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Prime Data Double Duty!

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:01 am

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Hey Spring Kitties! Guess what? It’s time for a Prime Data Double Duty! What’s that what about Slam 8? Well I’m hitting up both of Slam 8 and Slam 9 right here and now. Why it’s called Double Duty! So get ready because here we go!

So I get to Slam 8 and me and Mizore are backstage preparing for the show. I was a bit nervous at the time I’ll tell you but I was confident! More so because after a brief introduction we get right to the first match… and it’s mine Surprised

So time was set. Gabrielle was the first to make her entrance and I was next. I head out to the ring in my usual fashion… wait did Darren just call me Mia Jensen? Auburn come to the ring after that and then… Hey, It’s NOT Maya Ceno… but they’re both calling me by the wrong name :(Now Annie’s coming to the ring side? Great, now I gotta keep my eyes on her too…

Well the match starts and me and Auburn team up a bit to take down Gabrielle. After some rope play and a double back body drop I turn and grab auburn, ready to lock in the 18 waves, but she keeps that from happening. She goes for the Cornish Pasty but I’m not letting that happen. Suddenly, Gabrielle’s back up and tries for a school girl but it’s too soon for that as I break it up. Me and Auburn go for a bit more team work to take care of Gabrielle when she rebounds of the ropes and strikes us BOTH down with a double clothesline… ugh that hurt.

Gabrielle gets Auburn up and sends her into the corner followed by a missile drop kick she turns around, Green No More! Gabby’s down and I pin but no break up by Auburn. I tried to deal with her first but she just tosses me out to the apron. She tried to pin Gabrielle but a well placed springboard leg drop breaks that up real quick. I flowed that right into a drop kick to Auburn as she rolls out to the floor. But I was on a roll as I pick up Gabrielle and TIGER SPIRIT KICK! Gabs’ is down as I edge her to get back up so I could drop her yet again. NO! Auburn’s clips my foot and I stumble…

I glance a moment back at her and LATINA BOMB! Gabrielle tries to pin me but Auburn’s still good to go as she breaks up the pin! I then watch as Gabrielle tries to grab Auburn for a move, Auburn swats it away and AUBURN HUG! I get up as I see an opportunity here as I head over and wrap my arms around both of them on Gabrielle’s other side. We start to bounce up and down before finally hitting Gabrielle with a double suplex! After Gabrielle was down me and Auburn go at if for a bit, change a few moves back and forth before I roll Auburn up! Two count, before Auburn rolls me up, TWO COUNT again as we go back and forth with shifting the roll up before Gabrielle jumps in and breaks it up.

Gabrielle tosses Auburn out of the ring before getting to work on me. A two count and she picks me up and tossed me to the corner before giving me the same dose she gave Auburn earlier with a Missle Drop kick! I stagger forward and She locks in her Gabrielle Torture! But I would NOT give up. Not like this. So I got al the Spring Kitties out there to cheer me out and give me strength to fight out of the hold. Once I was free, FRIGID ICE WALL!! But it was short lived as LANDS END! I was dropped to the mat as Auburn goes for the pin… I don’t even know if I would of been able to kick out in time but… Annie saved me? Does she REALLY want me to be the #1 contender that bad?

Either way, it may have been short lived as Gabrielle was next to try and pin me, but Auburn makes the save! She tosses Gabrielle to the outside and tries to reach for me, but not again, as I pull her down and lock in the 18 waves of PAIN!! Auburn tries to get free as she crawls for the ropes. She’s nearly there as I try and lock it in tighter… Wait, Gabriele don’t do that… Gabrielle pushes the ropes to let Auburn grab them. Fine if that’s how she wants to do it.

I get up and go for a baseball slide to Gabrielle but she dodges it. But I slide on to the outside where me and her start to exchange blows. Green No More time? NO she gets out of the way… Latina Bomb? NO! Hurricanrana but she rolls through. She charges at me for a clothesline but I duck out of the way… only for both of us to be hit by Auburn with a outside dive!

