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Roller X Vs Nero Phoenix Empty Roller X Vs Nero Phoenix

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:36 am
[align=center]Roller X Vs Nero Phoenix RXNero

RP Link:http://s13.zifboards.com/hswefed/index.php?showtopic=247


Las Vegas. That’s what we open up to as the camera begins to roll. But this isn’t just any view of Las Vegas as it tends to be from the outside as evidence by the camera slowly beginning to zoom out as we see more of the desert area that surrounds the city. As the camera continues to zoom out we begin to see a particular outstretch of road heading straight for the city. This road seemed important and sure enough we can tell that the road is right next to where the camera is stationed. But it’s not the road we focus on but a billboard next to this road with the following inscription:

Next Exit

Summer BreakDown.

"This was my destination.”

Roller X’s voice comes from just out of the camera’s view but not for much longer as she steps in front of the camera her back facing it. Roller X just stands there a moment just looking up at that billboard before finally she begins to speak again.

"It was going to be spectacular. The first Pay-per-view of the company, the biggest night of High Stakes Wrestling, My Destination!”

Roller X’s first began to clinch in almost fury as she continued to look up at the Summer BreakDown Sign. Finally, the camera slowly begins to circle around to Roller X’s left.

"I had a chance to get there, so many different roads I could have taken… but here I am, stuck here.”

Roller X slowly turns to the camera the anger slowly building on her features.

"First it was Mizore who cut off my road to Summer Breakdown. I still can’t believe I lost that match, but I know it was my own fault. I was to focused on stupid issues. I took things to personal in that match and the ice storm on the road was just to much for me to bare forcing me to take a detour.”

Roller X just glanced down for a moment as her tone shifted.

"Then the incident happened. I just couldn’t believe it. What my sister had done.. what everyone was saying about her. Sure some were giving their support… but the likes of James Ceno, Annie Fugate… they all criticized her. Said she should of finished the job… and all I could see was red.”

Roller X’s anger began to flare up again. Her first tightening as it was the one way to keep her rage in check. But her eyes flew open staring straight into the camera again.

"When I went into that 9-way match, my detour to the Summer BreakDown, my mind wasn’t on the championship opportunity. I just wanted to hurt the ones in that ring, make them pay for all the things they said, or just to vent out all that anger inside of me. But my biggest target was Annie Fugate. She was the one who did not deserve to win that match. She was the one that I NEEDED to personally eliminate… Then Auburn comes out of no where.”

Roller X’s Rage boiled over as she took a few steps forward practically yelling at the camera now.

"What the F*** Auburn!! Why would you DENY me that pleasure?! Why couldn’t you have waited JUST a few F***ing seconds?! I wouldn’t of cared then, you weren’t in my cross-hairs that night as I know you wanted what was best for my sister. Instead you denied me my rights to be the big sister I am supposed to be by making Annie PAY!”

Roller X yelled out in a rage induced yell at the camera. How dare Auburn. Rather she was Annie’s sister’s friend or not, she shouldn’t of done that. Finally, Roller X managed to calm down enough as she just stood there a moment, breathing deeply. When she spoke next she slowly began to walk to towards the billboard.

"And there was that detour to Summer BreakDown. Gone as the fiery rage caused me to crash and I was without a way to what will be the greatest show of High Stakes Wrestling.”

Roller X finally made it to the base of the billboard as she stopped and leaned slightly on the post as she crossed her arms.

"Yet, surely there was another way for me to get into that show right? There had to be another avenue that I could have taken. And you’re right, there was. After all I am a woman and also being defended at Summer BreakDown was the Women’s Championship. Yet it wasn’t just the title itself that intrigued me but the stipulation. I am a sucker for the extreme and there it was sitting right in front of me. A Las Vegas Roulette match, not to unlike the 9 way match, minus a few less participants. But after each elimination the rules would change and you wouldn’t know how it would end up.”

Roller X actually began to smirk to herself as she envisioned the different types of matches that could be held.

"Ladder, Steel Cage, Extreme Rules, maybe even an Inferno match if they’d spring for it. There’s just so many possibilities that it could be and I would be loving every minute of it.”

Roller X’s excitement for the possibility was pretty clear. But then it faulted as her grin slowly began to fade.

"But then I was hit with a road block. It seemed Christy Clack-Chaos decided not to add me to the match. I couldn’t believe it either so I asked her straight up and you know what she said? She said she saw me more as a competitor on the men’s side, even saw a bit of herself in me. Well thanks for the compliment, but you said I wouldn’t want to be in the match because of that? Are you kidding me?”

