed to take note of this.

Paul Heyman: "Do not try and correct me. You all very well know my client, Leo Kat, won that challenge. Had not the referee been doing his job and started the clock when the match actually started and not waited until CM Punk's opponent finished his prefight match. So it should be my client who went on to face White Tiger at the Rumble and it should of been my client who went into the Fatal Four way as the Undisputed Champion and left the same way he entered."

Heyman sure sounded full of himself as usual but the fans just booed. Heyman just shakes his head.

Paul Heyman: "That is not important details at this time. Though, my client should be your reigning and defending EWE Undisputed Champion right now, it has allowed us to take part in the King of Xtreme Tournament, allowing my client the privilege of holding the King of Xtreme Championship."

More boo's followed as per usual when Paul Heyman speaks. They even had to increase the volume on his mic to make sure it spoke over the crowds.

Paul Heyman: "But back to the matter at hand. My Client will be facing the Human Tornado in round 1 of this tournament. We've already established that my client is far the superior athlete to Mr. Tizzle. My client is a former champion, unlike the Human Tornado. But besides that what more is there to say about this Tornado man? What else could we possibly say that would convince you that my client, Leo Kat, will be walking out of here the winner of this match?"

Didn't seem the fans cared one way or the other but Leo actually unfolded his usually crossed arms as he held out his hand for the mic. Paul Heyman noticed this as he smirked before handing the mic to Leo. Leo then stepped forward a bit before raising the microphone to his lips.

Leo Kat: "... I do not care what is said here, Human Tornado, or anyone else. Heyman may speak whatever he wants and it doesn't bother me. I am here for one purpose and one purpose only. And that is to fill an itch I just can fully scratch. This itch bugs me every single day as it calls me again and again. And that itch is to none shy than to beat down on whoever stands across from me. Rather inside that ring, in the back, a dark alley, where ever. I need to fight. And if this is the way I need to do it, then so be it."

The fans actually quieted down to listen to Leo speak. Seemed he was more entertaining than Paul Heyman was.

Leo Kat: "So to everyone in that back, and especially to you Human Tornado. I'm not here to have fun, to show off for these pathetic people in the seats..."

That got the fans booing again.

Leo Kat: "If you do any of that, mark my words I'll end it and take you back down. So come out here prepared to fight. Because I will make sure it's the ONLY way you will walk out of here as the so called winner."

Leo handed the microphone back to Heyman as he headed to the back. Heyman smirked as he watched Leo leave before he looked back to the crowds.

Paul Heyman: "My Client Ladies, and Gentlemen. And you’re 2015 King of Xtreme winner!"

Leo's music hit the PA system as Paul Heyman headed to the back signaling he end of the segment.

-END -

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