Uh.. Justin there aren’t any count outs in a Triple Threat… But we weren’t out there long as Auburn tosses Gabrielle into the ring. She hits her Yes kicks and goes for the top turn buckle to fly! GREEN NO MORE! Yes you read that right! I recovered from earlier and got there in time to hit Auburn with my finisher. She fell to the floor as I went in and locked Gabrielle into the 18 Waves of Pain! This time it was too much for her as she starts to tap! I did it! I WON! I’m the Number 1 Contender… Wait, where’s Jenna?

I release the hold and try to get Jenna the ref’s attention Gabrielle tried to sneak up on me but no way I was going to let her do that! I break free of her grasps, hit the ropes and X-Blade Crash! But it wasn’t enough as I pull her back up and sent her right back down with a Frigid Ice Wall! When the lights went out…

What happened? Annie is what happened… that’s what. Even now I have no idea why she did it… but I was out… Auburn got up and Jenna went back into the ring with her. Auburn rolls me out of the ring before pinning Gabrielle and getting the 3 count…. Seriously… that should of been me.. I won the match, had Jenna seen Gabrielle tap… *sigh*

Next Samantha Cole has an interview with my sister… and as I watch I can’t help wonder what is really going on with her… she’s got such a vicious streak to her.. and her reasons for attacking Auburn and Kelsi… :’(

Anyways, she doesn’t even seems to care about Ceno’s dumb claims. Though he’s not pestering her about it.. only me.

Well, maybe this match will cheer me up. Little Yokai matches are usually fun to watch. And this one was no different. Wallace was ambushed by the little guy and gets him off pretty easily. The bell rings and it’s just post to post beat down on the little guy. Ofcourse, when I said I enjoy the matches, can’t say this was the part I meant.

Either way, Wallace isn’t taking him to seriously soon going for a power bomb which was countered by a Hurranicanna! That was something but the rest… Surprised. Little Yokai takes control, hitting the stunned Wallace with the Fear Me! Which wow I didn’t know that was the name of his finisher until I looked it up… Wallace throws him off but Little Yokai’s not done as he runs into his kneecaps dropping him to his knees.. DEATH TO MY ENEMIES!! What? No that’s the name of his other finisher… seriously…. But everyone, including myself watches as Yokai pins and gets the 3 count! Surprised

Next match as did you see that.. I mean they’re really pushing for Winter Survival… with those commercials… *sigh* Not like I’ll be competing on that show. Oh wait, haven’t gotten to THAT yet. But let’s talk about the match shall we?

So, The match begins a little back and forth, it was fun to watch one way or another with Mike and Jay in their style of ‘comedy wrestling’. But it wasn’t long before the Hitmen started to take over by Isolating Jay. Jay breaks free eventually and tags in Mike… he’s doing rather well until Daniel drops him with a hard clothesline. So Miek is isolated before Jay gets tagged back in… But that’s really where things started to end as all 4 of them were in the ring! Target Acquired to Mike before Target Eliminated to Jay and Anthony the legal man gets the 3 count.

Wow, I really didn’t see that camera there. But I was feeling pretty low at that point. I mean I lost that match… I had it won. Gabrielle tapped you saw it right? But then Annie… *sigh*. Either way, I was pretty down and my baby and Annabelle tried to cheer me up. Though it didn’t help that Leon Cashmere had yet to accept my challenge. I mean, I was feeling even more down. Ofcourse, then I noticed the camera and didn’t want to publicly air my feelings so we just moved along…

Funny how I eventually started tweeting about them… but truth be told it was because of CWF’s Hellbound… which I need to finish that one too.

So we head to the locker room as we watch to settle in to watch this match. Mizore with her laptop out ready to work on her Ice Sheet.. and me just watching. Yeah, I don’t do these as they happen. I prefer to live in the moment… and I wish Mizore would too but nothing I can do about that. Of Course me waiting is probably why this is so late… with the Hulu streaming issue.

