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Blitz Vs Rick Cage

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:14 pm

RP Link:

Note: I'll be adding layouts, coloring, RP Links (where possible) and Results links (again where possible) at a future date.


Blitz versus Rick Cage

(the scene fades in as we see Blitz exiting the arena of his first match)

Blitz: (Whistling his opening song).

buisnessman: (walks up to Blitz) hello you must be Blitz.

Blitz: Yep that's me. You need something?

Buisnessman: Yes my employer would like to speak with you.

Blitz: Sorry dude, I all ready have a manage. (starts walking off)

Buisnessman: My employer has a task for you.

Blitz: (turns around) What kind of task?

Buisnessman: just a simple delivery. My employer has seen your skills in the ring and wishes to get your services.

Blitz: Well, I do have another match next week, Some former champ that left EWE has come back and I'm fixed to tango with him.

Buisnessman: This will not take that long to accomplish. My employer would like to speak with you in person, at his office in the Metalic Organization's office building.

Blitz: Well... (put's on an face of mock thinking) all right.

Buisnessman: wonderful, please follow me to the company helicopter. we'll take that to the Metalic Organization.

(Blitz follows the buisnessman to a black helicopter with the words Metalic Organization painted on the side. The Buisnessman opened the door to the copter.)

Buisnessman: After you please.

Blitz: Ok. (climbs into seat then turns to buisnessman as he too enters the Helicopter) so what's your employer's name, anyway?

Buisnessman: He goes by the name of Dalton.

(The buisnessman shuts the door and the camera show outside of the helicopter has it take off. Then the scene fades.)

(Scene opens in an areal view of the Metalic Organization office building. On the roof Blitz and the Buisnessman get out of the helicopter that was on a helicopter pad. Blitz and the Buisness man enter the building through a door. the camera *Blinks* and it shows Dalton in his office working on some papers. there is a knock on the door and the Buisness man sticks his head in.)

Buisnessman: I have brought Blitz like you asked, sir.

Dalton: Good, Good, please come in.

(The Buisnessman opens the door wider for Blitz to walk into the room.)

Dalton: (getsure toward a chair in front of his desk.) Please have a seat.

(Blitz walks to the chair and sits down while the buisness man walks over to Dalton and stands of to his side.)

Dalton: First of all I'd like to congradulate you on your win.

Blitz: Thanks.

Dalton: Now to buisness. (Dalton opens one of his desk drawers and pulles out a metal brief case.) Now, rather you knew or not but we had a break in at one of our ware houses. (Dalton sits his elbows on the table and crosses his fingers) The thief atemped to steal this case here. He would have escaped if it wasn't for the fail safe on the case. The thief, who's name is Leo, managed to get away. we believe he might try again. Now to the point your here. I need you to deliver this case to Green Island, which is off the coast of Florida.

Blitz: Ok but why me I mean isn't this the job for the police or the army?

Dalton: Well, a good, reasonable point. Do you know what we do here at The Metalic Organization?

Blitz: No.

Dalton: We're a company that delevops speacial equipment for the military forces.

Blitz: OK but isn't that a reason why you should go get some sort of Escourt.

Dalton: Everything we develop here is top secret. Plus I do not trust escourts. Once this gets to the public, there will be more people trying to get ahold of the case. No, It's best to keep things on the down low.

Blitz: Well, Whatever. Sure I'll deliver it.

Dalton: Good. Now I want you to go with the package to the Metalic Harbor down in Florida, there my security will take you the rest of the way to green Island.

Blitz: No problem. No wait there is a problem. I don't have any transortation.

Dalton: Not to worry at all you can borrow one of the company vehicles. Mr. Vich, please show him to were the company cars are.

Mr. vich(buisnessman): Yes sir.

(Mr. Vich goes to the door and opens it. Blitz then picks up the metal case and heads for the door.)

Dalton: oh and Blitz.

Blitz: (glances back at Dalton)

Dalton: Just to warn you if Leo finds out about this he will more than likely go after you.

Blitz: (grins wide) No worries. I can take him.

(Blitz heads out the door followed by Mr. Vich. the door closes and the camera goes to a close up of Dalton)

Dalton: (Puts on an evil grin) Good.

(Camera fades)

(camera opens up to a red comvertable siting in a parking lot. Mr. Vich and Blitz walk up to it.)

Mr. Vich: this will be your ride.

Blitz: Sweet.

(Blitz hops in over the door and places the metal case in the passenger side.)

Mr. vich: Please be careful. The Metalic Organization is counting on you.

Blitz: No worries vich. But if your really that concerned.

(Blitz then takes the passenger side seat belt and buckles the metal case into it.)

Blitz: See nice and protected. Later. (puts on his own seat belt.)

(Blitz drives the car out of the parking lot and heads off. Camera follows him a bit then fades.)

(camera opens to Blitz driving down the interstate. Blitz is wearing Sun glasses and noding his head to the song playing on the radio. the scene continues like that for a few seconds then Blitz's cell phone rings.

