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Blitz in MidEastern Tournament

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:15 pm
Note: I'll be adding layouts, coloring, RP Links (where possible) and Results links (again where possible) at a future date.

Competitors: Blitz, Ivan, L, Leo Kat, Nikolai, Rick Cage, Spider, Vladimir. Winner fought Dean Winchester. (PS all RPs done at the same time for this tournament. So it wasn't all on the same day.


Part 1

(The scene opens to a small training ring. Blitz is in the ring as well as a punching back. Blitz his trade-mark Black T-shirt with a white B in the middle of it as well as Black shorts and shoes. Blitz leaned back against the ropes of the ring. As soon as he got as far as he could he released and dashed toward the punching back.
When he got close he did a flip and using his momentum sprung himself, feet first, at the punching bag. Blitz hit the top of the bag and knocked it over.)

Trixie: (walking into the area) What's up?

Blitz: just practicing a new move for the tournament.

Trixie: so what do you call it?

Blitz: haven't thought of one yet?

Trixie: ok so this new move could you show me?

Blitz: well I guess it's sort of a surprise.

Trixie: Don't worry. I won't tell anyone.

Blitz: Ok then.

(Blitz got up from the punching back and straitened the bag up right.)

Blitz: I came up with this because of my last match. I was having trouble lifting Rick a few times so I came up with this.

(Blitz performs the new move again.)

Blitz: well what do you think?

Trixie: hmm... I guess it could work.

(Blitz's phone starts ringing. So Blitz goes over to where he left it on the side of the ring and answered it.)

Blitz: Hello?

Dalton: Hello Blitz this is Dalton.

Blitz: Dalton? How did you get this number?

Dalton: I asked your manager Mr. Green. I told him I needed to speak with you and he gave it to me.

Blitz: well ok then. So what do you want?

Dalton: Well, I was wondering if you wanted to come down to the Metallic Organization and use some of our state-of-the-art equipment to help you train for the tournament your about to participate in.

Blitz: I don't know. I mean, I don't need much to train.

Dalton: Please, I do insist. It will allow me to repay you for the favor I asked of you. I know it isn't much.

Blitz: All right, I guess if you put it that way I guess I'll go. Thanks.

Dalton: It's the least I could do.

(Blitz hangs up the cell phone and puts it into his pocket.)

Trixie: so what he want?

Blitz: (walking over to his bag on the side of the ring.) well he wants me to go over to the Metallic Organization. He's going to let me use some of his equipment there to help me train for the tournament.

Trixie: Why are you going over there? You shouldn't be messing with this guy. You know what he did to Leo.

Blitz: yeah I remember. Leo told us when we gave him the actual Moose file.

Trixie: so why are you going?

Blitz: not sure but hey free training. Dalton's probably has loads of cool things to help me. After all he does make things for the military and stuff.

Trixie: I just hope you know what you're getting into.

Blitz: No worries, I can take care of myself.

(Blitz heads out the doors of the gym and the camera fades.)

(The scene opens up to Dalton's office. There's a knock on the door.

Dalton: Come in.

(Blitz enters into the room.)

Blitz: I came for the free training. I asked one of your staff about where the equipment was they told me to talk to you.

Dalton: Yes you see the training room is for authorized personnel only. So I asked you to come up here to give you this pass.

(Dalton picks up a card on his desk and hands it to Blitz.)

Dalton: All you have to do his slide that card on the reader in the elevator and it will take you to the training area.

Blitz: all right, no problem.

(Blitz left the room and headed to the elevator. He got inside and faced the control panel. On it was the usual numbers to indicate which floor to go to. Right below that was a card reader. Blitz swiped the card. The elevator started on its decent. After a while the floor indicator read 13b. The elevator doors opened with a ding.
Blitz step out into a small room and the elevator doors closed behind him. The room was bare except what looked like a flat-scene T.V. mounted on the wall and a door.
Blitz walked closer to the screen when it suddenly turned on. On the scene was Dalton back in his office. Dalton had an evil grin on his face.)

Dalton: Hello Blitz, I'd like to play a game.

Blitz: hey you stole that from saw.

Dalton: Where I got the phase is irrelevant. But what it stands for is intact.

Blitz: What are you talking about?

Dalton: I'm not sure of how ignorant you think I am, but did you really think I would not look at the M.O.O.S.E. file after you delivered it. If my assumption is correct you managed to open it and saw what was inside, didn't you. Then, after you found out what was in it you decided to hand it over to Leo.

Blitz: (keeping a straight face.) What makes you say that? If I did have you stupid file, I would have given it to the police.

