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The Frost Elite Vs World$tar Empty The Frost Elite Vs World$tar

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:35 am

Note: This is a special tournament I was in. I am not apart of 4CW. Note that for now I'm not adding the layout. I'll add it later. May also add Mizore's Rp too.

-insert banner here-

RP Link:http://4cwrestling.com/forum/index.php?topic=3984.0

In the center of Glasgow, Scotland, you’ll find what is known as the Glasgow Cross. This place is major junction of no less than 5 streets of the city. What is also special about this place is standing on an island in the middle of the Glasgow Cross is the remains of the 17th century tollbooth, the Tolbooth Steeple. Feature on this piece of Glasgow history is a clock.

-Maya Jensen-
”Mizore said there's a first time for everything... but there's more to time than just that.”

The voice comes over the view as we continued to view that of the clock on the tower. Slowly the camera zooms out until the entirety of the clock tower is in the background and we see a young lady standing on the side walk, facing towards the Tolbooth Steeple. This lady slowly turns around as we see that it’s Maya Jensen. She wears her black hair in a ponytail. Covering her top is a black HSW T-shirt with a white jacket over that. From what we see of the rest of her attire, we know she’s wearing black pants. Maya slowly smiles as she begins to speak yet again.

-Maya Jensen-
”There’s a time for everything they say. A time for firsts, a time for love, a time to fight, yes even a time to make a mistake.”

Maya grins slightly as she refers to the location errors in what Mizore said before.

-Maya Jensen-
”But for World$tar, they believe that it’s a time for victory. Just ask them and they’ll go on and tell you just why they are the better team in this qualifier match. Why they will be the winners. And why shouldn’t you believe them? After all you know them, you’ve seen them in the 4CW squared circle time and time again. You’ve seen them win Championships, and so many other matches. And here you have them facing off against two virtual no bodies. Sure, we can tell you all about ourselves. Even my partner has done just that. Letting you all know that we have claimed championship belts and as a team, have collected tag gold twice. But unless you’re going to go out there and look us up, then what we say is just words.”

Maya nods her head. Still looking at the camera before she pulls out her phone and begins to cycle through something on it. As she does she continues to speak.

-Maya Jensen-
”If you wanted to do the research all you have to do is go to our fed’s website. Sure, Mizore and I have only had 2 matches each in High Stakes Wrestling, and neither of them a tag team match, but if you go to our profiles…”

Maya stopped on her phone as she raised it up and turned it around so the camera could see it. On it was a list of their accomplishments not just in HSW but what they’ve done in their original fed, Extreme Wrestling Entertainment.

-Maya Jensen-
”See, that wasn’t very hard, now was it? And finding our current federation would not be hard as Mizore has eluded to it. I’ve eluded to it…”

Maya paused to indicate the logo on her black shirt before continuing on.

-Maya Jensen-
”And even 4CW themselves have eluded to it. So, there is no excuse for our opponents to have not check on just what they should be expecting when The Frost Elite steps into that ring against them. All it shows is that they think that we will be an easy victory. More so they are underestimating us. Yeah, we’re girls, yeah, we have an interesting name, which by the way, glad you like it Jair. ”

Maya smiles a moment before continuing with her statement.

-Maya Jensen-
”But that’s no reason to overlook us. For you see, we’re on fire, we are determined that we are going to go into this match and not just make an impact, no we are going in there to win. That’s not arrogance that is confidence. For unlike you, we know what we are getting into. We’re facing former champions and despite the fact that you two have recently formed this alliance, we know that you two will be a formidable force. But how do you see us? Two backup dancers for some group I’ve not even heard of?”

Maya rolled her eyes at that statement. It did sound pretty ridiculous.

-Maya Jensen-
”No. We aren’t dancers. We are fighters. You talk about wars? Well me and Mizore have been in wars of our own. Not as enemies though, but on the same side. We fought hard, with heart and determination we persevered. Why you’re looking at two Grand Slammers here. And through our wars and battles, we’ve come to know each other inside and out. Not because we were on opposite sides, no, we were on the same team. But for those moments where our wars took us to matches we have to fight one-on-one, we were still there for each other. Rather emotional support or just plain back-up. That is why we are Elite. We have gone through wars and come out on top. We have claimed championships and now we have come to this tournament to not just support our federation and win another set of championship belts that was not possible to achieve until now, but to prove to everyone that we ARE an Elite team and we will not back down from a challenge.”

The fire was burning brightly in Maya’s eyes as she stared into the camera. Then she turned around looking back up at the clock tower.

-Maya Jensen-
”Time… that is the key to this. Mizore and I, we only get this one shot at winning the 4CW Tag Team Championship. One chance to show the world that the Frost Elite are championship material, rather in our own federation or another. But World$tar? They will get another shot. They are champions in their own right and they are a part of 4CW after all. But soon they will realize that this is NOT their time. For it is the time of The Frost Elite! And if you’re not careful, that time will fly right by you and when it’s done and over with, you stop and wonder just what happened. So, Don’t Blink…”

Maya said starting the first part of her signature catch phase as she turned around.

-Maya Jensen-
”Or you’ll miss it.”

Maya smiled as she walked away on down the sidewalk and out of the camera’s view. The camera then turned its attention back to the Tolbooth Steeple as it zoomed in once again on its clock before fading to black.
The Frost Elite Vs World$tar LvGXgaw[/align]
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