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Roller X In Golden Intentions Battle Royal

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:41 am

RP Link:


The scene begins in what looked to be an interview set. Roller X was there with a reporter by then name of Hellen Martin as they had just finished up with an interview for something HSW related. When it was over, Hellen looked to Roller X and smiled.

"Well, thanks for the interview and I also would like to wish you luck in the CWF Golden Intentions Battle Royal you’ve entered.”

Roller X hears this and hits her head.

"Oh f*** I completely forgot about that.”

Roller X looks at the time and frowns. There wasn’t much time left until she had to have some form of promo up. She then glanced to the camera they had been using to record the interview with.

"Mind if I use that for a quick promo?”



Hellen stepped out of the camera’s view as Roller X made sure it was still rolling before she smiled.

"Geeze, it’s been such a busy week with HSW that I completely forgot about entering the CWF Battle Royal. I mean how can you forget about something like that?”

Roller X asked the camera as she chuckled to herself. She then pulled out her phone and quickly made her way to the CWF website so she could check out the card.

"Let’s see who’s all in this thing… Well first we got Ryokan from whatever OSW is.”

Roller X looks to the camera and rolls her eyes.

"You Japanese or something? Cuz that name sounds like it’s straight from a Dragon Ball Z movie. And OSW, huh? Outting Several Wrestlers perhaps? I dunno.”

Roller X looks back to her phone before she sees the next batch.

"Oh look, we have an Academy. Again not sure what that is but hey your in school so congrats to you. As for the guys representing the place you got Yusuf? Wasn’t that the name of the guy from WWE? Or am I mispronouncing it? James Skelton? Hey Halloweens cool and all but tone it down man. Then We got an Eris, which you got me on how to pronounce it. And finally Kalan El… Superman’s favorite relative.”

Roller X rolled her eyes again. She hadn’t done any research on any of these guys and she was running out of time to get this out there.

"Oh here’s one I recognize. Jaslenne Sugay from World Wrestling Headquarters. Funny sounds like the name of a business office than a federation. But as for Jasmine, well I hear her and her sister are sticking around my home fed. So when this is all over and you fail to make a difference here, I can kick your ass in an HSW ring if you like.”

Roller X winks to the camera before moving on to the next batch.

"Next we got Alan who has the ‘gull’ to be Envy. Envy of what? Probably all the other feds who have better name choices.”

Roller X chuckles to herself before she finds the next section which contained her own fed.

"Oh Look here, Christy Chaos is in the match. Yay I get my shot at her… wait who am I kidding, her record’s pitiful outside the EWE. Oh look there’s the other Sugay. Guess it’s official they’re staying in my company but talk about your divide in concor as one Sugay is representing an office suite, the other is pretending they matter to HSW. Then you got Maya which.. Well who cares about her.”

Wonder what she meant by that. But who really could tell and Roller X didn’t have time to go into details.

"And there it is, my own name. So nice of myself to sign up and completely forget about it. But whatever.”

Roller X rolls her eyes as she again scrolls down spotting the next group.

"WWEx huh? What they a knock off of the real WWE or something? And look the rep is named after one of them too. Sounds legit.”

Roller X didn’t really know nor care if it was the real Christopher Danials or not. So she just moved on.

"Free Agents are next and first one is Thunder Dragon? That guy got boo’d out of the HSW ring for being an idiot for lending his support to Eli in the HSW World Championship Tournament. Then you got the King of all Jarvis’s… thought Jarvis was now implanted in Vision now or something like that. Then again his doesn’t exactly show what he looks like. Then you got “The Ripper” Danny B… well sorry Danny but the Ripper is named Jack. Not Danny.”

Roller X shrugged her shoulders as she lookedd back down to her phone as she got to the final section. She smirked slightly as she saw some of them.

"And now we got the home team. Starting the entire “Brewer’s team. Eh I hate baseball, so dull. Then you got a Chaolin Showdown fan which if you don’t know what that is, don’t ask, not that great of a show.”

Roller X looked up at the ticking clock. Time was almost up.

"Connie Valentina… yeah the slight name change doesn’t hide the fact you like the holiday. Then you got Cray Chris, so Crazy that I just don’t care about him at all. But then you got his brother Danerous Dan. Ooh scary.”

Of course Roller X was just poking fun as she had know idea if the two were even related.

"Then you got Kirk’s son. I wanna hear him say “Beam Me up Scotty”. Freddie Styles is next and let me tell you, Freddie was never in style. Freddy on the other hand, now that’s a better name. Next you complete the trio of Cray Chris, Dangerous Dan and now Henry Danger… wait wasn’t that the name of new kids show on Disney Channel? Well wouldn’t know how new but my little brother and sister do enjoy Disney Channel.”

Roller X checked the time then the list as she was getting closer to being finished.

"Hayden Allister… well who’s Den Alister and why am I saying hey to him? Jace Valentine is another lover not a fighter. Ry Drake makes me think of Why Drake… who’s Drake? Again I dunno.”

Roller X was getting a little cheesy with what she was saying but she was running out of time but she had three more to go.

"Then you got the Mysterious M.R. Not sure what’s so mysterious about the ER… What you don’t get it? If you you put an E on it’s side.. oh forget it.”

Roller X rolled her eyes. She didn’t have time to explain.

"Tristen Kancer, Dude I’d get a name change, because those cancer cells might see it and decide to call you home. Finally, we got… uh… YeDah ?”

Roller X looked at the name again and still wasn’t sure what was with the extra characters or why it was in all caps.

"Well.. YEDAH!! to you too I guess.”

Roller X shrugged her shoulders before pocketing her phone. She then looked at the camera again.

"Well, I hope you enjoyed that little rushed run down of this crazy match. Either way just know that at Golden Intentions, all of Your Fates, are Sealed.”

Roller X walked over and turned off the camera as she went to go submit it. Which she had just enough time to do so.


(OOC: Yeah sorry about it.. as I said I was busy during the week with many other things and better this than no showing. Razz. So hopefully next time I can do a better one.)[/align]
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Re: Roller X In Golden Intentions Battle Royal

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:17 pm
[align=center]Results Link:

(Note @Jaiden_RishelCWF is the twitter account for the fed.)[/align]
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