Dalton: You may make that claim but your face reads otherwise.

Blitz: No it doesn't. I didn't flinch or anything.

Dalton: There are facial expressions that you do not about. But that is beside the point. The fact is that I know youíre lying and that you did give the M.O.O.S.E. file to Leo.

Blitz: whatever, (rolls his eyes) think what you want. So what's your plan anyway?

Dalton: I'm here to talk about my challenge.

Blitz: I thought you called it a game.

Dalton: That once again is beside the point.

Blitz: Ok then tell me about this challenge of yours.

Dalton: This challenge is going to help you win the eWe Mid Eastern #1 contender tournament that you are participating in.

Blitz: wait, what? First you say I deceived you, and now youíre trying to help me?

Dalton: oh no need to worry about that. These challenges will be enough punishment.

Blitz: youíre confusing, you know that?

Dalton: (ignoring Blitz's last statement.) Now there are five challenges, one for each participant.

Blitz: No, there're eight.

Dalton: Ah yes. But I'm not counting yourself because you will not be facing yourself. And based on a statement Rick cage said about the Russian Mafia, I will be combining all three of them into a single test. Now before you begin I need to direct your attention above the screen.

(Blitz looked and he noticed that there was a black object sitting there.)

Dalton: Simply put it on. If you don't I will not let you out of this room.

(Blitz got the black object from on top of the T.V. It was some kind of metal wrist-band, with a screen and speaker on the top of it. Blitz put it on his left hand.
There was a clunk sound as the wristband locked itself onto Blitz's wrist.)

Blitz: hey I can't get it off now.

Dalton: Don't worry once you have completed all of your tasks it will unlock. Now to explain what it's for. That device will allow me to communicate with you encase you go out of ear shot of the various monitors I've placed. It also serves another purpose. If you break a rule, or try to escape that device has the ability to shock you.

Blitz: Ok, so what's my first task?

Dalton: enter into the next room and find out.

(The door in the room opened. Blitz walked through it. On the other side was a large room. In the center was a huge pit. On the walls on either side of the pit were panels. In the center of the pit was a narrow bridge.)

Dalton: Look this way if you will.

(Dalton's voice came from another monitor right by the door. Blitz turned around to face the monitor.)

Dalton: Now you first task is to help you with your opponent L. I call this the Dodge ball bridge challenge. It's quite simple. You just have to make it to the other side of the pit. I'll warn you now. Do you see those panels over there?

Blitz: yeah, what about them.

Dalton: When you start to go across they will open. At certain points they will fire at you to try and knock you off. Red ones are normal dodge balls. Black ones will shock you.

Blitz: ok sounds easy enough.

Dalton: well then get to it.

(Blitz turned back to the pit. He walked up to the bridge and got on it. As soon as he did all of the panels on the wall opened up and one of the ones closes to him fired a red dodge ball at him. Blitz quickly leaned back and the ball zoomed past him.)

Blitz: no problem.

(Blitz continued slowly across the bridge. every once and a while a red ball would be shot at him and he would easily dodge it. As he got about half way across three red balls were shot at Blitz. One aimed at his chest while the other two aimed at his legs. Blitz quickly jumped over the balls. But has the red balls were passing under him. Another panel fired a black one at him. This one hit him in the chest. Blitz yelled has the force of the ball hit him and he felt the shock that came afterwards. The pain caused Blitz to lose his footing as he landed on the bridge. His foot slipped off and he fell of the bridge but he managed to grab the bridge just before it was too late.)

Blitz: Man that hurt.

(Right after he said that the dodge balls began to pick up speed. Blitz struggled has he clung to the side of the bridge. He managed to get his other hand on the bridge and hoisted himself up has the balls continued their onslaught. As he got back on the bridge the Dodge balls stopped. Blitz managed to get his footing back and continued walking. When he got three fourths of the way there the Balls began to pick back up. Blitz expertly dodged them. A couple of times he'd kick one of the balls to deflect the others. He neared the end. He jumped over three balls coming his way, kicked one to deflect an incoming black one, and then ducked quickly to avoid two aiming for his head. He then took three more steps and was off of the bridge. As soon as he landed on the other side the all the panels on the wall slide back down.
A monitor on the wall turned on.)

Dalton: Well down, with skills like that you should be able to handle L's high flying techniques.

Blitz: Ok so tell me what's make next challenge?

Dalton: go through the door to find out.

(A door right next to the monitor opened up. Blitz walked inside.)

