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Roller X in 9-Way Elimination Match Empty Roller X in 9-Way Elimination Match

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:17 am

-Roller X in 9-Way Elimination Match 9Way-

RP Link:http://s13.zifboards.com/hswefed/index.php?showtopic=142

OOC Note: Yeah I went to close to the 4k mark so that's why I remove the 'who's speaking' part. This is not a norm. But all people are color coded.


Monday arrived in the Jensen Mansion as it’s occupants were going about the day. The owners of the house, Michael and Kristy, were currently not there. The two youngest ones were at the park with their nanny, which left only the Jensen staff and one Roller X inside the entire place. Roller X, was pacing in her room having just gotten off the phone with Jack Michaels, as he had informed her of where Maya was currently at. Roller X’s mood was more than foul as varying different emotions ran through her. Worry, Anger were just the tip of the ice berg.

"It’s ALL her fault! She should of been paying more attention! That F*cking D*mn Ice B*TCH!!”

Roller X slammed her fist into the her bed’s mattress in her anger as Mizore filled her head. Perhaps it was partly because she was sore from losing her second match and with the exact same type of counter, perhaps it was just her wanting to blame someone, Anyone for what Maya did.

"She trusted you, Mizore, and you let her down!”

Roller X could practically see Mizore standing in front of her as her harsh tones cut through the air. How she longed to go over and let all her frustrations out on Mizore. But it wouldn’t be happening.

"You were the one really in her life… Not me. I couldn’t do a f*cking thing about it but you, oh that’s right, you’d rather of taken a trip to the mall, buy more of those d*mn skirts of yours, How many Plaid Skirts do you even need, B*tch?! You dress like a f*cking anime character. So maybe that’s why you went to hang out with your mom, the two of you have that in common. Android f*cking 18.”

Roller X wasn’t mad at Mizore’s mom per say, but in her rant, just about anyone wasn’t safe. Roller X yelled out again in frustration as she turned around and slammed her hand back into the mattress of her bed. Yet, this seemed to only infuriate her all the more as her fist only hit the soft cushions of the mattress which caused her to fire another punch at the mattress. She struck the mattress again and again, almost determined to punch it enough times until it was nothing but a hard surface her hand was hitting. Eventually, her rage calmed enough as she realized the mattress just wasn’t going to die, at least from the onslaught of punches. She stood there a moment as her rage just continued to boil before she glanced over seeing the picture frame she had thrown against the wall after returning home and learning what Maya had done. Slowly, she walked over and picked it up. Looking past the shards of glass that was still attached to the frame and to the picture that still lay beneath. This was the same picture she had that depicted her, Maya and Mizore.

"How could you have done this Maya… I… I know it was bad, but if you would of just talked to me… maybe, you wouldn’t of tried to end your life.. How can I protect you if you won’t share with me?”

Roller X just looked at Maya in the picture for what was the longest time. A tear slowly begin to roll down her face. But her brief reprieve from her anger didn’t last as her eyes drifted to Mizore in the photograph. Her eyes narrowed as her anger build right back up as she threw the frame across the room, this time it hit a lamp in the room causing it to shatter. Roller X just didn’t care as she stared daggers at where the frame had landed. She was like that for a while before there was a knock on the door followed by a concerned voice.

"Miss Jensen, is everything all right in there? I heard a crash?”

Roller X recognized the voice as the newest house maid in the Jensen Manner. However, Roller X didn’t respond right away, but when she did her voice still had that tenge of anger.

"Everything’s Fine Boba Loo. I broke a lamp, get in here and clean it up.”

The door slowly opened as in walked the young red hair’d cleaning maid as she glanced over towards where the lamp was not lying in pieces on the carpeted floor. She looked like she was already carrying a broom and dust pan.

"Boba Loo? I told you my name is Annabelle.”

Roller X turned her eyes to Annabelle. They weren’t as full of rage as they had been but the cleaning maid would easily be able to tell she was in a foul mood.

"Yeah and? If I wanna call you Boba Loo, I can.”

Annabelle just nodded. She was trying to be as courteous as she could. She then looked over to the broke lamp, deciding the best way to clean it up.

"I’ll have to get the vacuum.”

"Then go get it.”

