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on Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:43 am
Original Link: http://law2013.proboards.com/thread/2350/prime-data-law-62-edition

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Hello everyone once more! Maya Jensen here with my next installment of Prime Data. While I did attend this one, I didn't have a match unfornantly.

Before we get started with the show, I actually did something else prior to the taping of LAW #62. After all, LAW #62 just happened to land on me and Mizore's 2 year anniversary, there was no way I was just going to not do something for her. So I surprised her with a lovely candle lit dinner with a very nice view. We also exchanged gifts and I so love the one I got. I love you Mizore! <3

So, after that, we headed back to the Kiefer Lakefront Arena.

[font size="6"]L.A.W. #62[/font]

Interesting things actually happened before the show fully begun. While me and Mizore arrived with not much a problem, I noticed in the hall, the camera crew following Kenzi Grey, Sarah Lacklan, and Kate Steel. It was one of those odd moments of seeing them in person. But I nor Mizore went over to them because we had something we had to do.

Later, when the show actually started, I actually got to see that the trio were ambushed by their opponents later that night with along with Christina Millar. Well, I say ambush but they were only there to talk even though it looked as if Kenzi Grey was ready to get physical but an entering Mackenzie Roberts holds Kenzi at bay.

You know, I just realized something, Kenzi is short of Mackenzi... that's... oh nevermind.

Anyways, The meeting is simply that Zoey wants to let by-gone be bygones as to what nastiness that has happened in the past, and to have their match that night and at Validation be about the Championships only. While Kenzi agrees with making it about the titles only, she doesn't seem to believe that Zoey really does want to put the past behind them due to Zoey's 'reap what you sew'.

I have to agree with Kenzi in that case, if Zoey didn't really need to add that rub in, unless I and Kenzi is taking that line the wrong way. But nonetheless, The Boardwalk angels, along with Christina Millar leave the locker room and no altercation ensues.

[img alt="" style="max-width:100%;" src="https://2img.net/h/i32.photobucket.com/albums/d12/lawefed1/events/event62/kaylajessika_zpsspwcyhvc.jpg"]

While me and Mizore were backstage taking care of something, the fans were treated to the match of Kayla Winters and Jessika Hyde.

The match in question began with Jessika using her wild side to constantly keep up an insane attack on Ms Winters. In fact it was like that the entire match only let up a little when Hyde decided to slap Kayla on the rear.

About that, I have to agree that it can be rather... uncomfortable, even embarrassing, but threatening legal action on a 'job well done' I just don't think is right.

Anyways, Kayla gets enraged with the rear slap and actually manages to take control of the match. even hitting Hyde with her special K and a Fireman's Carry Gutbuster. Finally, Kayla hits another Special K and locks in her Malibu Neck Wrench. Hyde doesn't even put up a fight as she's already out cold, thus after three arm lifts, Kayla Winters is declared the winner.

After the match, Katalina Star comes out to help Hyde to the back. Didn't seem Jessika's sister liked that very much as she comes out. Yet, try as she might to have her sister let her help her to the back, Hyde clings to Katalina. I honestly have no idea what's going on but eventually Karn leaves for the back on her own and Hyde leaves with Katalina.

Next up, Ms Carmen Diaz hits up the LAW champ with an interview. Which, well it's not about her upcoming match but about Kayla's possible legal actions against Amy Jo. While I agree with Amy Jo, I'm not sure it's a good idea for her to take it so lightly. Though maybe she was just hungry and couldn't think straight, she was looking for craft services after all.

[img style="max-width:100%;" alt=" " src="https://2img.net/h/i32.photobucket.com/albums/d12/lawefed1/events/event62/katsam_zpsisw65uhh.jpg"]

So, this is another match I didn't get to witness until after the show as I'm checking out the recording. However, when I did witness it, the first thing that I noticed was the strangely dressed individual who was coming out with Katalina Starr. I wasn't even sure what she was supposed to be.

Either way, I didn't seem to be the only one distracted by this oddity as so was Sam Tolson as it gives Katalina some early momentum. But it's stopped as Tolson escapes a Hammerlock with by flipping her over with a snapmare. This brings control over to Tolson as she hits a few moves before locking Katalina in her own hammerlock submission move. But she's able to get to the ropes.

Tolson stays in control however and hits a few chops in the corner. She soon attempts her Nightfall which is stopp with a back elbow. When she tries to take back control of the match, her uh... friend I guess, warns her which allows Katalina drop Tolson with a short arm clothesline. Katalina takes advantage and is soon looking to set up her knee bar but Tolson gets out of it.

You'd think it'd help Tolson take back control but instead the control stays with Katalina before an elbow drop to the heart gets a her a two count.

Katalina takes a moment for the which allows Tolson to counter the intended move and capitalizes with an armbar followed by a belly to belly suplex, but only gets her a 2 count. Once they're both up though, the two take a moment to go back and forth slapping each other's arms away. Eventually Katalina ducks a shot from Tolson and one move later, gets her the 3 count and the win.

