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Little Yokai Vs Kelsi Parr Empty Little Yokai Vs Kelsi Parr

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:45 pm
[align=center]Little Yokai Vs Kelsi Parr KelsiLY

RP Link:http://s13.zifboards.com/hswefed/index.php?showtopic=329


The debut killer has struck again! This time taking out Wallace, Brother of Waldo! Well, we don’t really know of the two are related. But Wallace has been hard to find since his match. Regardless, our story starts in what appears to be a circus tent. That’s right, a circus tent. But there were no clowns in this circus tent, as the entire area was empty. Well, almost empty as one Justin Mason walks into the area. He’s looking a bit out of place with his business like suit and a long trench coat over that. The look on his face as he was followed closely by a cameraman was a little odd as he wasn’t even sure why he was there. But soon enough he arrived in the center area as he looked around.

Justin Mason: You see anyone?”

Justin asks the camera guy but you can’t see his response since he’s behind the camera. Justin then turns around as he begins to look around.

Justin Mason: Who do you think had us come here? None of the wrestlers competing at Slam 9 you’d consider a clown.”

Magically the cameraman spoke to Justin but it wasn’t caught on the camera. Or maybe Justin Mason is just hearing voices in his head. Who really knew.

Justin Mason: Would Auburn really call Johnny Jobber a clown like this? Besides, she doesn’t do these kinds of interviews.”

Again the magic of editing as the cameraman once again replies to Justin without a single word caught on camera.

Justin Mason: Same with Eli. I wouldn’t put it past him to call Blair a clown, but again he doesn’t really do interviews.”

Yet another wonderful performance by the cameraman as he gives Justin more information that the camera doesn’t pick up.

Justin Mason: Roller X? Well, I guess she might…”

But as Justin says this suddenly the trapeze swing moves as an individual swings off it and right at Justin shouting, you guessed it.

Little Yokai: FEAR ME!”

Justin had just enough time to turn around as he was clobbered by the great and powerful Little Yokai! Both of them falling down the tent floor in a crumbled mess. It took a bit but they finally managed to get up, despite our little hero… I mean villain striking out mighty blows to Justin Mason. When Justin gets up he looks to Little Yokai who had grabbed onto his leg and still striking with his tiny yet STRONG fists.

Justin Mason: Oh, it’s little Yokai. That was… some fall.”

Justin cleared his throat having been winded a bit there but little Yokai takes a step back and glares.

Little Yokai: You are NOT the one the evil YOKAI has summoned!”

Justin looks to him with a bit of an awkward yet confused expression.

Justin Mason: Yes I was. I got the message loud and clear. Have Justin go to this location.”

He would of mentioned the address or location of the circus tent but that would be to much effort and research to do so, thus he’s getting a cop-out. Our little villain shakes his head.

Little Yokai: You are NOT the enemy that is Justin! You are enemy known as Awkward man!”

Justin wasn’t sure what he was talking about.

Justin Mason: I am Justin. Justin Mason.”

Little Yokai: No, the one the EVIL YOKAI seeks is the one with the light colored train!”

Justin took a moment to think of what he was talking about. Then it hit him.

Justin Mason: Oh, Justin White. And it’s the White Express. It’s supposed to be a bus, not a train.”

Little Yokai tilts his head sideways.

Little Yokai: You DARE mock the EVIL Yokai?! An Express is a train! An EVIL train!”

Justin shrugs his shoulders slightly.

Justin Mason: Well, Justin’s is a bus. However, Justin White can’t really make it here now anyways. So how about I interview you instead? It is my job.”

Justin Mason gives a half smile and little Yokai just glares at him. But Justin shrugs awkwardly.

Justin Mason: Ook… So, let’s start about your win last Slam. Of course, the exact nature of that win is surrounded in mystery as there’s been some issues with the Hulu streaming service. Or at least with it streaming our show and thus the show has not been displayed. Regardless of all that, you have your what is it now, 3rd win?”

Little Yokai: The GREAT evil Yokai does not win 3rd time! Yokai always wins as ALL will FEAR ME!”

Justin Mason: Well, what ever you’re doing, it seems to be working. As that’s the 3rd debuting wrestler you’ve defeated and we have not heard from sense. Granted the one did get fired for attacking a ref… I wonder why you haven’t been charged with all the attacks you’ve done?”

That was a good question Justin and what does Little Yokai respond?

Little Yokai: Death to my ENEMIES!”

Well, not really an answer but Justin seems to just shrug it off and move along.

Justin Mason: So, next Slam we have you taking on Kelsi Parr. Which you could say could be used as a bit of a Sole Survivor Preview as both of you have signed up for the match.”

Or a warm up for Kelsi, but that’s only something the other Justin would say.

Little Yokai: There will be NO Sole Survivor as ALL will Fear me!”

Justin looks at him but just decides to just move on.

Justin Mason: So, I have to ask… why are we in a circus tent? Are you perhaps calling Kelsi a clown?”

Little Yokai: Clowns are evil! Parr is not Evil! Parr is a Super Hero family!”

This got Justin even more confused.

Justin Mason: Uh… come again?”

Little Yokai: Hero is the opposite of EVIL! Thus Parr is my enemy! Death to my Enemies!”

Justin was even more confused at this point. Then again did anything Little Yokai say really make any sense?

Justin Mason: So… Clowns are evil then… are you saying that you are a clown? Or are you talking about that old EWE SuperStar named “The Clown”? Or perhaps that’s a shot at Eli as he used to be a clown? And everyone’s been wondering if he really wants to join Paragon.. which I guess would make him evil.”

Little Yokai: Paragon is Evil! Yokai is EVILer!”

Justin shakes his head with a sigh as Little Yokai pretty much ignored everything that he just said.

Justin Mason: Ok… so do you have anything to say about your actual opponent? Aside for saying her family is a bunch of Super Heroes?”

Little Yokai: Fear me!”

Justin sighs as seems that was going to be the most he was going to get.

Justin Mason: Well… I guess that wraps this up.”

Justin said as he signaled for the cameraman to cut the feed. Just as he does he sees Little Yokai jump up and attack Justin again. Why? Just because. And that’s the end of things as we cut to black.


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Little Yokai Vs Kelsi Parr Empty Re: Little Yokai Vs Kelsi Parr

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:45 pm
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