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Let's Make it Official

on Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:11 am
OOC: Again adding layout later. Maya's not in it so probably generic one.

It had been a few hours since Evolution 6 had ended. It was getting late as the members of the Titans of Supremacy had finally finished celebrating in a local restaurant where Gordy bought each member a steak dinner. Included in the celebration was the Broad Street Bully, despite not being a member of the team. Soon, enough, all 4 men exited the restaurant and went their separate ways.

Slider, took a few steps from the restaurant watching the different members of the Titans leaving. He just about started walking when he noticed a man sitting on a bench just outside of the office. He had a phone out as he just finished speaking with someone. This man was Joesph Stein as he got up and walked up to the Broad Street Bully. Slider looks at him with a slight nod of his head.

Broad Street Bully: "I was wondering when you'd be coming to meet with me."

Stein gives a slight nod to acknowledge the fact but before he could say anything Slider continued.

Broad Street Bully: "Got to say though, you not up for the parting? Your man won after all."

Stein gave a slight chuckle.

Joseph Stein: "Well, I had a few things to take care of."

The Broad Street Bully nods his own head understanding.

Broad Street Bully: "Very well. On to business then."

Stein nods.

Joseph Stein: "Indeed. Now, I suppose you already know what I'm here for. My employer, wasn't planning on discussing matters with you until after me and the Moxley brothers had a chat with two someones next show. But after seeing the card for next week, he figured why bother waiting."

Broad Street Bully: "Your employer huh? Who is he? I like to know who I'd be working for."

Stein lightly shakes his head to show that what he was about to say meant no disrespect.

Joseph Stein: "My apologies, but my employer wishes to remain anonymous."

Broad Street Bully: "So there won't be any meetings with him directly then?"

Again Stein shakes his head.

Joseph Stein: "That would be correct. If there's something from my employer that you'd like to know or let him know, it will have to be through me."

Slider paused as he thought about it for a moment. Finally he came to a decision as he extends his hand out towards Stein.

Broad Street Bully: "Fair enough. You can count me in."

Stein nods as he extends his own hand towards Slider and shakes his hand.

Joseph Stein: "That's good to hear. Welcome to the Titans of Supremacy, Broad Street Bully."

The two keep their from hand shake for a moment before they release. When they do the Broad Street Bully glances at his watch before back to Stein.

Broad Street Bully: "Well, it's getting late."

Joseph Stein: "It is. Until next time."

Stein nods as he begins to walk off and Slider watches him go before turning around and heading off himself.

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