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Frost Elfs Vs BFFs

on Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:14 pm

RP Link:

Show: Ladies Night [1/15/2014]

Thousands of feet in the air, the Jensen's private Jet was flying from Albany, New York to Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Inside this jet there were a few staff members to help the plane run smoothly, a couple with the last name of Jensen, and a girl with green skin, blue hair, and pointed ears.  That very same girl went by the name Stealth Elf, and she was currently finishing up her 16th entry in her diary.  But she didn't stop there as she began smiling to herself as she doodled on the next page and hummed to herself.  She currently doing that when Kristy Jensen comes into the room and has a seat across from her.

"You sure are in a good mood," Kristy said to Stealth Elf with a smile.  Stealth Elf looked up to Kristy and smiled.

"Sure am," She said then returned to her drawings.  She seemed to really enjoy doing them so Kristy got a little curious as she tried to sneak a peak.

"What you drawing there?" Kristy asked.  But as Stealth Elf realized Kristy was trying to looked she quickly pulled it away and blushed a little bit.

"...Nothing," Stealth Elf said as she clutched her diary to her chest.  Still embarrassed at whatever it was she had been drawing.

"Oh come on," Kristy said, "You can trust me."

Stealth Elf thought about it but decided not to.  After all it was really embarrassing.. and if it ever got out...   She'd shudder at what might happen.  Besides, things were going good for her.  No reason to get things messed up because of...  Stealth Elf shook her head more to clear her mind.  Kristy saw that Stealth Elf wasn't going to show her so she shrugged.

"All right then," Kristy said as she leaned back in the chair, "Just remember you can tell me anything.  We are friends you know."

Stealth Elf nodded as she decided to close her diary.  "I know," Stealth Elf replied to Kristy, "Just... this is something I want to keep to myself for now."

Kristy nodded, "That's fine," Kristy said, "We all have our little secrets."

Stealth Elf looked at her, "Even you?" She asked.

"Of course," Kristy replied with a smile.  And Stealth Elf nodded.  She sat there and decided to change the topic.

"So umm...," Stealth Elf began, "Mizore said that we're going to work on something as soon as we both get there."

"That's interesting," Kristy remarked, "Perhaps it's a new move?"

Stealth Elf shrugged, "She did say for me to be dressed in my attire for it."

"Well that would help if it's a new move," Kristy said, "Just hope you have enough time to get it ready before your match.  Otherwise you'd have to wait til you're next match."

Stealth Elf nodded but as she did one of the flight attendants came into the room being polite, "Mrs. Jensen," the flight attendant said, "You have a phone call."

"Thank you," Kristy replied to the flight attendant then looked to Stealth Elf, "Well, I'd best take this."  Stealth Elf nodded so Kristy left the room with the fight attendant.  Stealth Elf sat there for awhile til she opened up her diary and glanced at the drawings she had done.  She smiled at them for a moment before she continued drawing.


Much later that night, Stealth Elf and Mizore were inside the Bud Walton Arena.  Both of them were dressed to Compete for the night.

"I don't know about this."

Stealth Elf had found out what Mizore wanted to talk with her about.  Though When Mizore lead Stealth Elf into a room with a specially made backdrop, Stealth Elf had a good idea what Mizore had planned.  

The backdrop was rather interesting though.  It was entirely made of Ice with the words Frost Elfs itched into it.  Stealth Elf would of thought to wonder how Mizore got something like that, but she was to nervous about what Mizore wanted her to do.

"I already did mine," Mizore interjected, "So now it's your turn."

Mizore was holding a portable camera on her.  It was off right now and not really pointed at anything.

"But you know my problem with cameras," Stealth Elf said, "Why do you think I did those blogs."

"Well did you do a blog this week?" Mizore asked and Stealth Elf looked off.  She hadn’t.

"...I did the Elven Decoy," Stealth Elf said trying to get out of it.  But Mizore gave her a look.

"It's not that hard," Mizore said, "Trust me."

Stealth Elf just gave a nod.  Mizore smiled.

"Good, now let's begin," Mizore said as she lifted the camera.  Stealth Elf shifted slightly but watched Mizore.  Mizore then hit record as she pointed to Stealth Elf to signal her that they were recording.

"..." Stealth Elf tried to say something.  She really did, but words just refused to come out of her mouth.  Good thing she had the mask on, or the camera would of picked up her opening and closing her mouth trying to say something.  Mizore only watched on seeing her just stand there.

