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on Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:48 am
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Hello everyone out there from high up in the sky. That’s right, I’m working on this while on a 20 hour plane ride to Glasgow Scotland. Yes, Sweetie, Glasgow. Smile. We’re headed there for the qualifiers for the 4CW Tag Team tournament. But that’s not what this edition’s about. No we’re here to talk about Saturday Night Slam #3. But we got more than just great matches in store for tonight as this is the start of the HSW Double Elimination Tournament to determine the first ever HSW World Champion! So without further ado, it’s get started!

Prime Data CardAd

So the show starts and it’s actually the first time we’re not greeted by how boss, CCC. Instead we get an opening from Justin White and Johnathan Steele where they hype up the show a bit…. which really wasn’t very long. But soon we get straight into the first match where my girl Mizore takes on Desmond King!

Prime Data MizoreDK

I gotta say, I just love that new entrance of Mizore’s. I seen it on paper for so long it’s amazing to see it first time.

But on to the match itself, where Desmond is pretty on fire this time. Using his power to take control. Mizore tries a few times to get some momentum but Desmond came back into control. The match was determined by a small package reverse, as Mizore went for one, before it was reversed by Desmond. I was holding my breath during that time as the ref nearly got the three, but then Mizore reversed it one more time and the 3 count was made. Go Mizore! As she moves on to the winner’s bracket of Round 2!

Next up we see James Ceno out in the ring saying he’s got footage of a bad call from the ref in his match last show. But after inviting Eli Goode, the opponent he had last time, Eli talked him out of showing the footage. I have to wonder if it was really for what he said, or if he was trying to protect his own ego. Then again, Annie still thinks kicking me after I beat her, make her the better one. Either way, The two shake hands and Ceno leaves without showing the footage.

Prime Data MidnightTalia

Speaking of Annie, her match was next. And is that a new entrance? Probably heard about Mizore’s new one and decided she wanted something new too. Or did she use it last show? I don’t remember.

The match also featured a debuting Talia Lea. I’m always curious to see what new people have to offer…and well the match was mostly one sided with a few times Talia tried to get things in her favor. But in the end It was Annie’s Cloak of Darkness that sealed the deal for her.

Oh, I forgot about this. They missed last weeks sponsorship… or maybe it’s a every other show thing? Who knows but Justin and Steele let us know what’s been happening in our only current wrestling sponsor, Redemption Wrestling. I wonder if LAW will ever get a sponsorship?

Prime Data RXWaters

Next my sis is heading out ready to take on new comer Saraya Waters. I knew Saraya hasn’t really said anything since she debuted so I was wondering if she’d even show up. But no there she was. Which I’m glad.

As for the match, well it was again more a one sided match with my sis keeping control the entire time. And after a Derby Dash, she makes the cover and joins Mizore and Annie in the Winner’s bracket.

Next up we see Jack Michaels laying into James Ceno for what went down with Eli. Seemed to really fire up James which I think that’s what Jack’s intentions were.

Prime Data MayaMike

Well next up was my own match against Mike Jobber… and I was disappointed. Ok, yeah I know he was a Jobber… but he was my first male opponent. The best he managed was slipping while I went for a crossbody, causing me to eat the canvas. Not sure why Mike thought that would be enough for even a 2 count as he shouted out ‘this is for you baby’. Was he and Annie really going to be a thing now? Dunno but I answered his call with a call out to my own baby with my Fridged Ice Wall. And scoring a 3 count.

I remember as I headed back to the Ladies’ locker room that I happened to past Johnny Chaos. I wondered what he was doing there but I continued on my way.

Prime Data CenoJay

Yeah Ceno was still fired up from what happened with Jack. Jay didn’t stand a chance… He tried to do some silly antics with his karate poses which I’ll admit was funny, even from someone who actually knows martial arts. He then attempted a kick which Ceno caught and transitioned into his Shock lock. Jay immeaditly taps out.. even though it took a moment for Ceno to release the hold afterwords.

Next up, seems CCC isn’t to happy about Jack getting on to James earlier… but Jack informed her he was just trying to lite a fire under Jack… saying we still don’t have a face to the company. I may have a little bit more to say on that later… but for now, even before Jack finished what he was saying, Johnny Chaos comes into the room. So that’s what he was doing there. I thought they were going to fight for a moment there, but Johnny was there to apologies for what he did to the MMSW School before. Which I had only over heard a few people talking about it. Either way, Jack accepted the apology and CCC was shocked. But we end on that as we head off to our next match.

