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Little Yokai Vs Marksman Jay Mora Empty Little Yokai Vs Marksman Jay Mora

on Sun May 13, 2018 10:59 pm
RP Link: http://www.carnagewrestling.com/forum/index.php?topic=1423.msg4776#new

(OOC: My apologies.. meant to have a more decent RP but School, home stuff, and another fed short of got in the way.)

It was just about time for the Underground Retribution pay-per-view to begin as the backstage crew were already working on setting up the arena for the big event. As they worked a delivery man came up to the back with a trunk sized package. After checking with the man in the back he got it signed for. Of course, the man was a bit confused as he headed to tell his superior.

BC: Hey, boss, you know anything about a shipment?

His boss looks to him.

BM: What shipment?

BC: We just got a large crate a moment ago, said it was for Carnage wrestling, didn't give any specific name.

His boss thought about it for a moment and wasn't sure what could be in the crate.

BM: Well, have someone open it up. Could be some additional supplies for the show.

The backstage crew worker nods as he headed back before grabbing another person to help him out. They grab the necessary tools as they began to pry open the crate. Once it was lose they lifted the lid to find...


Little Yokai Jumps from the crate and lunges at the man holding the tool as he begins to beat on him with his Powerful fists! Which knocks the guy down but we're pretty sure he was just surprised than because of Little Yokai. The man yelps as he hits as the other guy tries to pull him off of him. But this caused Little Yokai to turn his attention on him as he dives at him, grabbing his legs and strikes at him with his mighty blows from his evil fist... which causes the guy to shake his leg trying to get him off him.

BC: Get off, get off.

The other guy comes too as he has the tool he looks at it then looks to Yokai.

BC2: I got him.

He says before swinging back and striking at our [s]hero[/s] villian. But Little Yokai senses it just in time as he hopes off the man and the guy gets struck on the left with the tool causing him to yelp in pain.


The guy said clutching his foot. Little Yokai laughs evily before he runs out into the halls.


He shouts. The guy without the injured leg looks to the other guy.

BC2: Sorry... but... was that Little Yokai?

BC: I... I think so...

He said through grunted teeth. This caused the other guy to scratch his head.

BC2: Well, you might want to let the boss know he's here.

With that he left and went back to work. Causing the first guy to grunt in both pain and annoyance as he tries to go tell his boss but his leg hurt with each step he tried. And that ends our scene.
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