(In the next room was a small area that was lit with a light. Then across a dark hallway was another small lilted area. On the side Blitz was on was a table. Sitting on top of the table were six metal cubes, each about the size of a dodge ball. On the other end of the hallway Blitz could see another table. Another monitor right above the table on Blitz's side turned on.)

Dalton: Welcome to challenge number two. I call this one the Cube Dash challenge.

Blitz: Ok so let me guess. I have to take these cubes and bring them over to the other table.

Dalton: yes but there is a bit more to it than that. Do you see the monitor over there?

(Blitz looked and saw another monitor right by the door on the other side.)

Blitz: Yeah.

Dalton: I just wanted to point it out to you. When the challenge starts a timer will appear on this monitor and that one as well as the one on your wristband.

Blitz: ok.

(A timer suddenly appeared on all three monitors. The timer started at five minutes.)

Dalton: Now, I won't start the timer until you get into position. You may go over to the cubes. Test them see how much they weigh.

(Blitz walked over to one of the cubes and picked it up; instantly he found out that they were very heavy.)

Blitz: man these things must way a ton. (Blitz placed the cube back down.)

Dalton: Now this challenge is to help you against Rick Cage.

Blitz: But I've beaten him already.

Dalton: ah that's true but do you remember how difficult it was for you because you couldn't pick him up.

Blitz: oh I see. Well all right then.

Dalton: this test will help you do better against Rick.

Blitz: ok then.

(Blitz walked over to one of the cubes.)

Blitz: all right.

Dalton: Go.

(The timers started counting down. Blitz picked up one of the cubes and started for the other side. He would have gone faster but the cube weighed him down too much.)

Blitz: man this ain't that hard, compared to the last...

(Suddenly Blitz's foot hit something and Blitz tripped almost dropping the cube on his foot.)

Dalton: oh did I forget to mention. The floor can change to trip you.

Blitz: would have been nice to know.

(Blitz bent over and picked up the cube. and continued on his way being more careful. Finally, Blitz reached the other side and placed the cube on the table.)

Dalton: good now you will only be tripped if you have a cube so you can run back.

(Blitz ran back to the other side but still was careful. Blitz reached the other side of the room and picked up another cube. He began to walk back across the hall.
This time Blitz notice a few more places tried to trip him. Once he almost dropped the cube. He reached the table and placed the cube on it.)

Dalton: only four more to go.

(Blitz began to run back to the other side.)

Dalton: do you know why I picked six.

Blitz: Why? (Blitz avoided tripping again.)

Dalton: Well in honor in Wrestle Mania six of course.

(Blitz made it to the other side and placed the cube down.)

Dalton: Three more to go. You just might make it.

(Blitz looked at the timer has he ran back. He had a little over half his time left. Blitz continued on with the fourth one and managed to get it across without dropping it.)

Dalton: only two more to go. Maybe I should have made this one harder.

(Blitz reached the remaining two cubes. and picked one up.)

Blitz: Don't worry its hard enough.

(Blitz managed to get half way across the hall before his foot struck something. Blitz dropped the cube that narrowly missed his foot.)

Blitz: phew that was close.

(Blitz made it the rest of the way and placed the fifth cube down.)

Dalton: one more but can you make it.

(Blitz glanced at the timer and saw he had a little less than a minute to get the last cube.)

Blitz: no sweat.

(Blitz ran to the other side and quickly hoisted it up. He then began to head back to the other table. This time he went a bit faster. This time as he gone across the hall the entire floor started to move. Blitz had a difficult time getting across. Blitz tripped twice. Finally, Blitz made it to the other side. He sat down the finial cube with sighed with relief.)

Dalton: congratulation, you passed the second Challenge.

Blitz: thanks, I guess.

Dalton: now enter through the door for your next challenge.

(The door by the table opened. and Blitz step up to the door and went into the next room.)
End Part 1
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Re: Blitz in MidEastern Tournament

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:16 pm
Part 2

(The scene opens in a dark room. On the far side of the room was a monitor. To the left was a arch way. You could not see very far beyond the arch way because it was dark. The room was cold. Blitz stood at the entrance to the room.)

Blitz: Is it just me or is it a little cold in here?

(The monitor on the wall turn on and it showed Dalton sitting behind his desk.)

Dalton: It's should be a bit cold in there.

Blitz: oh ok. So what's this task. See how long I can stand in the cold.

Dalton: Well, no. This task is challenge is to help you with your opponent Spider.

Blitz: What's he got to do with the cold?

Dalton: The reason why it's cold in there is just an aftermath of one of the parts of this task. Now please let me continue. Now, This task is simple. Do you
see that archway there?

Blitz: Yeah.