"Come on, you can say something," Mizore said but Stealth Elf's words were still frozen, "Why not try something small to help you get going?"

Stealth Elf looked to her almost to say what word.

"How about 'Hello EWE'?" Mizore suggested.  Stealth Elf tried, but still nothing came out.

"Then just say hello," Mizore said simplifying it even further.  But still Stealth Elf couldn't get the word out.

"How about just hi?" Mizore suggested, "Simple small word.  Shouldn't be a problem right?"

Stealth Elf gave a nod hoping confirming Mizore would help bring herself to say it.  Yet still nothing.

"Hmm," Mizore said as she thought, "Maybe we can force it out by you responding to me."

Stealth Elf nodded.

"Right then," Mizore said as she looked away from Stealth Elf then back to her, "Hello Stealth Elf."


Stealth Elf's vocal cords still not working for her.  Mizore gave a sigh.  As she thought of some other way to get her to do a promo.  Then she remembered on Ladies Night and that gave her an idea.

"Maybe this isn't going to work," Mizore said to Stealth Elf. Then she closed the camera screen but not actually stopping it from recording.  Stealth Elf frowned as Mizore headed over to where she had deposited her bag on a chair.

"Sorry," Stealth Elf replied not realizing the camera was no longer on.

"It's fine," Mizore replied though she positioned the camera out so it'd get Stealth Elf in the shot still but did it without Stealth Elf realizing.  Once she finished she stood up and got out of the cameras line of sight.

"Curious though," Mizore said, "What would you of said if it would of worked?"

Stealth Elf shrugged.

"Oh come on," Mizore said, "Surely you have something to say to them.  So treat me with what you'd say."

"...okay," Stealth Elf said as she thought for a moment, "Well, I guess I'd start with Summer Rae.  And I'd talk about how this would be her first match in some time.  And I know that she's more known for being a dancer, but she does have in ring skills.  Even her original BFF partner, Audrey, knows that.  Of course, she's still out on injury right?"

Mizore shrugged. Not wanting to interrupt the recording.

"I guess it doesn't matter," Stealth Elf said, "Unless she randomly comes out of recovery ad gets involved.  But either way we have to deal with her replacement, Sasha Banks.  I'd include the nickname she gave herself.  But what's she the boss of?  After all she lost in the tag match she debuted in and then in a singles match last week.  Her biggest problem is that she's full of herself.  Calling herself a boss?  Please.  And if she's not careful she'll make the same mistake Michelle McCool did.  Regardless how I feel about her she was a double champion and the longest reigning TeleVixen Champion.  Yet because of her being so full of herself, she attacks Trish Stratus because she thought she deserved all the attention.  Then later she tried to mock me and you, Mizore, after she capitalized on Raven's interference.  What'd that get her?  Not only the loss of her Shining Star Championship due to her forgetting that Raven was still out there, but she also lost her rematch clause to Trish Stratus due to what she did before the show started.  So if Sasha thinks she can continue to be full of herself and think she's going to beat us?  She's very much mistaken."

Mizore nodded her approval.  And Stealth Elf Continued.

"See I know that this match means more to you than it does me Mizore," Stealth Elf Continued, "Not only because they beat you the last time you and your team went up against them.  But in how they beat you.  But Mizore I promise you that just like how you helped me last week in finally given Raven a bit of what she deserves, I Promise that I'm going to help you beat these two.  But not only that, I'm going to promise you that the 4th time will be the charm for you and you'll be a tag team champion.  It may be a long road, or just a short street.  But it all begins tonight when me and you take on the BFFs."

Mizore gave a small smile and a nod which Stealth Elf returned.  But Stealth Elf was still a little fire up from her 'promo'.  So she continued.

"Of course, Summer Rae hasn't actually had a match since then either," Stealth Elf said, "I saw her promo she cut back then and she sure was fire up thanks to her and Audrey being eliminated in the Diva Tag's tournament.  Though she won that match and then was on a bit of an absence.  So I wonder if she'll have that same fire she had last time? But you never know, doesn't take much to fire some people up.  So we'd best go in expecting her at her best I'd say.  Of course, she was the one who did the bad pin.  Why won't they learn that cheating will only come back to bite them in the end?  Like with Raven last week.  She tried to get out of her punishment by using that weapon.  But thanks to Mrs. Jensen, she was forced back into the ring to get what she deserved.  A true loss brought to her by us.  But she better not be thinking this is some kind of fairy-tale team.  No, Frost Elfs is what you get when you cross the chill of ice, with the stealth of an elf."