Roller X wasn’t usually this mean to the staff at the Jensen Mansion but her anger had yet to fully settle. Annabelle just bowed her head as she turned around to head out the room. She was just about to step out when she paused and turned back towards Roller X.

"Oh, I almost forgot. You have a visitor. She’s downstairs in the lounge.”

Roller X’s curiosity was slightly peaked at the news.

"Who is it?”

Annabelle opened her mouth to reply but then froze before frowning slightly.

"Oh, sorry I forgot to ask.”

Roller X rolled her eyes. How did she even get hired? But Roller X just didn’t seem to care as she began to walk towards the door herself.

"Whatever, just get that mess cleaned up.”

"Yes Ma’am.”

Annabelle nodded as she walked out of the room and went to go get the vacuum. Roller X, however, headed the other direction as she made her way down stairs and to the lounge. Her mind was slightly curious as to who it was, but mostly she just hoped it wasn’t one of the few people she did not want to see, then again she would love to sink her fists into one of them right now and that was on her mind as she walked into the lounge and glanced towards the black hair’d Asian sitting on one of the white decorative sofas.

"Chill? What are you doing here?”

Chill, or Arctic Chill as she was also called, was one of Roller X’s Roller Derby teammates. On hearing of her name, Chill looked over to RX with a huge smile on her face right before standing up on what looked to be in-line roller skates. Roller X caught a helmet that was sitting on the sofa.

[color:84e4= #BAF1FF]"Roller X, How you been girl!”

Chill walks over, the carpeting allowing her to do so and her years of balance on skates keeping her from following over. Chill then proceeded to give Roller X a hug. It was a quick hug as Roller X didn’t really return the hug. When Chill stopped the hug, she took a slight step back. Roller X just looked at her as her anger was being subdued a bit by the almost surprise visit.

"You haven’t answered my question. Though if this is about the ride to Vegas… It won’t be today.”

Even if Roller X wished she could head out there today, she was practically stranded there until her parents returned as she didn’t have the money for a plane ticket and for a hotel room until she could get picked back up with her mother’s jet. Chill however, shook her head as if to say the question was silly.

[color:84e4= #BAF1FF]"No no, I’m not here for that. I’m here to get you. Now, grab your gear, we got some skating to do!”

Roller X actually crosses her arms as more of her mood from earlier was beginning to return.

" Chill… I really don’t feel like…”

Didn’t seem Chill was having any of that as she didn’t even let Roller X finish speaking.

[color:84e4= #BAF1FF]"Nonsense. You’re in here all a Grumpy Gus and taking it out on Twitter. So we’re going to the skate park to get your mind off things.”

Roller X just short of stood there as Chill’s eyes showed both a smile and determination. But Roller X only shook her head.

"You don’t get it Chill…”

But Chill shakes her own head as her tone softens a bit.

[color:84e4= #BAF1FF]"You’re right. I can’t really compare it to anything. I don’t have any siblings… that I know of. And my moms are happy and so am I. But we’ve been through some tough times before… even before we met in the orphanage. But you know, the best thing that I found to help getting through those tough times is to be with friends and family. So since the others are gone and well, the others aren’t talking to you still…”

Roller X frowns at this. It didn’t seem to help her mood, but Chill held up her arms in her defense.

[color:84e4= #BAF1FF]"Hey now, they don’t even know what’s going on. They don’t get on twitter…”

Roller X raised an eyebrow.

"Don’t get on twitter? I saw them follow Auburn around the same time you did.”

Chill began to look a little sheepish before giggling.

[color:84e4= #BAF1FF]"Ok, Ok. I might have stolen their phones for a moment there. I figured once all this negativity is behind us, they’d want to talk with Auburn as well. She’s a pretty great person. Ooh I can’t wait to meet her.”

Roller X half rolled her eyes slightly at Chill’s enthusiasm.

"Well, whatever. Thanks for the offer Chill, but I really don’t want to…”

[color:84e4= #BAF1FF]"Oh you don’t have a chose. We’re going to go have some fun.”

Chill said as she quickly went over and grabbed her helmet then went back to Roller X and began to give her a playful push.

[color:84e4= #BAF1FF]"Now come on. Get your gear.”

Roller X wanted to resist, but a part of her knew that this would probably help. Sure it wasn’t the same as sinking her fist into something, but Chill was right. Roller X needed to get her mind off of it. At least, for now.

