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on Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:45 am
Original Link: http://law2013.proboards.com/thread/2404/prime-data-validation-2017-edition

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Hello everyone, it's me Maya Jensen and welcome back to Prime Data!  Ok, that sounded like this is a show not a blog, but that's fine.

Anyways, I've been pretty excited to talk about Validation as it was my first match in I don't know how long.  Ok, fine it was over a year that's for sure.  But before we get into the show, I'd like to thank my family and friends for showing up and supporting me.  

They ofcourse, being my girlfriend's father and his girlfriend Hollie Winder.  My older sister Britney and her Roller Derby team and friends The Ghouls.  I'm so glad they could all make it to my debut.  I wish my parents would of showed up as well, but I know they're busy.

So with all that it's time to get started talking about the show, Validation!

[img style="max-width:100%;" alt=" " src="http://iwffed.webs.com/LAW/validation/2015/newvalidationmain.jpg"]

The show opened with a nice video package before switching to the comentating team as they hyped up the card we had in store.  As for myself, my match was scheduled first and I was waiting in the back by the gorella posision with my manager and love of my life, Mizore.  

Mizore was supposed to have come to the ring with me, but her bladder seemed to have other ideas.  I told her not to get that huge drink.   So she left to use the bathroom and said she would be back in time.  But alas she was not.

[img src="https://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif" alt=" " style="max-width:100%;"]

So there I was, waiting in the back as my opponent made her entrance.  I didn't even see it at the time as I was by the gorella posision but the staff there was going to let me know when it was time for me to head out.

I'll let you know I was filled with pretty mixed emotions.  I was estatic and couldn't wait to have my match up.  I was calm confident and just fired up.  But I was also constantly looking down the hall, waiting for Mizore to come back.  Despite Starlight's elaborate and longer than normal entrance, Mizore still didn't show up and I was forced to go out without her.

When I stepped through that curtain I was met with a rush of excitement.  I could hear the fans cheering me on and it just fired me up even more.  I was finally back to where I belonged. [img class="smile" src="http://storage.proboards.com/forum/images/smiley/smiley.png" alt="Smile"]

As I made my way down, soaking in the cheers from the crowd I didn't exactly hear the comentating team, but after watching the actual show, I got to here a bit of what they were saying and I have to say, apprently none of them have done their homework on me.  And, Prime Data and my Prime Predictions are not crappy.  Just look on down the show and you'll see just how 'crappy' my predictions were [img src="http://storage.proboards.com/forum/images/smiley/wink.png" class="smile" alt="Wink"]

So I got in the ring and waited for the match to begin.  Soon the bell rang and imiadatly Starlight sprung to life and attacked me with that leaping press and then the flurry of punches.  I cover up as much as possible from the flurry and the ref finally got her off of me.

I can tell you that for the longest time, I was worried Starlight wouldn't even show up, or barely put forth any kind of effort.  That right there showed me that I was wrong and that wasn't a bad thing in the slightest.  I wanted a fight and a fight I was going to get.  

Anyways, the match goes on and Starlight gets more agressive with me and just watching the footage again I can still remember how that felt.  Ofcourse, it also seemed that Skye Sparks was applauding Starlight and commented about me not being a wreslter?  Agian not doing her homework. [img src="http://storage.proboards.com/forum/images/smiley/wink.png" class="smile" alt="Wink"]  but she just had to wait and see.  As after the ref got Starlight to stop her strike again, I had it and wasn't going to wait for the next flury as I hit Starlight with my Tiger Spirit Kick, which was inspired by my mother.  

It was more than enough to allow me to take control of the match as I hit a few moves before going for a pin attempt which only gets me a 2 count.  But I just got up and kept the flow going. I hit her with a jumping sidekick and go for a lionsault but Starlight moved out of the way, I catch it and land on my feet, but it wasn't the best of landings as I hurt one of my knees.  But I wasn't going to let that stop me even though Starlight managed to take over at that point and target my legs.  It hurt, yes, but I had to endure my mother's physical theorpy while trying to recooperate from paralyzed legs, ok they weren't paralyzed due to an injury to them but, well, I don't want to talk about that.

So, Starlight continued to assualt on my legs and pulled me up and ate a knee to her face.  Starlight staggers a bit but it was time to end it as I charge in and hit my "Green No More" finisher. But this time I wasn't going for a pinfall as I went for my submision move, "18 waves of Pain."  Which was inspired by another person in my life, but not from happy memories.

Starlight fights it but she taps out, giving me my first victory in LAW.

After the match, I headed backstage where I was greeting by Mizore who imeadtily hugged me.  She then told me that she would of come out after she finished, but didn't want her arrival to cause a distraction.  Though I wish she could of been that, I was ok with that.  I wouldn't want someone saying I only won my debut because Starlight thought Mizore was coming down to the ring to try something.

But we headed to the trainer's room, so I could have my knee checked out.  Sure I was sore, and extremely happy, and I didn't believe anything was torn or broken, but with my first match back, i wanted to make sure.

The show continued on though.  I actually am just now watching this little part as I missed it while getting looked at by the trainer.

