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Roller Brawl Vs Bray Wyatt Empty Roller Brawl Vs Bray Wyatt

on Tue Apr 03, 2018 4:52 am
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/6-15-15-roller-brawl-vs-bray-wyatt-t1679.html#p22148884

Show: Chaos [6/15/2015]

Last week, Roller Brawl did as she said and took on all 3 members of 3MB and gave each of them a Cursed Skull for their troubles. But now it's an unknown day as we open up to what looks to be a cemetery. The camera takes a few steps forward as it pans around this place. Graves as far as the eyes can see. As the camera begins to pan around the sea of headstones it comes across a figure wearing a black cloak as they are knelt down a particular Grave. The cameraman wonders if this is the person as he walks over to the individual but you can hear sobs coming from her. Yes a her, as the sobs sound like a feminine voice. The Camera stops slightly not wanting to disturb a grieving widow, but as the camera pans to leave the sobs quickly turn to laughter. The camera turns back on her as slowly she begins to rise before turning towards the camera.

-Roller Brawl-

The voice was all too apparent as the cloak still concealed her features. But she grabbed the edge and flung it off her letting the cloak fall off behind the grave. This time, Roller Brawl was in her usual full Roller Derby attire which was used for her ring attire. This included the Black skull designed helmet, black top and gloves with also skull designs. Pink bottoms and boots with yet another skull design at the bottom, however Roller Brawl's boots weren't attached to her usual roller blades but clutch in her other arm was a skate board.

-Roller Brawl-
"I bet you're all wondering why I'm out here. No it's not some punk rock concert, or me meeting my Ghoul mates as I do seem dressed appropriate for a place like this."

A grin itched into Roller Brawl's face as her fangs showed through as the limited light cast an eerie glow that was only magnified by her own pale skin.

-Roller Brawl-
"Well, I'm here for a very special reason, but before we get into all that, let's take a look back shall we? Back to last Monday."

Roller Brawl takes a step back and sits down on the headstone while keeping her legs in front of her so the camera couldn't catch whose grave that was. She placed her skate board down on one side and leaned it against the grave.

-Roller Brawl-
"So, Last Chaos, I took it to Jinder Mahal, Just as I said I would. I mean, did you honestly expect anything different? Or are you like some of the people in this company who still fail to see me as nothing but a small kid, getting in way over her head? But you know I've proven myself time and time again and only 4 times have I tasted defeat. Yet, you fellows want to nitpick about those matches I did lose. After all they were special right?"

Roller Brawl held up a single gloved finger.

-Roller Brawl-
"First, was my debut match against Josie Wales. This match most probably will forget as it happened before EWE took a snooze. But though I lost that match, I didn't let that get me down as when EWE returned I went on to win the next 6 matches. And not just any matches as I had a triple threat, the living legend White Tiger, and even his protégé Eli the Kid... Or Joker Eli. Of course, you nitpickers will come out and say I didn't win the Beat the Clock Challenge, thus it'd only be 4 straight. But so what. I won my match and sealed the deal at 3rd place, but we’re talking matches won here."

Roller Brawl shakes her head at the possible people who'd try and contradict what she was saying. Then she held up a second finger.

-Roller Brawl-
"My next loss happened at the Royal Rumble as I got 4th place after being eliminated by Christy Chaos."

Roller Brawl rolled her eyes at thinking of the possible things she could talk about with how it was during Christy's Star Hawk days, but it wasn't an important aspect right now.

-Roller Brawl-
"This was my second shot at getting a match against that ever elusive Undisputed Championship. But do you see me whining about it? No. In fact I could of said something about how I beat the champion White Tiger while he was still champion. But again do I whine about it? Did I say I should have been in that Fatal Four Way at WrestleMania? No. I elected to just move on and work on another way to get my date with destiny. Which brings me to my next loss."

Roller Brawl holds up her 3rd finger to the camera.

-Roller Brawl-
"It was in the All American Championship tournament yet all along I had known about my parents thinking of adding that stipulation at the end. And though I did want that shot at the All American to add it, I was itching to be on top and thus when time came I knew exactly which one I wanted. Yet, I lost to Kelsi Parr in the finals."

A smirk spreads on Roller Brawl's face as she thought about it.

-Roller Brawl-
"Oh how fun that was. Finally, an opponent who took me seriously. I mean everyone else didn't take me seriously thus they loss. Not to say the point of this is to say I can only win when I'm underestimated. But that did lead me to entering Money-in-the-bank."

Roller Brawl sighs ever so slightly as she holds up her last finger.

-Roller Brawl-
"And that's my last loss. I came so close and quiet honestly I had thought I just had to remove the briefcase. Why I spent most of my energy that I had left in doing just that. But it wasn't it as I tried to adjust and nearly had it until that Clown came in with that bat of his."

That sent two emotions through Roller Brawl at the moment. The first was that she hoped it didn't make her sound weak when she said she ran used up all her energy to unhook the briefcase, as she would of had more if not for the fan's attack but it's something she'd rather not address because it made her sound more weak. But the other thing was that of the Clown but this issue she decided to address.

-Roller Brawl-
"Yet that Clown decided to just not show up for his match last week. Meaning I won't be getting another shot at him until after the tournament's over. Though I guess it would be nice to show him a thing or two as the very one he took the briefcase from to win, is the one who makes his cash-in fail. Oh how Ironic that would be."