"Ok Ok…”

Roller X replied as Chill continued to push Roller X back up stairs and to her room to get their gear. After a quick change, they both headed out as they made their way to the local Skate Park.

It was a little later in the day as Roller X and Arctic Chill were at the Skate Park in Washington Park. They were both skating around, grinding the blades around the grind rails or just hitting up the various dips in the place, performing various number of tricks. As the two girls continued this, just having fun, another lady walks up towards the end of the first drop. This lady wasn’t dressed to do any skating, skate board, skates, or otherwise. But she was dressed in a brown business casual attire. Her brown hair was very nice as it hung down to her shoulder blades. For the moment she just stood at the edge of the park, her eyes watching Roller X. It took awhile before Roller X finally notice the lady as both recognition and anger shot over her as she stopped her trick and skated over towards the lady. She practically shouted at her once she got within speaking range.

"What the H*ll are you doing here Hellen?! You’d better not have come to get some scoop on what happened to Maya!”

Hellen, or Hellen Martin didn’t seem to taken aback. She was a reporter and a friend of the Jensen Family. While her and Roller X were on good terms for the most part, that didn’t stop Roller X from remembering the last time her sister was having trouble, and Hellen was there only to make it worse.

"Why would I do something like that? You know as well as I do, the circumstances last time.”

Hellen seemed calm but Roller X didn’t seem to really be calming herself. Just then, Chill came over looking between them before smiling at Hellen.

[color:84e4= #BAF1FF]"Hi Hellen.”

"Hello Chill.”

It was a friendly greeting. Chill was about to say something when Roller X interrupted.

"So what ARE you doing here then?”

"Pretty hostile aren’t you?”

Roller X didn’t reply as she just stared daggers into Hellen, still waiting for her response. Hellen just shrugged her shoulders not really intimidated. She’d seen worse in her line of work.

"Well, if you must know, I’m here for a few reasons. I had heard what happened from your mother and yes I have already agree I won’t be adding it to my News Blog.”

"You’d better not.”

"However, as I was talking to your mother, she told me that she believe’s that you’re letting this get in your way of focusing for your match. So she sent me over here to give you an interview. Not like she can force any of the HSW Interviewers to come all this way and I could use the story for Sweet Digits.”

Sweet Digits was the name of Hellen’s news blog. At one point she had been working for various other news papers but after an incident she was black listed from all major newspapers. While at first she was hired by Kristy to work for EWE as a part time interviewer as well as work on some EWE Exclusives but EWE was gone and so Hellen started up her own News Blog in order to continue to do her passion.

"So how about it? I’m sure it will be a little more therapeutic than yelling at people on Twitter.”

Roller X stood there a moment. It probably was better to speak out her thoughts than to just type them down. But Roller X had to confirm something else first.

"And you’re sure you’re not going to mix around my words like you did to Maya?”

"I promise.”

Roller X looked over to Chill who gave her a nod. She thought it was a good idea. So Roller X finally gave Hellen a nod.


She said before skating over to a near-by bench. The Hellen and Roller X sat down while Chill took a seat as well, sitting next to Roller X but enough distance so Roller X wouldn’t feel crowded, not a good thing for someone who was about to vent. Hellen, took out her phone and set up her tape recorder app. Afterwords she pulled out a pen and notepad before hitting record.

"Hello everyone. I’m here with HSW Women’s SuperStar, Roller X. Say hello, Roller X.”

Roller X just gave a slight nod not really wanting to give a friendly greeting. Hellen made a note of it before she continued on.

"Now, for the past two shows, ever Since Slam #3, High Stakes Wrestling has put on a Double Elimination tournament where the winner will become the very first HSW World Champion. Roller X here, has won the first round of the tournament but lost to Mizore in the second round which had landed her in Round 3 in a 9 way Elimination Match to see who joins Mizore, James Ceno, and Eli at HSW’s first Pay-per-view, Summer Breakdown, for the conclusion of the tournament. But before we get to that, let’s talk about your last match against Mizore.”

Roller X’s mood was already turning south. First at the mention of Mizore, then the mention of Ceno and Eli, both of which caused her anger to resurface.