Either way let’s get back to the match. I mean I should be happy watching this… at the time I wasn’t in the best of places anyways, and my least to favorite women were about to go head to head… I was rooting for them to knock each other out… ok that’s mean but these two almost deserve it.

The match starts off even until Amber hits Annie with The Calling Card followed by a near fall, but that’s all it took as she took up momentum soon driving Annie into the corner and laying into her before the ref backs her up. Amber then goes back in, putting Annie on the top turnbuckle but Annie shoves Amber back and repstitions for the Lunar Eclipse! But NO! Amber rolls out of the way… *sigh*. Both of them are down before finally they both get back up only to start exchanging rights… that seems to happen a lot in Amber’s matches…. Eventually Annie ducks one and hits a float over DDT!

Annie takes up the momentum before locking in the Cloak of Darkness, Amber fights and soon gets to the ropes. Annie is forced to let go and… come on Annie the guy’s just doing his job. Not the best opponent for you to be doing that with anyways as Amber shoves Annie right into the ref. Which Annie hits Amber with a Yakuza kick for it

Oddly enough it’s Amber who takes the momentum soon hitting her Signal 25 and Sawdust in the blood… neither of them she used on me… 1 finisher… Ok, enough of that. I’ll be getting her back when me and Mizore win the Tag Team Championships!

For now, Amber goes or a pin fall but the ref’s out of it. Amber goes to wake the ref and that’s the 2nd time Annie’s attacked someone while the ref wasn’t looking… granted it was legal this time but still. But NOT what Amber just did to counter the incoming Stroke of Midnight! Seriously! Cheater.. but that’s Paragon for you. It’s about doing ‘whatever means nessary’ to win and that just isn’t right.

Either way while Annie was dealing with her eyes, she’s dropped with The original sin… oh NOW the ref wakes up… but he makes the 3 count and Amber continues to be undefeated :/

So next we see Thunder Dragon making another HSW appearance. Wonder what he’s doing here. So does everyone else for that matter. Wait, Surprised He’s entering Sol Survivor! That’s pretty cool! And oh, I didn’t know that about him and Jack. But it’s ok, Thunder, you’ll have to wait on that as Mizore’s getting back her championship!

Ok, so we catch a glimpse of Roller X talking to someone on the phone… Honestly I had no idea who she was talking to nor what she was talking about. But did the camera people really have nothing else to film at that time?

Next match is Kelsi vs Paul Blair.. Paul’s a bit of a strange fellow, but this match should be interesting.

When the bell rings, Blair is right not he assault taking control of he match for awhile. Soon he locks Kelsi in a Figure Four before she flips them over as Blair gets to the ropes breaking the hold. Blair sets her up for a power bomb but she rolls him up instead. Go Kelsi! Blair’s starting to get mad as he charges but she hits him with an Arm Drag shifting it into an Armbar! She’s got this… no Blair fights out of it. She hit him with a hard right but Blair strikes back with a hard strike of his own and she drops to the mat, Kelsi’s is back up and gets whipped into the ropes, that is until she comes back with a SPEAR!!

Gut check time! Followed by a double Arm DDT and Sub-Parr locked in! But no Blair gets out of it! Come on Kelsi! She gets back on the attack but no he hits her with a hard side slam! Kelsi gets up and DOWN AGIAN with the BlairLine! Oh no.. he’s feeling it. What out Kelsi! Blair Kicks his famous kick but Surprised She ducks it and transitions it into a beautiful KSTFO! Amazing! Kelsi pins and is the winner! Go Kelsi!!

So… I guess Blair wasn’t to upset over his loss. I mean seriously after a commercial break he’s in the back grabbing a muffin. Ok those were some good muffins but still. So, Justin Mason goes up to him and has an interview where he deny’s getting attacked all those times. I mean, I don’t get it. He was clearly attacked, it’s even streaming on Hulu Razz

ut he denies it and Justin changes the subject… wait is that a cardboard cutout of that same woman? Seriously, this is just another of his little… what do you even call them? Stunts? Jokes? Or does he really think those cardboard cut outs are alive?