Dalton: Well that is the entrance to a maze. Your task is to get to the door on the other side before the time is up. The door will be clearly marked so you
don't have to worry about that.

Blitz: when does the timer start?

Dalton: I was getting to that. The timer will start as soon as you go through that archway there. The timer will display on the screen on your wrist band.

Blitz: No problem. Any thing else, I don't want a repeat of last time. how you forgot to tell me about the moving floor.

Dalton: Ahh yes. This maze is filled with thick spider webs. They will constrict you. Plus the floor is covered in ice.

Blitz: So how's this supposed to help me against Spider? Unless you think he's going to grow web shooters and spin me into a cocoon.

Dalton: Well, Spider is going to be a tough opponent. I believe this challenge should test your resistance.

Blitz: Do you know a lot about Spider?

Dalton: Let's just say I've done my homework.

Blitz: Whatever. Let's start this thing.

(Blitz dashed into the archway. As soon as he cleared the archway a dim red light turned on and a timer began on Blitz's wristband. Blitz quickly hit the ice
on the floor and tripped. He then slid down into a large spider web and got tangled up in it.)

Dalton: (coming from the speaker on Blitz's wristband.) Not really a good start.

(Blitz quickly untangled himself from the web and continued down the path. Blitz ran in a skating glide. The path suddenly came to a turn. Blitz adjusted his weight and easily handled the curve. After taking the curve he saw another path branching off from the one he was on. Blitz decided to keep with the one he was on. Not to soon after Blitz passed the other path Blitz struck another Web. Blitz easily shrugged it off and continued on. Blitz soon came up to a three way fork. Blitz decided to head keep on going straight. However, Blitz found out shortly that straight was not the right chose. Blitz saw the dead end and saw that the whole wall was covered in the spider webs. But before Blitz could stop and turn around, he tripped and fell face first into a web covered floor. The webs here were way more sticky and strong than normal spider webs. Blitz tried to get to push himself up but the webs would not let go of him.)

Dalton: (From the wristband speaker.) A little stuck?

(Blitz strugled to get out of the web but the more he did the more he got stuck.)

Dalton: Ahh like a bug trapped in a web. You might want to hurry the time is still going.

(Blitz tried and tried but he couldn't get free. Finally, Blitz managed to turn himself around and saw what had tripped him. It was a block shaped object that seemed to be sticking out of the floor. But the object seemed to have a lid on it. Blitz reached with all his might to reach the lid. Finally he grasped his fingers on it and flip opened the lid. He couldn't see what was in it do to the angle he was but he felt something. He quickly pulled it out and looked at it. The object resembled a can of bug spray. an idea came to Blitz and he quickly started spraying the webs. The webs instantly dissolved when it was hit by the spray.)

Dalton: Nicely done.

Blitz: Thanks. hey wait you can see me?

Dalton: Yes. But you might want to hurry, times almost up.

(Blitz took off again. when he got back to the three way fork he took the right path. Blitz continued running. Once again he came up to a path that branched off the on he was on. This time he took it. He was on this path for a while when he notice a light coming from up ahead. As he neared it he saw two things. One was a huge web. Beyond the web he saw a door. On the door was the word Exit. Blitz quickly got out the can he used earlier and began to spray the web. However, he the can ran out before he could finish it. The web was gone from the floor but it was still on the top and sides. Blitz then noticed that the ice on the floor was gone.)

Blitz: I guess I'll have to run through it.

Dalton: (Coming from the speaker on Blitz's Wristband.) You might want to hurry. Time's almost up.

(Blitz backed up a bit. He then took off running. As soon as he hit the web he found out that it was just as sticky as the one he got tangled in a while ago. Blitz Ran and ran as the web prevented him from going any farther. Blitz then started going faster and he could feel the web starting to turn loose.)

Dalton: 10, 9, 8,

(Blitz strained to get the webs to let go.)

Dalton: 7, 6, 5,

(Finally the webs turned loose and Blitz sprinted for the door.)

Dalton: 4,3,

(made it to the door and quickly opened it)

Dalton: 2, 1

(Blitz step inside. just as he did the door behind him slammed shut and locked.)

(Blitz looked at the room he was in. On the far side of the wall was another monitor. right by that was a door. Blitz also noticed a second door on the wall to the right. The monitor turned on and showed Dalton once again.)

Dalton: Congratulations on making past the web maze challenge. For a minute there I thought you weren't going to make it.

Blitz: You could have told me about the can of web remover.

Dalton: If I would have told you about it, that would of made the challenge easier.

Blitz: Fine, just tell me what's next.