"Listen, I couldn’t care less about that match with the ice b*tch. In fact I’m kind of glad that I lost. Because then she’d probably do something to try and make Maya’s condition even worse. She’d be all like “Oh, Maya, baby, you should totes show up for our match, it’ll be so much fun and it’ll be a good one for all the fans”… Then when she gets there she’ll play all nicey nice until finally BOOM she turns on the business. Just like she did with our match. The only thing that frozen b*tch cares about is that World championship. While I do care about getting that title as well, I will make sure Maya doesn’t get to the match because I know she’s not ready for it. Unlike Mizore who even predicted her to win in her failed excuse of a blog. Well maybe if she wouldn’t of been spending so much in that thing typing away during the shows, maybe what happened Would NOT have happened.”

Roller X was still fuming as she stopped momentarily to give Hellen a chance to interject.

"So you believe your sister is not ready for the 9 way Elimination match? Most of those on twitter think she’ll be ready for it.”

"What the f*ck do they know? Like Ceno, saying that she’ll bounce back. Yes she’ll bounce back but a match is what pushed her to her breaking point so what does anyone know huh? Ceno probably just thinks she’s down because of her loss. Just like Mandie Wheeler. They all think I’m underestimating my sister’s resolve. No, I’m not underestimating. As much as I hate what’s going on, I believe she will get better. But throwing her in a match this early… It’s one stupid mistake on management’s part.”

"You mentioned Mandie Wheeler, she is another one of your opponents and you had a rather nasty exchange on Twitter. But do you believe there’s any truth to her saying she’s simply holding all her cards and waiting for the right moment to reveal them? After all she may have something planned to say at a later date.”

"Holding back her hand? Are you kidding me? That’s just a line she likes to use to make herself feel better. You can’t tell me she’s trying to bluff her way in the tournament. Sure I could give you her first match as nothing was on the line. But then she wants to claim she was holding back in Round 1 of the tournament? She underestimated what his manager was willing to go to make sure she came out of it a loss. Then what about Yokai? That’s right, while the little guy can be annoying, he’s persistent and shrugging him off. No she should of tried harder to get that little guy off her leg. But you know what, she’s not even supposed to be in this match.”

"Why is that? She tied with Little Yokai.”

"No. She’s shouldn’t be in this match because she’s retired. That’s what she said after all. She said if she didn’t beat Little Yokai she’d quit. Guess it was just another lie she fed the masses to hype up herself. After all she still thinks people come to see her, please. She gets in the main event one time and she thinks she’s all that? Oh wait she was like that even before it was made official of her match.”

"Earlier you mentioned Little Yokai. Another individual who will be taking part of this match. Do you have any thoughts on him? Perhaps you’re one of the many girls who find him adorable?”

Roller X rolls her eyes at that.

"Personally, I think he’s funny. And in any other situation I’d be having a great time knowing I was going up against him. Don’t take that for a second that I’d underestimate him. But right now, my sister is in the hospital and I have all this pent up rage I’m ready to unleash. Which reminds me, I still haven’t heard back from Christy as to rather this will be a No-disqualification match. It would change the entire atmosphere of this match as I would no longer see nor care of rather I make it to the next round or not, as I’ll be going down there with whatever weapon I can find and lay into anyone that gets in my way.”

"Would that include Auburn? She’s been pretty kind and has even started up #PrayForMaya on Twitter.”

"I have nothing against Auburn in this match. And as long as she let’s me take out my frustrations on the others, everything will be fine. But if she steps in until I’ve had my way then she’ll be brought into the crosshairs.”

"What about the Jobber Brothers? They haven’t done anything against your sister.”

"They haven’t done anything FOR her either. Besides, we both know they’ll be to foolish to just step out of my way. Not like they would know what’s happening anyways. They’re to clueless.”

"Well, that just leaves two others in this match. Rocco Abrams and Annie. Which would you prefer to talk about next?”

"Rocco Abrams? Nearly forgot he was still in this. But who cares. I doubt we even hear from him until the match. He showed potential but it seems his best strength is using his manager, as that’s how he got his win on Mandie. But it didn’t stop Eli from using it to his advantage as Nero dealt with Annie, Eli got the win.”

"Which brings us to the final member of this match, not counting your sister.”

"Who I said won’t be in the match.”

"Right. Though I’m surprised you haven’t brought Annie up a bit sooner. Considering what she said about Maya.”

"What do you mean?”