For anyone wondering what I was doing backstage, well, I was there finishing my contract for LAW.

Anyways, it was about this time where we finished getting my contract all set up and I became the newest Ladies All-Star Wrestling wrestler. All that I now needed was my debut.

Problem was, it didn't seem like I'd be getting one until after the PPV. Honestly, it was disappointing news. After all I couldn't wait, and even now as I type this up, I still can't wait to finally step back in that ring again. But to wait 4 weeks for it? Closer to 5 weeks now that I know the exact date of Validation.

Thankfully, my manager and girlfriend, Mizore, knew what to do, and a little interaction later, I got a match at Validation against one Starlight. Honestly, I'm happy to finally have my match in such a long time, and not have to wait even longer.

However, I'll be going over my thoughts on the match more on a later date. So stay tuned for that.

Anyways, after we finished up business there me and Mizore left Dupree's office and hung around backstage. Even stopped by craft services.

I didn't catch Amy Jo Smyth as she was headed to her shared locker room with the Marquee champion. Honestly, I've only shared a locker room with two other people in my time in my old fed. Ok, technically three, but I really don't like remembering that particular night.

Either way, me and Mizore found a spot where we could check out what was happening out in the ring and sure enough, the next match was already starting.

[img src="https://2img.net/h/i32.photobucket.com/albums/d12/lawefed1/events/event62/sixwoman_zpsnecrayvm.jpg" alt=" " style="max-width:100%;"]

The match starts with the bell ringing before with all 6 women in the ring for the match. But, I thought the bell or match wasn't supposed to even start until only the legal participants were in the ring?

Either way, things turned right into an all-out brawl. Ends with the Boardwalk angels dropkick Guilty Pleasure out of the ring. A triple dive from Courtney and she pulls Kenzi into the ring and the real match begins.

Well, I say real match, but it's filled with people on the opposite side, more Guilty Pleasure's side, getting into the ring when they're not legal.

First Guilty Pleasure gang up on Courtney, which takes the ref to get them to stop. Later on they even do it to Zoey.

Finally, towards the end of the match, Kate, Kenzi, Farrah, and Zoey were all out of the ring as they were in an all out brawl, again. Eventually, in the ring, Courtney and Farrah were setting up Sarah for their Clipped Wings finisher, but Kenzi manages a save by taking the move herself. Kate tags in hoping to get some momentum back in their favor, but a tag teaming from Zoey's 'leaping enziguri' to Courtney's Superkick. The ref, who was trying to get Farrah out of the ring, then turns around and hits the 3 count.

[img src="https://2img.net/h/i32.photobucket.com/albums/d12/lawefed1/events/event62/gabbyorchid_zpsqduiioho.jpg" style="max-width:100%;" alt=" "]

This might of been when me and Mizore left the arena to fly back home. Would of loved to stay longer, but I did have school the next day. Thankfully I graduate before my debut so I won't have to worry about that any more.

As for the show, seems it went straight into the next match.

There's not much to really say about it though. Orchid was on fire as she kept up an unrelenting aggression style on Gabby. Which Gabby only had a few chances to get any kind of moves in on her own. However, Gabby's opening came when she managed to catch a Crossbody attempt from Orchid, one position change later, and she hit her Killzone and got the 3.

Next we get to see backstage as Amy and Amirai are headed to the ring. Smyth actually takes a moment to grab a donut before they do.

[img src="https://2img.net/h/i32.photobucket.com/albums/d12/lawefed1/events/event62/tagmain_zpsxqz9v15u.jpg" alt=" " style="max-width:100%;"]

The match begins with the Marquee champion and Mackenzie Roberts in the ring. Roberts gains control for a bit, hitting a string of moves before Reilly manages a body slam before starting a rally with Amy Jo Smyth with a few quick tags and double teaming moves.

This ends however as a failed baseball slide to the outside of the ring where Roberts is able to take control. She takes Reilley to her corner and tags in a fresh Crystal Millar who gets to work on the Marquee champion after a few teamed stomps and kicks in the corner.

Millar stays in control and at one point Reilley almost gets tag to Amy Jo, but a quick attack from Millar kicks the LAW champ off the apron.

Millar keeps control even though Smyth pulls her off a rear chinlock. Eventually, Reilley is able to break free of another hold in the ring, they both hit the ropes only for Reilley to come off on top in that encounter, which gives her the break she needs to tag in Amy Jo Smyth.

The LAW champion comes in and takes control of the match hitting multiple moves on her opponent. After planting Millar with a Swinging DDT, Smyth gives her #1 contender and then the two begin to get into a verbal exchange. Even enough that it distracts the ref? Wow, either way, that's what Reilley was hoping for as she uses the distractions to get in a few good stomps to Millar. Was that part of Smyth's plan or was Amarai just taking advandage of the situation? Either way, Smyth looks like she's done with her 'conversation' with Millar and looks to turn back to the match, but instead dashes over and knocks her off the apron, but didn't seem that was enough as the she hits a few more moves. Amirai used the distraction however to continue her beat down on Crystal Millar, finishing it up with her Blood Diamond Finisher. Smyth returns to the ring, being the legal woman after all, and makes the cover and the 3 count.

