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on Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:52 am
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Hello EWE universe and it's wrestlers. This is Stealth Elf.

This doesn't exactly have a special name for it, as of yet, but I figured I'd get on and say a few things.

The first thing I should talk about is about my match being change. After all I just found out about it... and you have no idea how mad I am about it. After all I did earn that title shot, so why exactly did Ms. Moretti decide to keep me from it? Does she really hate me so much because of my looks, that she can't see me as being the Televixon champion?

Well She does have this whole beautification thing going on. But what's that mean to the rest of us who actually have the talent to be great in this company yet don't fit the mold? I can't stand it and I'm really glad I have someone in my corner like Mrs. Jensen. after all she doesn't believe that only the pretty people should get things like championships and things. So instead of taking this has a reason to pack my bags and leave, I'm going to use this anger in my match next week.

Speaking of which, I'm going up against one Hollie Winder. I've watch allot of her matches and she's got great talent. Plus unlike allot of the other people I've faced, I know that Ms. Winder won't have such a high ego that she underestimates me. I know that I've got a fight coming for me and you can bet your drum set that I'll be training to my utmost best so I'll be ready for her.

Now, I saw that Ms. Winder plans on cashing in her Ladies' Choice briefcase at the Hell Frozen Over pay-per-view. That being said, Ms. Winder would not want to loose any momentum going into that match or Syd might use that to her advantage. But I'm sorry Ms. Winder, but I need that win more than you. See, I still need to prove myself that I can be a champion that I have the rights to a shot at a title. You? You've already proven yourself by winning the Ladies' Choice match. So you just need to remember that. But me, I need must show that I'm deserving of a title shot. Then, rather she likes me or not, Ms. Moretti won't be able to refuse me a shot.

Anyways, That's all I really have to say. Thanks for reading and I apologies for any spelling and grammar mistakes.
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