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Returning from sleep Part 1 Empty Returning from sleep Part 1

on Wed Aug 22, 2018 8:26 pm


A voice was heard in the inky blankness as Maya Jensen began to regain consciousness.  Yet, something was wrong.  That voice, it sounded so familiar yet something was telling her that something was wrong.  She hadn't heard that voice in so long.  Not since the incident.  But, it couldn't be her... it was impossible.   Slowly, Maya's eyes opened as the bright glare from the room's lights caused her to squint slightly.  She wasn't exactly sure where she was as her eyes drifted slightly around the room, only to be met with the woman kneeling down by her bed.  Confusion swept over Maya's face as she caught the purple hair and the red variant of the attire she wore so often.  But... this wasn't right.

"You're up! I can't believe that you're finally up!"

The woman squealed in happiness as she quickly pulled Maya into a hug.  But, what was going on?  Who was this woman?  She couldn't be her.  So why was she pretending to be?  Maya tried to make sense of things in her head as the young lady pulls away from the hug and looks down at her.  That's when she leaned in with obvious intentions in mind.  What did this girl think she's doing?  Maya thought as she stopped her from advancing before shoving her back.  The woman looked confused and was that worry?  Maya wasn't quite sure but she did know that whoever this imposter was she had a lot of nerve pretending to be her.

-Maya Jensen-
"What's going on here?"

Maya's voice was sharp yet she was also hurt.  It had been so long since she looked into the face of the woman she loved. She found herself crying every night just to get to sleep.  Over time she had grown cold to it, but this... was a new low.

"Maya... Baby? Relax, you've been in a coma for..."

-Maya Jensen-
"Coma? Is this some kind of joke? Seriously who are you?"

Was someone trying to pull a fast one on her or was there something else at play here.  She knew of a few individuals who might stoop so low as to use her past like this, but to what end?

"It's me... Mizore. Your girlfriend."

There was that name... Mizore. The woman she had loved before she was tragically taken from her.  It was the reason for why she made the decisions she did up to this point.  To honor the memory of her beloved and find out who killed her.  Maya's anger grew.  She didn't care if this was some harmless prank or not.  She crossed her arms as she glared at this imposter.

-Maya Jensen-
"That's impossible. The Mizore I knew is dead."

The look on the pretender showed emotional pain.  She was a decent actress it would seem, but Maya didn't care.  Those countless nights she had to deal without her, the times she felt she could almost reach out and feel her yet knew she was gone had made Maya cold.  Suddenly, the door opened and in walked a nurse followed by what appeared to be two from the hospital security.  Seems Maya was about to get some answers as the nurse pointed straight at the Mizore imposter.

"That's her."

Maya watched as the security guards worked to remove the girl from the room.  A bit of her mask slipped when Maya caught that defiant look in the woman's eyes.  She seemed so adamant on staying but she reluctantly left with the security.  Maya nods as she glanced towards the nurse.  She seemed to know a bit about what was going on.  Including why she was here in the hospital.  Maya tried to think of what happened last.  She remembered a break in the Mizore case.  She tracked it down to find the killer.  She remembered the individual turning around revealing themselves before... A slight headache went through Maya as the memory was blank.  Must have been attacked.  Maya looks over to the nurse who was watching the security guards removing Mizore from the premise.

-Maya Jensen-
"So, what was that all about?"

The nurse was startled as she turns around.  Seemed she wasn't expecting anyone else in the room.  Maya could see her eyes widen in shock as she looked at her.

"Maya, you're awake?"

Maya frowns slightly.  Awake?  Was she not expected to do so?

-Maya Jensen-
"I am... what's going on?"

The nurse takes a moment to compose herself before she finally answers Maya's question.

"You've been in a coma for nearly 6 months now."

Not her too, Maya thought as she glanced over to beside her bed then around the room.  6 months? That couldn't be right.  It didn't seem like that much time has passed.  Yet, there wasn't any evidence of it in the room.

-Maya Jensen-
"If I was in a coma for months, then where is all the equipment?"

This changed the expression on the nurse's face.  Seemed there was something she was afraid to tell her but for what reason?  Instead she focused on other things.

"Well, how are you feeling?  Do you feel sluggish?  Like you've been inactive for quite a lengthy period?"

Seemed that was something for Maya had been feeling a bit off, but she figured it was due to a possible attack from Mizore's killer.

-Maya Jensen-
"Still doesn't explain the lack of equipment."

The nurse looks at her before finally resolving to tell her.

"Alright, I'll tell you but you need to remain calm."

Maya doubted there was anything that she could say that would upset her in this position but she nodded her head anyways.

"The truth is... you were being unplugged."

Maya just shakes her head that was such a bad excuse.

-Maya Jensen-
"So, you mean to tell me, that I somehow magically wake up the same day that I get unplugged?  Seriously, what's going on here?"

The nurse seemed relieved that she was taking it well, if denial could be considered well.

"It is strange, I'll admit.  But that is what happened."

-Maya Jensen-
"Yeah, sure.  But you know what, I don't think I care anymore.  Where's the phone?  I need to call my precinct."

Maya glanced around the place, wondering if there was a phone there in the room.  Yet, the nurse replied slightly confused.


Maya glanced over to the nurse.  Why was she acting strange?

-Maya Jensen-
"Yeah, prescient.  Don't tell me you know my name but not that I'm a cop."

The nurse tilts her head slightly.

"I'm sorry, Maya. But the only occupation we have you down as having is being a wrestler."

-Maya Jensen-
"Wrestling?  I haven't done that in years."


Maya nods.  She wasn't exactly sure why her information wasn't up to date, unless there was something else afoot here.  Yet, this seemed a bit overboard and for what?  To get information?  Lure her into a false sense of security?  The nurse seemed to understand something as the confusion seemed to leave her facial features.

"I'll be right back.  I'm going to fetch the doctor."

More to this ruse?  Maya wasn't sure. But she nods her head nonetheless.

-Maya Jensen-
"You do that."

The Nurse then leaves the room leaving Maya there to ponder on what was happening.

Returning from sleep Part 1 LvGXgaw

Note: Maya’s been in a coma since March 7th
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