Prime Data EliLY

Our next match was well, another interesting entrance by Little Yokai as he popped up from the Steel Steps. That guy can come from anywhere o.O

Anyways the match again was more one sided. Little Yokai attempted offense but Eli was not impressed. Eventually, he sealed the deal with Goode Bye into a Goode Night. Yokai was already out from the Goode Bye, so it was three arms up and three arms down, giving Eli the win and securing his spot in the Winner’s Bracket.

Gotta say, I wonder how Eli’s ego would have handled it if he had lost that match. But guess we’ll never know.

Prime Data MandieRocco

We actually go straight to our next match which is our main event. And is it odd, that aside for Mizore and Desmond’s this was the first match where we actually seen some back and forth? Seriously. But either way.

The match did start to look in favor of Rocco after some back and forth, as Rocco got Mandie in the Fade to Black. But Mandie doesn’t quit as she gets to the ropes. Mandie attempts a small package but doesn’t get a three. Which throws Rocco off his game a bit before he rolls out of the ring and talks some strategy with Nero. But here comes Mandie with a suicide dive to the both of them, which I can’t blam them. The ref, starts up on a slow 10 count which not surprising as this is the same ref with the super long 10 count during Roller X’s match against Eli on the first show. But this time it wasn’t as long as that. The two take advantage of this before finally, Mandie gets in the ring at around 8. It looked like Mandie might when by count-out but Rocco gets back in the ring just in time. Mandie gives him a nice hard slap which gets her a little bit of control and after a snap DDT and gets a three count.

Mandie hits him with a Breaking Point and looking to add her finisher to it but is tripped by Nero. Seriously? either way, it was the break Rocco needed to hit his Godsend and the three count.

So that was the show. Just before I move to the final part of my blog I want to say that if anyone… has a name I can call my fans, please let me know… I’ve been racking my brain for over two months now and still can’t think of a good one. But with that, it’s time for Prime Predictions!

Prime Data D0ImlfT

Last Time: 6-0

(100% Accuracy! Can I predict the future or what?)

Year to date: 9-1

Prime Data TaliaJayWaters


Taila Lea Vs Jay Jobber Vs Saraya Waters

Winner: Talia Lea

Reason: For a few reasons. One, yeah Jay might really be happy about this match, but again I don't think he’ll win. Then I also believe Talia put up a bit more a fight than Saraya did. Plus, when Me and Mizore agree on Predictions… perfection happens Razz

Prime Data MandieLY


Mandie Wheeler Vs Little Yokai

Winner: Mandie Wheeler

Reason: After nearly winning against Rocco I can see her getting this match. Just make sure you’re prepared.. that little guy can be a handful… according to Mizore Razz

Prime Data DKMike


Desmond King Vs Mike Jobber

Winner: Desmond King

Reason: Yeah, Desmond’s about to lose his losing streak.

Prime Data FrayAuburn


Fray Vs Auburn

Winner: Auburn

Reason: I don’t know much about how these two are in the ring. Last I checked their profiles weren’t even up on the site yet. But Auburn so far has been pretty nice as Mizore said so I’ll predict her. Smile

Prime Data MizoreRX


Mizore Vs Roller X

Winner: Mizore

Reason: Why do I have to choose!! Sad. I want them both to win so badly. But ok… I have to pick someone and well, I’ll go completely analytical about this… So… Mizore’s a multi-time Champion and a Grand Slammer… Roller X… isn’t.

Prime Data MayaCeno


Maya Jensen Vs James Ceno

Winner: My Match

Reason: I’m excited for this one. Especially if Ceno is still fueling that fire.

Prime Data MidnightEliRocco


[SIZE=3]Annie Fugate Vs Eli Goode Vs Rocco Abrams

Winner: Rocco Abrams

Reason: I would love to be the one to knock Eli out of this thing… or just give him his first loss. But I also want to face Rocco Abrams, both because despite the way he got the opportunity to finish off Mandie, he put on a great match. But I gotta go with Rocco. I think Eli will find more than he can swallow…

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