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Stealth Elf Vs Hollie Winder

on Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:50 pm
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Show: Chaos [12/23/2013]

It was morning in the City of New York.  There inside a dojo was one Stealth Elf as she was laying on her bed.  She hadn't really been feeling all that great that morning and she really couldn't place it.  She wasn't feeling sick or anything and she knew the problem was more emotional than anything.  Though she maybe thought she knew what it might of been as she got out her diary and green pin.  Then laying on her stomach she began to write.    

Entry #14

There was a birthday party last Ladies' Night as a Diva named Mizore had turned 18 a few days prior.  Well, I didn't exactly attend the party, though I guess I wasn't invited anyways, just people she knew.  But I don't know.  Seeing that really got me thinking and honestly, I've been pretty depressed since then.

Yeah I know that I should probably be super excited about how I defeated Lita, one third of the original members of the queens.  Or the fact that I've got a title match next week.  But it's just...

Stealth Elf paused trying to determine exactly what it was that was bugging her.

Well, I remember watching Mizore on TV before I joined.  After all she was extremely talented and I guess I kinda seen her in the same boat as me.  After all, she had questions about where she came from and she joined EWE to help her find out those answers.  And she found out within 3 months.  And here I am, still in the complete dark about who I am and where I come from.  Not that I'm made at Mizore... just Why is it that I don't know who I am? [/I][/FONT][/COLOR]

Stealth Elf began to tear up as she continued to Write.

Who am I?!  What am I?!  Why do I still not know?!  It's not that I haven't been looking but I don't know where to start.  At least Mizore had some clues, she had places she could look.  Me? I've got nothing.  I'm not the girl who I used to be, so even if I did find someone that knew me, they'd not recognize me.  It's almost a hopeless search since I've got nothing to go on.  After all the police did all they could, finger prints, DNA, and even dental, but still I didn't match anything.

Tears began to fall down the young girl's face.  As she continued.

Yet, I came to notice despite that, Mizore still had people beside her.  She still had friends that were beside her and helped her along the way.  Me?  Sure I have Kristy but we barely get to hang out or anything. We sometimes talk to and from the shows but she's always so busy with work or her two kids.  Then there's Sensei.  But I can't really confide in him. We can't really have a close friendship because he doesn't approve of what I'm doing.  He doesn't even know.  If he did know I couldn't image how fast he'd kick me out.  And after how he's helped me so far, I don't want to hurt him like that, with him knowing I betrayed his trust.

Stealth Elf looked to the side for a moment.  As she wiped the tears going down her face.

But I joined EWE for many reasons.  But the biggest one was to find somewhere I belonged.  After all I don't feel like I belong here.  And I know Sensei feels that to in a since as he'll not teach me with the others.  Though i know it's more for my good than the others.  But I've been in EWE for about 2 months.  Yet I'm still feel like I don't belong.  Ms. Moretti has mad that very clear as well as a majority of the others there.  I mean what's the point of being 4 and 1 if it doesn't mean anything?

The tears began to weal up inside of her again.  But she shook her head.

Well... Kristy said that it's just because they don't know me very well.  And that maybe if I did more than just do my match and hang out in my locker room the whole time it'd help me.  She even suggested I could do a promo since she knows that I have trouble speaking in front of cameras.  Perhaps, if I'm the only one there, it won't be as bad... but I don't know... I don't really have a way to shoot a promo since Sensei might notice if I try one around here.  I guess I could try to do one on the ride over... but I don't know.

Stealth Elf paused as she thought.

Well, I do remember one thing. See, I remember reading something online that Mizore made.  It was called the Ice Sheet which was a kind of blog.  Maybe I could do something like that?  I mean I already write allot.  Just this way I can let people see it and it'll perhaps help people get to know me.  So maybe I'll try that.

Stealth Elf finished writing as she had made her decision.  So she put her diary down and picked up the laptop that Sensei had given her to use.  She booted it up as she navigated to the ready to start her blog.  But as she did she noticed she had a PM.  Curiously she clicked on it as she read that it was from Kristy Jensen.

Kristy Jensen's PM wrote:Stealth Elf, I've got some bad news.  I've just checked the card and it turns out that Grace Moretti has gone back on her word for giving you the title match during the Chaos Super-show.  Instead your match will be against Hollie Winder.  Don't worry about the televixon title match.  I'll fix it.  After all, I'm not Vice Chairman for nothing Wink


Stealth Elf slammed her fist down on the bed in anger at reading the PM.  How could Ms. Moretti do that to her?  Stealth Elf fumed for a bit there before she remembered what she was going to do before she saw the PM.  So she got to the desire spot and began her blog.

Stealth Elf's Blog wrote:Hello EWE universe and it's wrestlers.  This is Stealth Elf.

Stealth Elf tried to think of what to put.  But she went on to type.

Stealth Elf's Blog wrote:This doesn't exactly have a special name for it, as of yet, but I figured I'd get on and say a few things.

The first thing I should talk about is about my match being change.  After all I just found out about it... and you have no idea how mad I am about it.  After all I did earn that title shot, so why exactly did Ms. Moretti decide to keep me from it?  Does she really hate me so much because of my looks, that she can't see me as being the Televixon champion?

Well She does have this whole beautification thing going on.  But what's that mean to the rest of us who actually have the talent to be great in this company yet don't fit the mold?  I can't stand it and I'm really glad I have someone in my corner like Mrs. Jensen.  after all she doesn't believe that only the pretty people should get things like championships and things.  So instead of taking this has a reason to pack my bags and leave, I'm going to use this anger in my match next week.

Speaking of which, I'm going up against one Hollie Winder.  I've watch allot of her matches and she's got great talent.  Plus unlike allot of the other people I've faced, I know that Ms. Winder won't have such a high ego that she underestimates me.  I know that I've got a fight coming for me and you can bet your drum set that I'll be training to my utmost best so I'll be ready for her.

Now, I saw that Ms. Winder plans on cashing in her Ladies' Choice briefcase at the Hell Frozen Over pay-per-view.  That being said, Ms. Winder would not want to loose any momentum going into that match or Syd might use that to her advantage.  But I'm sorry Ms. Winder, but I need that win more than you.  See, I still need to prove myself that I can be a champion that I have the rights to a shot at a title.  You?  You've already proven yourself by winning the Ladies' Choice match.  So you just need to remember that.  But me, I need must show that I'm deserving of a title shot.  Then, rather she likes me or not, Ms. Moretti won't be able to refuse me a shot.

Anyways, That's all I really have to say.  Thanks for reading and I apologies for any spelling and grammar mistakes.

Stealth Elf finished her blog as she just looked at it.  Should she of added that last bit?  She shrugged.  She didn't think it mattered. At least that's what she hopped.

She then moved the mouse over to the send button.  Yet there it stayed.  Stealth Elf looked at her hand wondering why she hadn't clicked send yet.  Was it because she worried about what people would think of it?   So she continued to debate in her head as she was trying to convince herself rather to send it or not.   Finally, she dug up enough courage to click send.

The message was sent.  Stealth Elf stared at her small post on the screen.  Finally she got up forcing herself to go and train.  After all if she looked at it any more she might change her mind and delete the post.

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Re: Stealth Elf Vs Hollie Winder

on Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:51 pm
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