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Stealth Elf Vs Michelle McCool

on Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:53 pm
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Show: Hell Frozen Over 2013 [12/29/2013]

Stealth Elf was aboard the Jensen private Jet as they were headed to take her back to New York, which had been where she was living for the time being.  As she sat there in one of the chairs she wasn't in the best of moods.  No, not anger, but sorrow.  She hadn't really felt like writing in her diary at the time but she did happen to glance at something on the table in front of her.  You see, that night, a Diva by the name of Sunshine Fugate had passed out gifts to those in the back.  Strangely, Stealth Elf had also found a present addressed to her outside her door.  Stealth Elf had been curious about what exactly she was given, then again, she was surprised she even got anything.  After all she didn't really know Sunshine, nor had she really talked to her.  But then again it was in Sunshine's nature to do things like this.  So Stealth Elf picked up the package and began to unwrap it.  Inside, Stealth Elf saw what was a Skylanders Christmas card on top of a small box.  So Stealth Elf opened the card to see what it said.

"Use this if you ever want to return home," Stealth Elf read as she was even more curious.  Did maybe Sunshine know who she really was?  Was it even possible?  Stealth Elf looked at the box.  Curiosity building even more, and maybe a little bit of hope.  She opened the box to find... a 3DS portal of power.

Stealth Elf frowned as she looked at it.  She should of known.  So then picked up the small portal of power as she looked to see if there was anything else inside the box, but it was empty.  Stealth Elf gave a long sigh as she sat the two items aside.  Of course, it was at that moment that Kristy came into the area.

"Hey there," Kristy said cheerfully, "How's the Televixen number one contender?"

Stealth Elf looked at her and just kind of shrugged.  Kristy frowned at that as she walked over and had a seat next to Stealth Elf.

"You're not still upset about loosing your last match are you?" Kristy asked.

"Well... A little yes," Stealth Elf admitted, "Just honestly, I've not been feeling to well since the last Ladies' Night."

"But you won that night," Kristy said as she wasn't really sure why Stealth Elf was miserable.

"Not really the problem," Stealth Elf said as she gave a sigh, "Just... well that birthday party that was held for Mizore, reminded me that I still don't know who I am."

Kristy frowned.  She didn't like seeing her friend like that.

"Hey cheer up," Kristy said, "You'll find out some day.  And I've already got people working on searching.  So you'll find out in no time."

"I guess," Stealth Elf said but there wasn't much joy in it.

"You should probably do something to get your mind off of it," Kristy suggested still seeing she hadn't cheered up, "Like, maybe you could do another one of those blogs?  After all, I know people enjoyed the last one."

Stealth Elf gave a nod as she pulled over to her a windows Surface laptop.

"I'll leave you to it then," Kristy said, "Oh, and I think that after you win the title, we should celebrate."

"That'd be fun," Stealth Elf replied to Kristy as she was bringing up the spot where she had the blog ready to make another entry.

"Then it's settled," Kristy said as she smiled and headed out.  Stealth Elf looked as Kristy left before she began to type.

Stealth Elf's Blog wrote:
Hello EWE, it's Stealth Elf again for another entry to this blog.  I'll be honest I haven't really thought of a name for it, but maybe I'll have one by my next entry.

Anyways, I didn't win tonight as most of those who read this may know.  So I guess congratulations to Hollie Winder is in order.  So Congrats.

Right now though, I should start talking about my match.  After all, I'm finally going to get that title match for the Televixen championship.  Though, I should of had it tonight but with how I loss, I guess it's not to bad huh?  Oh wait, I lossed to Hollie, not Michelle McCool.  So never mind then.

So, I'll be training for my match and of course, you'd better believe that I'm going to be doing more than I've ever done so.  After all my opponent is Flawless.  After all, she's defended that championship for 9 weeks or so, not only that but she's kept the Shining Star Championship as well.  I'd bring up how she's got two match at the pay-per-view as well, but she managed to defeat two opponents last PPV to so I can't say she won't be able to do it.  Besides, most likely she'll have our match first.  Though I guess she could be trying to think I'd be an easy win, but who am I kidding?  I've defeated multiple people who thought I'd be an easy win.  Had they thought otherwise?  I don't know.  It may of had a different outcome.

... I should stop that.  Feeling bad for myself will not help me.  I gotta dig down deep and take out this flawless Diva.  I have to stop letting things get under my skin because they poke fun of my appearance.  I know I'm weird looking.  But it's not really my fault... I think.

*sigh* OK, enough about that.  I need to focus on my opponent.  Which I am.  But I can't stop thinking... no stop that.  I will defeat Michelle McCool to win the Televixen Championship.  I won't let anything stop me.  Why? Because I need this win.  I need something good going in my life, and to be able to win gold?  That will truly be something good.  No not good, It'll be great!  So I'm going train harder and harder, so on Sunday I'll be ready for her.

Stealth Elf out.

Stealth Elf looked at her blog.  She was about to apologies for grammar and stuff but she decided it'd make it look weird.  So she hit send as the blog was posted.   She glanced over at the 3DS portal of power that she got that night. She shook her head before she got up and headed to another part of the jet where she started playing the Skylanders game.  Hoping it'd help get her mind of things.

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Re: Stealth Elf Vs Michelle McCool

on Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:53 pm
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