Blitz: (anwsering cell phone.) Hello.

Tixy: (On the other end of the phone.) Hey Blitz, this is trixy from EWE, We had an interview not to long ago.

Blitz: Oh yeah I remeber you. What's up.

(the camera flashes to show a motor cycle also driving on the interstate. On it was Leo Kat. He was also wearing a pair of sunglasses. The scene then flashes back to Blitz in the convertible.)

Trixy: well I heard your Manager, Mr. Green, is busy with something for the next week. So I called you to schedule another interview to talk with you about your up coming match against Rick cage

(Scene once again flashes to Leo has he aproaches Blitz's car.)

Blitz: sure, I'd be...

(a thud his heard. The camera then goes to a close up from behind Blitz's head as he looks into the rear view mirror. the mirror shows Leo ramming his bike into Blitz's car.)

Blitz: (a grin spreads on Blitz's face) Trixy I'm going to have to call you back.

(Blitz puts away his phone has Leo drives up the side of the road.)

Blitz: You must be Leo. But your making this too easy.

(Blitz turn the stiring wheel and rammed the side of Leo's cycle. but Leo had quickly jumped to his feat. then he proceeded to grab the door of Blitz's car and flipped over it has his bike crashed on the side of the road. Leo proceeded his flip and tried to put Blitz's Head in a leg lock. But Blitz quickly ducked and swug his fist upward. The force made Leo flip back out of the car. Leo snatched the metal case just before he fell out of the car.)

Blitz: Oh no you don't. (Blitz slams on the breaks.)

(Blitz hoped out of the car as up ahead Leo had all ready recovered and was sprinting towards his cycle. Blitz chased after Leo. After about thirty seconds Blitz caught up to Leo. Blitz swung his legs low sweaping Leo off his feat. Leo however arches back and backflips over Blitz. Blitz turns around as Leo quickly lands and proceeds to tackle Blitz. Blitz toples over backward then he rolls, flipping Leo onto his back. the impact causes the case to slip out of Leo's hand and it skids a little ways off. Blitz runs to the case and picks it up as Leo lays there on his back.)

Blitz: (turns back towards Leo) The name's Blitz. Don't forget it. As long as I'm in charge of this case. your not getting it.

(Blitz starts jogging back to his car.)

Leo: this isn't over, Blitz. You can count on it.

(Blitz stops and turns back towards Leo)

Blitz: Well then, I'll be waiting.

(Blitz heads back to his car again and the scene fades.)

(The scene opens back up showing Trixy and Blitz sitting across from each other.)

Trixy: (Looking towards the camera) Hi I'm here once again with Blitz to discuss with him about his up coming match against Rick Cage.

Blitz: You know what, If you're always going to interview me you should put my name on one of these chairs like yours does.

Trixy: Well Blitz I interview many wrestlers here at EWE. So if I put your name on that chair all the wrestlers will want their own individual chairs.

Blitz: Ok then, if you say so, but arn't we here to talk about my up coming match with that cager guy. Why are we talking about chairs.

Trixy: because you brougth it up.

Blitz: Me, (Points to hiself) change topics like that, never.

Trixy: you just did.

Blitz: I'm sorry but you must be talking about my twin brother.

Trixy: Oh, and I surpose he's the evil twin.

Blitz: no, where both good twins.

Trixy: right (*sarcastically)

Blitz: it's true. i even have a picture.

(Blitz digs into his pocket and pulls out a photo and hands it to Trixy.)

Blitz: see?

(On the photo was Blitz back to back with his twin brother. They were identical, except The twin had brown hair.)

Trixy: oh I see, I geuss I was wrong.

Blitz: Don't worry I'll bring him to my next interview with you so you can meet him. (takes photo back and pockets it.) but anyways we were about to talk about my up coming match.

Trixy: oh yes. Now Rick Cage has previously been with us here at EWE. He has been tag-team champion and EWE Champion(*I need to check this). what do you say to that?

Blitz: Well, it doesn't matter to me what he's acomplished before. Mr. Prison is going to get a run for his money with me.

Trixy: you mean Cage.

Blitz: Cage, They told me it's going to be a standard match.

Trixy: It is.

Blitz: oh cool.

Trixy: Whatever, Now about that metal case that you have there with you, (points at the metal case leaning agaist Blitz's chair.) is there a reason behind it?

Blitz: nah, no reason. I just decided to keep my lunch safe by putting it in there.

Trixy: OK. Next question...

(suddenly the door to the room busts open and in walks Leo.)

Leo: I've got a question for him. Do you want to hand over that case the easy way or the hard way?

(Blitz jumps out of his chair and instanly grabs the case.)

Trixy: who's that?

Blitz: Trixy get back (Looks at Leo and grins) I was wondering when you was going to show up again.

Leo: Sorry to keep you waiting.

