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Stealth Elf Vs Lita

on Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:07 pm
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Show: Ladies Night [12/18/2013]

Thousands of feet in the air, is a jet plane.  Of course, this isn't just some ordinary jet plane.  After all it's state of the art even the best that money can buy and build.  On the inside is luxurious.  Filled with comfortable chairs and couches, not to mention plenty of electronic gizmos and gadgets.  In one part of this plan is a small bedroom where a married couple were currently at.  Lounging on the bed and talking about this and that.  But what these two are doing aren't really important for the time being as we head to one part of the private jet where a TV was set up.  Well, in this case not just a TV but also an Xbox 360 was set up.  For at this very gaming system was a girl playing a game.  Of course the name of the game was Skylanders: Swap Force.   Now in order to play this game, you needed a device called the Portal of Power, which was really a fancy name to give a device that read information from the figures one could use with this game.  In this particular instance, a figure of a Series 2 Stealth Elf was placed on this particular portal of power, as the girl was now playing as the Stealth Elf character on screen.  Of course, if one looked at the girl playing the game, you'd notice some unusual similarities with the girl playing the game, and the character on the screen.  For starters, both the girl and the character were short for their ages.  But the more unusual thing would probably be that they both have strange pointed elf like ears or even the blue hair that seemed to be the same shade.  If not that, then the green skin would truly be the strangest similarity the two had in common.

The minutes went by as this girl continued to play the game, as she took on different kinds of bad guys.  Eventually, a lady entered the room.  She was of course, Kristy Jensen.  Kristy went over to the girl as couldn't help smiling as she watched.

"You truly are a fan of this game," Kristy said as she walked over and had a seat close by.

"It's OK I guess," the girl replied, "But I'm more playing it to make sure I know more about it.  After all, I told Sensei that I go to a Skylanders Tournament every time I go to an EWE event.  It's easier if I've actually played the game."

Kristy gave a nod as she glanced at the screen.  Seeing who the girl was playing as.

"I see you're playing as yourself," Kristy said.  Of course, she was referring to how that particular girl had been going by the name, Stealth Elf.  Of course, the girl didn't know what her real name was, and she found that it was strange how closely she resembled the character.  So she decided to call herself it.

"I do like her," Stealth Elf replied as she continued to play, taking out a nasty looking creature, "But she can't unlock all the areas of the game by herself."

Kristy nodded, "Yeah, I did a little research into the game when you decided on your lie," Kristy said, "After all, if I'm to 'host' a Skylanders tournament... it helps that I know what it's about."

Stealth Elf nodded as her character on the game, came across a gate.  She then looked down at the selection of Skylander figures she had in front of her.  Of course, it was only 9 figures, not including her Stealth Elf figure that was currently on the portal.  8 of those figures were a special kind of Skylander known as Swap-Force, with the 9th was a called a giant.   Stealth Elf then removed her Stealth Elf figure front he portal as she replaced it with a Swap-force character, that matched the symbol on the gate she came across.  She then continued playing with that Skylander.

"You know that does remind me," Kristy said, "I saw that there's more than one Stealth Elf toy.. like that new ninja one... or even that legendary Stealth Elf one.  If you want, I could get you some of those outfits for you."

"Thanks... but no need," Stealth Elf said, "I prefer Stealth Elf's normal outfit... besides, Legendary and that dark one have different skin colors."

"Nothing a little make-up can't fix," Kristy said, "But it's just an idea."

"No thanks," Stealth Elf said.

Kristy nodded, "All right."

Stealth Elf continued the game as she got past the Swap-force gate.  Once she finished and made it out she replaced the Skylander to go back to playing as Stealth Elf.

"So," Kristy said, "Already know who your next opponent is."

"Who?" Stealth Elf asked.

"Lita," Kristy replied.

"The former Queens member Lita?" Stealth Elf asked.

"Is there another Lita you know about?" Kristy asked.

"No," Stealth Elf replied, "Just.. a little strange.  First I faced Trish, and now I've got Lita?  Will I be facing Mickie James the next week?"

"Actually, you'll be facing Michelle McCool or AJ Lee the following week," Kristy said, "Depending on who wins their match this week."

"Michelle McCool..." Stealth Elf pondered then it hit her, "Wait you don't mean...?"  She looked over at Kristy who only smiled.

"Yep," Kristy said, "The week after next, you're going to have a title shot for the TeleVixon Championship."

Stealth Elf was a little lost for words at the moment as she looked at Kristy, her game completely ignored.

"wow...Really?" Stealth Elf managed to say.

"Really," Kristy replied with a smile, "You should of actually had that shot, but Grace doesn't seem to go by the rankings.  So I'll be talking to her about it next week.  So you'll be having your match the following week."

"You sure she'll give me it though?" Stealth Elf asked, "I mean she doesn't seem to like me very much."

"I know," Kristy said, "But no need to worry about it.  I'll be speaking with her.  For now you should focus on for your match against Lita."