Roller X rolled her eyes in a little frustration.

"This is Summer BreakDown we’re talking about. It’s been given some of the biggest hype around and you think I would miss it just because I wouldn’t want to go for what I’d deem as a lesser title? But why didn’t I say any of this to her?”

Roller X gave a slight sigh dropping her head down a bit before looking back towards the camera.

"Truth be told I know Maya was in that match. And I didn’t want to get in her way for getting a title that I know she would want? So I let her have the match. I wish her luck… even if that was the final option for me to get into the biggest show of them all.”

Roller X didn’t even bother mentioning the tag team match, which would wind up having the same reasoning for why she was ok being not in it as Women’s. Though not having a Tag partner for it didn’t help. So Roller X stood up slightly.

"So there it was. My dreams of going to Summer Breakdown are gone. It is no longer my Destination…”

Roller X paused as she bent down from the camera’s view. When she straightened back up she held a can of green spray paint in her hands. Roller X turned around as she sent up the few steps to the small platform in front of the bill board. After lifting her shirt’s collar over her mouth and nose, she gave the can a good shake before starting to spray onto the billboard. The camera watched this, still on the side of the billboard so it didn’t catch just what she was painting. Eventually, she finished as she stepped back admiring her work. While she did this the camera slowly panned around now showing what the sign now read.

Next Exit


Roller X smirked as she pulled down the shirt from her mouth and nose before turning around towards the camera and indicating it with her hand.

"That’s right. Before Summer BreakDown begins, there will be another show. It will be the second edition of Frontline.”

Roller X smirked before she took a step forward and sat down at the edge of the small platform in front of the billboard before placing the can of spray paint to her side.

"You might be wondering why all the hype? I mean it is the PreShow it won’t be as grand as being on the big event itself… and to that I agree with you. But truth be told I don’t care. I’m itching for a fight, someone I can take out some of my frustrations for not getting into the big dance and I refuse to head to the MeanMachine School of Wrestling building on September 9th and just watch the show. I want a match, any match. And Mrs. Clark-Chaos hasn’t failed to deliver.”

The smirk returns to Roller X’s face as she thinks on the match ahead.

"But who is it that I have you ask? Well he’s none other than the old firebird who’s risen from the ashes, Nero Phoenix.”

Roller X’s smirk only widens at the mention of his name.

"Oh of all the things I could say about this Phoenix. He is a well known heel from the EWE days, not that I ever seen him in a match, but I have heard stories from my step-dad. But we don’t care about that Phoenix right? He burned himself of his old life and is now anew.”

Roller X smiles at her little phoenix metaphor.

"But what I can tell you about is what he’s been up to recently. And recently he had his HSW debut at the very first Frontline where he took on and beat Jay Jobber in an interesting way. And by interesting I mean you just beat the living crap out of him for a good 5 minutes before you decided to end your little play time.”

Roller X thought about it a moment and it actually excited her. He was going to be an interesting opponent.

"Before that you were a manager though. As you were set on using Rocco Abrams and using him to help you take HSW by the throat to prove some kind of point. But what still alludes me is why did you wait so long to ditch Rocco? What was that turning point? I mean he failed you pretty badly in the triple threat. But why not ditch him before the next match? To send some kind of message? Then again, I don’t really care.”

Roller X rolled her eyes to further prove her point.

"Rather you felt like playing mind games with Rocco for some reason is really no concern of mine. But it does help me get a little bit into your mind set. After all you think you’re out here ready to take this company by storm? You think that your little grudge against it’s founder’s brother will be more than what I’ve been through? Give me a break.”

Roller X couldn’t stay seated any longer as she hopped up from her spot and just continued to stare daggers into the camera.

"You’ve made it to the top. You held on to that title, even if it was taken from you. As myself? I’ve constantly been left starving to finally get a championship of my own as more times than I can count I’ve had that elusive championship opportunity dangle over my head just to watch someone else snatch it away.”

Roller X’s hands began to clinch again as her anger built.

"They say that time heals all wounds and for you, you won’t be as hungry for another taste of gold as you may think. You’re wound has had time to heal and while it may have left you with a nasty Scar, my wound is still fresh and I’m ready to lash out. I missed my meal and you are just what the doctor ordered.”

Roller X takes a step towards the edge of the platform she was standing on as her fire continues to burn in her eyes.

"So remember that Nero as I’m coming to my new destination, and your fate is sealed.”

Roller X hopped down from the platform and walked off the camera’s view all the while it remained on the billboard before cutting to black.

Next Exit


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