But uh... Ok, now I'm confused.  Kate seemed to be awefully close or something to Kenzi, almost like wait, let Sarah down easy?  So is Kenzi and Lacklan breaking up?

Well, Ashley Marie Chase, or AMC for convience of typing, came in with Sarah Lacklan.  AMC had a championship that wasn't one of LAWs.  Seemed some short of Hardcore Championship but defended 24/7 as I learned a little later.

Anyways, Kate leaves and then... o.O  uh wait what?  She's... leading Kate on?  Just to win Tag Gold?  Are you serious? That's terrible!

I need a minute here... This... I thought I was begining to understand Kenzi but this.. this is a low that... it's just wrong.  I'm sorry Kenzi, but you don't need to do that.  Yeah I know those Tag titles mean something to you and I agree you and Kate need to be on the same page.  But this, trust me I know more about this than you know.

I just... I need to move on.  I'm not sure I can finish this part of the video but.. ok there's a tussle over the hardcore Championshp from another fed... but yeah.

[img style="max-width:100%;" alt=" " src="https://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif"]

The next match I actually missed the first part of it.  But thanks to the show being uploaded I can check out what I missed.

And what I missed, was Jessika entering with Katalina, like a dog on a lease. o.O uh, ok.  I know I saw Katalina with that 'lion' girl from LAW 62, but it's still looks so wierd to me.

Anyways, they make it down to the ring but instead, Hyde steals Troy Franklin's chair for Katalina and then Hyde sits at her feet while waiting at her feet.  Though, I wonder if what my friend Hollie would think of that? she is into things like that.. I think.

Anyways, Courtney Leinart makes her entrance and becons for Hyde to come into the ring which she does after being unhooked from her leash.   When she gets in the match starts and Hyde goes in and knocks Courtney off her feet.  Then Hyde grabs her hair with her mouth and pulls.  That's nasty.

Hyde looks over to Katalina for some short of admiration or praise and that allows Courtney to take back the flow of the match.  But doesn't last long as Hyde takes back control.

It was pretty much the same through out, seemed Jessika was more interested if she was doing a good job to Katalina.  And in the end it costs her.

After Hyde gets out of a hold she rubs up on Katalina who had come up to the apron because she was trying to tell Hyde not to keep hitting Coutney like she had been.  During that time, Troy Franklin was able to get his chair back, and Hyde didn't take it to kindly when she noticed, almost headed out of the ring towards troy but that's when Courtney took over the match.  Got a 2 count after a DDT.  Jessika did try to come back after reversing an Irish Whip and later got her own 2 count, but after a Courtney's Super Kick, It was Jessika who was pinned for the 3 count.

[img alt="" style="max-width:100%;" src="https://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif"]

This match didn't even get started.  Officially that is.  As after Kate Bass made her entrance and Sarah was starting hers, Bass decided that she wasn't going to wait til the match started and headed up the ramp to get things 'started'.

And start they did as the two fought all over the place.  From the asile to the front row of the crowd. To the ring side area.  This wasn't even any kind of 'match' as it was just a bloody war as the two used chairs, cords, the steel stairs even some poor guy's drink as weapons.  Ofcourse, Ms. Bass also took a drink out of it and a little later she grabbed some other guys drink in celebration.  I feel sorry for the fans, but then again I think there are some who actually like that short of thing.

Anyways, in the end, they were both a bloody mess.  even part of the protective matt around the ring was pealed away thanks to Bass though it was Sarah who took advantage of it.  Finally, at the end, Sarah pulls out some handcuffs, though I wonder what she was planning on using them for if they hadn't started this preMatch brawl?  Anyways, they both end up handcuffed together and it was at this point the ref, who had been trying to get them to the ring to officially start, waved the match off.  Secutiry came down to seperate the two.  Though seemed even they weren't done but the ref did wave it off.  And the ring crew got to work cleaning up the mess.

I have to say I'm a bit disappointed by it.  I wanted to see how the actual match would have gone down.  I mean, Sarah did stab a guy to sign her contract for the match.  Ok, not sure how that applies. But atleast Sarah did work on trying to start the match... once.  I can't fault her that much as it was really Bass who started the whole thing.  Though both girls had time to get into the ring at different times during their brawl.  But it is what it is I guess, just disappointing.

Next up we cut backstage to see an interview with Carmen Diaz and Mercedes Vargas.  All I know about Mercedes is what she said in the interview.  She was apart of last Validation but was she ever apart of LAW?  I'm not sure but she is part of a 'sister show' so atleast there's that.

Anyways, Mercedes is there just to watch the show and she gives some comments on her thought on the Marquee challenger of the night, the Tag Championship match, and how she wants to face Amy Jo Smyth.  

I'm not even sure what her ending statment was because, well, I don't speak spanish.

[img src="https://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif" alt=" " style="max-width:100%;"]

Before this match even gets underway, Kenzi Grey heads down to ringside and replaces Sky Sparks on comentating.  Seems she was there to watch Camacho's match as Camacho' issued a challenge to her for the next LAW show.