Hellen actually scooted back a little bit in her seat before responding. She wasn’t stupid and she would prefer not to be in the cross hair if Roller X got mad. Roller X however just looked at her trying to figure out what she said. Finally, Hellen broke the silence.

"Well, she said that she lost her respect she had for Maya and called her a selfish coward. Even said she the only prayers she should get would be that she should have finished the job.”


Roller X’s rage was boiling to a whole new level as she heard this. Hellen prepared herself just incase she needed to move.

"She called her those things because she believes she took it too far for just a single loss. Annie claims Maya abandoned her fans and loved ones and she doesn’t care about any of them.”

Roller X was beside herself with anger as this new news came about. Finally, it came busting out as Roller X slammed her fist down on the bench they were sitting on. The stinking filled her hand but she didn’t care as she raged on.

"That F*CKING Annie F*ckgate! Why does EVERYONE think this is about some F*CKING match! Yes I seen it.. She was scared of the match, even if she didn’t want to admit it. But it wasn’t because of wrestling! But no this F*cking idiots would RATHER believe what they WANT! It wasn’t she THAT failed us… WE are the ones that FAILED her. She was hurting, worse than we could see. Yet we didn’t see it. NONE of us saw it! I Didn’t SEE it…”

Roller X’s eyes steamed with tears as her rage shifted to something else. Suddenly she just stood up not even looking at either Hellen or Chill.

"This Interview’s over.”

With that Roller X left, not back to skating but out of the area leaving Chill and Hellen to watch her go.

Roller X in 9-Way Elimination Match VRkSaIV

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Roller X in 9-Way Elimination Match Empty Re: Roller X in 9-Way Elimination Match

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:17 am
[align=center]RP Link:http://s13.zifboards.com/hswefed/index.php?showtopic=172


The time was 6pm in Albany, New York and Michael and Kristy Jensen had just returned to their mansion. They had just got back from taking care of a few things with Maya. As they passed the entrance to the lounge a single individual was there, wearing casual enough clothes as her arms were crossed as she leaned on the archway to the lounge area.

-Roller X-
"When can I see her?”

The individual was of course Roller X and she wasn’t to happy, but it was a pretty up and down for her over the past week as it went from anger to sorrow with only a few passing moments where she was able to take her mind off the situation, but it was never really gone from her mind. Michael and Kristy paused as they looked over to her. Michael elected to respond to Roller X, his voice remained calm but with a trace of understanding in it.

-Michael Jensen-
"We told you, Maya doesn’t want to see you.”

-Roller X-
"And she’s ok with seeing you? I’m her big sister! Why the h*ll won’t she see me?”

Roller X’s rage increased an octave Michael only held up his hands in defense trying to calm her down.

-Michael Jensen-
"We don’t even see her all access we have is through the doctor.”

That wasn’t enough for Roller X as her hands tightened on her arms. She knew that Maya had been moved to a new facility, one that Michael owned himself, not that Roller X cared about that little detail.

-Roller X-
"Yeah but you at least get to see her with those cameras you got installed. All I have is your word she’s ok.”

Not that Roller X didn’t believe her sister was doing well, but she wanted to see her. Though she’d rather see her in person right now she would even be satisfied just to see her through the surveillance cameras. This time, though, it was Kristy who replied.

-Kristy Jensen-
"You need to realized Britney that the best way for you to help Maya right now is to stay away.”

Roller X’s eyes flashed to her mother with even more anger.

-Roller X-
"Stay Away? Are you kidding me? Who was it that protected her after YOU gave us up? Me that’s who. I was there for her, I stopped all those jerks who tried to pick on her back then. I looked out for her, and now she doesn’t want to see ME? I can I help her if she Won’t even see ME?”

Roller X’s rage bubbled over a bit as her fist came down from her crossed arms and slammed into the archway to the lounge. She fumes a moment before her mother speaks up again.

-Kristy Jensen-
"Britney, there are some battles that you can not protect her from. Some she has to deal with on her own.”

Roller X’s looks up and straight at her mom her eyes narrowing as her rage shifts towards her.

-Roller X-
"Oh you’re just loving this aren’t you? You’ve hated Maya ever since you found out she was dating Mizore.”

Now it was Kristy’s turn to narrow her eyes as she took a step towards her daughter.

-Kristy Jensen-
"How DARE you talk that way to me. I care about Maya just as much as you do.”