Dalton: all right. Now this next challenge is based on the Ivan, Vladimir, and Nikolai. Now did you know that the early Russian Mafia were thieves?

Blitz: No.

Dalton: Well based on that you will be performing this challenge which I call the Sneak and Steel Challenge.

Blitz: oh so original.

Dalton: (ignoring Blitz's sarcasm). Now do you see that door on your right.

Blitz: Yeah.

Dalton: Well that leads to a room. In the middle of that room is the key to this door. All you have to do is get it and bring it back here before the time runs out.

Blitz: And how's this going to help me if I go up against one of those three.

Dalton: Not sure.

Blitz: What I thought you said these challenges are suppose to help me with my matches.

Dalton: Well, along the way are security cameras with red laser scopes. If you get hit by one the camera will fire electricity at you.

Blitz: So this test will help my maneuverability.

Dalton: Exactly.

Blitz: I thought you said you didn't know how it was suppose to help me.

Dalton: I was testing you.

Blitz: Right. Let's get this started.

Dalton: step through the door and begin.

(The door opened and Blitz stepped into the next room. The next room was large with a lot of small walls. In the center of the room was a table with the key on it. However red laser's were moving across the floor in various patterns.)

Blitz: all right let's do this.

(Blitz jogged to the nearest wall and ducked behind it as a red beam swept past it. Blitz then continued as he went from one wall to the next. As Blitz was hiding behind one another beam came from another direction. Quickly, Blitz jumped on the wall and did a hand stand as two lights his either side of the wall he was hiding on. Blitz jumped from his handstand and hit the ground running. He was just about there when three beams came his way. There was a wall close to him but he couldn't use it to hide form all of the beams. All three beams came toward him. One came directly toward him. he quickly ran up the wide of the wall and back-flipped over the beam that was coming straight at him and one that came from another direction. The third crossed from the other side of the wall. After the beams had passed Blitz sprinted the last small space. jumped over one last in coming beam and made it to the desk the key was on. Blitz quickly picked up the key but as soon as he did all of the beams began to circle the area Blitz was at.)

Blitz: How am I going to get by that.

Dalton: (coming from the speaker on Blitz's wristband.) You'd better find out fast. Time's almost up.

Blitz: I guess I'll just have to risk getting shot by one.

(Blitz quickly dashed toward the ring of beams. As Blitz passed under them he heard the sound of the camera charging up. Then it fired. As the electricity came toward Blitz, He also noticed that now all the Red Beams were focused on him. All of the began charging and firing. Blitz speed up as the first bolt missed him barely. Blitz weaved in and out of the small walls and Electric bolts being shot at him. Finally Blitz made it to the door. Blitz reached for it but just then it was struck by one of the electric bolts.

Blitz: drat it.

(Blitz quickly pulled his shirt over his arm and used it to open the door. He went inside and quickly slammed it shut as he heard a lot of electric bolt's hitting the door. Blitz quickly step away from the door.)

Dalton: (Coming form the monitor in the room.) Nicely done. You'll be winning that tournament in no time.

(Blitz went to the other door in the room and used the key to unlock it. Then he opened the door and step inside.)

(In the center of the next room was a Tread mill. On the wall facing it was another monitor. Below the monitor was another door. The monitor turned on andonce again showed Dalton.)

Dalton: Congratulations on completing your last challenge.

Blitz: Sure thing.

Dalton: Now this is your last challenge, The Treadmill Challenge. This Challenge will help you against Leo Kat

Blitz: Leo? Hmm almost forgot that he's in this. So what do I have to this time.

Dalton: This Challenge is the simplest one out of all of them.

(Suddenly, on the screen two timers appeared on the monitor.)

Dalton: Now, listen. In this challenge you have to run on this treadmill. Running on the tread mill will cause the timer, or counter as I'm going to call it, will start counting down. The faster you run, the faster it counts down. The object of the challenge is to make the counter reach zero before the timer runs down.

Blitz: Man this should be a since. Running's my thing.

Dalton: But there is one catch.

Blitz: I should've known. What is it? Will you try to zap me while I run so I'll have to jump to avoid them?

Dalton: Hmm that's not such a bad idea, but no. This challenge is entirely based on speed with a bit of endurance. I assume that you've noticed that it's a bit chilly in there.

Blitz: yeah, What about it?

Dalton: Well as the timer goes down, the temperature in the room will start to rise.

Blitz: Oh swell. Well I'd better get started then.

Dalton: Be my guest. To begin just start running on the treadmill.

(Blitz walked over to the treadmill and started running. Instantly, the counter and the timer on the monitor began to count down.)