(Leo then charges straight at Blitz. When Leo reaches Blitz he instantley drops down and trys to swipe Blitz's legs out from underneath him. Blitz, However, Quickley jumps up and kicks Leo square in the chest. Leo then leans over and clutchs his chest concestrating on getting his breath back. Blitz runs over to Trixy who's keeping her distance. She's not to shook by the apearance of Leo.)

Blitz: Come on we got to get out of here.

Trixy: What are you talking about. I'm going to interview Him after he catches his breath.

Blitz: This isn't a stunt. We got to go.

(Trixy opens her mouth to object but Blitz grabs her by the arm and runs out the door.)

Trixy: Hey, What's going on here? (Weasing as she strugles to keep up with Blitz.)

Blitz: Well remember that luchbox I told you about.

Trixy: Yeah, let me geuss it's not a lunch box.

Blitz: correct but it's top secret. Honestly, I don't know exactly what it is I'm just delivering it.

(Blitz leads trixy out of the studio and to Blitz's car parked outside.)

Blitz: Trixy go, get in your car and get away from here. He won't go after you because he's after the case.

Trixy: No, I'm going with you.

Blitz: No offense but you'd just get in my way and besides why do you want to go with me?

Trixy: the viewers at EWE will want to here about this.

Blitz: Well I'll tell you about it later. (hopes into car and starts the engine).

Leo: (still inside the building) BLITZ!!

Blitz: on second thought get in if he catches you out here when I leave who knows what he'll do.

(Trixy gets in the car and just has she does Blitz Speeds off.)

(Camera fades.)

(Camera resumes on the car driving down another interstate. Blitz is driving and Trixy is in the back.)

Trixy: I don't see why I can't just sit in the front? I mean I could hold the case.

Blitz: Not taking any chances.

Trixy: what happened to the guy I was interviewing.

Blitz: Hey when I do things like that I act silly. It's just who I am.

Trixy: So your silly during interviews but all serious when things heat up.

Blitz: well I do enjoy facing off against tough opponent's. One reason why I'm looking forward to my match with Cage.

Trixy: Your one strange guy.

Blitz: one in a million.

(Trixy smiles at that. They sit quitely for a while. then...)

Trixy: oh I just can't stand it. (leans over the passenger seat and grabs the case)

Blitz: What're you doing?
Trixy: I want to know what's in this case.

(Blitz tries to swipe Trixy's hands back but Trixy grabs the Case and puts it into the back of seat. Trixy opens the case.)

Trixy: Why didn't they lock this.

Blitz: it could have been damaged all the times it had been dropped.

(Trixy discovers a file inside the case.)

Trixy: there's a file in here.

Blitz: What's it say.

Trixy: I thought you didn't want to know.

Blitz: Well since you all ready opened it.

Trixy: all right it. It says on the cover M.O.O.S.E.

Blitz: Moose. that's a weird name for a file.

(Trixy opens up the file and looks into it.)

Trixy: (after some seconds of viewing). Oh. Well I know why Leo's after this.

Blitz: Why?

(trixy hands on of the pages in the file to Blitz. On the page was a profile of Leo.)

Trixy: If I'm not mistaken, this Metalic Organization preformed expirencments on Leo. For what I'm not sure exactly.

(Trixy pulls out a small metal disk and holds it up for Blitz to see.)

Blitz: what's that?

Trixy: Not sure. But let's just give this to Leo.

Blitz: the disk thing?

Trixy: the whole thing. The Metalic organization doesn't need it.

Blitz: True but if We give it to Leo the Metalic Organization will come after us, well namely me.

Trixy: No worry's we'll just give them a fake.

Blitz: Well all right. But how do you expect we do that?

Trixy: Don't worry just trust me

(The scene fades).

(The scene opens back up at the Metalic Harbor. Blitz walks up to two gaurds at the entrance of the harbor. He's holding the metal case.)

Blitz: I booked a ride on your boat here to Green Island.

Gaurd1: Yes we've been expecting you. please board now.

(Blitz gets on board the speed boat tied at the end of the harbor. There a man drives Blitz to Green Island.  The scene fades and comes back with Blitz ariving at Green Island. There on the Island was a big metal building. Blitz walks up to two more guards at the entrance to the building.)

Blitz: Here you are. One Metal case.

(Blitz hands the metal case over to the security gaurds.)

Security gaurd 1: Thanks for your help.

Blitz: Right well I have a match to get to. you guys going to watch?

Security guard 1: sorry we will not.

Blitz: all right your missing out it's going to be awesome.

(Blitz heads back to the speed boat as the scene fades.)

(the scene comes back has Blitz gets of the boat back at the harbor. He walks to the comvertible. has he walks he glances to the shadows by some near by buildings. there you can bairley make out a guy standing there.)

Blitz: (Whispers) til we meet agian Leo.

(the guy in the shadows walks off. Blitz climbs into the comverible had starts the engine.)

Blitz: All right. Rick Cage here I come.

(Blitz drives off. the camera shows Blitz then fades off.)


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Re: Blitz Vs Rick Cage

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