Roller Brawl grinned at the thought. Now that gave a bigger drive to what she wanted to do. She lowered her hand as she looked back to the camera.

-Roller Brawl-
"But what does all this telling you mean? Am I saying that I don't have what it takes to make it to the big dance? After all each of my losses, minus the first, have been a failed attempt to get the match against the champion. So what does saying all this now have to do with anything? Well, if you look at each of the losses and when they happened, you'll realize, that I don't lose early."

Roller Brawl winked at the camera as she just implied that she wasn't about to lose in the second round.

-Roller Brawl-
"Not that it's going to come to me losing at all. I've gone up to bat and got single hits each time. Now with the bases loaded I'm ready to step up once more to hit that Grand Slam."

Again Roller Brawl winked as the excitement was bubbling over. But she let it die down a bit before motioning with her arms to look at the area around her.

-Roller Brawl-
"Though I haven't exactly answered my original question. Why am I out here? Well, it just so happens that this will be the final resting place of my opponent tonight."

Roller Brawl pulls her legs up into a cross legged position on the head stone as the camera could now see what was inscribed on the tomb stone. In this case we see the face of a known superstar as well itched into the granite. Below that was the following inscription:

Bray Wyatt

Round 1 - Round 2

-Roller Brawl-
"As you can see, you losing tonight is already carved in stone."

Roller Brawl chuckled at the joke though a part of her wondered if granite was a form of stone or just something else. But who really cared. She shifted her position so she was leaning a bit back with one leg dangling over the right corner of the head stone while the other tucked itself underneath that.

-Roller Brawl-
"Let's look at the fact though. We both know that Bray Wyatt will be underestimating me. Bray will use his delusional sense of whatever he's smoking to say this and that about me and I say go for it. After all I like Bray Wyatt. He's got that creepy vibe and it's just awesome. Yet, people will think I'm scared of him. Even Bray himself will try and to interrupt what I say into me being scared. Oh come on please, I say you have a creepy vibe but does that creep me out? No. I'm in a cemetery, for crying out loud. I go to horror movies and laugh. They entertain me in a pleasing manner. Which is what I like about Bray. Sure he speaks non-sense but I like him."

Roller Brawl smirks as she just continues her statement.

-Roller Brawl-
"But that doesn't for a second mean I'm following the buzzards. I'm my own girl and I beat to a slightly different drummer. Not that Bray would care right? He sees me as a means to an end. To get the Year of the Sheep into full tuition right? Well I hate to break it to you Bray, but we're not Chinese. And according to the American calendar, this is the year that I beat you in the ring."

Roller Brawl smirks a bit before hopping down from the gravestone as she leans on it to the side with her arms crossed.

-Roller Brawl-
"Besides, We know you'll fall into the same trap as everyone else. You'll mock my appearance, or my losses I just went over not too long ago. You'll think because I couldn't get the job done those other times that I can't get the job done this time. Then you'll miss the point. I'm a starving wolf here and I'm hungry for a championship. And not just any but the top Championship. But who cares right. You don't care. You'll see me as a person you can convert or cast aside in order for you to move on to your goal. But you know something. You mentioned how this tournament is where you'll be righting a wrong that started a war between you and the Shield. But the truth of it is, your war is over. Because when I keep you from advancing as the tomb says. I'll be starting a new war for you to start and all I can say is bring it on. I look forward to it."

Roller Brawl grins her vampire fangs showing clearly to the camera. Finally, she walks over and picks up her skate board as she looks down at it.

-Roller Brawl-
"It's not much, but this skate board sure has a lot of uses."

Roller Brawl lowers it down some as she places a foot on it lifting the front wheels into the air.

-Roller Brawl-
"Great for skating around and doing tricks. But what really good is what it can also do."

Roller Brawl picks it up as she swings and hits the tombstone a bit away from the Bray one. Causing a chip to fly off the stone head but also the board snaps in half Roller Brawl smiles before looking back to the camera.

-Roller Brawl-
"You see, and with the stipulation, not only will you get a nice cursed skull to the head, expect that Skateboard shot to your face."

Roller Brawl chuckles before walking back to the Bray Wyatt tomb stone. She turns towards the camera as she's ready to wrap this up.

-Roller Brawl-
"You see Bray, I'm not afraid of you, I'm won't falters because of you, and I certainly will not lose because of you. Because in the end, Bray the fate you like to spray out of your mouth will soon turn against you. As your Fate, is sealed. And after I win beat you I will be moving on to the next round and the next round."

Suddenly the ground began to tremble as Roller Brawl smirks. The shaking continued until the dirt begins to shift, soon the thrown that Roller Brawl designed rises from the ground as it raises up from the ground. Roller Brawl takes her seat as the thrown doesn't stop moving as a mound of dirt follows lifting the Bray Stone to the side of the mound. Below that was another tomb at of Jinder Mahal. Above Bray's Tomb were two more tombs with unknown names itched upon their surfaces. Finally, the thrown stops as Roller Brawl sits on it grinning from ear to ear as the camera zooms in on her up there.

-Roller Brawl-
"Until I'm crowned your 2015 King of Xtreme."

Roller Brawl smirks more before crossing her legs and placing both hands on the arms rests.

-Roller Brawl-
"All Hail the King!"

The camera zooms on this before panning to the crown above the left side before fading to black.

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