Roller X didn’t back down as she stood up getting into her own mother’s face.

-Roller X-
"Oh yeah? Then why did you abandon us huh? If not for Maya’s first disappearance you would have gone on with your life without even trying to reach out. In fact, if Maya’s appearance hadn’t been altered I bet you wouldn’t of invited her into the EWE to begin with!”

Kristy’s eyes narrowed even more at her daughter. The tension getting pretty heated. Seemed Kristy was on the verge of arguing back when she stopped herself actually stepping away from her as she replied.

-Kristy Jensen-
"I don’t have to explain myself to you.”

Roller X rolled her eyes something fierce as she continued to stare at her mother who was about to start walking away.

-Roller X-
"Oh, that’s right. Walk away from this just like you do with EVERYTHING in your life. You walked away from me and Maya, you Walked away from being a Wrestler, I bet you even walked away from EWE, that’s the REAL reason the company died, isn’t it?”

Kristy was now furious as she rounded around about to go off when it was Michael who stepped in.

-Michael Jensen-
"That is Enough! Britney, I know you are upset about Maya but there is no reason for you to go off on your mother like that.”

Roller X’s stopped her intense glare at her mother as she crossed her arms and leaned back on the wall behind her, her eyes drifting away.

-Michael Jensen-
"Now, apologies to her.”

-Roller X-
"Why Should I?”

-Michael Jensen-
"Because she is your mother, she deserves your respect. Not for you to have a shouting match with her. Is that what Maya would want?”

Roller X just sighed to herself. She wanted to be mad at her mother, she wanted to be mad at anyone, but her step-dad was right. This is not what Maya would want nor would it help her situation.

-Michael Jensen-

Roller X finally glances up and looks over to her mother.

-Roller X-
"I’m sorry.”

Kristy nods her head in accepting the apology. Which was enough for Michael as he also nodded his own head.

-Michael Jensen-
"Good. Now, supper should be about ready, I suggest we go to that.”

Roller X gave a slight nod. Both Michael and Kristy began to make their ways to the dining room. Roller X waited but a moment before she followed after.

The sky was dark as heavy rain clouds rolled into the area. Slowly, a trickle of rain began to fall, soon coating the entire area beneath with it’s downpour. The view looks down as it captures the surrounding area, which was a park situated in the New York area. The camera shifted from the different play ground equipment, all being covered by the rain that fell from the sky. No one was around, no kids playing on the soaked jungle gym or various slides. All was vacant in this area… all except one who was sitting on one of the swings over looking a rather large playground structure. This individual was Roller X as she slightly swayed back and forth on the swing, just looking out over the rain covered area around her. Her dark hair and black clothes were soaked from the rain but she didn’t pay it no mind. She was silent for a moment before finally she began to speak.

-Roller X-
"This whole thing started with one thing… A dream to return to the sport I just couldn’t let go. I craved to be back in that ring, craved to once again to let my firsts and body do the talking instead of just pushing through a bunch of other ladies to put points on that score board. But it was a bit more than that. I had craved something that I never could accomplish in my old federation. Try as I might I just couldn’t take home the gold… and that has been my focus ever since it was announced just how the first HSW Champion would be determined. I took on Saraya Waters in round one and won. I even did all I could to prepare myself to take on what would be one of my biggest obstacles to my road to the HSW Championship and in my mind I was ready. In my mind, I was going to move on from Round 2 and go straight to Summer BreakDown… little did I know that everything would change and I’d be taking the back way in this tournament.”

A small sigh escapes Roller X’s lips as she finally looks up and into the camera the sorrow in her voice slowly starting to shift ever so slightly.

-Roller X-
"Everything changed, and it started before I even went up against Mizore. Sure you could say my mind wasn’t in the right place, but to me, this woman was stealing my sister from under me. I can still remember back when we were kids, it was just me and her. I would protect her and she looked up to me. I can still remember us running around this vary park laughing and having such a good time…”

Roller X actually smiled slightly but it was a somber smile as what could have been a tear flowing down her cheek.

-Roller X-
"But things have changed… and I have to wonder if I could have done something more. Maya did something and right now I can’t stop thinking about it. It makes me so angry but not at her… How she could have come to such a place in her life that she believed that giving up was the only answer. All I can think about is how I could have been there, how I could have done something… Then there’s all the others in her life and all I see is how they have failed her and I just want them to hurt so bad…How could they have done this to her, neglected her when she was hurting.”