Blitz: This should be easy

(Blitz ran on the treadmill keeping a good pace which kept the counter ahead of the timer. But every five seconds the temperature in the room would rise a few degrees. The temperature didn't bother Blitz as he decided to pick up the pace a bit. As Blitz neared the end the temperature felt as through it was a hot summer day. With a few hundred steps to go the temperature started picking up to the temperature in the desert. But that didn't stop Blitz. Blitz continued to run even through sweat was flying off him at a tremendous pace. Finally, the counter reached zero and Blitz slowed to a stop. The temperature in the room dropped back down to a normal room temperature. The two timers disappeared from the monitor and it showed Dalton again.)

Dalton: Incredible. Not once did you even slow down. The temperature should have had some kind of effect on you.

Blitz: hey what can I say. Running is what I do.

Dalton: well then as I promised I will release the wrist band from your arm.

(There was a clang sound and Blitz was able to take off the wrist band.)

Blitz: So now that your done. Can I get out of here now?

Dalton: of course.

(The door to the room opened.)

Dalton: Just follow those stairs. They will lead to the outside. Now go win your tournament and secure the Mid Eastern Champion belt.

Blitz: If you don't mind me asking why'd do you care if I win or not?

Dalton: All in good time.

Blitz: Whatever. See you later.

(The camera quickly changes perspectives as it shows Dalton in his office looking at a screen on his desk. The screen displayed Blitz waving and showed him walk out of the screens view and out the door. The screen went blank. Dalton sat back in his chair and put his arms behind his head.)

Dalton: If my calculation's are correct and you do what I think your going to do. Then we may see each other soon.

(Dalton grins and the camera fades.)

end part 2
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Re: Blitz in MidEastern Tournament

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:16 pm
part 3

(The scene opens in Dalton's office. Dalton is at his desk casually doing paper work. The phone on Dalton's desk goes off. Dalton press the speaker button.)

Dalton: yes

Secretary : There are some policemen down here in the lobby. They say they need to speak with you.

Dalton: Tell them I'm on my way down.

Secretary: Yes sir.

(Dalton turns off the phone and heads out of his office. the scene cuts to him arriving on the first floor from the elevator. In the lobby were ten policemen. Also standing with them was Blitz.)

Dalton: Yes how may I help you?

Detective Moscow: Yes, I'm Detective Moscow. we have a warrant here to search the premise on the floor 13b.

Dalton: Certainly, Follow me.

(The group follows Dalton to the elevator.)

Detective Moscow: All right. (He points to three officers) You guys come with me, Blitz you too. The rest wait until we've secured the perimeter.

(The three officers, Blitz, Detective Moscow, and Dalton got into the elevator. Dalton proceeded to take out a card.)

Blitz: wait, You'd better use the card he gave me, just encase.

Detective Moscow: Please step aside.

(Dalton step back and Detective Moscow put on a pair of gloves. Then he pulled out the card Dalton gave Blitz and slid it in the card reader. The screen above the panel indicated that the elevator was going to floor 13b and it started moving. Moscow put the card back up.)

Dalton: May I ask why you want to search floor 13b?

Moscow: We've had a report from Blitz here that you invited him here to help him train for an up coming tournament. Then after arriving on Floor 13b you held him did not let him leave then forced him to go through five, what he called, challenges. Then after he completed the challenges you let him go.

Dalton: So am I being charged with kidnapping?

Moscow: In a way yes.

(The elevator stopped and opened the doors. The group step out of the elevator.)

Blitz: what? This isn't right.

(The room was rather large and filled with training equipment. In the center of the room was a wrestling ring. There were also people walking around training on the different equipment.)

Moscow: All right, you three go start looking around.

(The three officers went around the room questioning the people there and checking out the different things in the room.)

Blitz: I'm telling you Detective. This is not what was here.

Dalton: Detective Moscow, if I may.

Moscow: Go ahead.

Dalton: Now I did invite Blitz to come here to train for is up coming tournament. Afterwards, he came here and started training. Where he got his notion of me not letting him go and forcing him to do five challenges, I have no idea.

Moscow: Ok then, Blitz you'd better come with me. (then turning to Dalton.) I'll go up and get the rest of the officers to continue the search to prove what
you're saying is true.

Dalton: of course, go right ahead.

(Moscow and Blitz went back into the elevator and started heading back up.)

Moscow: Now Blitz, Don't get me wrong I do believe you.

Blitz: You do?

Moscow: Yes Dalton's been doing things like this all the time but we've never been able to catch him. I of course, don't believe that today will be any different.