No matter, Blair goes over and talks some smack to it. I did find it funny how he does that. He slaps it and turns to the on lookers before going for the Blair Ki… wait SHE WAS BEHIND THAT CARDBOARD CUT OUT THE ENTIRE TIME!

Geeze, who is this woman? And why does she have it out for Blair? Well, I don’t know but the woman grabs his kick and sends him into the door frame… ouch. This is followed up by just a beat down, driving her food into his back, wrenching his arm across that chair.. Knocking all the food off the concessions.. .Hey now that was uncalled for… Wait, what’s she doing with the water cooler… SHE JUST KNOCKED HIM OVER THE HEAD WITH IT! Now she’s dumping the water out onto him… Someone’s gotta clean that mess up.. But who is she? And what’s Relentlessly Yearning have to do with anything? Or those other 4 words that’s been popping up over the past 2 shows.

And here we are, the final match. I give Mizore a kiss for luck before she heads out there, not that she needs it, but I like kissing her…

Here we go, a Clash of fire and ice and my baby has got this! After their entrances, which mach their element so well, the bell rings and the two begin to circle each other. They meet in the middle locking up, Come on baby you can… nope Ceno gets the advantage before hip tossing my girl to the mat. But Mizore back up and Ceno motions her to bring it on. She hits him with a hard right, but Ceno’s not to impressed as he just spits on the ring, disgusting by the way, and goes for a punch of his one… NO Mizore grabs it and locks in an Armbar! Go Baby Go!

But Ceno breaks free catching Mizore and dropping her with a belly-to-belly suplex Mizore’s back up and down again with a hard Clothesline… I’m sitting on the edge of my seat as I watch as Ceno takes control o the match. Soon the Shock Lock is locked in.. Come on Baby, fight the hold! SHE MAKES IT TO THE ROPES!!

Ceno stays in control of the match though soon ready for his Electric Fire! NO! The love of my life counters with a Hurranicanna! Following it up with a Springboard Bulldog and she picks up the momentum! Soon, she has her own submission locked in, the Snowboud! But Ceno’s just to strong as he pulls her to the ropes and forces the break.

Mizore stays in control just like Ceno earlier but a vicious spear by Ceno and things turn after a VERY close Pinfall. I just watched as my baby was tossed around the ring by Ceno, even being taken to that Suplex Zone.. that hurt me a little watching each continuous suplex. Finally, Ceno was feeling the Thunderclap NO! Mizore counters by flipping him over her shoulder with a back body drop! That’s my baby! She takes a moment to catch her breath before it’s time to fly! Ceno gets up and right into Breaking the Ice! But she doesn’t pin just yet… no, for what he did that’s not enough. Ceno gets up only to be dropped by The Cold Shoulder! This time she makes the pin and gets the 3! Way to go Baby!

Mizore celebrates in the ring and I’m already on my way to go out there… when I find Eli just coming back from the gorilla position. What was he doing out there? Turns out Mizore was wondering the same thing as before Eli left the stage, he was clapping slightly for him. Only for Mizore to turn and Charismatic Crush! Christy was out there! Why wasn’t I closer to the gorilla Position?!! Stupid me and my stupid issue I was having… :’(

Either way, CCC tells Eli he got his match against Ceno at Winter Survival, but only for the belt, his other stipulation wasn’t added. Though, If he wanted to join why bother with that? I guess he really just didn’t want Ceno to be in the same group he was I suppose.

I saw Ceno walk past me as I made it to the gorilla position again. But ok I admit I ducked down behind the table by the Gorilla position so he wouldn’t see me. I just didn’t want to mess with him at the time and I was still depressed.

Back in the ring I found out that CCC was Mizore’s next opponent!? She passed me just as I was about to head out… didn’t really say anything to me either but I didn’t care… Guess when I finally headed out there, the show was over because looking back at the tapes, yeah didn’t show me. Ah well.

