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on Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:54 am
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(Note: The first two blog posts were taken from the RPs they were in. Wasn't sure if I wanted to save them or not but eh)

Hello EWE, it's Stealth Elf again for another entry to this blog. I'll be honest I haven't really thought of a name for it, but maybe I'll have one by my next entry.

Anyways, I didn't win tonight as most of those who read this may know. So I guess congratulations to Hollie Winder is in order. So Congrats.

Right now though, I should start talking about my match. After all, I'm finally going to get that title match for the Televixen championship. Though, I should of had it tonight but with how I loss, I guess it's not to bad huh? Oh wait, I lossed to Hollie, not Michelle McCool. So never mind then.

So, I'll be training for my match and of course, you'd better believe that I'm going to be doing more than I've ever done so. After all my opponent is Flawless. After all, she's defended that championship for 9 weeks or so, not only that but she's kept the Shining Star Championship as well. I'd bring up how she's got two match at the pay-per-view as well, but she managed to defeat two opponents last PPV to so I can't say she won't be able to do it. Besides, most likely she'll have our match first. Though I guess she could be trying to think I'd be an easy win, but who am I kidding? I've defeated multiple people who thought I'd be an easy win. Had they thought otherwise? I don't know. It may of had a different outcome.

... I should stop that. Feeling bad for myself will not help me. I gotta dig down deep and take out this flawless Diva. I have to stop letting things get under my skin because they poke fun of my appearance. I know I'm weird looking. But it's not really my fault... I think.

*sigh* OK, enough about that. I need to focus on my opponent. Which I am. But I can't stop thinking... no stop that. I will defeat Michelle McCool to win the Televixen Championship. I won't let anything stop me. Why? Because I need this win. I need something good going in my life, and to be able to win gold? That will truly be something good. No not good, It'll be great! So I'm going train harder and harder, so on Sunday I'll be ready for her.

Stealth Elf out.
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