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Little Yokai Vs Mystery Opponent Empty Little Yokai Vs Mystery Opponent

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:42 pm
[align=center]Little Yokai Vs Mystery Opponent LYMystery

RP Link:http://s13.zifboards.com/hswefed/index.php?showtopic=290

Welcome back, it’s time for another episode of Days of our Yokai. Last time we seen what was the true best performance of the night as our little guy made history by completing the quadfecta that is the 4 SBD World tournament finalists. That’s right! He’s lost to Eli! He’s lost to Auburn! He’s lost to Mizore! And now he’s lost to none other than the firestorm himself, James Ceno! So what’s next for our little guy? Well, we open up to the Mean Machine School of Wresting as it’s not decorate for the show but instead set up as different students go about training and learning from different Instructors. One of said instructors was currently coaching a student in the ring center of the room.

Instructor: "There you go. Hold him just like that.”

The instructor was pointing to the guy in how to successfully lock in some submission hold. While he does this suddenly! From out of no where…

Little Yokai: "FEAR ME!!”

Little Yokai jumps into the ring and attacks the two students. This message things up as the two students aren’t sure what to think as they both scramble around with Little Yokai, who was releasing blow after blow of his mighty Evil fists! Finally, the instructor has to step in and put a stop to this as he grabs Little Yokai by the scuff of his neck and pulls him away.

Instructor: "What’s the meaning of this? This is a place of learning when the show’s aren’t going on. So I suggest you leave.”

The two students slowly begin to stand up as Little Yokai kicks his feet a bit.

Little Yokai: "Do not lie to me! I know She’s here. She is EVIL and she is HERE!”

The instructor glanced to the two students as they were both now on their feet. Wasn’t either of them who he was talking about since they were both guys.

Instructor: "What are you talking about? Who’s she?”

Little Yokai: "You DARE Mock the EVIL Yokai by your claiming you do not know who SHE is?!”

The instructor doesn’t seem to threatened by little Yokai as the two students stifle a chuckle.

Instructor: "I’m not mocking you.”

Little Yokai: "You ARE?! For how can you NOT know of the EVIL that SHE is? She was there! All SEEN her EVIL!”

Again the coach had no idea what Little Yokai was talking about. Then again that’s the problem with the pronoun game.

Instructor: "I still have no idea who you’re talking about. But whoever she is, how do you know she’s even here?”

Little Yokai continues to be held in the air by this instructor. As Little Yokai just glares at him.

Little Yokai: "The SIGN!”

Instructor: "What sign?”

Little Yokai: "I seen her Wear it!? There!”

Little Yokai suddenly points over to one of the female students, she wore a black MMSW shirt on.. Little Yokai struggles and this causes the coach to drop him. Little Yokai then spring to life as he jumps over the ropes and goes to this student jumping at her.

Little Yokai: "Fear ME!”

The woman was doing some stretches as this caught her by surprise as he knocked her over and began to wail on her. The girl was trying to block them not realizing what was attacking her just yet. When the coach came over that’s when the student realized who was hitting her and pushed him off. Quickly standing up.

Female Student: "Hey, it’s Little Yokai~.”

She had a smile on her face as she saw him. Little Yokai growled as he saw her.

Little Yokai: "Not her.”

The coach caught up at this point.

Instructor: "Ok, Yokai, I’m not going to have you attacking the students.”

Female Student: "Oh, it’s ok. I didn’t realize it was Little Yokai~. He’s so adorable~”

Odd how she wasn’t to mad at Little Yokai but Yokai glares at her and points to the shirt she was wearing.

Little Yokai: "You BARE the sign! Where is SHE?”

Female Student: "Who’s she?”

She looked at the instructor and even he shrugged his shoulders. Little Yokai was getting more furious.

Little Yokai: "You all DARE Mock the Great EVIL Yokai? You bare the SIGN! You KNOW who she is?!”

Little Yokai glares at them all. But the instructor shakes his head. But then the female student had a thought.

Female Student: "Oh, maybe he’s talking about his opponent.”

The instructor scratches his head. He hadn’t seen the latest Slam Card.

Instructor: "His opponent?”

Female Student: "uh-huh. He’s got a mystery opponent. I didn’t know it was a she. Though that silhouette did look like it had long hair.”

This seemed to get Yokai’s interest.

Little Yokai: "She is My opponent?! She is EVIL beyond EVIL!! She will make ALL fear HER!”

The student looked down at Yokai.

Female Student: "But who is she? Come on you can tell us~ We won’t tell anyone, we promise.”

This seemed to enrage Yokai again.

Little Yokai: "You do not know? How dare you not know when you bare the sign!”

HIs fun high pitches voice rang out as he nearly jabbed a finger at the students MMSW T-shirt. The student actually giggles slightly at the poke before looking down at her shirt.

Female Student: "My shirt? Oh so she’s a student here?”

She looked to the instructor who was standing there he was also wondering who ‘she’ was but at the same time he was making sure Little Yokai didn’t try and attack someone again.

Female Student: "Do you know who she could be? I didn’t think anyone had graduated recently.”

The instructor shook his head.

Instructor: "There haven’t been any recent graduations. But it’s not against policy for students to also be in a federation while they’re here. It’s not recommended but it’s still possible.”

This got the student pondering as she looked down and smiled at Little Yokai’s adorableness. Then, that’s when it hit her.

Female Student: "Wait, you don’t think it’s… her… do you?”

The instructor thought about it then that’s when it started to click.

Instructor: "You know… I think it very well could be.”

Who wait? They know who Little Yokai is talking about? Or at least they think they know. One way or another Little Yokai seems to understand this.

Little Yokai: "Where is SHE!?! Tell me! I must FIND the EVIL one!”

The instructor shook his head.

Instructor: "Oh no. You’ve caused enough trouble as it is.”

Female Student: "Besides, why do you want to find her? She’s very mean and nasty. She’ll probably throw you through a wall just for saying ‘Fear me’ at her.”

The female student had a small geek-out moment at saying Fear Me. But it passed.

Little Yokai: "I will find her!”

With that Little Yokai shouted out as he ran off shouting his catch phrase!

Little Yokai: "Fear me!!”

The female student watches him go before back to the instructor.

Female Student: "You think he’d really have tried to attack her if he knew she was in class right now?”

Instructor: "Wouldn’t be the first class he’s interrupted. Still didn’t think they’d give her him as a first opponent. But enough of this, time to get back to work.”

The female student nodded as she went back to her stretches and the coach headed back to the ring.

And with that, we are done!!

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Little Yokai Vs Mystery Opponent Empty Re: Little Yokai Vs Mystery Opponent

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