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Blitz Vs Kronos Vs Ivan

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:13 pm

RP Link:

Note: I'll be adding layouts, coloring, RP Links (where possible) and Results links (again where possible) at a future date.


(Camera opens to blitz back turned watching a tv in the window of a store)

NewsMan: And for today's story, small town hero, Blitz 1 WhiteTiger, has joined the EWE. Now we bring you to our Reporter, Britney, has she interview's  

(TV shows Britney and Blitz)

Britney: We're here live with none other than Blitz 1 WhiteTiger.
Britney: So tell us Blitz, why have you decided to join professional wrestling.
Blitz: Well, it's a long story.
Britney: well please tell us.
Blitz: well...(looks at wrist) Oh is that the time. I've got to get going things to do and places to be.(takes off running).
Britney: (look at Blitz run off). I guess he just can't sit still, huh. (Turns toward camera) Well this is Britney Reporting to you live.

(TV shows back in newsroom)

NewsMan: We'll give you more on this as it unfolds.

Blitz: (to himself) Man, I hope those reporters don't make a big deal out of this.
(Blitz starts jogging off screen Camer fades)

(Camera opens to a ware house. suddenly emergency lights go off. A person emerges, caring a metal brief case, from the ware house being chased by three  
Security guards)

Security guard 1: Freeze thief.

(The thief continues to run as the Security guard continue to give chase)

(The thief run through a maze of ware houses while the Security guards continue to pursue. Finally the thief runs into a dead end)

Security guard 1: Now we got you (wheezing slightly).

(he and the other guards pull out rods and advance on the thief Who's back is still turned toward them. The first Security guard caught up to the thief and  
put his Hand on his shoulder.)

Thief: Wrong move. (Grabs the Security guard and easily flips him over his shoulder)

(The other two guards advance on him. The thief dives towards the nearest one feat first. he wraps his legs around the other guy's legs and twist bringing  
the Security guard down to the ground. The third one rushes to where the thief was on the ground. but the Thief spins on the ground knocking his feet out  
from under him.)

Thief: (getting up from the ground) Humph, pathetic (runs on)

(the thief finally reaches the exit. Suddenly as he reaches the gate a beeping sound is heard)

Thief: What the...

(The case sends electricity into the thief)

Their: (Screams then collapses to the ground)

(Camera fades)

(Camera open back up to an office. Sitting at the desk was a man in his thirties. He had on a finely tailered Black suit. His black hair was nicely parted.  
he was looking at a paper on his desk. There was a knock at the door)

Dalton: (looking up from his desk) Come in.

BuisnessMan: (Opening the door trembling slightly) uh sir we've had a break in.

Dalton: (voice sounding calm) Please shut the door and have a seat.

BuisnessMan: (slowly shuts the door and sit down into a chair in front of Dalton's desk).

Dalton: Good now tell me what happened.

BuisnessMan: well (tugs at his tie nervously) the thief as been identified as Leo Kat sir.

Dalton: Leo? What did he take? (still polite)

BuisnessMan: Well he was after the M.O.O.S.E. file sir.

Dalton: (eyes begin to show anger inside)

BuisnessMan: (noticing) But the fail safe in the case activated when Leo reached the exit sir. We were able to get the file back sir.

Dalton: and Leo?

BuisnessMan: He escaped.

Dalton: Well has long as he doesn't have the file.

BuisnessMan: (Sighs out of relief)

Dalton: The file is no longer safe here. It'll need to be transported to somewhere else.

BuisnessMan: Yes Sir, I'll get the guards right on it.

Dalton: No, The guards have already proven useless. No, what we need is someone with special's talents. Go I'll handle the arrangements myself.

(Camera fades)

(Camera opens to see Blitz walking down a street)

Blitz: (Whistling his opening music)

(Blitz' cell phone rings)

Blitz: (Taking out cell phone and anwsering it) Hello

Mr. Green: (on other end) Yeah Blitz, come to my Helicopter. It'll be at the airport in town.

Blitz: No problem be there in a sec.(Hangs up phone and puts it into his pocket).

(Camera fades and comes back at the airport)

(Shows Blitz boarding a Helicopter and the Helicopter takes off)

Blitz: So What's up.

Mr. Green: you have your first match in EWE coming up.

Blitz: Sweet. who am I up against?

Mr. Green: Well (Reaches inside his suite pocket, pulls out a picture and hands it to Blitz) it's a triple treat match. You'll be facing off against those  
two. (Picture is the one from the site). The one with the skull is Kronos. He's a brawler and technical fighter.

Blitz: Ok What about the other guy?

Mr. Green: the other guy is named Ivan.

Blitz: Ivan huh, whatís he do?

Mr. Green: Well I don't know much about him. You'll have to wait until you enter the ring.

Blitz: Ok. (Looking out the window) so where we headed.

Mr. Green: Where headed to Arena-Auditorium in Laramie, Wyoming.  You'll be the second match.

Blitz: Well Ain't I popular. I get the second match.

Mr. Green: Just because you are in the second match doesn't mean youíre popular.

Blitz: Oh alright if you say so.

Mr. Greeman: yes once we get there you will be having an interview with Trixy.

Blitz: Sure thing.

(Camera fades)

(Camera opens up to Trixy and Blitz sitting on chairs)

Trixy: Hi I'm Trixy and I'm here with Blitz to talk about his upcoming triple threat match. (Turns towards Blitz) Now tell us Blitz, being a rookie how do you feel about how you first match his against two other people.

Blitz: Well, Trixy, I'm ok with it. I'm getting excited about the match.

Trixy: Any words about your opponents?

Blitz: Well Kronos looks like he'll be lots of fun. but to be honest he reminds me of a Death Eater from Harry Potter.

Trixy: Harry Potter?

Blitz: Yeah you know the kid with the thunder bolt on his head that can turn tea cups into mice.

Trixy: Ok, (changes subject fast) So what about Ivan?

Blitz: What about him?

Trixy: what do you think about him?

Blitz: Hmmm... Well I think he's all right. He does have a fairly simple name.

Trixy: Well Ivan has been here at EWE for a while now.

Blitz: Your point?

Trixy: Ivan has more experience than you.

Blitz: Well I'm not so sure about that.

Trixy: How so, have you ever done professional wrestling before?

Blitz: No, but I'm an excellent fighter.

Trixy: well we'll just see about that in the ring.

Blitz: All right, sounds fun to me.

Trixy: (Turns toward camera) thatís all we have time. This has been an interview with Blitz who will be in a triple threat match against Kronos and Ivan.

(Camera fades out)

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Re: Blitz Vs Kronos Vs Ivan

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:13 pm
Results Link: (TBA)
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