Stealth Elf decided if the camera was rolling, and she could talk she'd probably wrap it up about now.

"So Tonight, the BFFs better watch where they step," Stealth Elf said, "Otherwise, they'll be tripped up by some Black Ice!"

Mizore nodded knowing Stealth Elf was over so she went over to the camera.

"That was great," Mizore said as she picked up the camera.  Stealth Elf noticed but didn't think the camera was rolling due to how Mizore picked it up.

"Yeah... but I'm not sure if I could repeat all that again," Stealth Elf said.

"Oh no need," Mizore said as she stopped the camera from recording then flipped showed the LCD screen to Stealth Elf.  There Mizore began to replay Stealth Elf's promo.  Stealth Elf's eyes widened a bit the shock on her face.

"You were still recording?!" She said not being able to believe it.

"Yep, and I gotta say it was a pretty good promo," Mizore said, "Deffinetly good for your very first one."

Stealth Elf was still a little shocked but finally she sighed and shook her head. She wasn't mad and knew Mizore meant well.

"... OK, well, I guess we'd better go post that then," Stealth Elf said.

"Unless you wanna do another?" Mizore said.

Stealth Elf quickly shook her head.  One was plenty for her.  Mizore only smiled.  Then the two of them left the room going to post the video.

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Re: Frost Elfs Vs BFFs

on Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:15 pm
The scene opens up on Monday Night Chaos, somewhere during the course of the show. We are in the locker room of the eWe Legend White Tiger. He has on blue jeans and a black The Experience shirt show in support for Hollie and Kelsi in their tag match later in the night. There are a few rookies in the room, hanging onto his words as he talks.

{White Tiger}

So I was still all hot and sweaty after my match went I went outside for a moment. And these three college chicks were like all over me. They wanted me so bad. So I piled them into my truck and…

He looks up just in time to see Mizore walk in. She gives him a small wave as WT continues talking.

{White Tiger}

And I dropped them off at their college and told them to study hard and make something out of their lives. Hey Mizore.

WT walks over and gives Mizore a hug. Mizore looks at him and around the room at the rookies.

{Mizore Payne}

Can we talk dad? Alone?

{White Tiger}

Of course. Take off guys. Back to your training.

They sigh wanting to hear more of his story. They do finally clear out as WT shuts the door after them. He sits on the couch and pats the seat next to him. Mizore walks over and sits down next to him.

{White Tiger}

So what’s on your mind kiddo?

{Mizore Payne}

Well I’m kind of lost.

{White Tiger}

I noticed that. Ladies Night is in Arkansas. You are currently in Kansas.

Mizore gives her dad a look that just makes WT give her a cheesy smile. She shakes her head.

{Mizore Payne}

I mean I am lost in my career. Just a few months ago I was reigning supreme as the Televixen champion and then the Shining Star champion. Since Michelle beat me for the titles, I have felt lost. I got schooled by Mickie James at Hell Frozen Over. And even though Stealth Elf and myself defeated Raven last week, I really just felt like I was going through the motions. I need to figure out what is wrong. Stealth Elf deserves better than that.

{White Tiger}

That is easily enough. You just need to get focused. What do you want right now?

{Mizore Payne}

I dunno.

{White Tiger}

Do you want to win back the Televixen championship? Become a three time champion.

{Mizore Payne}

That would be cool but I kind of feel like I’ve surpassed that title. I think it’s best to let other divas have it.

{White Tiger}

Well how about that Shining Star championship. You could become the two time champion.

{Mizore Payne}

I’d like that. But it seems that Michelle might be first to do that. I would like to go ruin another one of her reigns. I just feel like I owe it more to Stealth Elf right now to go get the tag titles with her.

{White Tiger}

Then that should be your focus. Good start this week when you beat Summer and Sasha. Send a message to Summer’s teach Trish that you guys mean business.

{Mizore Payne}

That’s good and all but I still feel lost.

{White Tiger}

What about the Divas championship? You could hit the hat trick much like Kelsi did.

{Mizore Payne}

Against Syd? Mickie is the one with the death wish, not me.

{White Tiger}

You can’t be afraid of any opponent. I’ve faced everyone from Hulk Hogan to the Undertaker. And I wasn’t afraid of any of them. Syd Vicious is a tough customer but she is only human. And if you went out there and gave it your all, I know you could beat her. So why not focus on getting yourself up the rankings for both the titles. Start off with helping Stealth Elf out. She won't technically be your student but it still feels good to see someone you helped train achieve glory.