After the match, we see the two champions celebrating in the ring. After that, Smyth gives Reilley a 'job well done' butt pat. That's gotta be weird, but that's all she wrote for this show.

So that's it for LAW #62. I hope you all are looking forward to the PPV, I know I am, because I'll be having my debut match.

But, who do I think will win the other matches on that card? Well, let's find out as it's time for Prime Predictions!

[img alt=" " style="max-width:100%;" src="https://2img.net/h/i1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee449/JCKane/eWe%20RP%20images/Maya%20Prime%20predictions%20Banner_zpszzbwkjww.png"]

Last Time: 4 - 1

(Wow, not bad for being new. Though I will comment that yeah, I did a prediction to Starlight vs Anarchia, but that match didn't happen, so I'm not counting it for either column.)

Year to Date: 4 - 1

[font size="1"]MATCH #1[/font]
[font size="3"]The Naughty Girls vs. The Dynasty[/font]
Winner: The Dynasty
Reason: Had to look up who these teams were. But yeah we got Kayla and, is that her sister? They share the same last name. Then there's Katalina Star and someone named Katie Klein. I'm sorry but I don't really know who their partners are. Aside an assumption with Kayla and perhaps her sister. So I'm making it for the dynasty mainly because of that rage I seen in Kayla in her last match against Jessika. And if those two are sisters, hey, there's always a strong bond there. Not that I know what Katie Klein is to Katalina...

[font size="1"]MATCH #2[/font]
[font size="3"]Gabby Camacho vs. Melanie Gabrielle[/font]
Winner: Gabby Camacho
Reason: She survived that onslaught that Orchid gave her. That and what she's said about herself, I have to give it to Gabby. That and I don't even know who Melanie Gabrielle is.

[font size="1"]MATCH #3[/font]
[font size="3"]Sarah Lacklan vs. Kate Bass[/font]
Winner: Sarah Lacklan
Reason: For a few reasons. For starters, she is the one who asked for this match, and if I'm not mistaken, Ms. Bass hasn't even had a match in awhile. AND you can bet Sarah will want to get some of that frustration of losing her match against the Boardwalk angels out.

[font size="1"]MATCH #4[/font]
[font size="3"]Courtney Leinart vs. Jessika Hyde[/font]
Winner: Courtney Leinart
Reason: I've seen Jessika's blind flurry in both her matches... and it seems it's costed her more than it's helped her. Courtney also had a strong showing in the 3 woman tag match so I've got to give it to her.

[font size="1"]MATCH #5[/font]
[font size="3"]Maya Jensen vs. Starlight[/font]
Winner: My Match
Reason: Yeah, I could just pick myself, but I'm going to be fair in these predictions... at least in that case, and not predict my match. But hey, good luck Starlight.

[font size="1"]LAW CHAOS CHAMPIONSHIP[/font]
[font size="3"]Sam Tolson (C) vs. Maria Salvatore[/font]
Winner: Maria Salvatore
Reason: Again, I'm still working on seeing how good some of these people are... and getting to know the company. But from sam's showing last week and her possibly getting over being sick (well it is a few weeks away but still). It's hard to pick against her since I've not seen enough reason for it.

[font size="1"]LAW BREAKOUT CHAMPIONSHIP[/font]
[font size="3"]Etsuko Mitsuzaka (C) vs. Orchid[/font]
Winner: Etsuko Mitsuzaka
Reason: Well, she did win the first time. Despite the shock collar and not being able to use... whatever she was planning on doing with that knife. Geeze I need to find that out, incase I have a match with her and Maria's not around with the controls to that shock collar. Either way, Orchid did have that furiosity, but again she lost last time...

[font size="1"]LAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP[/font]
[font size="3"]The Boardwalk Angels (C) vs. Guilty Pleasure[/font]
Winner: Boardwalk Angels
Reason: Honestly, I know there's tension between these two teams. I just think that the Boardwalk Angels will be able to perform closer as a group than Guilty Pleasure. I mean it showed well in their tag match at LAW #62. Prove me wrong Guilty Pleasure, but until then, gotta give it to the angels.

[font size="1"]LAW MARQUEE CHAMPIONSHIP[/font]
[font size="3"]Amirai Reilley (C) vs. Crystal Millar[/font]
Winner: Amirai Reilley
Reason: Yeah I know that I've been basing most of these based on who won last time. And yeah I can see that anger in Crystal Millar for wanting to get back at her for the beat down she took when the ref wasn't looking. But I still gotta give it to the champ.

[font size="1"]MAIN EVENT
[font size="3"]Amy Jo Smyth (C) vs. Mackenzie Roberts[/font]
Winner: Amy Jo Smyth
Reason: She's been very impressive in the last two matches I've seen her in. I can see her defending here as well.


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