Roller X’s rage seemed to spike a little but it still kept a more somber note as she continued to just sit there in the pouring rain.

-Roller X-
"Then on top of all of this we have that Round 3 match. The one none of us in Round 2 wanted to enter because it just meant we failed to secure our spots and we have to live with the fact that we were still bested and only a rule allowed us to stay in this fight. But when I see that card, all I see is people I can take out all this anger on. People I can hurt rather it’s a disqualification match or not. The thoughts of the title completely thrown out the window…”

Roller X’s anger again begins to boil up but suddenly drops once more.

-Roller X-
"Then I see Maya’s name on the card. At first I was mad that management would even dream of putting Maya in a match so soon. But I was set straight. A mix up and Maya’s doctor asking them to leave her on the card. That means, that I could be looking to see Maya in this match. I want to see her, I want to see her back to the sister I know she can be… but how am I supposed to face her? If she shows up… if she decides that she still wants to go after being the first ever HSW Champion… just like I do underneath all the pent up rage. How can I deny her that especially if going after this title is what’s helping her to get better?”

Roller X lowers her head as the thoughts enter her mind. Way to many emotions clashing with each other.

-Roller X-
"But I’m not just going to leave the match. I still need to be there for her, even if she doesn’t want it. I will help her and make sure that it will be just me and her left standing in this match after that… I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. For now, there are 7 others who I need to take down.”

Roller X’s mood was starting to shift to a more passionate one as she straightens up and looks into the camera.

-Roller X-
"I’ve gone over each of them already and truth be told most of them have shown me just what I was expecting, like Mandie Wheeler. She claims I’m a know-it-all when I never once claimed to be. I merely claimed that I have knowledge of one particular thing that she didn’t seem to grasp and guess what? I was correct. She doesn’t know what’s going on and all she can do is complain because I called her out on it. But it’s fine. Mandie lives in her own little world where it’s all about her. But she’s not a good girl nor bad girl after all. She’s just whatever she feels like being to suit her own needs. So pick a side Mandie, because we’re all sick of it.”

Roller X pauses a moment letting herself calm down a little bit.

-Roller X-
"At least there is one other person in this match that really knows what I’m going through. At least, she seems to understand a bit, Auburn. I enjoyed her little bit and I look forward to seeing her in the match. I do want to thank her for all the support she’s been trying to give my sister…”

Roller X actually smiles a bit with that.

-Roller X-
"But in the end I still need to make sure you don’t come out of this match the winner. I like you Auburn, don’t get me wrong, but I need this, Maya needs this. You have to remember Auburn, I heard the stories of where you come from and how you became a bit known in that area. Possibly won a few titles too right? Me? I’ve not yet held any form of Championship Gold and I am hungry for it. And while I don’t know what will happen if it comes down to me and Maya, I can be sure that the hunger is there all the same. But I know you, you will not underestimate it.”

Roller X smirks a bit almost feeling a little bit of her old self, that is until the next person on her mind comes up and how quickly her tone changed to rage.

-Roller X-
"But there is one person that I will make sure does NOT win this match. I don’t care what she thought she was doing trying to show off how cruel she can be, or whatever lame darkness mention she wants to come up with… Annie will NOT say those things about MY sister and think she can get away with it. How DARE that f*cking woman?! She claims she used to have some shred of respect for Maya, well guess what, I actually had a bit of respect for you. I loved that whole darkness shtick you have going on and you’re one of those people who don’t just sit there and complain when I call them out on something. But you crossed a line Annie and I lost any bit of respect I may of had for you. And you better start praying to that darkness you love so much because it will NOT save you from me.”

Roller X’s rage was boiling over as she had jumped up out of the swing she was in. It even took her a moment to settled a bit but finally she spoke up again.

-Roller X-
"The rest of you in this match, remember one thing. This match was to give those who lost in rounds 1 and 2 hope that they could be moving on to Summer BreakDown, but not any more as your fate is sealed.”

Roller X looked at the camera fiercely as it began to zoom out from her. Finally, she sat back down on the swing and slowly began to sway as she looked out at the empty place, filled with the rain water as the same filled up inside of her. The camera continues to zoom out before it fades to black.

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