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Stealth Elf Vs Scarlet

on Fri Apr 13, 2018 2:31 am
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Show: Chaos [7/27/2015]

We open to an empty arena. There Stealth Elf stands in the center of the ring. Her mind playing the events that happened at WrestleMania. Her memory reminding her how she had to not just struggle against Calista Leon that night, but also against what had been tormenting her for some time. Her captivity. But some how, she managed to get control and take back control of the match, but then it happened. A random, out of the blue masked stranger comes in and attacks her. Doesn't leave any other sign of why she was there, why she did what she did. All that was left was one word spray painted on her chest.

Stealth Elf rubbed her exposed belly absenmindely. As she crossed over to her duffle bag in the corner and opened it, taking out a small camera. She props it on the turnbuckle as she turns it towards her and hits record.

SE: Scarlet has alot of answers to be given me tonight. Starting with why, why she interfere'd in my match. After all that night, that Wrestle Mania 11, was supposed to be my night. My time to finally achomplish what only 2 others have done so far. But it all came crashing down with one person's interference.

Stealth Elf walks closer to the camera.

SE: Tell me, why did you do it? Could you not bare the thought of someone like me moving on in the history books as being one of the first 3 people to complete the Diva's Grand Slam? But then again who can really tell with you. I've watched every video you put out and I still can't tell what you're deal is. Are you really just that crazy? Which leads me to think that you did what you did simply because you thought it would be fun.

Stealth Elf's fists clinched in anger. She had never really gotten this mad at someone before.

SE: So am I right? Is this all one big joke to you? I see you laugh, I see you talk about hurting people, wanting to spill peoples blood. But you couldn't even get it done when Josie Wales saw through you're fake provado and removed your sorry butt from The Queen of the Ring.

Didn't help that Stealth Elf was also eliminated by Josie Wales but it was a fact that wasn't imporant at the moment.

SE: Then you ask me why don't I just quit. Truth is you're right, that has crossed my mind on several occations. But as each time I remember that I don't do it for me alone. I do it for every single person out there who has a dream but are to afraid to go for it because they don't look the part. So if you think mocking my appearence will change anything, then you really just don't know who I am any more.

Stealth Elf nods.

SE: But not only for them I do it for Mizore.... We're best friends and best friends stick together no matter what.

Stealth Elf almost wanted to say the truth, how she was in love with Mizore and she'd do whatever it took to make her happy. But it wasn't time for her to reveal that yet. Ofcourse, that made her all the more furious when Scarlet bad mouthed Mizore the way she did.

SE: But you really think you're so tough that you can get away with saying what you did about my friend and get away with it? First I'm going to beat you from pole to pole then anything left over Mizore will have...

Stealth Elf froze slightly, she couldn't believe she just said something that mean. But in her mind that just proved how much she cared for Mizore. She was willing to go to war even over something has trivial as a few mean words... though she did call her an Ice B****. Which drove Stealth Elf's anger all the more.

SE: You say all these things but yet you talk about fakers... How do we know that you're not the fake around here, hmm? After all you always consceal who you are but I bet it's all the more easy to say whatever you want if you know no one knows who you are to retaliate. Me, sure I wear a mask over my mouth but you can clearly see who I am, even if no one wants to admit it. So take away that hood and that mask and what will you be left with? A girl way over her head that's it.

Stealth Elf's rage is pushing her to say things she normally would never say. So much furosity coming from her, as she walks closer to the camera getting in it's face. The rage clearly seen on her face.

SE: The only blood you're going to see on Monday is your own when I wipe that smug grin off your face. I don't care what my mom sees in you but you're about to feel alot of pain. You here me? YOU ARE GOING TO GET HUUUR-....

Stealth Elf had grabed the rope which caused the camera to fall and hit the matt. causing it to turn off. Stealth Elf was startled as it brought her out of her small anger episode. But she fumed for a bit longer before reaching down and picking it up sighing.

Mizore: Maya?!

Stealth Elf paused as she saw Mizore coming up to the ring. She was wearing a very pretty outfit and a smile on her face.

Mizore: Ready to go?

Stealth Elf nodded as she walks over to her duffle bag and places the camera in it.

Maya: Ready, just let me get changed first.

Mizore: Allright, but the show starts soon.

Maya nods again as she picks up her bag and heads out. Her anger fading for the time being as she prepared for her next date.

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Re: Stealth Elf Vs Scarlet

on Fri Apr 13, 2018 2:31 am
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