As for the match, it seemed more Camacho trying to 'show off' to Kenzi.  Sure there was a time or two when Melanie took control but they didn't last as long before Camacho regained control eventuallly planting Melanie with her Battle Scar and gets the 3.

Afterwords, Kenzi leaves the comentator booth to glare at Gabby from ringside.  But after a motin from Gabby, Kenzi hops into the ring and the two start getting into a verbal fight.  Before it can get physical however, Mackanzie Roberts comes down and forces Kenzi to the back.

[img src="https://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif" style="max-width:100%;" alt=" "]

The next match was... ok, it was as wierd as I expected.  Especially after finding out a little more about these two teams since the last time I did this.

So where to even start?  Well, The naughty girls come out and Katalina comes out and is sporting a different attire. One more suited for wrestling in but still.  Her partner, Katie Klein, come out in.. o.O geeze that kind of outfit is that?  I thought Hollie was bad but these guys take it to a whole new level.

Anyways, Katie's also on a lease but it's remove before the match starts.  Uh, so the match.  Well, things were going as any other tag match But things quickly started getting wierd.  Like when Christy gets slapped on the bottom.  Which would be wierd in itself but then Kayla goes pretty lived from it.  Seems the AJ butt pat is still freash in her mind.

But that wasn't even the wierdest thing.  Towards the end, Katie catches christy with the start of what looked to be a huricarana.  I know because I've done a few of them myself, but not in the way she did it as she drove her umm... Let's just say her lower region.. into Christy's face.  Reminds me of this one finisher of an old opponent of mine.

Anyways, she completes the huricarna then goes for the.. o.O uh... that's not the proper way to pin...

Either way, she got the 3 count and after some 'good games' to both Christy and then Kayla.  They headed to the back.  Truely one crazy match.  o.O

Ok, so I'd like to say that next I'd would be covering the match Sam Tolson vs Maria Salvatore.  But sadly, I'm unable to finish it.  Something has come up and well.... this thing is late as it is and I didn't want to keep you guys waiting.  Sorry if I didn't get to the other matches.  But hey, perhaps I can try and do them later?  We'll see, I make no promises.  But I will be doing my Prime Predictions..
oh and Kenzi... I really don't hope you quit.  Trust me, I've been in a similar situation as you in my old fed.  I did something I'm not entirely proud of, even now when I look back on it.. all for a championship.  I never got a chance to fully redeem myself, but I do know one thing.  Don't quit.  Keep on Keeping on.  And one day, things will turn around for the better.  Count on it [img class="smile" src="http://storage.proboards.com/forum/images/smiley/wink.png" alt="Wink"].

[img src="https://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif" alt=" " style="max-width:100%;"]

Last Time: 5 - 2

(Not bad for 'crappy' predictions Skye [img src="http://storage.proboards.com/forum/images/smiley/wink.png" class="smile" alt="Wink"]  )

Year to Date: 9 - 3

Maya Jensen vs. Maria Salvatore
Winner: My Match
Reason: Don't worry, the problem that kept me from finishing Prime Data won't keep me from my match.  

Katalina Starr vs. Starlight
Winner: Katalina Starr
Reason: Who is the better Star? Well, from what I know.  Hyde was a pretty crazy chick.  So is Starlight.  Both of them are pretty agressive but hey, Katalina managed to tame Hyde, perhaps she can do the same here.  

Kayla Winters vs. Sam Tolson
Winner: Sam Tolson
Reason: Ok, so I wasn't able to fully watch her Validation match yet.  But I know she won.  If Sam can win that pretty strict ruling of the Pure Rules match, I can't wait to see what she can do in a regular match.

Sarah Lacklan vs. Courtney Leinart
Winner: Sarah Lacklan
Reason: #FightingTheWorldAcrossTheWorld.  But seriously, She's tough.  sure she lost her triple tag match to the angels before, but you seen what she did with her match against Kate Bass?  Well, ok the match was canceled, but if she could endure that and still be ready to start the match, then She'll win agianst Courtney.  besides, revenge is a powerful thing.  and I'm sure she wants to avenge her loss in the previously mention trio tag as well.

Mackenzie Roberts vs. Etsuko Mitsuzaka
Winner: Mackenzie Roberts
Reason: Ok, I know I checked out what Etsuko submitted for her match. And I dunno, she didn't wow me.  And the match itself I caught a little backstage and it was pretty short.  Then you have Mackenzie Robters, and ok she did lose, but she was more impressive to me, plus she's a former Marque Champion too.  Sorry, just all signs point to Mackenzi for me here.

Kate Steele vs. Zoey Madigan-Star
Winner: Zoey Madigan-Star.
Reason: I'm sorry, but she is one-half of the tag champs for a reason.  She's one customer to beat.  Then you have Kate Steele who well.. after what I learned recently, I'm not sure her head will be in the game.

Gabby Camacho vs. Kenzi Grey
Winner: Kenzi Grey
Reason: The mind games were played well at Validation and while I know that Kenzi is going through some problems. I fully believe that things will work out for her in the end.  Besides, she's got great tallent and She did well against the Boardwalk Angels.  So yeah, Go Kenzi!

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