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Little Yokai in Open Invite Battle Royal Empty Little Yokai in Open Invite Battle Royal

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:41 pm
[align=center]Little Yokai in Open Invite Battle Royal NABR

RP Link:http://s13.zifboards.com/hswefed/index.php?showtopic=268

Summer BreakDown has come and gone and so much has happened. Wait, you think I’m going to spoil it? Nah, you can read it if you like Wink. But I will say one thing… Where was Little Yokai during the great PPV? Well who really knows as our camera begins to roll in what appears to be the door to a room. What room? Does it really matter? But hey look the door’s ajar, let’s take a peak inside.

So the camera’s move so that it’s now looking straight into the room. We don’t get that much of a view but what we can see is what looks to be Venom! No not THAT Venom but Steve Wilcox, the silent muscle man of one Jack Michaels. What’s he doing there? Oh did I forget to tell you? We’re in the MMSW building and Jack’s well, not around. But there Venom is, handing what looks to be a red envelope with the words “From Jack” written on it as it’s passed to another individual that we don’t even get to see. What a rip off! Uh-oh here comes Venom as he’s now exiting the room. The camera quickly move away from the door fast as the big beast that is Venom steps out. Just as he did he glances over to what looks to be a bill board and there we see the BEST Superstar HSW has to offer signing “Fear Me” on the sign up sheet for the battle Royal. That’s right, it’s Little Yokai!!

No words are exchanged, at least not yet as Little Yokai looks over to see Venom just sort of staring at him. And that set’s Yokai off as with a yell of his catch phrase he runs at the big man!

Little Yokai: "Fear Me!!”

Little Yokai hits Venom’s leg again and again but Venom just stares down at him. Not to impressed. But Little Yokai will not be denied as he scales the mountain that is Venom as he straddles the back of his head and launches blow after blow on his head… which doesn’t to very much at all. Seriously Venom just stands there as Little Yokai again shouts out.

Little Yokai: "Death to My Enemies!”

Well, we could call it there, I mean both catchphrases in one recording. But no Little Yokai continues his ‘attack’ and finally Venom got bored as he reached behind him and pulls Yokai off by the scuff of his neck. He then proceeds to hold the little guy out in front of him as Yokai manages a weak yet very defiant…

Little Yokai: "Fear Me!”

Venom just stares at him before well, we don’t know as suddenly the screen goes to static. But not to worry, there’s another camera set up not that far away as our good friend Kelly is in the interviewing area. Perhaps getting finished from an interview or maybe expecting one. Well, it didn’t matter as suddenly, all we see is Little Yokai getting thrown across the room as Kelly turns around to see what that was. When she sees it she gives off one of them girly ‘aww’ as she sees Little Yokai slowly getting up. He growls in the direction he came flying in from but we don’t get to see Venom Return.

Kelly: "How are you Little Yokai? Nice of you to ‘drop’ by.”

Kelly giggled at her joke which only got a glare from Little Yokai.

Little Yokai: "Why are you laughing? I am not funny! I am EVIL!!”

But that high pitched voice of his just gets Kelly another ‘aww’ moment.

Kelly: "So Cute~”

Little Yokai: "I am Not Cute! I am Yokai! All will FEAR ME!!”

Didn’t seem his threats were going any where but Kelly did managed to recover enough from her ‘aww’ moment to get an idea.

Kelly: "Oh hey, since you’re here, how about an interview?”

Little Yokai: "Interview? How did you find out my evil plan?”

What evil plan? Well, Kelly’s got our backs as she brings out a microphone and looks at Little Yokai.

Kelly: "Plan huh? Oh you’re entering the North American Battle Royal? ”

Little Yokai: "Who told you that?”

Seemed she hit the nail on the head with that one. As Kelly just smiled.

Kelly: "Well you just did.”

Little Yokai: "I am EVIL and EVIL does not reveal their Evil plans to the enemy! But since you know, I will be going down to this “North American” Royalty and SEIZE it! By giving DEATH to my Enemies!”

Kelly again smiled as he used his so adorable catchphrase.

Kelly: "Aww, well that may be hard as we already know a few people who will be entering in the match. Like Jay Jobber!”

Little Yokai: "Jay Jobber thought that he and his Brother could stop the EVIL Yokai before! But I showed them to how to Fear Me!”

Kelly smiled again at his adorable catchphrase.

Kelly: "Oh you mean the 9way Elimination match during Slam 5. Yeah you were doing quiet well against the Jobber Brothers.”

Little Yokai: "Evil does not do ‘quiet well’ Evil does EVIL!”

You’d think that Kelly would of gotten a bit annoyed with Little Yokai talking a little weird like Jay does… well ok maybe not ‘that’ weird. But she’s swayed over by his ‘adorableness’.

Kelly: "I think everyone was still surprised when you Eliminated Rocco Abrams. Though I guess technically it was Annie’s doing but it still counted as your pinfall”

Little Yokai: "Rocco will Fear Me!”

Kelly nodded as she smile.

Kelly: "So back to the Battle Royal, we also have been told that James Ceno has been in this match. Of the ‘final four’ for the HSW World Championship Tournament he’s the only one you have yet to face in one way or another.”

Little Yokai: "Ceno may think he is EVIL. But I am Yokai! I am more EVIL!!”

Kelly shrugged her shoulders. Not that she was denying nor the opposite of what he said, but that darn cuteness. I don’t think she really got what he said.

Kelly: "The only other person we know of who has said anything about entering the Battle Royal was a Mystery Opponent. It really could be anyone, Maybe Desmond King wanting to get a bit of hype for himself. Maybe Rocco has healed from his injuries and is returning or even some former EWE Superstar. So who do you think he could be?”

Little Yokai: "I don’t think.. I KNOW who it is!”

This actually peaked Kelly’s interest.

Kelly: "You do? Who is it?”

Kelly moves the microphone closer to Little Yokai so he could tell us.

Little Yokai: "He is!! My Enemy!! And Death to my Enemies!!”

Kelly actually giggled at that.

Kelly: "Oh, you’re just too cute. But any final words?”

Final words? Of course the Great and Powerful Yokai has some final words. And they are…

Little Yokai: "Fear ME!!”

Kelly again giggled as just then Little Yokai saw what looked to be Venom passing by the entrance to the interview room. So Little Yokai ran out and out of the entrance shouting his battle Cry yet again.

Little Yokai: "FEAR ME!!”

They were off camera at this point but all we hear is a few crashes before again Little Yokai comes paling past the doorway again and crashes off camera. And that’s all she wrote.

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Little Yokai in Open Invite Battle Royal Empty Re: Little Yokai in Open Invite Battle Royal

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:41 pm
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