{Mizore Payne}

I’ll give it a shot. Thanks dad.

{White Tiger}

Anytime kid, that’s what parents are for. Want to chill with me and watch Hollie and Kelsi in action?

{Mizore Payne}

Sure, that sounds like a plan.

WT walks over to a mini fridge and tosses Mizore a soda. He sits back down on the couch and turn to the TV where the Experience is making their way t the ring. The scene fades out as the match begins.


The scene opens up in a small room in the Bud Walton Arena in Fayetteville Arkansas. Mizore is in the room, wearing her ring clothes. She backs away from a wall which is now a solid sheet of ice with the words Frost Elfs etched into it. She smiles proudly.

{Mizore Payne}

Awesome. Stealth Elf is going to love it. Guess I’ll do my promo first to see how it looks.

Mizore turns the camera on and backs up so she is standing right under the name. She unwraps a lollipop and pops it into her mouth. She looks into the camera.

{Mizore Payne}

Hello snowbunnies. It has been a while since I’ve spoken to you fans directly like this. It seems like just a few days ago that Michelle pinned me to the mat and took my Shining Star championship away. A few days since she beat me again to retain the title and push me to the back of the line. And since that point, I haven’t really done much of anything. The only thing god that has come out of all of it is that I now have a new partner. Stealth Elf.

Mizore smiles. She is happy to have a new partner.

{Mizore Payne}

I really didn’t think we would become a team after I saved her a few weeks ago. But after we did such a great job against Raven, we decided to give it a chance. I was open since Hollie is out to help Kelsi get the Tag Team titles on Chaos. So now the Frost Elfs have been born. And we have our first match as an official team later tonight on Ladies Night. Where we take on the team of Sasha Banks and Summer Rae they are known as the BFFs.

Mizore shakes her head. She personally hasn’t dealt with either much but she knows about them too well.

{Mizore Payne}

Personally I have a little bit of paybacks set for these two. It wasn't long ago that they defeated me and Hollie in an upset on Ladies Night. I didn’t like that. there s no reason me and Hollie should get beat by those two losers. So I’ve been waiting to get my hands on them. And with Stealth Elf’s help, we can do that easily. Sasha Banks.

Mizore shakes her head again.

{Mizore Payne}

Boy is Audrey ever milking her injury. Anyways Sasha, you really need to go back to wherever you were being trained. I saw last week when you lost to AJ Lee. how could you lose to AJ Lee? Granted I lost the Televixen to her but that was just because I was having an off day. You lost to her as you were trying to get back on track. You want a Televixen championship shot but you can’t even beat AJ. You will never be champion like that. Just like you will never be able to help Summer get a Divas tag title shot. Because your team is going to lose to us. The only thing you can bank on is the fact that you will suffer yet another loss. Zero and two in the new year, kind of a sad start really.

Mizore smiles. She twirls the lollipop in her mouth a moment giving it a bit of thought. She loses her smile as she looks back at the camera.

{Mizore Payne}

Summer Rae. Probably the brightest light out of the Queens camp. She is so close to breaking out as her own person. But she still chooses to surround herself with someone who drags her down. But Summer, you are also in the hunt for the titles. and I just can't allow you to get any of them. The Divas Tag titles are mine. You can send your focus to the Televixen championship even though you won’t have much more luck against Hollie. Maybe you should spend a bit more time with Trish. Maybe she can teach you how to actually win.

Mizore laughs. The little alarm on her watch beeps. She pushes the button and looks back into the camera.

{Mizore Payne}

So BFFs, get ready to suffer a tough loss at the hands of the Frost Elfs. It is funny how we are all rookies, trained by different people. Too bad our teachers blank your teachers any day of the week. At the end of the night, we take a step closer to Hardcore Stratusfaction. an the two of you become victims trapped under the ice.

Mizore turns the camera off and exits the room. She goes down the halls a short way and finds Stealth Elf. She starts leading Stealth Elf to the room she just finished.

{Mizore Payne}

So I got everything set up for you. You ready to do this?

Mizore leads the way as a nervous Stealth Elf follows. The scene fades out as the two enter the room.
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Re: Frost Elfs Vs BFFs

on Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:16 pm
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Re: Frost Elfs Vs BFFs

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