(the elevator reached the first floor and opened up. Blitz and Moscow stepped out of the elevator.)

Moscow: all right, the rest of you guys can come. Blitz I suggest you go on and leave this to us.

Blitz: all right, fine.

(the rest of the officers went into the elevator with Moscow as Blitz left the building.)

Blitz: Man, how'd he do it.

(Blitz walked started walking down the street. His car was back at the Police station because he got there in Moscow's car. After a while of walking Blitz's
cell phone rang. Blitz quickly took it out of his pocket and answered it.)

Blitz: Hello.

Trixy: hey Blitz this is Trixy. Just calling to arrange another interview.

Blitz: Why didn't you call Mr. Green and schedule it with him, he's back from that family thing.

Trixy: Well I did. But he said he was busy with his new client, Leo.

Blitz: hmm well ok, but I was thinking of doing something a bit different this time.

Trixy: Fine, So how did your training go with Dalton.

Blitz: Man, Almost forgot. He knows Trixy.

Trixy: about what?

Blitz: What we did with the M.O.O.S.E. file.

Trixy: What, how?

Blitz: Well I'm not sure. I'm mean he could easily found out that the file we gave him wasn't the right one by simply looking at it.

Trixy: But how does he know we gave it to Leo?

Blitz: I couldn't tell you. But as far as I know is that I don't think he know that your involved.

Trixy: I hope not. So what did he do to you.

Blitz: well, he put me through five challenges. One based on each person in the Mid Eastern #1 Contender Tournament.

Trixy: but there's eight. You, Ivan, Spider, Rick, Leo, L, Nikolai, and Vladimir.

Blitz: Well he didn't make a challenge based on me and he combined the Russian Mafia.

Trixy: Oh so why did he do it?

Blitz: How should I know? He's one weird guy. It's like he's can't make up his mind if he wants to be a bad guy or a good guy.

Trixy: well any ways, what are you planning on doing instead of an interview.

Blitz: You'll see. Just watch T.V. I'll be telling some things once I catch up on what my opponents are doing.

Trixy: all right then, later.

Blitz: later.

(Blitz one hung up his cell and pocketed it. He walked on and the camera fades.)

(The camera opens up to an arena. Suddenly "It Doesn't Matter" (remake) by Tony Harnell & Ted Poley hits over the P.A. system and the crowd cheers as
Blitz comes out from a curtain. Blitz his wearing his trade mark Black T-shirt, with a white Capital B on the front of it. As well as Black shorts. Blitz was also holding a microphone. Blitz runs down to the ring and flips over the ropes. As the song continues Blitz proceeds to do acrobatic stunts. Finally the song stops.)

Blitz: Hello everyone.

(The crowd cheers loudly.)

Blitz: Wow, what a welcome. Anyway I'm here to talk about the up coming Mid Eastern #1 Contender Tournament. First I'd like to star by congratulating every one in the tournament. Ivan, L, Leo, Nikolai, Rick, Vladimir, and Spider. I don't know what you guys did to get here but you must've have earned it. Now not long ago Spider said something about me and the other participates. One of the things he said is that he doesn't think I can make the distance. He's warning me that I may hurt myself with all these as he puts it, spring boards and top rope maneuvers. But I have something that you don't have Spider, experience. You see, Spider I can do all these spring boards and stuff because I've had tons of practice. I've been practicing since I was little. Now I'm going to ask you the same question you've seemed to ask all of your opponents. Where does your focus lie. You see Spider, unlike what you think my focus is on the job at hand. it all ways does. When ever something is thrown my way, I give it my complete attention. You think just because I had a little dispute with Leo that I'm going to be more focused on taking him out. Please, give me credit than that. I believed I've proved myself by not only settling my dispute with Leo but by also winning my match. My focus his clean. I take things one step at a time. When round one comes, my focus will be there. When round two, my focus will be there. I do hope that you haven't lost your focus. You say you haven't but are you sure. Did you make to many false assumption on what other's focuses are that you've lost your own. If we face each other let me tell you that I'm going all out you can count on it.

(Blitz points to a screen on the back wall. As he does an image of him looking like Austin Powers nemesis Dr. Evil.)