Stealth Elf gave Kristy a nod.  Of course, it was at that moment that Kristy's cell began to go off.  She recognized the number as she stood up, "Well I need to take this," Kristy said.

Stealth Elf nodded again as Kristy headed out of the room as she pulled out her cell and answered it.  Stealth Elf watched as she left and her gaze went to the game she was playing.   It was still running so she decided to turn if off.  Which she did.  Then she pulled out her dairy and her green pin as she began to write in it.

Entry #13

Things are really looking up in my career in EWE.  I mean I just found out from Mrs. Jensen that I...  Wait I should probably keep things in chronological order.  See tonight, I fought against Trish Stratus.  She of course was one of the founding members of the Queens of Wrestling.  And Well, I won.

Stealth Elf thought for a moment before she continued to write.

OK, that does sound a little... I dunno.  I mean how many people go up against THE Trish Stratus and after defeating her just say "eh I won."  I mean it really sounds like it's no big deal to me.. but who am I kidding, it was a big deal.  I mean, I defeated THE Trish Stratus, the one that people claim is the White Tiger of the Diva's division.  THE Trish Stratus who's now one half of the Diva's Tag Champion.  So you better believe that means something to me.

Well, does it give me a big head?  No.  After all, I know that I still need to train, I still need to study and make sure I don't just take my opponents lightly.  After all, I know what it's like to loose, and it's not a good feeling at all.  So you best believe that I'm not taking any opponent lightly... not to say I was taking Raven lightly when I fought her... but still.

Stealth Elf rubber her chin thoughtfully to think of what to write next.  When she decided she put the pin to the paper and continued.

Of course, I honestly was a little surprised that nothing really happened to me tonight, other than me winning my match.  Was what Raven did to me at War Games really good enough for Grace?  or should I be expecting something else to come my way.  But you never know... handing me my first loss, and the way it was done may be enough for her.

Stealth Elf paused briefly.

Either way, I shouldn't be focusing on her right now.  After all I've got a match against Lita.  Of course, Lita's not had a match since August, where she attempted to win the Shining Star Championship at Summer Break Down.  I'm not sure why she stayed away for as long as she did.  It's possible that perhaps she left because she felt bad about loosing a shot at getting two different titles.  One the TeleVixon Championship, the other, the Shining Star Championship.   Or maybe it was best for the Queens at the time...

Honestly, I don't know.  But I can say that I believe that she'll be really wanted a victory here.  Well at least she should.  After all, if I was in her shoes, been gone for a few months after some pretty bad losses, I'd want to come back and get a victory.   I just hope that she doesn't look down on me and think that this will be a breeze.  Sure she could say that she's a big bad, ex Queen and I'm just some no body.  But I've already begun to make a name for myself.  Not to sound aragant or something, but really, Lita better not just come in thinking that she can just easily defeat me.  I know she's got some accomplishments under her belt.  After all, i know one was that she qualified for the Ladies' Choice match sometime ago... but she gave her spot to the third founding member of the Queens, Mickie James.  Regardless of the fact she gave up her spot... she still qualified for it.  And I'm sure she's done many other things as well, from before I started watching Ladies' Night, Which you can bet that I'll be looking those up too as I prepare for my match against her.

And you better believe that I'll train and I'll train hard.  like I wrote earlier, I've already tasted defeat, and I don't like it.  And I refuse to be defeated again.  Besides, Mrs. Jensen said that she's going to talk to Grace about getting me a shot at the TeleVixon championship.  How would that look if she were to bring up me getting a title shot, and for me to loose a match that same night?  So I can't let Mrs. Jensen down.  I've got to go out there and prove that I deserve a shot at that title.... the title that's defended each and every week.  And can you really image the kind of leverage Lita could have over me if she manages to defeat me next week?  True it'll be psychological, and it could be used more to my advantage, but if I'm not careful loosing to Lita now could lead to self doubt in the future.  I can't take that chance.  I have to train hard and study her moves to better know just how I can infiltrate her defenses, So when I execute my Sneak Attack, she'll never see it coming.

Stealth Elf sat down her pin as she looked at words she just wrote.  Yet it really had her fired up at the moment.  So she picked up her pin and continued.

I almost wish that I didn't have to wait a week to facer her.  After all just writing this down here, really gets me going.  But I know I need to wait.  I know that if I act too soon, it could mean disaster.  Not to put a damper on my skills or anything.  But if I want to make sure that I will beat Lita beyond a shadow of a doubt.  I will wait.  But I will use this energy to help push me harder, to my very limits and beyond.   You can count on that.

A voice went on the intercom of the jet.  It was the piolet and he was announcing that they were about to land.  So Stealth Elf closed her dairy and attached the pin to the cover.  She then put began to pack up her stuff in a bag.  But her mind was on her task for that week.  And as soon as she got home, She would be training like there was no Tomorrow.

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Re: Stealth Elf Vs Lita

on Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:44 pm
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