That was it for Slam 8. And now it’s time for Prime Pre… Just teasing, their not here just yet. Instead, we have another show to do. That’s right this is Prime Data Double Duty so it’s time to move right along with Slam 9!

So here we are, Slam 9.. I have to say it was something getting to this point for me. I mean I spent a good portion of the final week being pretty depressed after something that happened in CWF… well ok it was a lot of things but that really was what sent me over the edge. I’m better now don’t worry, shoulder’s pretty sore but I got this.

As for the opening of the show, we got some hype from them and… well you’re welcome Justin. Leon wouldn’t of been here if I didn’t call him out Razz. But they hype up the card and… CCC’s Sexy? I dunno about that. But Mizore… <3

We get a shot of the outside and hey, I know her. That’s Elizabeth. She’s been on twitter a bit lately. Didn’t know she was at the show. Hope she had a good time. Seemed Annie gave her a book… Not sure what that was about but it’s time for the first match of the night.

Oh, Kris Chaos.. I remember him alright. He kidnapped Mizore once and her dad got really mad at me for it.. well not just me but *shutters* I never want to see White Tiger THAT mad at me again…. Ofcourse, at one point I thought he was flirting with her… before the kidnapping thing… But I’m getting off track here…

So they have their entrances… Ceno with his pyro, Kris with his… glares? Well they get in the ring and Thomas the Ref gets things going as he rings the bell. The two meet in the center, the two go back and forth for a bit before Ceno locks Kris in a Crossface. Kris makes it to the ropes but Ceno keeps control! Soon he takes Kris to the Suplex Zone. Go Ceno Go… wait, why am I rooting for him?

Ceno keeps control before Kris catches him with a scoop power slam, Kris starts to get momentum on his side hitting Ceno with a Pendulum Backbreaker getting a near fall. Another one later after a lionsault! But Kris keeps the control before he tries to lock Ceno into his Chaos Effect but Ceno shoves him off.

The two get back up, trades some shots before Ceno dodges one and hits a release German Suplex. They trade a few more moves before Ceno goes bat Kris with aa spear.. Kris leaps over and Surprised Look out Thomas! Thomas gets caught in the cross fire and I have to say, I feel sorry for the refs here… always getting hit by some move or another. Ceno shakes his head before looking back to Kris, SuperMan Punch! NO! Ceno avoids it and kicks Kris in the gut before he goes down with Electric FIRE!!

Ceno makes the over but, the poor ref… out like a light. Again I feel sorry for them… they didn’t sign up for this. Ceno tries to revive him but Kris is back up and Spears Ceno! Kris head to the top rope and goes flying with Decention! Kris doesn’t cover instead pulls Ceno back up and drops him with Tactical Strike! He covers but *sigh* the ref’s still out.

Now it’s Kris’s turn to try and revive Thomas but he seems to be out cold. He turns back and CHRISY WITH A CHAIRSHOT!!

Christy then tells Ceno to cover and she’ll count… wait really? That little cheat! Ceno actually says no? Oh… didn’t expect that… just like Ceno didn’t expect Eli to be behind him and nails his Goode bye!

CCC and Eli start talking each other off before finally Thomas wakes up and calls the match off. That really sucks, but what’s with CCC and blind siding people when the ref’s down? First my love and now, CCC’s uh… nephew was it?

Me and Annabelle had actually arrived after that match. We had spent the night at my mother’s house. When we arrived, Mizore was there to greet me. I know she was still worried about what happened at her mother’s house but I forgive her.

After getting that large shirt off me and another small pep talk we headed to the locker rooms.

So I was wondering a bit on what my sister was going to do in this match. I mean last time she attacked Kelsi and got the match thrown out. This time, Gabrielle goes first and… wait, RX is late. Her music is playing and.. oh here she comes.. with a Hockey stick!?!

Jenna jones reprimands RX for bring it out there but ok (whew) she’s not using it… I guess to promote her wanting to join a hockey league or maybe she found one? Was there a logo on the stick I didn’t catch it.