Blitz: This image bring me to my next point. Honestly, Rick, I know I beat you in are last match, but I respect you. Especially since you almost did a couple of times. But to sink so low as to make a mockery of your opponent. I mean I know you did fail three times at getting into wrestle mania, and that this is your last chance, But that's no excuse. This shows you something about Rick Cage. It reminds me of something my little sister would do. If she couldn't beat someone, she'd just make fun of them. You see Rick, this is childish. But this doesn't change a thing about me. If we end up in the ring together I'm going to go all out. If you think something like this will bring me down, you have another thing coming. When you think about it. Maybe this as something to do with you anxiety attack the other day, there's something wrong with you rick, get help, seriously. However, if your attack the other day was nothing more than to get you simpathy, than you got another thing coming. You will soon learn Rick that you're not going to get far in this by doing thing this way.

(The image on the back wall screne fades and Blitz contiues.)

Next, I'd like to talk about Ivan, Nikolai, and Vladimir. Now I hear you guys make a good combination but I'm warning you not to let that fact make you think you can ease through this tournament. I've faced one of you before. Now I'm going to say if you come at this tournament how Ivan came after me in my first match, you won't get very far. I won't be intimated by that fact that you guys are on one team. So I say bring it on.

Now I'll bring my focus to Leo. You see Leo, I know that I beat you before but that's not going to make me under estimate you. I will come at you full force. so Prepare yourself.

Now there is one more person, L. I don't know much about him but I do know what Spider says about you. I do hope your not thinking that Spider is the only one who will be a match for you. If you do you will meet the same fate as him. You see Spider believed that since you and him are long time rivals, that you and only you will give him a good match. Now that's where I say he's mistaken. You see if Spider enters that ring with me, he'll be thinking of a quick and easy victory. That's when I'll show him that I'm there to take him out. I'm warning you now L, don't make Spider's mistake.

Now to all of my opponents I am telling you to bring your best game, because if you don't it'll be you who goes home in defeat and saying to yourself, I should have done better.

(Blitz then leaves the ring and walks out of the arena and the camera fades.)

end part 3
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Re: Blitz in MidEastern Tournament

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:18 pm
part 4

(The scene opens up right outside SAFECO FIELD - SEATTLE, WASHINGTON. Blitz is walking into the entrance. As he enters a black guy wearing jeans, a black
shirt, and a purple jacket walked up to him.)

Guy: You know, it's been a while.

(Blitz turns to the guy and smiles.)

Blitz: Hey Thend. what's up?

Thend: Nothing much with me. But it looks like there's a lot up with you.

Blitz: Yeah I guess.

(Blitz and Thend continued walking.)

Blitz: So what brings you here?

Thend: Hey it's not every day your best friend get to wrestle in Wrestle Mania.

Blitz: Well, not really. You see I have to get to the finals of this tournament I'm in.

Thend: Yeah, but I have complete confidence in you.

Blitz: Thanks. Did you see my conference thing?

Thend: Yeah but did why did you say those things about Rick Cage? He said himself that Dr. Evil thing was a joke.

Blitz: Yeah, I know it was a joke. I was actually trying to fire him up. Maybe I was wrong about how I did it. You know me I want my opponents to be at their best game.

Thend: Yeah I know. That Spider guys something else through, huh.

Blitz: Yeah, The way I see it is that I'm prepared to handle anything. But he is right though. I didn't do my research on him. I didn't mean to say that he had no experience. Honestly it came out wrong. But hey, if I do go up against him it's going to be awesome.

Thend: Tell me about it. I've seen you fight loads of times.

Blitz: True, we use to have good times back at home.

Thend: yeah, those punks never knew what hit them.

(Blitz and Thend continued down the hall as they walked past people getting ready for the big day.)

Blitz: So do you think I got a shot at the title?

Thend: Well, What I've seen so far is that Dean is not a push over. But yeah I think you have a shot. Just keep on doing what you do best.

Blitz: Running?

Thend: No the other thing, Never giving up. Man, you've never giving up anything you've set your mind on.

Blitz: Yeah that's true. I won't back down from anyone. No matter who it is. No matter how many times they try to pin me. I will all ways get right back up.

Thend: Good, you keep that attitude up and You'll win for sure.

Blitz: Thanks man.

Thend: No problem. So after Mania's over what's you going to do next?

Blitz: hmm. Well If I win the belt we'll have to celebrate, if your still in town.

Thend: Man, I'm staying for the entire show.

Blitz: Wrestle Mania or just Heatwave?

Thend: Both. but yeah we'll celebrate.

Blitz: Great.

Thend: All right then. Let's get you ready.

Blitz: Awesome.

Blitz: (turns and yells) Rick, Spider, Ivan, L Nikolai, Vladimir, Leo, and Dean. Watch out because I'm coming to win.

end part 4
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Re: Blitz in MidEastern Tournament

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:18 pm
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Re: Blitz in MidEastern Tournament

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