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Prime Data

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:52 am
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Hello Spring Kitties, it’s Maya here with a BONUS blog. So yeah I wasn’t planning on doing Frontline, after all Mizore’s not planning on doing it so I figured why do it myself. Then I got to thinking of how I’m doing FL 2 since it’s the SBD pre-show but then I thought why not do Frontline 1 as well? I mean sure I already skipped predicting it.. then again I didn’t previously come up with predictions for me to utilize before the show aired. Not to mention I’m also not on the show, not sure if or when I’d get a match on there unless it’s for one of the pre-show editions. So ah well… It’s time for Frontline!

So Frontline opens up in the production room where the commentators talk from there instead of the ringside table. It’s an interesting set up. But hey is that Kenny? Haven’t seen him since EWE. Admittedly I think he might of done maybe what? One interview or two while I was there. Ah well, it’s nice to see another familiar face. Either way the two do a little catch up as Kenny also gives his opinion of High Stakes Wrestling. I do wonder what he was doing during his unEmployment as it’s been a year… but no matter. The two then talk about Goode Times from Slam 5 as well talking about the Champion’s Spotlight match. After they hyped that up a bit we got to the first match of the card.

Oh I forgot those guys were still around… Then again with the stipulation of the match… yeah I know all about that, since I had a similar match in my debut in LAW. But sadly this match wasn’t much to write home about. Slightly even but it could of been better. But the match ended in a Double Disqualification because… oh Luke Force… He’s going to be on FL 2. Well he hits them both his two of his moves, a Forcedriver for Talia and an FU for Saraya. Sad, I was expecting more from those two but ah well.

Oh, see, there’s Kenny and Kelly talking about Luke Force debuting FL 2. Though I agree with Kelly, yeah I see him wanting to make a statement but why them? Just a generic statement? Or perhaps since he didn’t think either would be returning after that match he wouldn’t have to worry about repercussions? Who knows.

Not sure why I put the divider.. yeah there was a commercial, but it went straight back to the commentator’s in the production room. So far they’re talking about Slam 5, is this going to be the norm for Frontline? Or is really nothing else much going on? Either way they talked about Eli a bit then flowed that into Ceno which I’ve already said enough about that in my previous blogs. Which flowed into talk of Amber Ryan and Leon Cashmere teaming up… nice flow there and Gotta say Kenny, we are well aware of the talent those two have. Razz

I did have a look at the card before coming into this and this match… well it turned out exactly as I thought. Ok, didn’t fully expect Nero to play the beat down game with him… but I’m not surprised he did. The 5 and a half minute beat down ended with Jay tapping our Jay in a Kimura Lock… Hope Roller X is ready for him. But I still believe in her Smile

Some after match talk by our commentators as they talk about what Nero did on Slam 5. I still can’t believe it myself. Not like I knew of his history except what I’ve heard different commentators talk about. But still. I just don’t get it. Yeah I seen his uh ‘talk show’ (wonder how long that will be unless it’s a one time thing) and he explained himself, Just, when did he decide that Rocco failed him? Why not do it sooner? Not that I’m condoning what he did but just, I don’t understand the ‘time and place’ portion of it I guess. I mean why not let him try and win the match before doing what he did? Ok… I gotta get off this topic. So let’s just move on…

Should I even keep adding the divider when the commercial leads right back into the commentator’s like this. Eh, I’ll leave it in for now.

So this time their talking about Mizore’s match which ended in the Sugay Sister’s attack… I still wish I would of been there Sad. Anyways, they talked about our team, The Frost Elite, being subjectively the number one team in HSW… which well, last I checked we and the Hitmen were the only official teams in HSW. The rest our guest.. Oh wait, forgot Paragon aren’t just guests.

Oh and Kenny, they’ll live up to their hype.. when they lose to The Frost Elite in the Team Team Gauntlet Wink

So the start of the match and as Blair is coming down he steals some guys popcorn.. doesn’t he know it’s not a good idea to eat junk food before a big match like this? (Even if I’ve been guilty of it…). The Sugay Sister’s make their entrance, yes both of them. And They weren’t to nice to the fans, one flipping the bird to them. Oh, they’re from Bronx, New York? Wonder how far that is from Albany. *does quick google search* About 3 hours away? Remind me not to give them our address.

The match finally gets started with Tala going in for a Flying Forearm Smash, it gets Blair to teeter a bit but he drops Tala to the mat with a hard mat. After that he uses his power and strength advantage to take control of the match, but it’s not always about that. As we see with Tala going for a small package but he kick’s out. After that the dirty tricks begin… seriously going to need to watch out for those in the gauntlet. She throws an Eye Gouge even does a foot choke and she just doesn’t seem to care.

Sugay of course gets the momentum after that, hitting some hard hitting moves like a Spinning Heel Kick and a Lou The Press. Soon she has him in her MaBT or so she tried as Blair keeps her from locking it in. Before hitting a Blair-line which she rolls out of the ring. But she’s not out yet as an 8 count later and she’s back inside, but Blair is waiting for her with a belly to belly Suplex… Which I felt the other night on Slam 5, not by his of course Wink. He’s about to go for his, BlairKick, I guess but she gets up and… wait a seductive pose? That’s one way to get him off his game… not that it’ll do her much good in the gauntlet… She gets on the apron though and though Blair’s shakes off his mesmerization and runs at Tala but Tala gets off the apron and rolls him up and.. hey get off the ropes. The ref doesn’t see it and Tala gets the win.

With that, Kenny and Kelly give their final remarks on the match and close us out. But before it goes off the air it replays the last part of the 9way Elimination tag match. But I already covered it so I won’t be doing it again Wink.

So that’s it for FrontLine one. It was a fun watch and worth your time if you’re into all things HSW. And this would be the part where I set up Prime Predictions.. Problem is I already did them during my Slam 5 Blog. But here’s a reminder of my correct/wrong list. So until next time Spring Kitties Smile

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(Yep, Frontline 2 and Summer BreakDown hasn’t happened yet Wink )

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