Well, Roller X gets in the ring and oh, the Jennings nearly forgot to announce her… I can’t blame the guy for wanting to get out of harms way… I mean the ref’s have already been hit enough times. :/. Didn’t have to be so rude to him after he finished Britney…

Anyways the match starts but Gabrielle seems to accuse Roller X of wanting to do something with the hockey stick… But RX says she wasn’t until she dashes over and tackles her striaght to the mat and unloads on her! The ref gets her back but as soon as Gabrielle gets up, she drops her with a drop kick! Roller X picks up momentum at that point before finally hitting her Spinning X. She taunts for Gabrielle to get up! Uh oh Cursed Skull time.. and that thing really hurts. Roller X pulls her in and… A HUG! That’s right Gabrielle pulls Roller X into a hug and Roller X is livid!

My sister tries to hit her Cursed Skull but as she rears back, Gabrielle drops her with a belly-to-back suplex! She tries to pin but it’s no good! Gabrielle gets some momentum going, even nearly seals the deal after a Slingshot Crossbody! Soon, Gabrielle sends RX to the corner and goes in after her, NO! Roller X dodges and it’s Gabrielle in the corner, she turns around and meets a swift kick to the belly… then RX unloads on her in the corner, Gabrielle goes to cover up when…. Surprised Another HUG! Auburn would be proud Smile

My sister is getting madder by the second before MONKEY FLIP! Roller X hits a slightly modified Monkey Flip and now she’s down! But wait? Roller X mounts her and lifts up her head before… Repeated Cursed Skulls! Stop it Roller X! That’s enough… you don’t need that many… Wait is that blood?

It was… both Gabrielle and RX have been busted open. Gabrielle is out cold as Roller Gets pins and gets the 3 count…

But.. things didn’t end there… Roller X was glaring down at Gabrielle before she goes and gets her hockey Stick. Wait, what’s she.. Surprised No! She just hit Gabrielle in the head with it! Come on Roller X that was uncalled for!.

Well, RX leaves the ring and we go to a commercial… but I’m being called for my match. Here we go! Leon’s going down!!!

I will say the match wasn’t as bad as the one with Amber. We had some back and forth as soon he picks up momentum. I got powered around but after he went for his OmniSlash I slipped off the back and got a quick 2 count but he kicked out. I picked up some momentum eventually getting countered by a Got Em. He hits a TMJ but picks me up.. wrong move as I drop him with the Frigid Ice Wall!

My Shoulder was killing me at that point but I powered through it. Getting up and hitting him with the Green No More! Dang it! Leon rolled out of the ring. I wanted to go after him but my shoulder was already killing me. So I wanted, half hoping he’d get counted out. No he got in by 8. I try to pick him back up, pain in my shoulder still bothering me. Frigid Ice Wall! NO! He sends me into the corner before coming in with a Roaring Elbow. My shoulder was screaming at me as I hit the mat.. then I was picked up and planted with the Omnislash! The pain in my shoulder was all too real after that… and he got the 3…

Don’t worry Leon… There’s still next time. And Next time I WILL be getting a victory over both of you!

So I head to the back Annabelle finding me as I head to the trainer’s room. My shoulder in a lot of pain and I needed it looked at.

In the mean time, We have Paul Blair out in the ring as he’s getting interviewed by Justin Mason. I just don’t get why Blair has been denying the attacks. I mean does it hurt his pride that badly? Running into doors? Well that woman DID slam him into a door frame last week…

Either way he’s about to leave when… That music? Wait those words? What do they? Oh, Her name is Sentry or S.E.N.T.R.Y. But that takes forever to spell out so I’ll go Sentry for now. Razz

Sounds Like Sentry has officially challenged Blair to a match at Winter Survival. I still wonder what problem she has with him, but I think it’ll be interesting. Of course, Blair raises his ‘fake’ title in victory thinking that he’s won this round… granted he didn’t get attacked this time so maybe it was a win for him. Razz

So Kelsi makes her entrance when she catches a Little Yokai sign. Gotta say it was a pretty cool sing… HEY! Little Yokai just ripped right through it! The wasn’t very nice!

LY goes on the attack before Kelsi gets him in the ring. Soon enough Kelsi gets him off her so they can start the match.

As for the match itself. It was enjoyable as usual. I like his matches. Well, Kelsi takes control of most of the match. LY goes for his Fear Me but Kelsi catches him in the air and adds to the impact with his KSTFO!! And gets the 3! Go Kelsi!

Hey, Roller X is backstage… she’s gloating at what she did to Gabrielle… I still don’t like the recent attitude she’s been having. She also didn’t appreciate the hug Gabrielle gave her… wait, she said she’s going to be paying Auburn a visit? I hope Auburn catches her coming.

So what was I doing about that time? Well, I had left the trainer’s room as Annabelle headed out to take care of something. I honestly forgot what it was. So I decided to go back to the locker room alone. I just wanted to be with Mizore. It sucked that I lost, to Leon, I won’t deny that, but he wasn’t really on my mind. I was thinking of Winter Survival and the Women’s championship match.

Guess I got too lost in thought because when I looked up and I realized I had walked WAAY past the locker room. I headed back and turned out Mizore and Annabelle were looking for me.

Yeah, I know I’m not supposed to be alone. It was part of the terms for letting me return home. And with how I had been acting a bit, I can see why they still hadn’t lifted it…

Either way, I found them backstage worried about me since they couldn’t find me. I let them know that I was ok and we headed back to the locker room to watch the rest of the show. As well as wait for Mizore’s match later on.

Wait!?! Auburn was attacked?! Who would… Roller X! How could she do that? Seriously, I just… I just can’t believe it. I do hope Auburn will be ok. This is just terrible!

This match was pretty back and forth. Well at the beginning anyways. Then Eli starts to build momentum. Blair stops it after a Goode Bye attempt and the two start going back and forth yet again. Before Eli starts to pick up momentum. Eli nails the Goode Deal and goes for the cover.. WAIT! Ceno pulls him off! Ceno gets yelled at but Ceno just pretends he didn’t do anything… really?

Eli tells him to leave but Ceno doesn’t. Eli goes back to work BLAIRKICK!! Eli’s down and Blair picks up the win! Blair heads back up the ramp after that and Eli’s glaring at Ceno for what happened.

So, CCC’s in her office, when Annie comes in and Accuses me of attacking Auburn? Seriously? I wouldn’t do anything like that. I didn’t snap. I’ll admit I believe I won that match and had Annie not interfered… But doesn’t mean I’d attack Auburn for it. I actually like Auburn.

Though wait, Auburn quit? I… I’m sorry things were going that bad for her… Though this was Roller X’s fault. Not mine. SHE said she was going to pay Auburn a visit. So it was her! That or they’re both transpiring against me. Seriously, I’ve seen how they don’t seem to be at odds any more… since Summer Breakdown.

o.O IS that the REAL reason Roller X gave Annie the title? The two decided to work against me for some reason? I.. I just don’t know. None-the-less we got one final match to go. My baby vs CCC!

So the match gets underway as I’m watching from the back. I again was by the gorilla position ready incase Paragon tried something.

As the match got underway it was pretty back and forth for a bit, that is until CCC hits my baby with Whisper in the wind and then takes control of the match. Soon enough, the love of my life rolls out of the ring for a breather. NO! CCC springs off the top rope and crashes onto her!!

Please Justin, Mizore’s the hot one in this match. Back outside the ring, the two are up at 3 and start exchanging blows before CCC blocks one and Sends Mizore into the rings. She quickly resets the count before catching Mizore with a Cartwheel bomb to the floor! Ouch. Come on baby! CCC gets into the ring resting and looking perhaps for a count out victory. I cheer for Mizore from my spot as I watch, willing her to get up and back into the ring! After the 8 count she does rolling back into the ring and the fight keeps going!

CCC tries to end things with a Star Crunch… Watch out baby! YES! Mizore gets free and hits a backstabber following it up with a tornado DDT! Mizore gets on fire after that! She takes up momentum not letting Christy breathe for a second. Soon, she nails a huranicanna followed by Breaking the Ice! She goes for the pin NO! Foot not he bottom rope! That’s when she locks in the Snowbound! Tap Christy Tap!

NO! Christy gets to the ropes. Mizore lets go and pulls Christy up as she whips her to the ropes. SIDE-EFFECT! Mizore’s down and CCC locks her into the CC Trap… though shouldn’t it be a CCC trap now? This isn’t time for jokes as I watch my baby struggle in pain. I urge her up cheering for her from the back! You got this!

After some knees to Christy’s head she’s out of it! But Christ’s not done yet as she pulls her up and drops her with the Star Strike before dropping on the pin! No… come on baby! Yes! Shoulder up at two. CCC pulls her up yet again and Charismatic Crush! Mizore’s down as she flips to her back and then CCC Starts to gloat! OOh, I’d love to slap that look right off her face.

CCC continues to mock my baby as she finally goes up for the Star Struck! Mizore gets to a knee but CCC starts the move anyways! NO! Mizore rushes to the ropes and springs off her hitting an AWESOME Cold Shoulder in midair! AMAZING!

Mizore takes a moment to catch her breath but she covers and that’s all she wrote! As mike hits the 3! Go Baby!

I head out there excited for Mizore and this time making sure that there were no more surprise attacks. I celebrate with my girl before she offers a sportsmanlike handshake to CCC who doesn’t go for it. Instead she heads to the stage and the tag champs step out. I look at them, not sure if they were going to try and thing. But it was a stare down. And that a wraps up the show!

I.. would like to say something before I finish this up. I actually finished most of this on Sunday after Slam and had to wait to get it up thanks what happened to me on Monday. Thank you phoenix software… but I wanted to say that I’m not sure what’s going to happen with my Prime Data after this. I will do my best to make sure something is up for all you Spring Kitties. So we’ll see what happens.

Until then, it’s time for Prime Predictions!

Last Time: 4-1

(Sorry I wasn’t able to get Slam 9 Prime Predictions. By the time I was able to do Slam 8, I already knew who won in Slam 9 so I was’t going to cheat. Aside for that, hey Had I not the Debut Slayer I’d of had it perfect. Wink )

Year to date: 25-14


Annie Fugate Vs Jaylina Jobber

Winner: Annie Fugate

Reason: She’s given an easy opponent for a warm up. Not complaining. Though didn’t know Jaylina had joined.


Daniel Martin Vs Gunnar Gunnsson

Winner: Daniel Martin

Reason: It’s the battle of the Super Beards! Seriously these two are big and got large beards to match. I’m giving it to Daniel because, I dunno anything about Gunnar.


Anthony Jefferson Vs Kelsi Parr

Winner: Kelsi Parr

Reason: Like with Daniel, this is Anthony’s HSW Singles debut. Should be interesting but Kelsi’s got this one.


Paul Blair Vs Roller X

Winner: Roller X

Reason: Blair doesn’t seem to do to well with attacks outside of the ring. My sister, though I hate it, will probably do something this time… Maybe even blame it on that Sentry woman like she’s trying to blame me for Auburn. Sad


Goode Chaos Vs Paragon(Christy/Ceno)

Winner: Paragon

Reason: As much as I dislike them… they are both skilled. Not that Eli isn’t and well.. don’t know enough about Kris’ in ring ability. So I’ll go with them.


Frost Elite Vs Paragon (Leon/Amber)

Winner: Frost Elite!

Reason: #Confident Maya!

That’s it Spring Kitties. Yeah I don’t usually do post predictions wrap up but wanted to give a quick Twitter plug. So if you wanna see what else we have going on, follow us on Twitter at @MayaJensenPrime and @EWEsMizore. You can also check out my CWF & LAW manager’s twitter @AnnabelleJPRime. Also me and Mizore are on ASKfm so got any questions fill free to send them in. Until next time Spring Kitties!

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